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I'm No Sherlock Holmes But It's Is Very Important To Pay Attention To Chronological Order and Overall Time Stamps... Think Through All Of The Missing Parts To Make This Authentic

*** Please Repost All Over - People Need to See How Ridiculous This Fake Russia Invasion Bullshit Is ***
As Reported By CNN Mar 21st 2023 -

Thank You PerePolox for the Russian BMP Footage !!!

*** Just A Reminder Of What the World Was Shown One Year Ago ***

Don't Believe - Go Check For Yourself - 7.35Mil Subs

That's Right - Hate to Burst Anyone's Bubble That Wanted to Be There When the Shit Kicked Off - But - A British Civilian Armed With An Angle Grinder And Balls Big Enough to Be Delivered By Dump Truck - Has Beaten You to The Party - Delivering Ass Traffic to The World Gov't - One Tower At A Time!

***2nd Attempt to Post - Bitchute Dragging It's Feet on This Video For Some Reason - Wont Publish ***
*** Please Save a Hard Copy and PRINT - The Cloud and Internet Will Not be There When You Need It ***

This is the Still I ended up buying, I grabbed the 5.8 Gal - Im only mentioning because it has Cellar Quality Parts - Totally Worth It!

Tech Ingredients Youtube Example -

Still It! Youtube Example -

That's Right, I'm Not Done with the Blue Tape Patrol from Youtube Yet. They have Millions of Views and Even Take Donations from People...
Not on My Watch Shitbags :)

I feel like this specific bed time story would be Right on Time considering current events ending this week, March 10 2023.

*** This is the first time I've read anything on camera, I will get better ***

I want to talk directly to you all out there, if you could be so kind to lend me your ears. I promise it will be worth your 30-40 mins :)

*** I don't have social media, please repost as much as you can, anywhere you can ***

Wake Up Wednesday Strong with Some Vigorous Exercise! *** Warning - Graphic Content for Those of You Who Watch Western Media - May Be Too Strong for Most American / NATO Viewers ***

*** Reposted from Staying Alive Bitchute channel Thank You! -
One of the many things some of us were trying to relay the first week bullshit 19 hit the shelves. This short explanation is Hands Down the Most comprehensive, scientific, and historical All-in-One.

Please Pass Along and Repost As Much As You Can

The title says it all... I think I need to get my eyes and hearing checked, must be gettin' old...

Kinda Strange You Never See These In Literally Any Ukraine GoPro or Cell Footage, Even After 12 Months ......

Thank You Combat Approved for Posting to the Interwebs !

It's All in the Title - Please Share these videos with anyone that you think it might help to alleviate symptoms of being a fully blown f*kin idiot...

I would Like to Give Credit to Operators on Youtube for the footage before the propoganda started!

Civ Div Ukraine GoPro -

Credit where it's Due - Huge THANK YOU to YolkHere for over a Decade of Aviation and Other Historical Videos!!!

Watch Closely, Look at the Details, Think it Through... What Should be there, But is Not?

Just Some Serious Logic Hurdles to Consider When Watching Anything You Call 'Real'...

*** Please Watch to the End - Thank You! ***

UK has started Food Rationing at the Grocery Stores for Fruits and Veg - Im sure among others... But As Long As We Dont Procrastinate, We Dont Have to Be Stressed Out About Growing!

Here are my Top Favorite References:

Jim Kovaleski - Grass Fed Vegetables -

Charles Dowding No Dig -

James Prigioni -

Kevin - Epic Gardening -

Urban Farmer Curtis Stone -

JM Fortier - European Techniques - Larger Scale 5 Acres+ -

For More Video on Actual REAL Russian Military Equipment - I Highly Recommend : - Just about Every Single Military Vehicle / Item

Had to repost this after watching it, cracked me up! Sand with Oil, Black Paint, Cooking Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, Tar, Whatever the Kids Could Scrounge Up! LOL Let's Be Honest probably some Dog Piles Too!

*** Hope Everyone is having a great weekend! As promised, I deliver at least a short bit on natural building and some quick clips of the cabin. BTW, this construction is So easy, I built that entire cabin WITHOUT A TAPE MEASURE :) ! ***

*** SORRY If the Video has some chop in it, I'm having comp problems today ***

The Next 5 Items You Should Make Sure You Have --->



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- Welcome to Gale's OffGrid - Independence Is Your Freedom

Here you will find tutorials and discussions on Independent Living from Cob or Waddle and Daub construction to 3D Printing and Alternative Energy.

This is Not your typical OffGrid Living channel where there's Yoga Pants and Expensive infrastructure - Here you will find Off-Grid projects that cost next to nothing to build and if there is expense, it is necessary for the basics and much of the cost can be spread out over time instead of lump sums (which I know can be tough, especially now)

Every Project you see on this channel started out by hand with minimal tools and with nearly no money at all. The purpose of this channel is to show and prove that so many things can be done with very little in order to become independent.

The amount of money you choose to spend - or Save- will entirely depend on your creativity and the level of modern comfort you would like to have versus what you need.

This is my first time being on camera and I am not a selfie-taking person so bear with me on my novice camera skills and minimal equipment.

I decided to finally create this channel after spending years watching other great people presenting us with the 'What' and the 'Why' - So I am here for the 'HOW'