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I've Always Read That Peanuts Need To Grow On The Ground, Here TEO Shows Us That's Simply Not True! And growing In Recycled Feed Sacks, Such a Great Idea!

Thank You TEO, Once Again Proving You Don't Need Acreage To Grow Diverse Food Crops =)

I never would have thought to do Corn in containers But here it is! And Successfully too!

Thank You TEO's Gardening, Inspiring those of us without any Acreage ! -

I Love Bean Sprouts And Can't Wait To Try This One Out ! =D By Far The Coolest Way To Grow Sprouts I Have Ever Seen

Thank You TEO !!!

Still Feeling Like You Don't Have Space To Grow Food ? Safety Wire / Rope Recycled Jugs Onto A Tight Ledge Such As A Railing ! Brilliant !!!

Thank You TEO =)

I'm really excited about trying this method to grow mushrooms this year! The easiest and most cost-effective technique I have seen so far !

Thank You TEO -

Monster Tomatoes Grown As Efficiently As Possible! Recycled Jugs Taking Up No Ground Space! This Might Be the Way I Go This Year
I recently ran across this channel and was blown away by the cost-effective, simple, and yet Extremely Efficient ways of gardening this man has come up with!
Thank You TEO ! You Are A Gentleman & A Scholar !

I recently ran across this channel and was blown away by the cost-effective, simple, and yet Extremely Efficient ways of gardening this man has come up with!
Thank You TEO ! You Are A Gentleman & A Scholar !

I recently ran across this channel and was blown away by the cost-effective, simple, and yet Extremely Efficient ways of gardening this man has come up with!
Thank You TEO ! You Are A Gentleman & A Scholar !

I recently ran across this channel and was blown away by the cost-effective, simple, and yet Extremely Efficient ways of gardening this man has come up with!
Thank You TEO ! You Are A Gentleman & A Scholar !

The One and Only Charles Dowding Gives Us His Complete Beginner's Guide to Growing Onions!
Over 40 Years of No-Dig Gardening Experience, Charles Dowding Is 'The' Person Who Inspired Me to Become a No-Dig Gardener =)
Thank You is an Understatement Charles!

Mark with Self-Sufficient Me Gives Us His Top 5 Tips For Growing Onions In Raised Beds or Containers Through Direct Seeding Method
One of my Favorite Gardening Channels on the Web - Thank You Mark, for Years of Excellent Growing Content! -

No Money ? No Problem! Successfully Growing Potatoes Using the Bare Minimum, The Easiest Method & No Digging Required!
Thank You Liz Zorab, For Years of Excellent Gardening Videos on Byther Farm -
YouTube Content:

An in-depth video on growing potatoes in containers, for those of you who have some money to invest in minimal infrastructure But are looking for Maximum Crop Yields ! Remember, you only have to build it Once, If you do it right the first time!
00:00 Introduction to Growing Potatoes In Containers
00:15 Growing Potatoes Is Easy
00:30 Sprouting Potatoes For Controlling The Size of Potatoes
01:45 Alternatives To Growing Potatoes In The Ground
02:29 Filling Containers When Growing Potatoes
02:50 Steps To Take When Planting Potatoes In Containers
05:40 Get A Kick Start On Growing Potatoes Early In The Season
06:06 Oakland Gardens Containers Code and Link
06:26 Supporting Container Grown Potatoes
08:55 Automatic Watering System For Growing Potatoes In Containers
11:17 How To Know If Your Potatoes Are Getting The Right Amount Of Water
12:28 Should You Remove The Flowers On Potatoes
12:54 How To Prevent Blight and Scab on Potatoes
14:01 Automation for Watering Potatoes Saves Time
14:41 Harvesting Container-Grown Potatoes The Easy Way.
15:19 Why Growing Potatoes In Containers Is Easier Than In The Ground
15:53 Top Tip. Kids Love Harvesting Container Potatoes, So Get Them Involved.
16:13 Curing Potatoes Before Storage
16:18 Storing Potato Discussion.
17:28 Talking About The Setup And How Easy It Is When Growing Potatoes
18:28 Reusing the Soil When Growing Potatoes In Containers
18:49 Conclusion on How I Grew 450 lbs Of Potatoes The Lazy Way. Never Dig Again!

After recently hearing 1st hand accounts of Medication Shortages, I felt Strongly Compelled to grab the Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies off of my shelf and compile all of the options Mother Nature has to offer us. I decided to start with Diabetes, as it is Very common & An Imminent Danger when medication is not available. I will be compiling more videos to combat other ailments as best I can, many of these natural solutions will treat More than just diabetes - So if you have a medical situation Other than Diabetes, this video may still be worth your time.

Please Plant Potatoes As A Primary Crop - Effort To Benefit Ratio Simply Cannot Be Matched ! Do Not Procrastinate, Seed Potatoes Sell Out Fast And the Season Will Be Here Before You Know It!
I bought mine from Both Territorial Seed Co. and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, As Micro-Tubers

As always, I'm never trying to sell you anything - No books, No webinars, No Patreon - But If you would like to Contribute to My Cause, Perhaps I have something of Value to Trade for Your Money - Please visit my 3D Shop and take a look around - Any Suggestions or Requests, Please Drop Me A Line I'm Always Open to New Ideas =D

I always say I'm not trying to sell you anything, no books, no webinars, no subscriptions ; Instead I finally have Value to offer for your Money -
The 3D Shop is Now Open ! I will be continuously adding more of my Files and 3D Models - I think I have a little somethin' for Everyone, So if you don't see anything that strikes your Fancy, Please Check Back Soon =)

Here we go again - We need to head this Horse Shit off early this time around - The Truth is, It's Time to Grow Up Peter Pan... Count Chocula... There is NO and NEVER WAS a Fkin Virus !!!!!

And if you missed it in 2019 -

Thank You Funky for the hard work and time put in ! -

This is but one man's take on gathering firewood on-demand throughout the winter in the Pacific NorthWest. Is it preferable to have a wood pile saved up ? Of Course !!! But you do not 'Need' it, this will be Year 4 in a row for me, living on wood heat & I have always had to collect my firewood throughout the year as I needed it. Yes, In the Dark In a Rainstorm, It Can Be Done !

Stones I'm Using - I even sharpen the kitchen knives with 'em !

I've been absent recovering a disappeared hard drive partition which had ALL of my videos and 3D models ! Crisis averted - Credit where credit is due : AOMEI Partition Assistant - Free Version of course

Another Excellent Show from Garand Thumb !
Thank You Mike & Crew !!!

Perfect for Short Attention Spans & For New People

Thank You James Corbett for the Time, Dedication, Pain & Anguish to Report Years of Real Information & Top Shelf Content !

It's that time of year again ! Cold & Wet - Don't get caught off-guard and then be in a rush to go buy Big Box store Shit-Tarps. Make you're own out of Old Bed Sheets & Silicone that are flexible, UV-Resistant, & can take a beating from the Wind !

Thank You NightHawkInLight For Sharing this Cool Content !

My Sister always says decorate in 3's - So here we are! Garand Thumb's ' Becoming Deadly in the Mountains ' Series - Discussions on visual, night vision, and thermal camouflage techniques and tips on staying hidden.

Big Thank You to the team @ Garand Thumb for all of the effort and time that goes into making quality videos!

Mike deserved an Encore so here is the 1st of his ' Deadly in the Mountains ' series - Gives you an idea of what he has in his pack and so you don't have to deal with Youtube's Shitty Ads :D

Important information, especially for Civilians, shared by America's 'Real' Bear Grylls - Mike AKA Garand Thumb, is a former Special Operations S.E.R.E. instructor with an animated personality, excellent teaching skills, and an unmatched combination of knowledge & field experience.
*** This is the most recent video of his "becoming deadly in the mountains" series ***
Huge Thank You to Mike at Garand Thumb for the Time, Effort, & Content !

*** Important message for everyone but Especially homesteaders & preppers that have Channels & an Audience *** If you're impatient the message is @ 24 min mark =D
We have to stop being sucked back into the absolute Bullshit - Remind yourselves of how this Abusive relationship works and that will help guide you through the world of propaganda and word salad garbage you are fed every single day, from all angles.


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- Welcome to Gale's OffGrid - Independence Is Your Freedom *** The 3D Shop is Finally Open ! ***

Here you will find tutorials and discussions on Independent Living from Cob or Waddle and Daub construction to 3D Printing and Alternative Energy.

This is Not your typical OffGrid Living channel where there's Yoga Pants and Expensive infrastructure - Here you will find Off-Grid projects that cost next to nothing to build and if there is expense, it is necessary for the basics and much of the cost can be spread out over time instead of lump sums (which I know can be tough, especially now)

Every Project you see on this channel started out by hand with minimal tools and with nearly no money at all. The purpose of this channel is to show and prove that so many things can be done with very little in order to become independent.

The amount of money you choose to spend - or Save- will entirely depend on your creativity and the level of modern comfort you would like to have versus what you need.

This is my first time being on camera and I am not a selfie-taking person so bear with me on my novice camera skills and minimal equipment.

I decided to finally create this channel after spending years watching other great people presenting us with the 'What' and the 'Why' - So I am here for the 'HOW'