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And it's probably going to start as an insurance discount, then an insurance requirement, before becoming a code requirement. They're trying to make it as ordinary as fire detectors or sprinklers. And it will be required in private residences, if they have their way. Our mission is to refuse to comply and make all this stuff not happen!

There might be laws enacted that specifically require you to use a dating site or app if you want to make any intimate propositions to anyone, and illegal to attempt that in any other situation or circumstance.

It's likely that laws prohibiting age difference sex are going to be written in terms of if you're older than a certain age it's illegal to have sex with someone younger than a particular age instead of an age of consent that it's illegal to have sex with someone who's under that age. There's likely to be a trend towards the law specifying restrictions on when a person perceived as advantaged is eligible to receive consent for sex from the person perceived as disadvantaged, rather than if a person can legally give consent to someone for sex.

And his dad is accused of forcing the boy to run in the treadmill and intentionally speeding it up and causing the boy to fall off repeatedly. He's on trial for murder after the state claims that and other physical abuse caused the boy's fatal internal injuries.

Secret child sacrifice ritual to christen modern efforts to ban underage marriage?
Supporting material:
In the comments someone called Luan describes a 1937 marriage of an adult man to a young girl.

A 1973 Hanna Barbera Yogi Bear cartoon
Featuring a flying machine powered by a treadmill.
And here's Corey's dad makes him "get his banana the hard way" to paraphrase the Yogi's Gang cartoon.

And they're being used as a case to ban intimate relationships between people of different cultural backgrounds or where language barriers exist.

The purpose is the same, to control how people are allowed to behave and what types of intimate relationships guys are allowed to have with women.

The global government is making efforts to remove sexuality through scientific terminology changes to become more inclusive, especially with regards to Latin and Spanish gendered linguistics.

Here's the original:
I share my ideas of the possibility the event was some sort of ritual sacrifice.

And Ilhan Omar gave birth to Isra only a few days after the Station nightclub fire in Rhode Island.

And the Statue of Liberty scene at the end of Spaceballs foreshadowing the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. More stuff that might be connected rituals.

The raising of wages in the fast food and other industries may sound like an improvement for employees, but the way it's manifesting is that it's accompanied by a massive expansion of the MeToo regime under the guide of improving workplace safety.

The importance of staying on task for what's actually going on today, and not getting distracted by hypothetical conspiracy stories.

And how country music and agrarian society is a key part of the global agenda to regulate what men are allowed to have intimate relationships with women and under what circumstances.

Tricks for recognizing and countering the tactics the mainstream media uses to discredit our movement, and ways we can prevent the enemy from obtaining any entertainment from us.

Everyone start filing injunctions to block the enforcement of anything like it in every state!

The "Virgin Alarm" robot maid scene foreshadows the use of AI surveillance to detect and intervene in activities the state considers sexual abuse.

And those will probably be used to detect travel for intimate relationships the state doesn't approve of.

It's coming down the pike, odds are, that the US is going to try to criminalize any US citizens traveling overseas for purposes of meeting intimate partners not just for meeting children overseas as is presently illegal and shouldn't be.

The first mass popular entertainment franchise of today's youth might be inspired by the situation of school safety and lockdowns.

And that's likely for a reason.

Because Australia has geographic proximity to Southeast Asia, it would be advantageous for extending antisex and antipedophile rule into Southeast Asia if Australia was ruled by those ideologies.

In 1986 a HBO satellite was taken over in protest against increased subscription fees. What if a similar act was done to demand that pedophile activities be legalized?


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