Jury Nullification is for situations like the MeToo era sexual assault prosecutions. If women who got raped want to be referred to as survivors instead of victims, sexual assault becomes a victimless crime!

Some more stuff I noticed about the predictive programming in the song 88 lines about 44 women and NASA. Columbia disaster happened 44 days after Saturnalia 2002 and 88 days before the PROTECT act banning sex tourism. Reminder... jury nullification can be used in a federal grand jury to refuse to indict someone for things that shouldn't be a crime.

Likely near future scenarios. Men worldwide must stop anything like this the moment it appears.

Big challenge and exciting frontier for men worldwide. Invent ways to contain the fury of multiple generations of women scorned. There is a huge amount of women's wrath for reasons I describe in this video so our task as men is to build containment around that. Meaning stop those women from having any influence on society!

I start off with international and mixed cultural mate seeking ideology, then suggest how social institutions should be reformed, then call for extending that to humans traveling to and colonizing other planets.

Some in depth details about why I chose the name I use.

Let's topple the matriarchy!

I delve further into why Shuttle Columbia and crew were sacrificed. It was a spectacular kickoff for a global smorgasbord of feminist and antisexual agendas. A connection to Seattle and 107.7 The End and Seattle's Columbia building with hidden symbols. Predictive programming in songs for planned and geoengineered catastrophes.

A description of failures in the Columbia's left wing and a full length documentary FallingStar about columbia disaster linked from YT

Nobody is talking about this one, so I am talking about it. The leftist mainstream elite actually want to ban mixed race sex, especially between white men and women of color, claiming expliotation with regards to society imposed power differences (intersectionality).

Creating awarwness of the power of jury nullification. When called to jury duty, remember that men are never guilty of rape or sexual abuse as defined in the law of any modern western democracy.

I just realized something funny in the context of my last video... A double entendre that confuses the meaning when someone says attack and defeat MeToo...i mean suppress the MeToo movement not suppress me lol.

There's a reason Hurricane Harvey happened right before Harvey Weinstein. Predictive programming appeared in songs for years prior, hinting at the global elite plans for MeToo.

The ability to control and manipulate women should be a socially desirable trait in a man's personality.

Episode S04E13 (Aired 1999-01-16) - Planet MADtv
Oct 16, 2003 jan 16 1999 20 years exactly prior to jan 16 2019 Gillette Best a Man can Be commercial promoting feminist and MeToo agenda. here's the actual 1999 MadTV sketch.

Jul 16, 2019


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