The US Constitution has been eviscerated. No "oath keeper" protects or keeps it. Your tax dollars plus trillions in dark drug/slave money fund the growing darkness. We have built our own prison... wall and all. We were never a party to the Constitution anyway and it has not protected us AT ALL... anywhere. #PoliceState is now over 50 years old and most of you are just now realizing where you live... alas, Babylon.

The war is ramping up. Are you even human any longer? It is us or them. The fence sitters are with the machine. The machine AI is killing us right now. Mark of the Beast IS GENETIC.

Behind the scenes footage and on set footage with interviews of the MURDERED creator, David Crowley. RIP.

The creator of this film, David Crowley, and his entire family were MURDERED before it could be finished and released. GRAY STATE ROUGH CUT is a must watch!

Very thought provoking and easy to comprehend information. A conspiracy requires evil planning. Witchcraft is now science. Density and Buoyancy... not gravity. How is any gas near any vacuum (or super low density/pressure) without a barrier?

I had never heard of this old philosophy and am still considering how much of this vid I agree with and disagree with as it is a lot to process. Communitarianism is fascinating and working everywhere it seems. Well, by "working" I mean being jammed down all our throats by FORCE. Thanks to #BookOfOurs!

Another #LArken self promotion. I do not like this guy but it is refreshing to hear him be correct most of the time. I even enjoyed his book he always hawks EVERYWHERE. I disagree with his definition of aggression and obviously non-aggression. I spoke with him many times via text in the past until he blocked me. He is pretty smart but he also wants that #FIAT!

Will you ever stand up and fight back... or will this be the fate of all you love?

Some interesting and likely scenarios POST "election" 2020. Thank you Dan Bongino and The Dan Bongino Show!

Another terrific bit by The United Spot. (2:36)

Libtards are the masters of unintended consequences! LOL Enjoy.

White peoples... please learn about your heritage before you flush it and burn your own cities down... THINKING you are fighting racism. You are only HELPING communism, stupids! The FAKE Media ratings are high... so they keep on lying and tryng to start wars EVERYWHERE!

What is another irony, is IF we do go to war NOW at home or abroad... the LEFT/communists may lose big time. If we wait anther 5 years... it may go their way.

I have not been a "Q" advocate but I did find this both entertaining and interesting. Also hopeful... if you can have a tad of faith in the American heritage and spirit. We kill everyone we don't like and break every treaty we ever make. Lets bring Honor Back! I am not sure Trump is the man for that job but I do appreciate most of what he does and do hope he is re-elected. I don't vote in this crazy system. Maybe he will fix it? CREDIT: Amazing Polly

This is the 9/11 documentary you have not seen. Missing Links is the BEST of the BEST when it comes to opening eyes. Zionism is an enemy of the American peoples! Enjoy and please share!

Solid Truth here. Most people have no idea how much slavery whites have endured and are still enduring... but that is another video I already posted.

Men, if your T level is below 350 you should do something about it ASAP! Use the labs for testing. No Doc necessary at all. NEVER use a Doc's advice for anything chronic until you have learned and tried all the many natural methods and nutrients. Chronic illness or dis-ease is almost always caused by environmental factors... mainly toxins and deficiencies. Fix your deficiencies in D3, Zinc, and Magnesium ASAP! Get moderate exercise 4 times a week and have sex at least 3-4 times per week. Then your chronic depression, apathy, and lack of motivation will abate. Test your T levels until you have them STABLE ABOVE 500. If you were a warrior or a very competitive man in your 20s, you will be happier and more fulfilled in life closer to a 750 level.

This DNA will be used (or already has been used) to make a body for the coming unclean/evil spirit of Apollo. The evil spirit of Apollo will be released from the Bottomless Pit. The Pit is still closed but will be opened during the End Times. Many believe The Pit to be related to CERN and is a dimensional gateway that is right here on Earth. This IS the "Great Work" of the Freemasons: to resurrect THEIR "GOD". This guy will be the Muslim Mahdi, the Jewish FALSE Messiah (they will think him real), and my anti-messiah.

Whistleblower describes what is in the coming CV vaccines and how they make people STERILE... then kill them 8-10 years later.

Shadow government forces are populated by contractors just like Edward Snowden... they have unlimited funds and resources, no transparency, and they do overturn elected governments all over Earth... now they are trying very hard to do the same in America... AGAIN. I have not been impressed by Trumps "draining the swamp" as he is still surrounded by Goldman Sachs scum and globalist advisors. He needs counselors who fear Yahweh. If watching this does not have you considering some form of a modified Luddite existence... nothing will.

President Trump is NOT your friend, He may help delay the inevitable financial collapse but not in a smart way that limits future harm... He does not care for America other than what she can do for his bottom line. Bank on it. His Jew Banker handlers do.

Dr. Jeffrey Barke: Cases are rising, but the fatality rate is dropping. The average age of new cases is 31—fatality is so low for that age group that it's hard to even calculate.

This and MUCH MORE in this important Will Witt interview on COVID-19—don't miss it! CREDIT: PragerU

This has no blockbuster movies about it. This was never taught in any American school... But ALL Jews learn this in THEIR Zionism training! You will never see this on NBC or CNN. This video is dedicated to Howard... a friend to many and a maker of broken disciples.

Very important info here... second only to the CURES!

Please repost this shadow banned video if you want the scourge to END.


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