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An animation test.

Just testing some stuff, so I made a video in about 3 1/2 minutes by modeling a Rupee in Blender. It was a simple enough design, so I thought why not.
I am aware the thumbnail says Speedart and not speed model, I am not sure if I should care, tell me if I should
I hope you enjoy.

As always:
The thumbnail font is ModeSeven. (If somebody can inform me as to whether I am or am not legally able to use this font, that would be much appreciated. I live in the US for those who care to know.)
Recorded with OBS.
Edited with Blender.

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Haven't uploaded in a while, so I am testing waters again.

Game is Doom 1, using GZDoom..

Gonna just be uploading the intro today, all 10 minutes of it.

Recorded with OBS.
Edited with Blender.

Font in Thumbnail is ModeSeven.

#OBS #WaveShop #Blender #Noob #2017 #Commentary #ComatoseDuctwork #KH2 #KingdomHearts2 #LP

Decided to do some gameplay of Digimon World 4. I'll continue KH2 at a later point (soon as in actually soon, I hope.).

Also: Does Bitchute have a tag system yet? If not, it would be neat to have one.

Recorded with #OBS and #WaveShop. Edited with #Blender.

#Noob #2017 #Commentary #ComatoseDuctwork #DW4 #DigimonWorld4 #1


Just haven't had anything to record, so I have not made a video in a good while.

Recorded with OBS.

This is my very first tutorial, and it is done completely in 1 take, albeit this is the second take. So sorry that I am a bit on the fritz in terms of vocal competence. I hope this tutorial was helpful tho.

Thread where I got the code for the .bat file:

1: Have .ISOs and Dolphin

2: Make Script:

echo off

::Enter the emulator executable name including the filetype
set Emulator=Dolphin.exe

::Enter the game you would like to play including the filetype
set Game=

::Enter the full path of the directory of your emulator set EmulatorDirectory=

::Enter the full path of the game location
set GameDirectory=

::Uncomment (remove the ::'s) for the back-end you want to use ::Comment (add the ::'s infront of the line) everything else set BackEnd=OpenGL

set LaunchEmulator=%EmulatorDirectory%%Emulator%
set LaunchGame=%GameDirectory%%Game% start "" ^"%LaunchEmulator%^" /v ^"%BackEnd%^" /e ^"%LaunchGame%^" /b

3: Compile with Advanced BAT to EXE Converter or alternative.

4: Add Non-Steam Game, Browse, Select the EXE you just created.

Image Stuff:

1: Find Image.

2: RMB game on steam, click Properties, choose Icon, select image files, find chosen image.

3: Go to and find an image for the game you are doing.
Or see this video for Big Picture users.

4: Go to Grid View, RMB same game, click Set Custom Image, find chosen image. This will apply to Big Picture Mode.

Recorded with OBS and Audacity. Edited with Blender.

Title is self explanatory.

Sorry about the cursor, I couldn't get rid of it.

Recorded with OBS.

Uploading it here because why not.

Bitrate: 10,000
Resolution: 720p

Bandai pls dont sue.

Recorded with OBS. Edited with Blender.

Title's a bit of tongue twister.

And I am just going to admit this now, I am terrible at this game, but I'm a fan. It's still in development as well. We'll just have top see what the dev team has in store!

New Blood's Website:
Their Discord and Steam Group:

Recorded with OBS.

Please, I beg of you. If you can sign it, please do so.

#2A #NFA #Gun #Guns #Repeal #NationalFirearmsAct #WeThePeople #Politics #Petition #Petitions #Help #SecondAmendment

Recorded with OBS.

Game's not out yet, I just nabbed a key from one of the many giveaways they do on the Discord. A very good old school shooter indeed. I'll do a play or two of the Endless mode in a while, maybe tomorrow...? Anyhoo, Hoped you enjoyed!

New Blood's Website:
Their Discord and Steam Group:

Recorded with OBS.

This is a small segment of Part 0 of an upcomming System Shock 2 Let's Play/Playthrough I am working on.

I spent a total of about 2 hours re-rendering the same 1 minute block of footage trying to make it look decent, while at the same time not having a 20 minute video on the same settings be half a gig.

I REALLY hope this looks tolerable.

System Shock 2

Video Details:
Recorded Resolution: 720p
Variable Bitrate
Constant Framerate
Framerate: 60 FPS
Bitrate: 10000 Kb/s
Total Video Size: 16.5 MB

Blender Settings:
Anti-Aliasing: 16x, Netravali, not full sample
Avg Bitrate: 2000 KB/s
Min Bitrate: 2000 KB/s
Max Bitrate: 10,000 KB/s
Buffer: 0 KB

Recorded with OBS and Audacity

This is a small portion of a larger video on the game Enter the Gungeon, where I fight the tutorial boss Sir Manuel (I think I got his name right). The commentary is mine as well.

Video specs, from what I recall:
Size: 38 MB
Codec: H.264 video & aac audio codec /w .mp4 wrapper
Bitrate: Something absurd like 7k.
Native Rez: 1080p Downscaled to 720p.
Framerate: 60 /w CFR, no interpolation.

I do not own the rights to EtG, nor have I worked on it's development in any way. I bought a copy off of steam, so I did not pirate it. I'm just a fan of the game.


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