Stop motion done in the vintage tinge, enjoy.

Here is the foe Steel Sword Dragon from the first ever Super Sentai tv movie, a masked minion of the Black Cross Army who's imprisoned in a mountain prison for being reckless but is summoned by the Black Cross Fuehrer in time of need. He's not in it much if anything there was more of a espionage plot with these other spies then the masked foe, he does show up but not much, still a very cool foe though!

Noticed they were working on a cell tower near a senior housing place so I went over and talked to a lady that lived there on what she thought about it. She said they been working on it 24 hours a day for 7 days now and even that one of the guys camped up in the basket! When she asked someone if it was 5g they told her they don't know they were just following orders. Off camera she said that she's originally from Arizona and that she's so nervous about the 5g tower rolling out that she may move back and live in the desert lol I wish her all the luck.

Old grandpa's duke it out for the coveted title of President of the Swamp!

We got an exclusive interview with socialist candidate Bernie Sanders!

Gamakujira covers the crazy news, if people like it I'll make more if not I'll do something else lol

I did not custom paint this but got it like this, it's quite good!

One of the coolest villains in all of tokusatsu!

Were gong to start uploading more of our content on here because of youtubes recent COPPA thing which I guess is going to impact figure reviews.

Thriffting finally paid off! Found a figure worth over 1k for dirt cheap! Holy grail of the vintage Bullmark Ultraman Leo figures right here! I cleaned off most of the green sharpie marks on the front and a few of the black ones in the back so he's even more beautiful now, I'm so humbled to own this piece of kaiju vinyl history.

We bring in the new year the final baby review (for now) with The Baby. A fun sleazy psychodrama horror from the 70's! Stay tuned and support us so we can produce more exciting content!

In this thrilling first ever interview, Gamakujira interviews CEO Sundar Pichai and discusses Alex Jones ban, free speech, transhumanism, and many interesting topics! Please subscribe if you haven't already and stay tuned for more exciting interviews! Who would you like to see interviewed? Let us Know!


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I've been on youtube almost ten years now and my channel has only grown a little bit, perhaps I'll try this site to see if it interests anyone. Channel on youtube is My channel is a bit of music, reviews, skits, commentary. I feature the regular kaiju figure reviews, Gamakujira Presents which is the Gama character reviewing movies.