Lincoln Comes Home from the Army All Is Not normal

Rated 17+ M ature

G.O.A.T. test Escape

welcome to the Vault, Baby steps, Growing Up so fast,

Go to A Hotel And take out Clemente That isn't your only problem

How to Get The custom Sandking

I tried to sink A Ship and I did it

The 1sr mission Trevor and Micheal and Brad Robs the Bank in North Yankton

Youtube flagged this as Not suitable for all Viewers

I Got the Muscle Car Home

How to get the Dubsta II you usually need someone with A dubsta 2 in the lobby I can help you on ps4 or PC
PS4 Gamertag ki4pem
PC Fubu1966

You Usually Need Another player with A Hearse there is also An MC mission you can do to get one without A Hearse
I Can get you one on ps 4 or PC ps4 ki4pem is my Gamertag on PC Fubu1966

Testing My Livestream on Youtube

(Game Rated Pg-13) Adult Language in the video

Agent 47 Has A few More people to Take Care of and trying to Keep Victoria's whereabouts Secret.

Exploring the New DLC In Train Sim


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