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Just some updates on teh channel and Twitchcast, which is coming back late next week!!!!

Twitchcast will be live recorded on Youtbe and Periscope and uploaded to bitchute. Times will be random due to IRL commitments.

Also videos on individual topics will be coming to bitchute and youtube/periscope.

BitChute will remain the main archive for the entire channel.

Team gameplayer NerfedMonkey plays Thea for the Xbox

NerfedMonkey plays Thea for the Xbox.

Zero and I talk a multitude of Gaming news, disagree on camping in Battle Royal shooters, and much much more.

After tons of audio issues, finally got it working again. Nearing the end of chapter 2.

Nerfedmonkey, supplier of gameplay for Twitchcasts and shitposting, plays Thea for the Xbox. Part 3A

Part 4-A where you get a new team and go the noble city.

Playing Kirby's Adventure for the NES BLINDPLAY, how far can I get in 1 hour?

I play StarTropics while I talk Tucker's great monologue, Jeanine Pirro did nothing wrong, Republican establishment is a group of pussies, Pelosi cucks freshman congresswomen

Tucker Carlson being attacked for comments made in 2009 on shock jock show, Left loves socialism cause they are stupid, Trump raising shitloads, more...

Very short because internet issues on Friday.

Talking gaming news included a new translated ROM, then the latest gaming news followed by a 90 minute discussion where I reveal my top 20 NES games and he names off all the ones he loves. A fun time.

First part of Chapter 2.

Finishing the first chapter and second major arc.

The channel description video for GNTNewstalk:

The second arc of the game, dying a couple times, sucking at the Blade card game, Elliott is still my best character, but Laura is p hot.

No, does not age well, but Rick Smits owns shit in it.

Ilhan Omar is creating a disaster for Democrats, Paul Ryan and his failures on the wall and immigration, calm down Trump is fine, Warrior arrives, more..

Learning the game and dual streaming with NerfedMonkey in a disaster of an experiment. Not an official part 2.

Short show, maybe dead, Nadler doing bidding of billionaire democrats, illegal immigration disaster, Somali refugee gangs destroying Minneapolis.

Watch live at midnight eastern Monday/Wednesday/Friday on....





Fallout 76 with a shit load of content coming in March, talking releases in March, what the future of gaming holds, and all sorts of other topics with Zero!

The Prologue (tutorial) takes forever but this is a legit fun anime show disguised as a game. Great so far.


Media using dead to attack Trump and blow up the NK summit, Democrats cracking within, CPAC and butthurt fake conservatives, Biden gets cucked by Cynthia Nixon, Washington Post knows it is fucked, more.

Watch on Twitch/periscope/ youtube

Tried to get as far as possible with just Mario in SMB2 on the nintendo classic. Also some gaming chat with Catbus on Only made it to level 6-1.

Failed as GM but had a hat trick and wrecked chumps in drop ins.

My attempt and failure to play this game in 50 mins of just pathetic confusion.


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