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Intelligence Agencies hates you and wants you silenced, fake impeachment polling, media lies, more.

Laughing at the impeachment trainwreck, Florida stuff, Bitwave chat being.......bitwave chat, more

Trump turns tables on Biden and Ukraine, laughing at MSNBC, watching the DC Protests over climate or something, I think Cog(or a fake Cog) calls the show retarded, more....

Upload attempt #2 11 year olds tell us we can save the planet by voting for teacher raises....okay, Biden's son is in a hot mess and Biden is as well, Trump polling great in Florida according to Florida Atlantic University, more...

A bunch of topics, so good my daughter fell asleep listening.

What have we done to stop another 9/11 (not much), Hillary is losing it (moreso), NC-09 talk, Dem debate hype (watch Theeternalabyss on bitwave) more.

Back after 2 weeks, Democrats think Lithuania will be annexed cause of the wall, CNN town hall lol moments, more....

From the latest Midnight MAGA stream that kept dying.


Highlight from latest Midnight MAGA which stream died multiple times.


Highlight from latest Midnight MAGA which stream died multiple times.


Please let Scaramucci try to primary Trump, it would be hilarious, Buttigeg wants to remove the DH, NYT admits it creates a new narrative, Trump polling in Wisconsin looks VERY GOOD, bitwave chat tries to derail me, more...


Finishing Earthbound for the SNES.

Laughing at this "huge" Warren crowd, looking at North Philly (Nicetown), Ranting on why it is a shithole, talking Isreal banning Talib and Omar, getting called a shill by chat, more...

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The left and nevertrump cheer for a failing economy, immigration talk, I shill for shirts at Bitwave, more...


Fredo, my shitty Italian accent China, NeverTrump conservacucks, the UN, more....


I had to change the babys diaper from 13:18-18:00 so it is on break. Talking mostly media dishonesty with Trump and Republicans.


China taking a drastic step, to fold now would be moronic. The stock market will boost back, China is hurting themselves in hopes the media will assist them by helping put a Democrat in office in 2020.

From shooting the shit on Bitwave.


They are brutal, I mean it is clearly coordinated with the DNC.


Can you get any more delusional than this?

Here is the tweet, and the spergfest below in the replies.

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Democrats reeling after terrible debates, Media trying to spin, Trump having fun, Trump wins in court again, Ohio is getting darker red, Velvet 7 stream sniping, more..

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I was called to be oin TheEternalAbyss' discord, and I went there. Talked Dem debates, what a centrist is, more...

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