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Game: Borderlands 3

Randomly my Cyclone started to bug out and wouldn't get up to speed.

Side Mission: Demon in the Dark
Location: Pandora - Konrad's Hold

If you are having issues with lining up the three rings and getting the door opened, maybe this video will help you out.

Side Mission: Childhood's End
Task: Find Hyperion RKT Sentry
Location: Pandora - Konrad's Hold

Just saw that this quest may give some people trouble in finding the sentry after turning on the generator. Some may expect to just drop down and open the door with the button but this task requires shooting two targets to proceed.

The warden simply would not go down. We would get close and then it would go to the next level. I don't remember this happening on my initial fight with him.

Got the legendary Beastmaster Class Mod of "Teething Prized Rakk Commander" from the warden.

Doing a boss fight within Jacobs Estate and he just gets stuck when trying to teleport.

Before this happened, the game seemed to glitch as well causing me to get stuck near the same area. That caused me to die and have to respawn.

Game: Borderlands 3
Side Mission: Bad Reception

Do we get lucky?


Seriously no, you can leave now. Not a joke.

Feelin Cute...
may buy some more packs to get contract cards later idk

Mark Messier has replaced Bobby Hull for the March Monthly Collectible Reward.

After downtime today, they released the two methods to get the 96 OVR Mark Messier, either by unlocking the previous packs or just 30 March Monthly Collectible Cards.

Reward Level 5 for March was gone today and made me do a bit of research on possible reasons. This "rant" was the result...I' m sorry.

I will be keeping up on this issue and will update when more info is available.

Opening up some legends choice and other packs to try and field a more competitive team.

Sorry about mic audio. My mount broke so I had to rig up a crappy one in the meantime and the location is now different throwing everything off.

I opened up the starter pack and the packs given to me off the bat.

Talk about Loan Cards, Gambling in Games, and some other hockey talk.

Maybe this can help if Windows 10 is starting your computer randomly at night after they force an update to your PC.

Mic not working in Discord? Well, good-ole Microsoft Windows 10 Update may be the reason.

Warning.! Vehicles speeding in Altis Life are sort of hard to control...

Rocket League made most toppers giant for April Fools 2018

My review so far is:
Hey, that's pretty good

Game : Monster Hunter World
Amazon :

Short guide to the Meat of The Matter quest in the Rotten Vale. Shows where the Lump of Meat is located and good method to handle the quest.


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