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I am dealt defeat early in the SPAZ2 campaign.

Where are the zombies?

Arena Deathmatch mode
Three teams of 4 heros battle in Ravenshaw Mansion, setting most of it on fire.
I managed to win this deathmatch somehow.

I'm... an... ordinary... guy...
Burning down the house!

Iron Snout is free on Steam. I play it for about 4 minutes. So there you go.

And - that soccer ball guy is soooo annoying. You can't move left and right so he must be hit with thrown objects. Ugh.

NieR Automata - Boss battles, quests, aliens, android drama znd two very punchable machine-dudes.

Got tired of the PUBG style Battle Royale and started playing "Dynamic Combat Ops - Malden 2035". It randomly generates a scenario.

Things go ...ok... until I decide to try to snipe a mortar team.

Arma 3 Battle Royale While playing, I had Stefan Molyneux playing in the background.Mod: [BRSE] Battle Royale Singleplayer Experience.gtaboncer's Steam Workshop link: very good mod that deliverers basic PUBG gameplay.A few things I wish were different about this mod:I wish the play area restriction timer was adjustable. I'd make it 2x longer to encourage more scavenging.I wish the ammo boxes were not so full. It seems about 1/2 the time you get a decent full set of gear in a single box. So you find one box then you are off to go chase the play area circle. I'd like this mode on different maps. I wish it muted the plane engine noise while the mod was busy spawning supply boxes and cars.

Trying out the excellent mod [BRSE] Battle Royale Singleplayer Experience. (I get killed at the very end)
gtaboncer's Steam Workshop link:

Let's ruin my morning by playing these two aggravating games! Zero deaths! I was also planning on playing Space Pug but it would not launch

From the fellers who made Kingdom of Loathing comes this wild west adventure

I get off to a rough start, using a wooden club as a weapon. I lose my NPC buddy.But, in the second half, I find a crossbow and I cast Fire Ammo spell. This is now my BOOM STICK!

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