Long Tailed Tit bird attacking its reflection in a window. Territorial behaviour, the bird thinks its reflection is a pesky rival near its nest! #birding

British wildflowers

Summer plants inspiration. Even if you have just a wall, or a window sill, you can create a colourful display using a mix of plants such as geraniums, fuchsias etc.

Wild Snowdrops (Galanthus) are the first bulbs to flower, their small white flowers bloom in wintery late January / February and are the first sign that Spring is on its way. They appear on woodland floors, and the edges of hedgerows.

Hummingbird Hawk Moth is a huge moth that resembles a hummingbird.

Yellow and orange flowers look great when planted alongside each other. Use a mix of perennials and annuals. Knopfias, more commonly known as Red Hot Pokers, is a fantastic perennial that gives some height to the border, and they have exotic looking flower spikes. There is different varieties, some are bright yellow, some orange, others a mix of the two colours, as well as red.


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