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Video about the long lost wolves of Britain. In April 2017 a new search for the Tasmanian Tiger is planned, using 50 camera traps. A nocturnal, carnivorous marsupial it is thought to have become extinct decades ago. Saturn clearly visible to the right of the moon. Filmed night of 28/29 June 2018. Filmed on an old camcorder, about 12 years old, so not exactly NASA quality, haha, but it does show Saturn next to the moon. Australia has a huge feral Camel population, in fact it is the largest in the world, with approximately 300,000 camels living in central and western Australia. They were brought to the country in the 1800s by the British to help explore and build infrastructure.

Aussie farmers herding camels using helicopters.

Image 'Camels near Uluru' - public domain - Schomynv - Five varieties of British butterflies, that can all be found in gardens. Plant nectar rich flowers, such as Buddleia, and leave a wild patch of nettles, in the corner of your garden, for caterpillars.

Trevor Rasmussen encounter with a Mountain Lion in Glacier National Park, USA
Image - Public Domain / Forest Service Northern Region from Missoula, MT, USA

Do Lynx attack humans? Are they dangerous? Here are some facts.


Canada Lynx, larger than a Bob Cat. Terence Bay, Ontario, outside a hair salon, just stares and walks casually away.

2013 Bobcat attacked a family in a garage in Massachusetts, bit and scratched. Rare attack could have had rabies.

80 year old lady attacked in her garden, in New Hampshire, by a bob cat that tested positive for rabies

Bobcat attacked a woman and dog in Florida before running off.

Woman attacked. Injuries to her head, shoulder and thighs. Rabid bobcat.

Georgia, Siberian Lynx attacked a keeper that was feeding it a small zoo, bleeding heavily from the head.

Bobcat attacks wild Turkey hunter

Bob Cat in Dallas caught on camera leaping over a high back garden fence then attacked a dog

Urs Breitenmosser - Action Plan for the Conservation of Eurasian Lynx in Europe

Public Domain - CT Cooper Young pheasants out in the fields. House Martins on telephone wires. At the end of summer they fly all the way from England to Africa. The fur of rabbits is very effective in making them blend in amongst grass, when they are feeding. This excellent camoflauge helps keep them safe from predators. The next time you pass what you think is an empty field, remember, you could be being watched!

Carrion Crow calling at dusk.
White Tailed Sea Eagle swoops for a fish, Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Why did the Dodo go extinct. The first written mention was in 1598, when the Dutch arrived in Mauritius and was extinct less than a century later. Watch this just before a job interview, exam or driving test and it will help your mind become calm and relaxed. A pair of Mute Swans, on a summer evening in England.So peaceful one of the Swans begins to fall asleep. Amazon rainforest facts and images.

music Mid August is the height of summer when the weather can be at its hottest, (or of course here in Britain it can also be torrential rain, or perhaps both in one morning) The late summer flowers are out and annuals are at their biggest and best. However, amongst all this vibrant colour there is also the first few signs that Autumn is not too far away with some early flowering plants shedding their petals.

Here is a family of Hens having fun out in a field. A world away from intensive hen farming, when chickens are kept in small cages, or overcrowded barns and never see daylight..
There is many different types of bumblebee. The next time you are in your garden look closely, and you will likely find the 'bees' on your plants are various different species. On this Lavender there is -
1. White Tailed Bumblebee (Probably the Garden Bumblebee, there is various types of White Tailed Bumblebee and they are very similar.)
2. Red-tailed Bumblebee
3. Common Carder The Chequered Skipper butterfly became extinct in Britain, about 40 years ago. Butterfly Conservation has just re-introduced it at a secret location in central England, where hopefully it will re-establish a population.

Long Tailed Tit bird attacking its reflection in a window. Territorial behaviour, the bird thinks its reflection is a pesky rival near its nest! #birding

British wildflowers

Summer plants inspiration. Even if you have just a wall, or a window sill, you can create a colourful display using a mix of plants such as geraniums, fuchsias etc.

Wild Snowdrops (Galanthus) are the first bulbs to flower, their small white flowers bloom in wintery late January / February and are the first sign that Spring is on its way. They appear on woodland floors, and the edges of hedgerows.


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