Don't we wish we could do something like this in times like these?

What did Jesus say was of the devil? He demonstrated His attitude graphically when Peter confronted Him about His upcoming death.

A small excerpt from one of my ministry training rants...


First in the series of reading out old, sorely neglected text blogs in the hope of reaching a broader audience.
NOTE: Audio improves after 20 or 30 seconds so please bear with it, it will be worth it.

This one covers the most important principle of all, the foundation of the gospel and what enables people to live a new life of empowerment, forgiveness.

Second in the series of reading out old, sorely neglected text blog posts in the hope of reaching a broader audience.

This one covers the basic authority and mandate that Jesus declared virtually at the start of His public ministry. In it I discuss the verse that Jesus read out in the synagogue that enraged the establishment so much that they wanted to kill him on the spot. Why? Because He told them outright that it was a prophecy about Him.

Blasphemy!!! But, putting all that aside, I break it down into the six declarations of WHY the Spirit of The LORD was upon Him and WHAT He was anointed to do. The word Christ literally means "Anointed One" and He declared it Himself and used this verse as His mission and mandate. If we consider ourselves to be Christians who are ongoing contributors to His mission and carry His anointing, we should be made aware of the mandate.

I submit that if a professing Christian minister is not working towards at least one of these mandates then he/she is caught up in something irrelevant and can't claim that they are ministers of Christ. They may be ministers. They may be religious. They may be doing "good" things but they are not ministering Christ.

At some later stage I intend to break this down much more and unpack what those things actually mean to ministers or any who intend to serve in the body of Christ, but for now this is it. It isn't long but if you allow yourself to really think about it, it might just help you to refocus.




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