Uprisings over lock-downs and rigged elections.
It’s a world wide phenomenon.

Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds - Enemies Of The West
November 5th 2020 Macron Goes Trump On Migration
>>>Just two days after the US Elections?!

It is time to stand united against the NWO.
Globally; We The People have the power.

If Biden is seated we will be at war.
I apologize to all that I had lost faith in.

Advertising vs the ground game.
Bug spikes in battleground states; or does it?

Keep your eyes on the numbers.
This is a war.

Fish stories and memories.

What makes them different from right wing groups planning to take Washington if Democrats take power after the November 3rd election?

Wray is full of Sht and more!

Testing but I just keep talking 😂🐻

We have passed surreal and are deep in insanity territory

Little strange and abstract but the message is clear.

Me triggering my fellow #MAGA on masks.

Are we still ready for the fight?

NWO Attacked us with a biological weapon.
They did it to stop the global uprising.
Now we must make them pay.

We can be adults without being politically correct.
Kill em with sanity!

Pick your sources very carefully.

Twitter keeps booting it.
Copy it and put it everywhere you can.
Free secure download link from my cloud.

COVID-19 Conspiracy
Where are all the people?
Where are the families?
Hart Island — located just off the coast of the Bronx — has been used for more than 150 years as a place to bury the city's unidentified or unclaimed dead, or those whose families can't pay for a burial.
How many mass graves are being hidden in the US?

Testing low resolution 640x360 - 24 FPS

Dry humor.

Broken rules and ZERO LAWS
The left declared war on us!

Conservative obsessed with masks.
Get over it!

May 25th 2017 Donald Trump put NATO on notice.
Pay your share!

My take on Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County Florida issued warning to rioters.
Every law abiding American should hear this and take his advice.


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