Robert Malone on "Real America's Voice" (War room - Steve Bannon)
Official US policy is to cap world population at 8 Billion through a variety of different means.
Stew Peters does point out that through the early part of the pandemic, this Dr Malone savagely put down anyone who suggested the covid jab was depopulation. Many view Dr Malone as controlled opposition as he still openly works for the DOD.
A Very “Safe and Effective” Past 24 Hours in the Sports World for Bronny James & Shaka Hislop
The Jimmy Dore show

Reviews a recent interview between Senator Rennick and Nurse Doctor Campbell where they discussed data showing there were excess deaths after the jabs started but before covid spread freely.

Covid truth bombs dropped by MADMAXWORLD.TV

How added Carbon Dioxide increases vegetable yield by up to 30 %

There is no climate emergency.

Alex Jones - Kamala Harris - Joe Biden

The Irish Government wants to kill 200,000 diary cows due to Climate change.
unknown source

Alex Jones being Alex Jones.

Communists are behind the "Yes" voice in "The Voice".

Mike Yeadon on INFOWARS
The jab leads to an auto immune response, all old vaccines are being converted to MRNA vaccines. Depopulation.
shortened clip
While we were distracted by the sunken submarine, US Regulators approved lab grown meat!


Satire - How many jabs you will need in the not too distant future.

Allowing digital deification to be introduced will be the beginning of the end.

World Economic Forum explained

More reasons to vote NO in the upcoming Australian referendum.
Its all connected.

From Suspicious Observers on youtube

What to expect from the incoming Solar Storm (Tech/Health/Geophysical)

short segment of a longer interview found at

Dr Haley talks about the properties of OSR (Oxidative stress relief) as a powerful mercury chelator and shares the experiences of Autistic families that tried OSR when it was sold in The USA as a nutritional supplement.

So originally OSR was considered a dietary supplement not a pharmaceutical until the FDS realised its importance in removing heavy metals, then they forced it to undergo approval, over a decade and in excess of a million dollars and approval is still not a given. I wonder why?

Amanda Vollmer believes the child trafficking video "sounds of freedom" just released is a psych-op. Hollywood and its actors are not good people.

Pauline Hanson (One Nation) in the Senate recently alleging the Albanese Government is spending up to $400 million on "The Voice" referendum.
What about the homeless? unemployed? Vaccine injured?

From "Open Voice" on Facebook
Smart Cities - The Untold Reality & Deception
The Hard Truth About The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities

Geologist Ian Plimer destroys the Climate Alarmist lies.

Australians vote NO in the upcoming referendum!

Real Americas Voice
Jim Caviezel on being cancelled after speaking out on Adrenochrome and the like.
He stars in "sounds of freedom"

Monkey Werx US

Over recent months, he has been monitoring the aerial mapping of country and urban areas all over the world. Today Monkey Werx stated he believed they were "mapping the battlefield". He then suggested this was part of the new control grid that will combine with digital money, identification, 15 minute cities etc. IE - WE ARE THE ENEMY! This part of the beast system. DARPA is behind it all.


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