The political left and political right are living in different realities. The left a subjective one, the right an objective one. How did this happen? Why has the left drifted so far, to the point where life long liberals feel more identified with the republican party than the democratic one? I give you my opinion on the matter.

#JeffreyEpstein #VictoriasSecret #FactsOverFeelings

Some more examples of the consequences brought upon our society by critical theory. The sexualization of children must be stopped immediately. Children are not adults, cannot consent, and are not gender neutral. Is that too much to ask?
Critical race theory is also indoctrinating our kids and politicians.
From Biden to Boris Johnson, critical theory is upon us.

#CRT #CriticalTheory #Woke

Sleepy Joe is either a racist or has dementia, either way, the mainstream media's coverage of the current president is embarrassing. The most difficult question he was asked this week is "what type of ice cream are you eating?"
Black father teaches his adorable daughter to oppose critical race theory.

#Dementia #CriticalRaceTheory #Entrepreneur

A biker gang saw a couple of kids manning a lemonade stand and decided to get in line and get some refreshing lemonade. The content America needs when it is so racially divided. Then, as usual, I sentence crazy woke libs to jail for spouting nonsense.

#BikerGang #Woke #SJW

We like to the laugh at the deranged woke people of TikTok, however, the consequences of woke culture are far reaching. Again, woke tiktok is hilarious, but maybe its time to take it seriously. After 2 appointments, a kid was given hormones and 3 months later he was medically castrated. Today, he regrets the decision and laments never being able to feel normal again. John Cena joins LeBron James, Disney, the NBA, and many more in bowing to the Chinese Communist Party.

#JohnCena #TikTok #Woke

Even though Anthony Fauci has announced that if you are fully vaccinated the risk of getting infected is extremely low, many Americans refuse to unmask. Some people take it as far as kissing with masks on. Is it a troll? Only lord Fauci knows.
Lori Lightfoot will only grant interviews to journalists of color, and 10 year old kid obliterated school board.

#DrFauci #Masks #Idiocracy

The CIA has a YouTube channel and it's bad. The woke cringe is unexpected and a big turn around from what the CIA was advertising just 10 years ago.

#WokeCIA #GetWokeGoBroke #CIA

I'm convinced Ron DeSantis is running for president. Not only has he adapted all of Trump's mannerisms, he has adopted his agenda as well. Ron speaks to the people about the cultural issues we care about. Rioting, indoctrination of our children, government debt, supporting our officers, and much more.
The man is even losing weight and making more TV appearances while exposing the media as Trump did. Will he run for president or will he back down to Trump?

#RonDeathSantis #RonDeSantis #Florida

In a time where several politicians, district attorneys, and judges are succumbing to the woke mob, it is quite refreshing to see a judge who does not. We take a look at new information which may lead to a mistrial in the Derek Chauvin conviction, how a judge puts a woke lawyer in his place, and how the president of Azerbaijan exposes the BBC fake news narrative.

#Mistrial #Azerbaijan #Fakenews

If they're not being cringe, they're being ray sist. The woke must be sent to the gulags in order to rethink their ways. While we're at it, why not send some crazy GOP members as well?

#DrainTheSwamp #Woke #SJW

The military went woke when it changed its physical standards. The universities and elementary schools are falling to critical theory. And now, the new recruitment ad for the CIA shows that it has also gone woke.

#GetWokeGoBroke #SJW #WokeBombs

California Professor berates student in front of whole class for having the awful opinions of thinking that police are heroes and should be able to be a part of TV shows for children. The student holds his own and does not capitulate to the woke mob.
Twitter is ok with anti semitism but other hate speech is not cool.

#WokeProfessor #GetWokeGoBroke #SocialJusticeWarrior

With the death of George Floyd came the outcries of racism and police reform. Yet, when a Latino man dies in the same way at the hands of police, there is no coverage. Why? because then you would see that racism had nothing to do with any of the previous police killings.

#FakeNewsMedia #MarioGonzalez #SuperFundThePolice

The cringe is strong with TikTok. The amount of SJW making dances and songs to express their joy of getting vaxxed is stunning. The body positivity movement is not just wrecking havoc on TikTok, but also on the American health system.
The cults of Fauci and Cuomo are here and ripe for comedy.

#SJW #TikTok #Cult

Drag Queen Story Hour was a bad idea from its inception. If you opposed it in its early days you were considered a bigot. Now, we know that several of these drag queens were child offenders. How are we banning books like To Kill A Mockingbird to protect our children yet we are okay with taking them to drag shows and encouraging them to be strippers.
TikTok is the home of the cringe.

#DragQueenStoryHour #HideYourKids #SJW

Ohio police responded to an attempted stabbing and ended up shooting a 15 year old girl dead. Bryant (deceased) was trying to stab another girl when the police shot her and ultimately took her life. Naturally, Black Lives Matter protested and will soon riot.
Derek Chauvin convicted on all charges.
The Squad pays private security while calling for the police to abolished. That's odd.

#OhioPolice #MakiyahBryant #GoodShoot

Maxine Waters, Ilhan Omar, and the mayor of Minneapolis have all made public comments about the presumed guilt of Derek Chauvin. There is no doubt the jury has been influenced, even the judge said it may be grounds for a mistrial and overturn on appeal.
Minneapolis will burn either way.

#DerekChauvin #GeorgeFloyd #Verdict

Derek Chauvin's trial for the murder of George Floyd is coming to an end. We should expect a verdict this week if not today. The prosecutions case is not bullet proof, and when it comes to criminal cases, the prosecution must prove its case beyond reasonable doubt. Did they do so here? I think not. When it comes to manslaughter it gets more complicated but still, I believe Chauvin should be found not guilty of all charges.
Maxine Waters calls for violence unless there is a guilty verdict. Should she be banned off all social media? Me think yes.

#ChauvinTrial #GeorgeFloyd #MaxineWaters

The woke keep getting wild and eating themselves. Now, BBC's diversity chief has claimed that Idris Elba is not black enough, along with the show Luther, because he does not have enough black friends or eat Caribbean food.
Cosmopolitan promotes obesity for women as opposed to health, Patrisse Cullor tries to explain why as a Marxist she's buying millions of dollars worth of property and Australia commissioned a ship in a new and wonderful way.

#IdrisElba #GetWokeGoBroke #SocialJusticeWarrior

Trevor Noah's old stand up special has resurfaced in which he makes fun of rioters for being killed by police. Very different from the jokes he makes today.
Project Veritas has exposed CNN in 24K.
The New York Times and Vox also show themselves to be activists instead of journalist.

#ProjectVertias #CNNExposed #TrevorNoah

Brian Stelter tries to vaccine selfie shame Fox News employees on national TV. His logic, however, unsurprisingly, is not quire sound. Vegetables are deemed racist, the woke believe being a home wrecker is ok (probably bc of the current VP), and we lose yet another voice actor. This time Apu from The Simpsons.

#BrianStelter #Woke #AntiSjw

A neopronoun can also be a so-called “noun-self pronoun,” in which a pre-existing word is drafted into use as a pronoun. Noun-self pronouns can refer to animals — so your pronouns can be “bun/bunself” and “kitten/kittenself.” Others refer to fantasy characters — “vamp/vampself,” “prin/cess/princesself,” “fae/faer/faeself” — or even just common slang, like “Innit/Innits/Innitself.”

It's all nonsense. The woke have gone insane. And they are backed by the mainstream such as the New York Times.

Meanwhile NBC News contradicts itself.

#Neopronouns #woke #sjw

How does the socialist marxist founder of Black Lives Matter suddenly find herself with millions of dollars to spend on several homes across several countries. Some homes even include airplane hangers. Why, or more importantly, how?
$10.6 billion dollars have been donated to BLM since the death of George Floyd. Who's in charge of BLM's coffers? Patrisse Cullors, the socialist founder of BLM.

#Scam #BLM #PatrisseCullors


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