I looked up today and this is what I saw.

1080p HD

Shoutout to shlominger
Quality is higher than Devin The Dude. Respect.

Somali Yacht Club - "Up In The Sky"

Another moonth gone by.. What a truly amazing sight! Grateful to have a clear sky tonight!

1080p HD

Mouth harp shenanigans by yours truly.

Another moonth gone by.. What a truly amazing sight! Grateful to have a clear sky tonight!

1080p HD

 Mouth harp shenanigans by yours truly.

This one is for all the sunlovers out there.

Big shoutout to all the beautiful birds that appeared in this video!

Maybe one day I will learn how to level my camera...

Greentea Peng - Mr. Sun (miss da sun)
Yeasayer - Sunrise
Gladys Knight & The Pips - Daybreak

Stay sharp mah people

(guess I don't appear too sharp myself misspelling Jupiter @1:33 :P)

music: Kaiser Chiefs - "Out Of Focus"

Mirrored from:

Original Kentucky footage:

stay awake

Crescent moon filmed from home on May 9, 2019 using P900. Multiple shades for fun. The time lapse in the beginning was the same night... interesting how we can see the whole dark part of the moon when out of focus, and only the lit part when focused.

Music: "Feels" - Avid Dancer

Miraging, reflections, aetherbands, vanishing objects...

Do you dare to enter the House of Mirrors?

I realize now that half the footage is pretty tough to see on a phone, so my bad if ya can't see some of the birds and mirroring effects. On a larger screen you still have to keep your eyes open!

Avid Dancer - Little Bird
Moby Grape - Right Before My Eyes

Ants staying busy in these pretty purple flowers. Birds chirping, frogs croaking, the occasional lapping wave of a passing car. Unwind your mind.

Watching the naturally stunning full moon traverse the sky, the night of May 18, 2019.


0:01 Monster Rally - Strange Birds
3:47 Weyes Blood - Andromeda
8:20 Zero 7 - Last Light ft. Jose Gonzalez
12:14 Mogwai - Hunted By A Freak

March 2019. P900. Siriusly.

[Just wanted to point out... I have since learned that these stars are out of focus, and although they look cool, they don't actually appear this way. Shout out to Ron Hagberg ]

"Ancestors" - Gonjasufi
"Duet" - Gonjasufi

The beautiful full moon over Westminster, MD on April 18, 2019.

"I Didn't Know" - Skinshape

The Sun, viewed through a Nikon Coolpix P900 camera with a solar filter.

I think it goes without saying, don't look into the sun through any magnifying object without a good solar filter. Duh.

Music: "Trifle With Me" - Sapient

Viewing the Pooles Island Light from 14.3 miles away on the coast of Pasadena, MD.
You do the math.

Thanks again Derek!

"Motion Sickness" - Hot Chip

Filmed on 3/24/2019 in Havre de Grace, MD. Successful line of sight test of iphone light over 5.85 miles of flat water.

Water always finds it's LEVEL.

Thanks Derek and Travis!


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Fishing for the curve, which appears to be missing. Let me know if you find it!