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An whistleblower at Pinterest contacted Project Veritas because he didn't trust the New York Times or any mainstream media. James publicized internal documents that showed Pinterest listing a pro-life site as "pee-oh-are-en" (they won't let me write the word but that's how you spell it). Yours truly is also censored on Pinterest. They're mean. They're also worth $12B!

Steven Crowder mocked Vox employee Carlos Maza so VoxAdpocalpyse was declared and they started deplatrorming everyone right of center. Crowder was demonitized and so was a slew of others, including history teachers who had clips of Hitler for educational purposes.

The first few minutes of my new series "Free Speech Presents..." These are the two most well-read people I know and I've wanted to get them together for a long time.

I'm sick of people saying these "hate has no home here" signs are "actually pretty hateful" as FH Buckley put it. I find they are totally honest about how they feel and should be respected as an honest expression of human emotion.

While talking to people in the South Bronx about de Blasio's presidential bid, a young anti-fascist shows McInnes who's boss.
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Please steal this video from me. I'm on Double Secret Probation and they are about to shut me down. I've been getting weird copyright strikes for videos over a decade old and the word on the street is they are DYING to cut me loose.

CNN realizes they are out of touch with the midwest and basically all of America outside of the liberal cities so they send in their baddest ass to learn what real Americans think. Turns out, they like Trump. Darnit.

While at Anthony Cumia's Labor Day party, former "Chaser Truck" driver Mike Alioto took some time to talk about chasing wrecks as a tow trucker in the 80s. It was the wild west back then and what would one day be illegal, was once a thriving and chaotic business full of cocaine, booze, and hot chicks.

Not everything in "the good old days" was GOOD.
There was a time when 13 year old groupies were being passed around the rock scene, and it was just seen as "meh, weird" instead of "woah, that's rape"

While everyone was singing about smashing the state, Generation X were all about fashion and picking up chicks. That was against the rules of punk at the time which is pretty much the punkest thing you could do.

We recorded this after "I Feel Pretty" came out OnDemand. I thought it was pretty good. Really, really fat chicks hated it because they thought Amy was too pretty for it to be a big deal that she thought she was pretty. That's absurd. This isn't Shallow Hal. The movie wouldn't work if a 400 lb chick thought she was all that. OBVIOUSLY!

Hey bachelors, want to make your bathroom spotless without a mop? Just use your socks!

Seriously, it's just a few soldiers reuniting with their loved ones after being deployed to defend their country. BIG DEAL. A school put on a fake spelling bee to surprise one little girl who misses her Daddy, and we're supposed to feel something?

...BTW, I was having really bad allergies the day we recorded this.


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