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Before we peel back all the layers of the TDS onion we try to figure out if we just heard a fart on Conan. Powertie joins us to discuss his viral video but we hang up on him because it was taking away from the beauty of his art. Then, we take a huge pile of calls including one from Nate Ober where we could barely make out his stupid face.

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LIVE every Thursday, taking your calls and doing stuff that YouTube doesn't allow.

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We take a good look at Clown World and realize it’s mostly based in LA. Adam Schiff represents LA. Prancing ninnies like Jonathan Van Ness are from LA. Fake scientists like Terrence Howard is in LA. Time to cut them off. We also take calls, check in on the perpetually confused Greta Thunberg, and give a last ditch attempt to raise money for Roger Stone ( and the remaining NYC9 Proud Boys (
Guest: Jack Posobeic

After checking in on possibly the biggest loser in the world, we go through the latest news including El Chapo's dead lover, Justin Trudeau in blackface, #MeToo, and Lilly Singh's horrible new show. Then, we talk to callers but not before breaking down the five levels of antifa which goes from the bottom (the orphans) to the top (the billionaires).

Ezra and I discuss the video that blew up my life. It was an homage to a Robert Crumb comic with a similar name but even Crumb is getting punished by humorless busybodies who are so desperate to find Nazis, they are immune to satire.

SNL fired a write before he even started working there because the outrage mob was mad that he made rude comments before. He’s got maybe a thousand hours of content online but someone said they didn’t like Chinese food once and he also said bad words in a joke about the Civil War. SNL has committed to focus on diversity from now on and not bother themselves with irrelevant details like, “Is this person funny?”

PBs (can I even say their name here?) are facing 15 years for beating back an ambush after a talk I did at the Manhattan Republican Club. Shortly before that, antifa mobbed and beat a reporter and stole his equipment. Finbarr Slonim, Kai Russo, and Caleb Perkins faced no repercussions for their attack. What gives?

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In this Greatest Hits vidcast of the podcast we show highlights from our interview with Michelle Malkin and Laura Loomer and then call Sweden to talk to Angry Foreigner about the complete shithole Sweden is becoming. Before that, it's a deep dive into the life and times of Daniel Johnston, songwriting, and what to do about mental illness. We also compare Bill Burr to Whitney Cummings and Sebastian Maniscalco.

I hope announcing a banned guy's new show doesn't get me banned. How many levels of irony is that, 69?

It appears I am losing Joe to the “everyone who disagrees with liberals is a Nazi” zeitgeist. This is sad because I’m not a Nazi. I’m gay. I’m gay for Joe Rogan.

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I’m reluctant to respond to yapping dogs but when they make you $100,000, you’re obligated to at least say thanks. The goal of Free Speech is to get the left and the right to sit down and discuss today’s issues in order to determine exactly what we disagree on. Liberals don’t like debates because they don’t like competition. Here, I explain why it’s so expensive to get liberals to leave their bubble.


After months of demanding a fight, Gavin gets in the ring with Coppercab and quickly discovers Copper has no idea what he's doing. Copper's take is that Gavin cheated by taking Adderall, drinking whiskey, padding Copper's gloves, wearing low weight gloves, and hitting Copper after the bell.
Special thanks to Champs boxing gym.

From GOML Season 2, Episode 29
(Originally aired July 1st, 2019)


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In this Free our Friends! super episode, we sit down with Tommy Robinson and Roger Stone and hear their side of the story. Turns out, Tommy didn’t encourage vigilanteism. He encouraged journalism. Also, Roger didn’t collude with Russia or facilitate Wikileaks. He forgot about a random email from Julian Assange. Later, we examine this new trend in feminism where bitchiness is seen as an empowering trait because it looks powerful. It’s not. You just seem like a person that sucks to hang out with. Oh yeah, we take calls.

We talked to Tommy a day before he was headed to prison where he will likely be killed - and for what? For encouraging vigilantes? He never said that. He just got a death sentence for something he didn’t do.

In a shocking display of bravery, I shatter the chains that shackle us all. Nice try Big Tech! Nice try establishment media! Nice try antifa! Nice try DNC! We will not be restrained. We will not be jailed. Roger Stone and Tommy Robinson are free! Laura Loomer and Paul Joseph Watson are no longer in danger!
You cannot take away my voice and make it easy to lie about me to millions of people with zero chances of me being able to defend myself. Why, you can't even take this moment and use it to fit your own agenda, can you? There's no way that could happen. Finally, FREE SPEECH!

What started as a seemingly credible accusation that made the cover of NY Magazine is increasingly starting to look like the rantings of a lunatic.

From GOML S2 Ep27 (Aired June 25th, 2019)
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Will Parler replace Twitter? They're doing everything right, so far. We get deep into this new platform with Matze and also discover he couldn't care less about pop culture or movies or sports or fads. He's JUST a computer programmer. Maybe this is exactly what we need. See the whole thing at FreeSpeech.TV

An whistleblower at Pinterest contacted Project Veritas because he didn't trust the New York Times or any mainstream media. James publicized internal documents that showed Pinterest listing a pro-life site as "pee-oh-are-en" (they won't let me write the word but that's how you spell it). Yours truly is also censored on Pinterest. They're mean. They're also worth $12B!

Steven Crowder mocked Vox employee Carlos Maza so VoxAdpocalpyse was declared and they started deplatrorming everyone right of center. Crowder was demonitized and so was a slew of others, including history teachers who had clips of Hitler for educational purposes.

The first few minutes of my new series "Free Speech Presents..." These are the two most well-read people I know and I've wanted to get them together for a long time.

I'm sick of people saying these "hate has no home here" signs are "actually pretty hateful" as FH Buckley put it. I find they are totally honest about how they feel and should be respected as an honest expression of human emotion.

While talking to people in the South Bronx about de Blasio's presidential bid, a young anti-fascist shows McInnes who's boss.
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