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Here are 5 obvious reasons why comparing COVID-19 to the 1918 'Spanish Flu' is ridiculous propaganda rooted in fearmongering.

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When scientists that have financial links to very corrupt and unethical Big Pharma companies are the ones advising the World Health Organization and governments around the world on a "pandemic" that will ultimately profit those same companies — that's a MAJOR conflict of interest and red flag that WE ALL NEED TO BE MADE AWARE OF.

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All Sources listed in video to FACT CHECK

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Rather than blindly believing what I'm told, or depending on my limited perception of the world, I decided to take the time to sedulously research the "evidence" supporting lockdowns and then the evidence that shows why they can actually be dangerous and even deadly.

In this video, I share two of the most influential studies that allegedly provide "evidence" as to why the lockdowns work, including the actual "study" that was used as the justification to kickstart lockdowns worldwide. And, as you will find, it's pretty mind blowing.

Correspondingly, you can learn more about the actual concrete real world science that shows how dangerous and deadly these lockdowns are here:

In the full length presentation I go through many more studies and examples, which is why it's such a long presentation. If you are serious about digging deeper though, and looking beyond the politics, propaganda, and mass psychology that is convoluting this topic, then you will take the time to watch it and inform yourself.

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Throughout history there have been respected scientists — both "independent" & within high ranking positions of government — that have been willing to sellout and mislead the public in extremely unethical & dangerous ways...

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*MULTIPLE EXPERTS* — including a Nobel Prize winning Biophysicist (Michael Levitt), two of the most highly cited and respected scientists in the world today (John Ioannidis and Sucharit Bhakdi), and the former Director-General of Israel's Health Ministry, Yoram Lass, amongst others, have all gone on record stating that the lockdowns are MORE DANGEROUS than the virus.

In this video, I share some of their testimony and, more importantly, I go into more detail about the actual CONCRETE SCIENCE behind why it is so deadly by exploring multiple peer reviewed studies.

You can watch the full length presentation here:

Links to FACT CHECK:

With that shared, to help offer a bit more context here since the media and other "trusted" authorities are keeping us overwhelmingly in the dark, the only way for us to actually get out of this "pandemic", is we have to develop herd immunity either naturally or "artificially" guys. And what that requires, is that we either get infected naturally or "artificially," with a vaccine.

Now, because all the evidence shows that this is simply not very deadly for the overwhelming majority of society (**so based on verifiable evidence and thus aligned with reality which does not have to conform to our personal perception of how we THINK things should be for it to be real and true**) it would be HIGHLY illogical for us not to allow those who are unafraid of this virus to simply get the disease which will trigger their immunological memory and subsequently help them develop natural immunity against it. Additionally, when a large number of people also develop immunity against a virus, that virus also begins to lose its “sting,” which actually helps protect those who wish to isolate themselves until they are less vulnerable.

Even with a vaccine though, what people don't seem to realize is, it IMITATES an infection, and this STILL RELIES on triggering a NATURAL immune response. In other words, vaccines are reserved largely for when the risk of infection is very lethal and it's just too deadly to take the chance of getting infected by it naturally, so people get a minor infection from a vaccine instead. But AGAIN, this is NOT needed for the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY based on the verifiable evidence guys. Doesn't matter what the fearmongering media says that tugs so powerfully on our heart strings and fears, and makes us operate emotionally, irrationally, and unconsciously… the REALITY and the EVIDENCE shows VERY CLEARLY that this is simply not lethal for the overwhelming majority of us. It's just not. Please, take a moment to critically think about this or fact check those links I provided if need be.

But instead of taking this very LOGICAL course of action and allowing the disease to infect those who do not have a high risk of an adverse reaction as quickly as possible — so we can in turn develop herd immunity and therefore move on with life as quickly as possible — we are instead prolonging these lockdown policies (in the form of unemployment, isolation, fearmongering-stress) — which we have a HUGE amount of concrete scientific evidence from all around the world showing to be extremely dangerous and deadly. And unlike C0VlD, which poses a risk to a VERY SMALL MINORITY of mostly old and very sick people, these lockdown measures (unemployment, isolation, etc.) are extremely dangerous and deadly for the MAJORITY of the population, including young and healthy people. In this excerpt from my presentation I share some expert testimony on this particular topic and then share an abundance of published and peer reviewed research that explains why it is so deadly:
So we need to ask ourselves, does it make sense to protect grampa from the wolf by giving our children to the lion? Of course not, it’s absolutely insane. We can focus on protecting the elderly and the vulnerable without putting the young and the healthy at risk guys.

But instead, we are told we must wait for a “fast tracked” vaccine from an EXTREMELY corrupt and unethical Big Pharma industry, which poses serious potential risks to human health if not done correctly, as you can learn more about here.

Please guys, I beg of you, look beyond the politics and propaganda behind all of this, and simply look at the actual evidence. For those who are very serious I put together a lengthy 5 hour presentation on this topic that explores it through many different levels and dimensions, which you can view here:

Whether you are pro-vaccine or not, the danger of fast tracking a vaccine is well known based on verifiable past history.

When the establishment media spread a theoretical mathematical model claiming tens of millions of people will die, and that "study" was never published in a scientific journal or never peer reviewed by a guy (Neil ferguson) who has a terrible history of bad predictions and financial links to the Big Pharma companies that profit from his claims, and then they entirely ignore a peer reviewed study led by one of the most highly cited and well respected scientists alive, John P. A. Ioannidis, which claims the virus is actually quite insipid and not lethal for the overwhelming majority at all, there is obviously an agenda at play.

But rather than speculate based on this alone, please watch the full length presentation I gave on this "pandemic" which explores everything in sedulous detail...

Full length:

Full length interview from John Ioannidis:

When someone uses their "non-profit" foundation to "donate" ±$2 Billion in tax free money to FOR-PROFIT corporations — many of which they OWN STOCKS in, HAVE INVESTMENTS WITH & PARTNER WITH — that's a HUGE red flag and obvious conflict of interest.

This is especially concerning when we look at who these companies are, which include all the Big Pharma corporations that he frequently partners with, such as GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Merck, Novartis, Sanofi, Takeda, Janssen vaccines (Johnson & Johnson subsidiary) and others — who have a terrible history of corruption and inhumanity — ranging from bribing health care officials and governments to experimenting on innocent civilians without their knowledge to covering up how their products cause cancer, amongst other things.

Then if we take a look at some of his other major investments through the Gates Foundation, we find Coca Cola and Arcos Dorados Holdings (McDonalds) — both of which are directly implicated in the obesity epidemic (which is estimated to kill ±4 million people a year). And let's not forget, Coca Cola is also the world's largest polluter of plastic.

Knowing all of this, it is clearly quite logical to question his deeper motives beyond the "humanitarian" appearance we are constantly told about through the media. In the full length presentation I explore this topic in much greater detail and expose another side to Bill Gates character that most of us have never heard about before.

Full length presentation:
Investigative article from The Hill mentioned in the video:

Table of Contents:

1) Understanding inattentional Blindness & Authority vs the Truth
2) Putting Things into Perspective: Leading Causes of Death That we Struggle with Today Because we've Been Misled by Corrupt Governments and Scientists Past & Present.
3) Investigating the THEORETICAL Study (That was never published or peer reviewed) & Those Behind it That Kickstarted the International Lockdowns
4) History is Repeating itself
5) Who is GlaxoSmithKline??
6) The Big Pharma-Vaccine Industry Has a History of Corruption and Manipulating Governments, Scientists & Doctors
7) Big Pharma is like Big Tobacco on Steroids
8) What Role Does Bill Gates Play in All of This??
9) GAVI & CEPI — The Ultimate Front Groups
10) Why isn't the Media Reporting on This??? (Follow the Money)
11) Media Manipulation & Obvious Double Standards
12) What Are the Experts That Are Being ignored or Censored by the Media Saying?? (Video Testimony)
— Death Reports Are Misleading or Deceptive
— Despite What Establishment Authorities Are Saying This is Comparable to a Bad Flu
— Based on Actual Concrete Science, the Lockdown itself is Far More Dangerous Than the Virus
— Predictions of Millions of People Dying is Based on Theory & "Science Fiction"
13) Understanding the Fundamental Difference Between Lockdown vs No Lockdown
14) Investigating Spanish Flu Propaganda & Why It's Completely Misleading & Deceptive
— Examples of Communities & Countries That Defied Lockdowns That You Aren't Being Told About
— Reports of Those Treated With Homeopathy Having Much Lower Death Rates Than Conventional Medicine Which Was in its Early Stages
— 5 Major Reasons Why Comparisons Between The "Spanish Flu" & Covid-19 Are Completely Misleading & Outright idiotic
15) Investigating the New Studies Being Spread by the Establishment Media Purporting to Provide Evidence of the Efficacy of Social Distancing & Lockdowns
16) Closing Remarks

**Because the studies can be found through the sources shown in the video, if anyone has any difficulty tracking down a particular study or source, please comment publicly and I'll share it with you.


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