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Links and resources;
All Government Is Slavery - Alliance Of Defiance
G.Edward Griffin - We Must Start To Question Authority
Endgame - Blueprint for Global Enslavement

Links and resources;
Greece Arrests Dozens of NGO Ops Running Migrant Trafficking Network
UK Government Houses Migrants In 5 Star Hotels - Gareth Icke
"New Sweden:" Grateful Migrants Show Respect To The Country That Let Them In & Educated Them

For those who scoff, these work. How do I know? I've made two myself. They keep on spraying and the blue sky just keeps comin' through!
Links and resources;
Los Angeles Sky Cleared of Chemtrails in Less Than 10 Minutes!
Lt. Kristen Meghan - Chemtrails & Geo-engineering

Links and resources;
TheCrowhouse (Max Igan bitchute channel)
We've Had Enough - People Protest Against Drag Queen Storytime

Links and resources;
'Leave The Kids Alone' The Largest Protest Against Gender Ideology In Canadian History by True North
Trans Terrorist Massacres School Kids as Trans Activists Plan Bloody April 1st!! FULL SHOW 3/28/23
Transgender Brainwashing Spikes in Gen Z! PJW 3/23/23
Leftist Cultural Decay Targeting Children, Promoting Mental Illness - PJW Live 3/16/23
Pediatrician on How Transgender Propaganda Harms Children
The Government is Not Your Friend
60 Minutes on UK Government Paedophile Network
Fiona Barnett Candy Girl Documentary Part 1 of 2 Satanic Ritual Abuse
Cathy O'Brien - MKULTRA Mind Control Victim
Society is One Big Satanic Ritual Part 1- WOEIH - Episode 214 - 2019
You can check Mark's site out here for his other podcasts and a wealth of knowledge;
Society is One Big Satanic Ritual Part 2 - Episode 215 - 2019

Links and resources;
The Dawn Of The NWO Banking System
Big Banks Are Going To Steal Your Money
The Government is Not Your Friend
European Central Bank Preparing for Bail Ins & Banking Collapse
'Money' Out Of Nothing - The Foundation Of Human Control - David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast
15 Minute Cities - Greg Reese Report


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