218rwkw was the Final result back in 2009
Eaton M90 Intercooled and a Unichip
Was a fantastic Car

Mango grow from seedI always have success growing this way in ThailandBut trying in New Zealand with a Mexican Seed

The way I have the most success in Growing Avocado"sIn Soil I have had pretty much 100% success this way Follow my way and you too can have Avocado's In your Own house or Garden

An Easy way to make Magnetized WaterOk this is my first attempt at making a Water MagnetizerI was inspired by MrAnguswangus Channel with his Video Revitalized Water - Johann Grander Effect Replication
Very easy to make Magnets are 80mm x 15mm Hole is 40mmPVC Pipe is 25mmI had intended to make it using Copper Pipe with a flange welded on as stoppersGrander Device has copper inside of it But his system works very differently I think with good water passing its properties to bad water through the copper walls some howAnyway its very easy to make good fun and hopefully the Magnetized water will help us stay healthyPlease read this all about Water check here
and here Not many people will this about water its a short Doco about water
Also here is the inside of the Grander Device

The lead up to New Year 31st Dec 2014 about 7:30 pm in Khon Kaen Thailand

At Farm Bongnok Chaiyaphum Was very Dry

But Rain came and all is Ok now

Start of Sports Day at Mataneedol School Khon Kaen

Raising the Flag Thailand

Here is the Moringa's 3 months on from when I planted them
They seem to much better when planted out in the wild than in Pots
That could be because in pots I tend to over water them I think
I found that the second Moringa had had its top cut off that's whey it was much shorter than the other
They don't like wet feet I had an other Moringa that I bought and planted in a Dampish spot and all the leaves fell off so I moved it to a dryer place and it now has new leaves

Pattaya Dolphin water Park
A good day out seeing Dolphins close up Pink Dolphins and Small Gray's

Thai Wedding Dancing and Music

Happy People

Ma-yom Chid Mango and Moringa and Soursop

Wish the world Powers would watch this

Wow just found Nemo :D

Nam Muang Vietnamese Food in Udon Thani Thailand
Very Yummy Moreish Food

"Gangnam Style" Mataneedol School Graduation

Jenifer Free Style Dancing

International Food day at Jenifer's School Mataneedol


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