Specialty Vehicle Engineering Interview 2020 YenkoSC

SEMA 2019, The Unveiling of Specialty Vehicle Engineering's 2020 1000 Horse Powered Yenko Camaro S/C Stage II at SEMA 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.
We interview David Hamburger VP at Specialty Vehicle Engineering, Inc. on their latest release in their Yenko Product line the 2020 Yenko Camaro S/C 1000HP, we hear about the history of this product line as well as this model years new for 2020 total production run of 50 units to be built.

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SEMA Livestream Announcement

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SEMA Show 2019 call out invite

I announce a few the custom builds that I will be covering during my week-long stay in Las Vegas covering the SEMA Show 2019. From Builders such as Johnny G of Johnny's Garage & his @66Chevy build at the @upcarparts booth to @therealtavarish and his #milliondollarshowcar and my Open call out invite to all Automotive YouTubers to attend Wednesday night November 6th. They can DM me via Twitter @GearVlogz or on Instagram @GearVlogz for time and location.

Please reach out to your favorite Automotive YouTubers to DM me directly to attend this meet and greet.

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Kevin Hart Cuda Crash Update | Gear Vlogz
I give you the latest Kevin Hart Cuda Crash Update.


Kevin Hart crash caused by reckless driving, no seatbelts: Report

Kevin Hart had his spine fused back together after car crash

CHP Says No One Wore Seat Belts

Mind-Blowing Carbon-Fiber ’Cuda—With Parts You Can Buy Too!

#kevinhartcrash #kevinhartwreck #gearvlogz

UAW Strike Continues Day 37

I comment on the current news cycle of the UAW strike against General Motors and going into Day 37.

Thumbnail Images Source:
Scott Dexter_American_Axle_Strike
Michael Wayland / CNBC- 106153000-1569598707555img_5258.jpg
Eric Seals, Detroit Free Press - 3263528f-de1d-4c10-9b85-1cb018822987-IMG-5408B.jpg

Story Sources:

Federal corruption probe, strike loom over UAW’s voting on proposed labor contract with GM

UAW strike day 37: Tennessee workers vote down new contract with GM

UAW striker dies after being struck by car on picket line at Tennessee GM plant

UAW continues strike despite tentative agreement, Chevy Blazer production impacted

It's 'possible' UAW workers will strike Ford, FCA if pushed for contract concessions

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Gear Vlogz The Update Show: SEMA News 2019
Episode 007 Oct-23-2019

Burt Reynolds’ former 1978 ‘Smokey’ Pontiac Trans Am in big auction by feds

Apple Auctioneering Co.

SEMA Sues DOT for Failure to Implement Replica Car Law

New Law is Great News for Replica Car Builders and Hot Rodders!

Chevrolet Returns Design Award to SEMA 2019

2015 Lamborghini Huracan is getting twin-turbo Chevy power for SEMA

[B is for Build] LS Swapped Huracan Rebuild

Six Ford Ranger concepts prepared to invade 2019 SEMA show

#carnews #semanews #gearvlogz

UAW Strike Continues

I comment on the current news cycle of the UAW strike against General Motors and going into its third week.

Thumbnail Images Source:
Scott Dexter_American_Axle_Strike

Story Sources:

Economic pain grows from UAW-GM strike

Supplier Linamar losing up to $750,000 per day due to strike

UAW insiders are talking to the feds as talks with GM drag on
Part of the FBI's ongoing investigation of embezzlement by UAW leadership

N.Y. comptroller, investor urges GM to resolve the strike

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GearVlogz The Update Show
Episode 004 Oct-01-2019


Ken Block Story 1:08

BMW Toyota Supra Recall Story 2:19

Liberty WalkPerformance New Huracan Widebody Kit 7:27

Video Of Ken Block’s Ford Raptor-Powered Supra Is Not What You Think

BMW recalls Toyota Supra because that's the world we live in now

Liberty Walk Previews SEMA 2019 Creation: Widebody Lamborghini Huracan

HELP Fund my Travel Costs to SEMA 2019 with your small donations

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Gear Vlogz The Update Show

Hey subscribers or If your new to my channel thanks for clicking on this video.

I'm Mario and welcome to Gear Vlogz and The Update Show Ep 3


2019 Saleen Mustang S302 Black Label First Drive | American muscle, baby!

Detroit artist: Mercedes-Benz 'defamed' my Eastern Market mural

Ford and GM are rushing to build electric pickups — but why?


Simone Giertz: TRUCKLA: The world's first Tesla pickup truck

#carnews #nosmallcreator #gearvlogz

Hot Import Nights (HIN) San Jose 2019

Hot Import Nights September 21th 2019 at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds featuring vehicles of many makes Chevy, Ford, Subaru, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. including HIN models and DJ's.
"Our 2019 SEMA Trip Fundraiser"

Background Story

Adam aka @becomeaprime and I just got credentials confirmed to attend SEMA this year in Las Vegas November 5-8th!

For those that do not know what SEMA is.
The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center. In addition, the SEMA Show provides attendees with educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, networking opportunities and more.

The 2018 SEMA Show drew more than 70,000 domestic and international buyers. The displays are segmented into 12 sections, and a New Products Showcase featured nearly 3,000 newly introduced parts, tools, and components. In addition, the SEMA Show provides attendees with educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, networking opportunities and more…

We're looking to raise some money to help cover the costs of the trip. Adam and I will be going and taking photographs as well as filming interviews with all that is going on at SEMA!

We are not allowed to be hired by brands/companies/exhibitors while attending as media so the entire trip is coming out of pocket and all of our footage will be publicly available for all to enjoy (with uploads every day the same day they are filmed).

If you'd like to help and also receive something in return please feel free to get in contact with either me or Adam privately about ordering photo prints or scheduling services!
Thank you

#hotimportnights2019 #SEMA #HINSanJose2019

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Gear Vlogz The Update Show

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I'm Mario and welcome to GearVlogz and The Update Show Ep 2


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Bugatti images: Bugatti Automobiles
SSC NA Tautara images & Video: SSC North America
Venom F5 Images: GearVlogz & Hennessey Performance Engineering

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Exotics On Broadway Monterey's Most Attended Car Show
I attend Monterey's car weeks most anticipated and attended car show with over 30 thousand plus spectators in attendance.

We had YouTube hosts from Tim of Shmee150, Parker of Vehicle Virgins to Automotive Icons such as Steve Saleen, Horacio Pagani, Ryan Friedlinghaus of WestCoast Customs and Christian von Koenigsegg.

In Memory ofJonathan 00:04

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@ryanwestcoast, @westcoastcustoms 16:03

@drivewithdray 16:24

Ghost Squad: @koenigseggautomotive, @277.9mph,@x_marc_the_spot, @shinmikeyin, @dan_am_i, 16:40

Ferrari F50 Squard: @dennis_akoyaking,@mrtrig, @epicwin_f50 17:13

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Gear Vlogz Late Night Live Stream

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Look unveiled mid engine C8 corvette

The brand new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray has finally been revealed!
With seven generations of Corvettes dating back to 1953 Chevrolet has finally given us a true mid engine Corvette that can rival compete with the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Audi to name a few. Doing so with no exotic engine that is turbo or supercharged but with just a production LT2 6.2L VVT with direct injection and active fuel management (cylinder deactivation) naturally aspirated V8 recently Horsepower SAE-certified to 495/[email protected] rpm (with a performance exhaust) Torque SAE-certified to 470/[email protected] rpm (with a performance exhaust).

Video & Image Sources: Chevrolet

Music by Ryan Little - fast ones. -

Mach Foose at SEMA 2017 Las Vegas -

Chip Foose Unveiling Las Vegas SEMA -

SEMA 2017, The Unveiling of Specialty Vehicle Engineering's 2018 1000HP Yenko Camaro S/C Stage II -

I call b.s. on Alex Choi!!! Unicorn V3 -

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Just For you Night Strixx Grilling Saturdays

Breaking in a new Char-Broil Advantage Gas Grill today with three nice cuts of Ribeye steak. Sorry, @Night Strixx that this did not happen at 2AM in the morning. LOL How to grill steak the way I like it is high heat and fast.

Gear Vlogz Live Stream Chat & Reactions

I react to videos found on Facebook & Instagram.

List of credits are in order of playlist:
Source Credits:
Credit: @100oct
Credit: @Ahmed Abdullah
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Credit: @Tom Lewis
Credit: @Turbo King
Credit: @Turbosmexico
Credit: @The Offical Chip Foose
Credit: @MotorTrend TV

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Carlos Maza & NYT I'm on SubscribeStar

Well, Carlos Maza with the help of his fellow urnalist from the Main Stream Media like VOX, NYT & CNet attempts to get Steven Crowder deplatformed off of YouTube the new form of social justice censorship and attack on free speech. Today's content creators need to start diversifying their revenue stream in order to continue making a livelihood on any social media platform or deal with the ramifications of the next vox adpocalypse.

Good examples of how to diversify your revenue streams are how Steve Crowder with his Mug Club and Philip DeFranco with his DeFranco Elite program. Their take of using SubscribeStar or Patreon to get recurring subscriber membership fees to help support their efforts.

Visit Memology101Twitter @AntonioChavezSN
Link to original twitter video:
YouTube channel:

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Gear Vlogz Streaming my local Copart weekly auction

Join me as I'am streaming my local Copart weekly auction takes place and I start looking for my next rebuild project for the channel.


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Night Strixx Counting Dollars A video congratulations message from friends and supports of Fred aka Night Strixx formally known as Drunk Fred on YouTube for reaching One Thousand subscribers. Special Thanks to @Into The Bush, @Matt and Eric, @Passion4Pets

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@Matt and Eric,


Gear Vlogz Live Stream 05/13/19

I will be giving a quick wrap up in Automotive news, Talking about CarThifts down in Detroit. New Corvette C8 rendering, Rumored Porsche GT plans for a Cayenne Coupe, Gruppe5's plans for a limited run BMW 2002 and as always Giving Channel Shout Outs.

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Story Sources:
Car Thefts In Detroit Fall After Local Towing Company Was Banned

New Corvette C8 Rendering Is One Of The Most Daring Yet

Porsche's GT division planning a Cayenne Coupe with Lamborghini Urus engine

Gruppe5 2002 is a street-legal race-ready BMW 2002 with an 803-hp V10

Shout Outs:.

The MINIac

The Camaro Show
Camaro Show #215 – Spring Camaro Update

St. Baldrick's Foundation Childhood Cancer research
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Night Strixx

Paul Peck DrywallTube

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Ferrari shafts Maserati. Ferrari to stop supplying Maserati with its engines
CEO says Ferrari engines will be exclusively for Ferrari in future. The Ferrari Q1 earnings call was full of information, and perhaps the biggest revelation was that Ferrari is going to stop supplying engines to Maserati. CEO Louis Camilleri broke the news.

Louis Camilleri -- -Chairman & Chief Executive Officer stated

"Well, as you know, we have a contract. And as you know, Maserati has announced that at the end of that contract they will not renew it. So, eventually, we will no longer supply engines to Maserati, which actually from our perspective is actually a good thing, both from a margin perspective but also the fact that we can transfer a lot of the labor that's been focused on the engines to the car side of the business."

Maserati has used Ferrari engines (arguably, one of the most compelling reasons to buy a Maserati) in its vehicles since 2002, a little while after Fiat passed Maserati off to the prancing horse. The partnership continued as both Ferrari and Maserati were under the same house at FCA. Then when Ferrari was spun off from FCA in 2015, they kept the supply steady to Maserati. Those engines include a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8, 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 and a 4.7-liter naturally aspirated V8.

Giveaway Rules:
DEADLINE to Enter May 31st, 2019
Leave a this comment below "#GearVlogz" If you want that Audi R8 V10 Poster.
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St.Baldricks Children Cancer Research DONATE HERE:


Jason's Garage YouTube channel:

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Gear Vlogz news show! Welcome to episode 001 of our new show that I'm calling The Update Show. Where I will bring you the latest news and topics within the automotive community. In this episode I cover the following stories:

Mopar Hellephant crate engine sells out in 48 hours

Porsche celebrates “50 years of the 917”

Someone MUST Build This Restomod Aussie Ford Falcon XB Coupe

Watch this artist disassemble an Audi R8 V10 for an extremely awesome poster

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CoPart Pre Auction Reviews Live Stream 04/30/19

3D crosswalk encourage pedestrian lives near school zones. With a creative new take on 3d street art just may save the lives of pedestrians from today's distracted drivers. Hear the story of two 4th graders who came up with a plan to get the attention of distracted drivers near their school and their local city government. Can a 3d road crossing painting safe pedestrian live?

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Sources link:
NHTSA: Pedestrian Safety -
CBS Boston - ‘It Looks Real’: Students Hope 3D Crosswalk Encourages Drivers To Stop -
My Modern Met - 3D Zebra Stripe Crosswalk in Iceland Slows Traffic with Stunning Optical Illusion -


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