I and Radiation king play The Forest and this is just parts of our gameplay

just playing a full match of post scriptum.

Just two noobs playing space engineers.

I hope you all enjoy this round of Post scriptum.
I also want to make clear to both the SJW crowd and SJW overlords at YouTube that this is a video game and things said in game should not be taken literally. If you do get offended for you or someone else then I really don't care. You can take hit that dislike button and go watch something else.

For those who do like my video and want to watch more of my content, Please hit that like button and leave a comment. I do read comments and will take suggestions on other games or OBS studio settings that would improve my videos and viewership.
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Playing Post Scriptum with random players as Logistic.


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Just a small Gaming Channel that once and a great while may talk politics. I also have a twitch account (Same name) for live streams if you want to follow me on that. My channel Supports freedom of speech though I do not condone call to violence, doxxing, or violations of an individuals natural rights.