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KUCIYA 4K Camcorder from Amazon. Good features good price so why won't they take credit for it?

The Altima is no more. Trans failure after a 700mi trip to Colorado. 2nd time for this one. No more. Getting an upgrade for the Mrs.

New Project Car, Update from Denver.

Hey, I moved it 50ft at least. Got the PT up and running after hibernating. New plugs carb tuning now getting a PCV system installed. News though. I'm going away for a few months due to work so any further work will have to wait. Sorry, this is getting pretty long for a project truck but I will keep going forward when able.

Cost's So Far For Building The Project Truck

Installing mufflers and fixing lights. Time for a true test drive

First street drive in the Project Truck

The Project Truck Rolls. Finishing connections and getting in gear

Re-tuning the Small Block, Way off on timing.

Installed the radiator and cooling lines in the Project Truck

CoolingCare Radiator Unboxing And Review

Tying up a few loose ends.

Making, installing spark plug wires and other stuff.

First start of the Project Truck

Installed the exhaust on the Project Truck

Installing cable brakcets on the Project Truck

Fuel, Oil and Spark....The Holy Trintiy.

Finnaly have the motor in the Project Truck

Whats up now

Bolts and Holes. Accessory drive install

Plumbing the fuel system and cleaning up the wiring

Painting The Engine Bay

Pulling Out The V6 Mounts And My Hair.

Cleaning And Priming The Engine Bay

Pulling the motor and trans. Making a mess of it.


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Welcome to GeezerMotors. Follow my exploits fulfilling by life long desire to build my own car. Starting with a bare block. I have just enough knowledge and tools to be a danger to myself and anyone within the range of my failures. Please reply and give me suggestions but all ways keep the content respectful and reasonably clean.