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Vax Attack? Has all the hallmarks

The Earth’s shape is not something that keeps me awake at night, but if in doubt, I defer to the description in the Holy Bible. I have been on many long haul flights, lengthy journeys by sea, travelled in the desert and climbed high mountains, but I have yet to see a curvature. It is true that they have lied to us about virtually everything so we can’t rule this out. However, I am not committed to either side of the argument.

PS Musk suspended second Gemma account today at 10k. Find her spokesman at @gemmaspokesman.

Things that never happened to keep the sheep in fear. I know you don’t want to believe it but this guy is not the real deal

This is the Mary Boyle case summed up: FF mafia boss Sean McEniff, crony of Micheal Martin who shielded him, ordered a cover-up of the child’s murder. The Gardai, her family, RTE News and all of the mainstream media are protecting her paedophile killers to this day. There is a possibility that Mary was taken to nearby Classiebawn Castle in Sligo owned by notorious child predator Louis Mountbatten. He was murdered in 1977 by MI5 to avoid his criminal activities being aired in public. Victims were starting to speak out and seek justice but were silenced. McEniff was one of the first on the scene on the day his boat was blown up in Mullaghmore and subsequently called for a memorial for him in the area. Did McEniff provide children for this elite paedophile ring? I believe so.

The arrest of Slovakian writer Marián Magát.
His crime? Writing a book called Judocracy which challenges the six million figure and international Jewry.
A bit OTT, I would have said. Certain people are in panic mode. Keep it coming!

Mary Boyle was taken 46 years ago today. The Gardai/FF/FG/RTE and the child’s family are still protecting the child’s paedophile killer. The senior investigating Gardai told me that Fianna Fail member Gerry Gallagher had sexually assaulted and murdered Mary. The notorious FF gangster politician Sean McEniff made the infamous phone call and ordered Gardai to protect him. The child’s mother told the Senior Gardai, Anne Doherty and Margo that Gerry Gallagher, her brother, was responsible. She has since been silenced. Another person who identified him as the killer was another brother. I did not name these people in my documentary because I hoped the Gardai would bring them to justice. They refused because their main purpose is to protect VIP paedophile rings and other political corruption. At the time, I went to Sinn Fein for assistance with the case, as I did to all parties and politicians and I organised the trip to Brussels as well as Stormont, Westminster and Washington - all futile missions.
This was before the current SF party had been completely co-opted by globallist Marxists and turned woke. I utterly condemn them now as agents of the Jewish genocidal cartel. Gerry Gallagher died in recent weeks. Please do not forget about Mary and how the Irish police are corrupt from head to tail.

The hat is out of the bag. Please note that the term ‘noticing’ is now anti-Semitic hate speech

The Lies Of Catherine Corless

Time for everyone to go back home especially the biggest fool among them. #Irelandisfull #Ireland

Anti-Western protests are taking place across Georgia.

He’d be so much happier in the dunes of the Sahara

Order your papers in Ireland on

The Tuam Hoax, with the Savita Scam, was the evil ploy used by the State and media to turn the Irish against their Faith and usher in baby-killing. There are no depths to which they will not stoop

Forget Trump. Forget RFK Jr. Forget all self-serving politicians. Dedicate your life to Our Lord and Saviour and we WILL win this battle ✝️


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