Some times wins are just one click away....

sorry i havent been posting on here much. life has been crazy and ive been dealing with ALOT. So enjoy my more improved(ish) installment of Dead by Gooflight! as soon as my ISP stops dicking me ill have more content on the way.

so i figure another installment of my shananigans was in order. Will be doing more as it gets closer to the stranger things DLC launch.

#myherocon #theigniteintiative #florida so this was the first NA My Hero Academia con. We had such a great time and really enjoyed every one we met. If you see your cosplay in this vid let me know so i can credit you. Also i promise ill get a better quality camera in the future.

so i try really hard to be "professional" opinion about fallout 76. It really took alot not to just call it like i saw it and go on a tangent. Though hopefully it gives some insight.

something i figured would be a good lawl to my shenanigans....

my viewers and i are severly convinced MGS2 was all about the booty. Sorry the ratios are off the "software" i was using didnt want to work outside of a specific ratio.

This was all done during a live stream and i felt like it was to cool not to capture. Its a little bit of my killer (ha see what i did there ;) ) run as Freddy. #allhaillordfreddy

some of my fails and shananigans from my live streams

been having some fun with overwatch and wanted to make a cool highlight video.

so im trying my hand at this game review thingy....i think im pretty good at it so far?

im sick in this episode, also literal not figuratively, so its a little shorther than usual.

when the crew is up to its usual shananigans....and gravey makes new nosies to panic with.

The party does battle with these mysterious strangers. Then departs on the sea lust to hurry to the capital of Freymarsh. Watch live!

The heros have been on a long hiatus in the most unlikey city. They must get help from a hero of days past. How will they fair against the changing of the tide? Watch live! on

we go old school and it doesnt end live at

This is the most extreme form of tag ever! Also hella spoopy....
watch live on

Some times the better you are...the more intense things get. Also i dont handle jump scares well....damn you Michael....
Watch live on

watch live on

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watch live on

So was lucky enough to play this beta. The devs for this game are freaking AMAZING!! though they had a issue with the servers catching on fire.....figuratively speaking....

The continuation of Winterhallow episode 1! watch live on

The continuation of Winterhallow episode 1! watch live on

Welcome to Winterhallow

(So for some reason vegas wasnt cooperating so this session will be in several parts.)


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