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Jimmy Hendrix once said "When the power of love overrules the love of power, then the world will know peace!"

From "The missing Pages of His-story" a book by Indus Khamit Kush we read, Divine love is the supreme reality. For we are all one when we live righteously and love that which is divine. People will tell you about the coming Apocalypse. An Apocalypse take place in the mine, it can happen at anytime.

This was not all downloaded, so it's back again The name of the song is "Uncle Sam Goddam" You don't like me?
Why? Never mind, don't matter! We have a bigger problem right now to take care of!

This may be named "Heads up for Dentist" But it's really for you. I can see you viewing my videos, but refuse to encourage. I'll not ask the you follow me, as this is nothing new to me after 25 years. I'll only that you "WAKE". There is no money, so this will always be free. Maybe you've heard. "Neither a borrow or lender be!" In a world of debt, if you ask for payment you must be one or the other.

It would seem that the people of Argentina disagree with their leader! These guys paid for it.

I just found out, not to long ago the The Internet way back Machine Has removed the last 3 years of my 25 year old website. But if anyone thought I would trust 25 years of work to to some corporation another thought is needed. Now everything goes!

Forth of it's kind, a trip into the deep past of Kemet (Also known As Egypt)

I have no opinion of Trump, that I don't have of any other politician. I've never seen one that didn't flip-flop. And Trump is no exception. If there was one, they would have to, or, I should say, would be encouraged to tell the truth (sometimes) and also tell you that the government is, in fact, unlawful and might even be illegal! Remember the corporation is a defuncted trust, and is not the Government and was just the liaison or representation to and for other governments. That is to say, I am not anti-Trump! I'm just not Pro Trump or anyone in that office, until it's reformed!

Just a reminder the Irish Parliament had it right all the time. And, passed a bill in 2018 Boycotting Israel products!
"And Now nothing shall be withheld from them, which they desire!"
Gneiss 11
You get a difference reading of that when you know who made it, for real!
Coming soon...

From the archives of GeneticMemory 3th in the series.
Error Correction:
"Vital figures prior to such as are apparent; Harmonic ratios prior to things harmonized; And invisible circles prior to bodies that move in circles"
For over 25 years has been producing content. However, the site some would say was unfocused. But, to me that is the problem, and, not the solution! The solution is to know as much as you can to see the bigger picture. I gave up on it only recently from lack of consideration of money (not requested) or comments always requested.
Here is a way back link if interested it, hard to find a time when we were not being hacked! From May 22 2017

Some cuts from waking life. It seems that no one likes my submission or care to show it with a thumbs up or down, and are not interested in making a comment. If you have subscribed provide a thumbs up so I'll know you're really there and paying attention. Or else, what the use of doing this?

bar do thos grol, ('Liberation through hearing during the intermediate [A.K.A rebirth] state'), commonly known in the West as The Tibetan Book of the Dead, is a larger corpus of teachings, the Profound Dharma of Self-Liberation through the hearing!

This is part 2 of the series, I've looked the for the 1st video, but was unable to find it in my archives.
But, this is much better than nothing. It's my hope that most will enjoy this.
This seems to be a controversy now to whether Egypt or Kemet was connected to what is now called sub-Saharan Africa. By the way it's called back to divide the continent. But the question should be asked why would 1. Mansa Musa go to Kemet (Egypt) if there were no Africans there?
The next question would be, 2. Why were hieroglyphs found in the Congo?
Third question I would ask is, 3. Why I do the pyramids run from South to North? I've asked these in text on YouTube but never got an answer. Regardless look out for the next in the series.

They took your money in '33, they took your love one in 2023, No real money, no love! What is the point of no Return? 4 min of Intelligent hip-hop

People are doing whatever they can to get Bit-coin or something else, but in the end the same game with another name. If you paid attention to "Eyes Open no Fear" Then you know that our government is not our own

As with all (but my own) publications this is a non-profit publication, and are for information perpose only! A study of the book Anacalysis, which study the real. To which the Bible but a small part. Five minutes Before asking any questions of the Gods, the Oracle of Delphi would force travelers to investigate themselves. Because this, and nothing else, was considered the starting point for understanding the world. Know thyself.

There seem to be a lot of interest in the last video (It didn't get any likes, as a matter of fact it did get a thumbs down, But, I accept it!) But, if you have not visited the listed site ( because it YouTube) Yea! I don't blame you! Only thing is to make Bit-Chute outshine YouTube. Here is some more background filler information! In case you didn't know we just had a small one!

From Suspicious0bservers the Earth Disaster story. No not the last one, the coming one!
for more

Dave Thinks there is only one way to save the country. But I hope, it don't get to that point!

What Exactly Is A Moore in America. We have to realize that all Hyphenated American come from some other land. Even those who are misnamed indians. Unlike T.V., indians come in all shades, and trace their lineage to the land. Moore's trace theirs to Morocco! This is why. Some History :

George Washington (Corporate President's) letter to the Moors was dated: “City of New York, December 1, 1789 to the Sultan of Morocco,” that letter, following the permission given to Europeans to settle by way of the “Peace and Friendship treaty with the Moors” of June 28, 1786. In fact, Morocco was the first government to accept the U.S. as an independent nation. We even financed the army belonging to George Washington with gold from our empire.

President Bush the 2nd, said your either with us or against us. And he was talking about the UNITED STATES. However, what he was not talking about is the united States. Big difference, and if you don't know the difference, then watch Eyes Open No Fear to find out who "US" are in fact! This video is not intent on being divisive, but informative for all who watch.
In November 1781 he ( President Henson) served as the first president under the provisions of the Articles of Confederations. While George Washington is recognized by history as the first president of the UNITED STATES INC. pseudo corporation.

I understand that this is an info info-mercial, but the truth is we might need to know what are our possibilities in the future. I know our food supply and it's transportation is questionable! I did buy the book by the way, and found some of these plants in my yard. Good think about this, you don't have to watch it till you want to, if you want too.

Interesting science fiction, spoken word on the Major Media.
This video sound track was produced by K- Rino and TCC YouTube Channel

I did this years ago when I was trying to start a youtube channel (I should say one of the times) I was producing at the time. Which is still around in name only, but can only be seen on the Way-back internet archive and still relevant.

This is a video from 2014 from the Electric Universe lecture. Stephen Crothers is very informative if you are one of the people who still believe in the current science. Not only is it informative, but funny at times.


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