Hey Morty, I turned myself into a Chibi! I'M CHIBI RIIIIIIIIIICK!

God I hate Rick & Morty.

Part 1 of 3, special thanks to HardcoreGaming101 and the Valis Wiki for the information.

Music used: Bulldozer theme from Streets of Rage 3.

Man, using Strider Hiryu as my avatar really brings me back.


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Hey, you may know me as MrConnman123 from YouTube, I am also known as my name on here, Genghis Conn III, on sites such as DeviantArt and VidLii (before it went to shit of course). I upload two types of content, MrConnman123 Reviews (self-explanatory) and The Autism Files, a series where I critique (and make fun of) dumb people on the internet.