I will likely not be uploading much (if at all) for the next two weeks as I will be going on a cross-country vacation. I will be staying in some fairly remote areas and likely will not have ready access to the internet. Never fear; I shall resume my uploads upon my return! Keep fighting the good fight!

I will likely not be uploading much for the next two weeks. It's cross country vacation time!

Join Mr. Miracle, ComicHead84, Unruly Simian and I as we dissect a reimagining (or is it a prequal?) of DC's oft-forgtten son; Aquaman! Tune in to see if this book is prime yellowfin tuna, or lowly scrod!!!

Get a glimpse of this fascniating man who has lived the dream of doing what he loves! While many people are afraid of crocodilians, there is much more to them that meets the eye, and there is much more to Adam than just crocodilians!

Adam's crocodilian-related websites:

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My take on a recent conversation on social media where people tore apart a man stating his opinion about the next shining star of the climate debate; Greta "How Dare You!" Thunberg. Beware of the salt within!!!

Helping to cap off my Friday the 13th movie review series, I "dissect" my favorite kills form the series. Get the triage unit ready!!!

When I think about how much baggage Lizzie Warren has, I can't help but feel glad that she is likely going to get the Dem nomination.

As 13 Fanboy takes shape, I take a look at this teaser for what promises to be a treat for the longtime Friday the 13th fan!
Teaser -

From the mouths of babes pours "wisdom". Now all you climate change deniers shut up and listen to the definitive source in regards to the issue; the 16 year old wunderkind, Greta Thunberg!!! Well, shut up and pay up anyway...

Original article -

A quick video where I draw the winner of my recent Friday the 13th review series contest!

Contest/review video -

Jus t a quick update on what we will be covering live tomorrow on Grader's Notes. Make sure to drop in to join the discussion!

The dems will stop at nothing to destroy this man. Be strong Brett!

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Support the stream: Climbing the ladder with a deck of pure evil; Plot Twist Warlock!

Taking a look at the most recent theatrical release in the sotried Friday the 13th series; the remake. Let's see if this re-imagining hold up to it's ancestors and keeps people coming back for more!

The mighty jellyfish-communist warns that he is coming for your guns, like it or not. It's easy to laugh at this fool, but he is a portent of things to come.

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Spartacus is ready to do battle with those evil legal gun owners. Are you not entertained???

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Time to learn about the man who put Australian MMA on the map. Join me for this look at a man with a true drive to succeed, and get a behing-the scenes look at the fight game while we're at it!

Kings Academy -

My Friday the 13th series review contest. Just type #JasonLives in the comments to be entered!

My first reaction video! -

The call of the Socialist Bird (giveoutus freestuffis) is a common one nowadays. Leading the pack is the mental giant and everyone's favorite quote machine, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. For today's taxpayer backed "free" handout, she wants the government to pay off all existing college debt (including her own no doubt). Responsibility is for the bourgeois!!!

In this completely "unbiased" article, this Daily Beast writer runs the gamut of Trump-hate conspiracies; Russia, China, and even the Government is all conspiring to keep democrats out of office....

Original article -

The title says it all. The UN wants more of your tax dollars to combat the looming threat of climate change. Anything to redistribute that tax money!

Support the stream: Climbing the ladder with a deck of pure evil; Plot Twist Warlock!

The Dems embrace yet another tax to further weaken the U.S. These candidates never met a tax that they didn't like!

Just me reacting to some slow-jam goodness. Giving my reaction for 1977's Baby Come Back by Player. Get ready for some sweet, sweet harmonies!


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