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You may want to watch this first before getting the vaccine.

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There is no doubt any longer that the Pfizer-Biontech and Moderna covid vaccines are either injuring or killing people. Bitchute channel, Waking The Future, has provided the sources on where to get this vital information. This video will show you how easy it is to look this up on your own so you can show others the facts about these potentially deadly vaccines!

Waking The Future:



It's quite comical the spin that the media continues to play on "conspiracy theorists". Yep we're all a bunch of nut jobs and everything you tell us is true...

While internment camps were set up under the War Measures Act during the two world wars, this doesn't mean that internment camps under the Quarantine Act won't be set up again. Anyone who speaks against or does not go along with the COVID19 scamdemic and the vaccines, will likely be sent off to internment camps to protect Canadians against these evil naysayers.

Thinking of traveling this Spring break, you may want to not make any plans to go anywhere, maybe not even across the street. The government does not want you leaving and if you do, it's going to cost you in more ways than one.

A recent poll by Campaign Research is a good glimpse into where the majority of Canadians are at with respect to the on-going pandemic. This is very bad news for anyone with the mission to try to wake people up!

The whole CV19 hoax is completely trampling on the rights and freedoms guaranteed to all Canadians in the constitution. Using the Quarantine Act as their shield, the government is taking away these rights as they see fit whenever they want to.

You're going to need a minimum of two masks now to stop the virus. You know, just in case you get a sniffle.

Just as predicted in the leaked email by a committee member in the Prime Ministers Office, most of the road map items are coming true!

The Orwellian Blueprint For The Western World. A Gen Report Presentation.

How we come out of this pandemic, is going to have a significant impact on where we in the West are headed and what we are headed for. Already in front of our eyes is a nation whose people live under an Orwellian technocratic dictatorship where surveillance, social credit scores and a looming central bank digital currency will finalize the complete control grid.

That country is China, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak.

How they handled the outbreak a year ago, was to be the script that the rest of the world was to follow. Not since the end of the cold war has the Western world been so radically changed overnight by a scam which has ushered in mandatory lock downs, social distancing, masks and curfews.

Freedoms that generations have fought for have been taken away by a sleight of hand without a shred of scientific proof or public consultation. Anyone in the medical, scientific and legal professions with a differing opinion about the severity of the pandemic or the legality of the draconian actions being taken by governments world wide, are ignored and censored.

We are now at the precipice of losing everything we had merely a year ago and being led into the next industrial revolution, the final chapter in a long pursuit for total power and control over the human race.That realization is now upon us. Technology has advanced enough to take us to the final step.

China is the blueprint for the rest of the world. Is this the world you want...

Fist it was the lock downs, then the closing of the Canada/US border and now the government wants to repeal the charter of human rights and freedoms and stop you from traveling. The charter states "Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada.".

Just because so and so gets booted off of a social media platform for having alternate opinions to the main stream narrative does not make this a push towards fascism. Quite the opposite. Put it this way, you probably can't even access Bitchute in China. If that's not censorship, I don't know what is.

An overview of the coronavirus vaccine technology and how it could be causing adverse effects.


Moderna Wants to Transform the Body Into a Vaccine-Making Machine

There are many complications being reported from around the world due to the coronavirus vaccines including many adverse reactions and deaths!

The Plandemic is nothing more than an on-going agenda for the control and enslavement of all of humanity under a communist dictatorship. A New World Order - A Great Reset.

Unfortunately the blame is being pinned on ALL Trump supporters by the left wing controlled media.

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to my channel. I really appreciate the support. I'll keep the videos coming and would like any feedback you may have. Just drop something in the comments and I'll be sure to read them. We'll win this war one battle at a time! Steven Paul - The Gen Report

Snitching to the police on your neighbor who is having a small New Years Eve celebration with their kids is a little over the top, regardless of a petty lock down.

Came across a news article today by chance, about counties that are back to normal with no COVID19 cases or deaths. Guess who was at the top of the list and packing the night clubs?

Oh yes those pharmaceutical companies, Moderna, Pfizer-BionTech and Astrazeneca are making billions with their magic COVID19 vaccines. Moderna's success is coming in part with a little help from their friends at NIAID and its director Anthony Fauci.

Right now we have a lot of good information coming out from many sources about what is currently going and where we may be headed. Rather than continuing to chase a moving target, we need to come together as like minded people and start to grow at the local level. Your government representative is only interested in their constituents at election time and will not go to bat for you, especially sound minded people who are awake and know the playbook of what is going on. I have something in mind to get the ball rolling and organising at the local level is likely the only way to go at this point. We can't do this alone.

Yes folks if you have any legitimate concerns about the covid 19 vaccines and if you should take it or if you are against them, well then that labels you as an anti-vaxxer according to the most recent articles I found this past week.

Think the vaccine is the miracle cure that will take us out of this nightmare that we have been living in for the past nine months? Well think again because this was just the trailer, the movie is about to begin.

Yes it's official, our famous astronaut turned politician, Marc Garneau and his department, have cleared Santa of COVID19 and will allow passage to Canada to drop off his presents this year. Try not to gag yourself when watching this video.

Why are the elderly the first in line for the vaccine as the vaccines are being rolled out? "Hey if it causes harm, well they were old anyway and no on will suspect anything" said the scum bags in charge. Also in this edition, I see so many people wearing their mask outside of public spaces and so many young people who have fallen for the scam.


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