Pops been gone over a year now and i felt called to share this last video we did. He transitioned 5 days later. From this point forward i will celebrate his life

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Video of chaos and whisper discussing life :

Join us for a discussion on the for-mentioned topics

Join us for a beautiful Sunday talk about whatever we talk about.

One of the many moments source reveals itself to me. Excuse the curse words. The sun is much closer than they say.

Individuals will wake up to the idea that they are actually a collective☝?❤️ Ideas divide us and they can also bring us together. Fear no thing for you are the light and Love ❤️ Look within and you will never be without✨ #SaveOurChildren
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Testing new software. Join me for whatever may unfold

Title says it all. We are being programmed in many ways. Start setting them out and talking about them. It’s time to wakeup?

Mooji has taught me many great lessons. This is just one. ☝?❤️?

This was back in march of 17. This neighbor hasn't talked to me since.


The clock slowly approaches

This song is B.O.B having issues putting link in.

Video speaks for itself. Humanity is in a spiral. Which way it is spiraling is up to you. Listen with an open heart☝?❤️?

If you cannot Connect the two you may still be asleep. Meditation is your answer. Look within for your answer ☝?❤️?

Dedicated to all the (secret) Societies. Thanks for all your hard work.

Watch it and share it. #SaveOurChildren


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Commandeered by the highest of the high following life’s little clues to thenext mind blowing experience. Learning valuable lessons from the great teacher known as “Life”. Surrendering to the present moment I give thanks in knowning athe Devine intelligence behind this physical plane is the source of my being. The only absolute truth is... Love/God/conscious. Your answers are within you. You are Love...... just be that☝?❤️?