Gentleman33 finds himself in front of the pretender king. Will he defeat him or will he die before this mission can be completed. Watch and enjoy audience. 33 will try to succeed and hopes you cheer him on. Please subscribe to the channel and comment too. That goes a long way for us and we are very grateful!!!
Hello dear Audience. I am the narrator. Can the Gentleman scythe his way through this version of Shovel Knight? We shall find out as Reaper33 tries to defeat his enemies while talking about buying games for 20 dollars or less. Let us watch 33 toil in this game.
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Gentleman 33 delves back into his 50 cent bin. What kind of interesting comic books shall he show you? This time it's a classic styled Marvel Comic from 2006. It's so unfortunate to the Gent that comics have left this realm. Enjoy a purely good comic through our fearless leaders eyes. If you haven't, please subscribe to the channel. We would be most grateful!

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The Gentleman would like you to enjoy some 50 cent bin comics with him. Are they worth it? Does Slash Maraud capture everything you'd want in a dystopian future full of death to humans? Only the Gentleman knows for sure. Check out this video and hit that subscribe. We love you audience!

The Gentleman went to the Mystery bin at his local Dimple Records to find some fun. What comics will he get? How many will he throw away? And why didn't he go to his LCS?
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Gentleman 33 switches gears and stats shooting the pixelated undead with their own bullets. this game is hard. How hard will 33 get in his first attempt? Watch and find out.
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Have you ever read anything that put the characters in over the top stupid situations without any realism entering into play? That's all the Gentleman could get out of this. Will you feel the same way about the weird stylized art and story? We shall see Audience.
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The Gentleman tries to use TMNT Next Mutation to show how SJW's created the current predicament they're in. Will he succeed in making his point? Watch the video to find out. If you're into this, please subscribe to the channel and comment! We love you audience!

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Our humble 33 has found himself reading Creature Commandos #1. This comic had an interesting story split between two different plots that will most likely meet in a further issue. However, the gentleman just couldn't get over the excellent color work of Ray Kryssing. It's still blowing him away!
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The complicated and cool action of Miss Fury came right off the page at Gentleman 33. He thought she was going to have cat powers but that didn't pan out. What will you think of the panels inside of this comic book? Please hit subscribe and feel free to comment. Thank you Audience, so write I, the narrator.

Have you ever bought a book or watched a movie expecting the core of the content to be "one thing" and it turned out to be another? That's how the Gentleman feels about the first issue of Pirates of Coney Island. What do you think audience? Do you like the high temperature of the panels?
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On 50 Cents Bin the Gentleman is always trying to discern his comic book tastes and hone his reviewing skills. With cell phone in hand he describes his feelings and thoughts on these cheap beauties. Will they be worth it?
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The Gentleman really wants to tell you about Haunt. Action and the art truly came together for him inside this comic. And yet, was it worth the 50 cents? I guess you'll have to click the video and find out. Please subscribe and send 33 some feedback. I'm sure he'd appreciate it!

The Gentleman follows his buddy Elizibar into comics with this show. Dark Engine is a really strange comic that does not explain itself very much. It's inconsistency brought about 33's.
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Gentleman 33 must destroy a compound that some neighboring bandits have set up. Hilarity comes through when he forgets about his harpoon until he is almost dead. Will he survive this one Audience? Please watch and find out!
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Behemoth hunting is the new name of the game. Can Gentleman 33 save himself from a giant flaming horse-wolf? I think you're about to find out.
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Comix Zone has a legendary difficulty and cult following. Can G33 make it to the end? (NO.) But where will he end up? Oh, I'll never tell. Please subscribe and comment audience. We love you.

Gentleman 33 is a tad bit scatterbrained in his episode. All he wanted to do is tell you the story of his first rental car experience feeling tense on the drive back home. Instead he was derailed by scrap metal. But the Gent and I the Narrator both with you a Majestic Monday! Please subscribe and comment!

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The Gentleman spends his morning with his passion. Would you like to come on a little artistic journey with 33 and see where it goes? Then click that link! Hopefully the Gentleman will make me a pair too! Have the best Monday and please subscribe.

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The Gent needs a ride that's worth his salt and spark plugs if he is to survive. Is a muscle car the answer? Will I get any water? As the narrator I must say, it's very stuffy in this room in the wastelands. Anyway, let's watch and see if Max and 33 can get out of this one!

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We need a base of operation if Gentleman 33 is and Max are to survive. Luckily for them Chumbucket apparently has a hideout. Ask yourself this question, do you think his couch smells like oil and cat pee? Either way, lets hope Gentleman 33 doesn't sit on it.

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The Gentleman has stumbled into the wastes with his good friend Mad Max. Why is Max so angry anyway/ It's not like he's about to be left for dead and have his amazing mustang stolen. Can 33 and Max get out of this scrape alive? Let's find out.

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