Couch Potato Science

My commentary on what we believe in and how to look at things in different ways.
There might be some sarcasm!

Will wearing more masks really help?
My colorful analysis of current topics.

My commentary on how money is made from our pets.

I made a video on a comment from a viewer that Amazing Polly might be a paid agent. Another comment came in that it might be me that's the paid agent!
Here is my analysis of me as being paid to do this.

My comments on current events.

How strong is our belief in those that take care of us?

Some of my commentaries on the stuff going on.

Here is a really crazy way of looking at the present situation.

Walking and talking about some crazy stuff!

With all the conspiracies out there, you need to know them all for this make any sense!

Walking and talking!
Hospitals are detention centers?

Walking and talking about my favorite subject.

My opinion on a cold winter day!

The stress I see in the others.
Sleeping early, it gets into me!

All my childhood beliefs turned out to be not true!

Who is leading us "by the nose"?
How I imagine doctors should feel about all this masking?
Should you feel stupid?

Observation is the key!

Unique never tried before experiment!

Looking at what is happening and asking questions???

My comments on current happenings.

My first video this year!
The new curfew and talking to others!

Not a cloud in the sky!
Not a plane in the sky!
Do airplanes make the clouds?
Nobody flying today?

Is it really happening if you don't know about it?

The protection of names is important!

Looking at everything from a different point of view.


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It's all about me and my opinion and how I see things. Watch if you want and think if you can!
Please share if you see things differently or the same, I want to know your opinion.

I started posting my rants as a way of getting my stress out, it works!
Now, it's just something to do when I go on a walk, my new normal!

In case you want to know how it is that I come up with all of this "stuff"?
A long time ago, in 2005, I had some real serious health problems, changing my life forever!
Not having any choice I started to learn all the stuff I use to laugh at. 15 year of books, videos, audio book, interviews and confessions. I kept ramping up crazy until I studied almost everything. I say almost everything because I'm not able to find anything new for a few years but I'm sure I'm missing something.
So, basically I learned more then most people, giving me a rich imagination to help understand the world we live in. You should not take anything that I say seriously but if you do get disturbed, then do take the time and learn more on something then what you know from TV and your education. Self directed study is the way to go, I encourage everyone to learn more!

"May The Virus Be With You!", this is my way of making fun of this whole thing, in that the whole belief of viruses is structured like a cult religion. The virus is seen as a "god" like entity that nobody ever saw and never question the existence of this super powerful entity. All those that sincerely believe that viruses exist and only one virus particle can kill someone, watched too much TV!