How tiny is tiny?
Is just one virus enough to kill you?

Flying dragons might be real
Electron microscope was invented to shut up those saying that if you can’t see it, it’s not there!
Only authorized people can use an electron microscope and no real photos of viruses exist
We can’t see what we can’t see, why do we believe?

How things change, learning something new, makes something old make sense!!!
Is it real if I’m looking at it?
The news does not give examples of what can be seen.
What I saw did not make any sense, and it did, all at the same time.
Low level employees do the dirty work, extortion.

CO2 and CO, is it the same thing?
Why do buses no emit less CO2
Less oxygen is better for you, now!
Choke until you croak!
Big noses help you breath air
Be a doctor and see how money is made!

Long time for science to find out that breathing in smoke was not good for you!
Now science can find things faster
They put stuff in cigarettes, I worked in the plant a long time ago.
Face masks is from a religion

Aliens are here!
The government is working with aliens.
Give up 1000 children to new rulers!
People are dangerous to other people.
Never go without chains, for their safety!
Fight to the death for the entertainment of others.
Human sacrifices are back in style!
Sorry for my math issues, I had too much on my mind!

Still gets me with the masks!

A new way of doing things...

How much can you beat a dead horse?
Basically I was disappointed that people don't question things.
Brain washing we were subjected to has effects that are not in our best interest.
The New Religion is here to stay!

Believers - Only one virus can get you sick
Knowers – The Virus is not alive, you can’t catch a cold from another person
Covid has more rights that you.
Can radiation kill covid in the brain?
Max. 90 minutes, then only 1 meter is required
Life became a child’s creation

Virus leaves bar in 15 minutes after yourself
Bring your own virus!
Stand one meter away from the virus, if done in a bar for less then 90 minutes, you will not get infected.
Science can be negotiated with politicians
The new science can change as you need it
Science takes less time to come to conclusions, just don’t do any studies and don’t listen to any reason!

The masks in the store
Shopping is no longer like it use to be
Don’t ask if viruses really exist
You start your life in butt diapers and you will die in a face diaper!
Stupid people believe that talking to someone can kill them or make you sick
You can imagine because you saw it somewhere, if it was not real life then you saw it on TV.

You were born smart
Brainwashing make you think that you’re smarter then everyone
It is what it is!
Where did you learn what you know?
I was a believer in the past

I would never have believed that this could happen!
Cancelling National Holiday not like before.
Covid-19 Essentials store for Covidiots
Zombie logic
Get high for free, fun with a paper bag!
How to screw yourself over time, painlessly!

Short animation
Say no to any proof like photos of viruses!
If our forefathers believed in this crap, then we should too!
Stop people from asking questions!

Masks at work and breathing problems.
Protecting others while hurting yourself.

Is this air pollution?
If cars would leave this much pollution, would we say something?
Combating global warming in the sky
Spray in the air condensation that just stays there!

Educated people don’t need any proof to believe.
You’re stupid if you want to see any photos.
Viruses do not go through big holes so cloth masks are good.

How society makes us stupid!
Blue print for less smart people
Procrastination and perfectionism comes from your school
How TV makes you stupid?

How society makes us stupid!
Blue print for less smart people

Good people that are totally misguided
No proof of flu transmission
Profess your belief in The virus!
He could not see it but he was convinced that something was there, so he called it a virus!

This is the narrated version of a past post, much better!
Your face mask under a microscope, see the holes!
If you can see the holes you use to breath with then the virus will get in!
Animation of a virus being held while standing in the hole meant to keep it out!
A mask only hides your face, the virus goes right through it!
The holes in a face mask are the doorways for viruses.

Can you get sick if you have immunity?
Immunity and mutations, how does that work?
Taking a lot of something bad will protect you from something tiny?

If it ever goes to court? The Virus court trials!
Somebody played with your head
You know something you never saw and you’re an expert!
Virus escaped Chinese government tyranny
New Virus exceeds all expectations once out of China!
Theories can make you sick!


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