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Woman Tries to Use Old Man's Dead Body to Get Bank Loan

the Bridgeport Police Department Tactical Narcotics Team received information that an individual later identified as 41-year-olf Jonathan Mark Lewis Bell was in possession of weapons and narcotics and was driving around the Bridgeport area. The pursuit ended crashing into a residence.The female party was removed from the vehicle’s front passenger seat. Officers reported that Bell was reaching for an object and refusing to show his hands, at which point the three officers fired their handguns

Houston, TX March 11, 2024-Roosevelt Overton, Jr., 44, a suspect in 20+ robberies, pulled a gun while fleeing and was shot dead.

what really happened in 7 October and lies and crimes of Israel how folls the world

The war could have been prevented simply by Bumbling Biden saying "Ukraine will NOT become a member of NATO". Russia doesn't want OUR MISSLES on their BORDER. We sure would NOT want theirs on our border. JFK almost started WW3 when they had them in Cuba.

Because you don't want the police to catch you with your pants down. And your little winky hanging out.

SLAVA UKULELE you poor bastards

I bet if that was a deep dish meat lovers supreme pizza that motherfucker would have held on to it

Why do they all seam to bounce around when excited......

The looting after a shooting? Real classy crowd

Indianapolis, IN April 2, 2024-Dustin Soubeih, 39 was allegedly killed by neighbor Jerry Fallen. The victim reportedly helped Fallen through a panic attack before an argument ensued. Blue t-shirt guy may be a third person . The porch he goes up to belongs to the suspect. When the victiim yells, "That's a scare tactic", it appears he's talking to a fouth party down the street...or the maybe shooter was down the street. But the police didn't find the suspect at home where blue-shirt guy was

What a stupid fucking culture. Sheboon holds his hand to repair his fragile ego. Here’s your other stolen shoe that you lost.

I never drink the garbage anyway.


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