The good and the bad in Georgia for September 2023.

What is the weather like during August in Georgia?

Some tips and tricks on how to get to Georgia.

A surprised awaited me at the homestead. Is it a new toy?

I come back to find the workers on my new wall left a lot of wood to move out of the elements.

Work has to be done on the side of the house.

Part 1 on trying to save my chicken coup from falling over.

Getting started on the fireplace room.

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The final stages of the install of my 3 new gates.

What has Winter taught me if anything?

What do you do when you have too many rocks in the wrong place? You put your big boy pants on and move them. They wont move themselves.

Still redoing the back room while waiting for supplies of the front bedroom. Will it ever get dont?

More work in the Kitchen getting ready for prime and paint.

A look at my new stone wall before the gates go up.

This is the most pure Georgian dog in Georgia which took over 6 years to find the parents to breed.

I am showing some of the food you can get in Georgia, so you do not have to worry about what is available.

Kind of a step-by-step process of the construction of my new wall.

This is how i cut my grass at the Double-cross mini ranch.

January 22, 2023, winter at the mini ranch.

This is a video of Spring 22 tree trimming with a hand saw. Hopefully 23 will be easier.

Starting new demolition in a new room.

Rainy days and molding always get me down.

Finish the gutters on the House.

What is the weather like throughout Georgia in December?


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