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I got so tired of cleaning bird poop from my mailbox, I decided to do something about it. This project is very simple it only takes about two hours and uses minimal material. I chose to use PVC due to its durability. By making it two parts and not gluing them together, I can change out the spikes if they break. Birds inherently will not land on anything feeble that will not hold their weight. This is an easy project requiring minimal tools. I hope you enjoy the video. If you do please subscribe and hit that “ like” button. As always if you would like to make a comment or have any questions you can reach me at… [email protected]


This project is easy. It can be completed in a weekend. It seems the wife goes through a lot of wax paper. Small rolls are rather expensive in the long run. So I decided to buy a bulk roll of 1000 feet from my local restaurant supply house. The dimensions that are on this project can be adjusted to fit whatever size roll of wax paper (aluminum )you plan on purchasing. Wax paper rolls come in 12 inches wide 15 inches wide and 18 inches wide at most restaurant supply houses. I hope you’ve enjoy watching this video. If you did, please hit the like button and subscribe. As always if you have any questions you can contact me at:
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This project is not that complex. Having said that, it does require a lot of patience, and attention to detail. The standard size of competition chess boards is between 2.2 in.² to 2.5 in.² for each section. We chose to go with the 2.2 in.². Once the chessboard was complete, the entire board was surrounded by a simple maple and walnut frame. I used three coats of shellac to seal the wood both Front and back and then use three coats of brush on lacquer in satin finish to complete the project. I hope you like the project , if you do, please hit the “like” button and subscribe. As always if you have any questions or comments please write to me at: georgiejet


A few years ago I made work benches for my shop. When I did I placed drawers both in the front and the back on both of them . In doing so I left no room for a woodworking vice. I developed this woodworking vice holder that will to be mounted between the two benches with dovetail slides for easy removal. The entire piece is made of 2x lumber. When complete ,the unit added another 30 lbs to the workbenches ,solidifying them further and pretty much difficult to move. I made the unit removable in the event I need to move my work benches. I hope you like my project. If you did please subscribe and give me a thumbs up. If you have any questions please contact me at: [email protected]

This is an extremely easy project. You will need minimal wood, a handsaw, a drill with a countersink bit, and a screwdriver and some 1 1/4 inch drywall screws. As you can imagine video games are very popular today and this is a very easy project for you to make as for gift giving or for your own personal use. It only took about three hours to put together and if you’re making multiple units cut everything first then assemble the units. It will make things go a lot faster. Everything was sanded down to 220 grit for a fine smooth finish. I hope you like my project if you enjoyed the video please hit that thumbs up button . As always if you have any questions or comments please contact me at:
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This project was made entirely from pallets and recycled materials. Like many of you I seem to save scraps of lumber for future use. In my case my collection got out of hand and frankly I could not find what I was looking for half the time. I needed some way to be able to organize my scrap lumber for future use. I chose to use scrap lumber because I had quite a bit on hand. In addition the cost of three-quarter inch plywood as called for in many plans is prohibitive. You will note that the project is not very pretty, but it is quite functional. By using recycled lumber, I reduce the weight of the rack to approximately 1/3 what it would weigh if I made it out of plywood. The cost for the materials was $0.00 dollars except for the cost of a few screws and glue. The project only took 2 full days of work as I did not sand , finish or paint the rack.

I have several friends who are turkey hunters, I figured this may be a good Christmas present for some of them . Not difficult to make and you need minimal materials. The key to this project is insuring that everything is sanded flat so the glue sets up properly when gluing this piece together. There are no mechanical fasteners on this project other than the brass screw that hold the paddle(striker) in place. As always if you have questions or suggestions please contact me at [email protected]. If you enjoyed the video , please subscribe.


This is a relatively easy project taking approximately six hours total to complete. Had some leftover pallet wood from a previous project and the wife requested pumpkin lawn ornaments. I used a bandsaw to cut out the shapes, but if you don’t have a bandsaw, you can use a scroll saw. If you don’t have a planer, you can use a belt sander like I did to smooth out the boards before you start. As always I hope you enjoy my video, please subscribe and if you enjoyed it and have questions please reach out to me at:
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Making a gun case part five. Painting the display case with a patriotic theme. In this final part, I completed the case. I then painted the whole case with a patriotic theme as requested by the client. I used nickel finished hardware for that industrial look. This project takes a little bit higher skill level,as it has many elements. If you take your time, and go slow, you can accomplish this project. As always if you like my videos please subscribe and if you have comments please reach out to me at [email protected]

In part four of this video I will show you how I cut out the pieces for the insert as well as how I finished the insert by covering them with felt. You will need a sharp pair of scissors, a small brush, hide glue and on this project I used just under 2 yards of green felt. I hope you’ve enjoyed my video, and if you have please subscribe. As always your comments and suggestions are always welcomed. If you have additional questions you can write to me at:
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In part 3 of the video I discuss The technique of how I separated the lid from the carcass . I also show in detail how I created the inside of the case which will hold the rifle. I will also show how the removable ammo box is made. This is in preparation for the green felt covering of the entire interior ( next video). I hope you enjoy my video. If you have, please subscribe and as always your comments and suggestions are always welcomed. If you have questions please contact me at [email protected]

In part 2 of this video series, I will be constructing the gun case. I will also show in detail, how to use the finger joint jig I built in a previous video. In part 3 of the video series, I will separate the lid from the carcass, detail trim the inside and paint the outside of the case to the client’s specifications. I hope you enjoy the video, if you have , please subscribe and as always your comments and suggestions are always welcomed. By the way comments don’t always seem to work well on my channel,please feel free to contact me at:
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Part 1 of this video I will start the process of preparing the recycled wood so I can build a gun case for a very special client. Shown will be the planing , glue-up , filling nail holes and knots and in general getting the wood ready to be milled to its final size . In part 2 of the video, I will be assembling the gun case, and in part 3 , I will be custom painting the outside and custom finishing the inside to receive a specific gun. I hope you like my video, if you do please subscribe and if you have any comments or suggestions for me please let me know. Comments don’t generally work on my channel, but please feel free to email me at:
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This short video will show you how to make a simple cross cut sled for making finger joints. It is an adjustable fence system to ensure accuracy and a tight fit. Changing the fences and adjusting the distance to the blade will make different size finger joints depending on how many chippers and cutters you have on your Dado blade. I used maple for the runners and I use three-quarter inch plywood for the body. The fence is 4 inches high to ensure stability when I do the cross cutting. The finger joint system is extremely sturdy system to join two pieces of wood. Depending on the wood it can also be very attractive. If you like my video, please let me know. Comments on my channel do not work for some reason. You can always email me your comments or questions at
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This is a very easy project that could be completed in the weekend. As you know I like to re-use pallets and other wood materials and recycle them. This project is a simple box that slips over a post buried in the ground. The saddle is very easy to make as is the bracket that holds the saddle up. Keep in mind that a 100 foot hose that is 1 inch wide will hold about 4 gallons of water. A gallon weighs about 8.3 pounds so do the math. When the hose is fully charged it will weigh approximately 33 pounds. Build accordingly. If you like this project please subscribe and if you have any comments or questions please contact me at:
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I decided to show this project, because it does involve some woodworking techniques that I have not shown before. The cement work is new to me. The entire project took approximately 1 1/2 weeks to complete as I needed the cement to cure properly before I set it out into the garden. The entire project took two bags of cement each bag weighs 60 pounds. The total cost of just under seven dollars. You can buy these birdbath online, but some of these are very expensive plus they charge you shipping charges because of the weight. If you liked this project, please subscribe, and as always your comments and or suggestions are always welcomed. Please remember that notifications are not working for me on my channel. So if you have suggestions or comments you can write to me at:
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As of the publishing of this video the wood prices where I live have skyrocketed through the spring and summer of 2021. Having said that, alternate sources of wood are sometimes necessary for projects that don’t require high grade materials. I am fortunate that I live in an area where there’s a lot of warehousing and they discard a lot of pallets for free, both soft and hardwoods. In this project I will take three pieces of pallet wood (discarded pallets) and make a fishing pole rack so I can organize them in my garage. This project only took about a day to complete and another 1/2 day for the paint to dry. I hope you like my project and if you do please subscribe. For some reason when somebody makes a comment I am not being notified on this channel so I can’t see it. Please feel free to write to me with questions or comments at:
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In this video I will be making a very small table to display an old fashion record player, and store the records below. The piece is being made to match an existing piece of furniture in the clients home that is black and antiqued. The video will show The overall dimensions and the antiquing process. I will also show you how I used chicken wire for the front door panel and how it was stretched into place. As always if you have a comment and or suggestion please feel free to let me know. Notifications don’t seem to work for me on this channel. If you want to contact me please email me at [email protected]. Please take a moment to subscribe. Thank you for watching.

I completed this project a while back. The request came from the senior pastor of the church to make a cross for the upcoming holidays. He stated he wanted nothing fancy but a true representation of the faith. I decided to use absolutely no mechanical fasteners on this project. No screws no nails. That authority was given in ancient times to another people. This was truly an inspirational project that left me spiritually satisfied and emotionally at peace. I hope you enjoy this project and I encourage you if you have the time to make one for your church. I promise you it will change you. If you decide to make one be sure to send me a picture as I would love to see it. As always your comments and suggestions are welcome if you would like to contact me please do so at [email protected]

In this video I will show you how I painted, distressed and antiqued this piece of furniture. There are many ways to antique furniture. Please do research and pick the one that is best for you. The method I used is relatively simple and inexpensive. The unit is 42 1/2 inches wide 12 1/2 inches deep in the display area and slightly wider at the base and 82 inches tall. I like the exposed brass hinges look. If you like my video please subscribe and as always your comments and suggestions are always welcomed.
If you like more technical information on any of my projects please contact me at:
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In this video I completed the bottom portion of the Display cabinet. I chose to make cabriole legs to lend some interest to the overall project. I was not very concerned about knots and blemishes on the wood as I decided to paint and then antique the entire cabinet once it was completed. I hope you enjoy my project. Please subscribe and as always your comments and suggestions are welcomed.

A simple one day project to make with the grandkids.. I used 4 inch and 1 inch pvc pipe , scraps of pressure treated lumber, a dowel ,wire hanger ,dry wall screws, aluminum nails and some paint. Remember, squirrels are very intelligent and persistent. Lengthening the tubes from 12 inches to 20 inches makes it difficult for their claws to hang from the plastic. Keep the feeder about 8 feet from the ground to attract the birds. Enjoy the video and as always your comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

This project is a little bit more complicated than most I have shown you before. If you have the skills, and the confidence you could put one of these together yourself. This is the first video of a two video series that will show you some of the processes that I went through to get the final cabinet. The wood came from the altar of an old church as it was being replaced. I received several beams that I couldn’t positively identify, but I think they are Southern yellow Pine. If you identify the wood please let me know in the comments below what exactly it is. The first video shows you how I made the upper carcass and the doors. In the second video I will show you how I made the base. I hope you like my project. Please be sure to subscribe, and comment below and as always your comments and suggestions are welcomed

This project created some special challenges. The cabinet will hold an 80 gallon fish tank with all its components. The tank and the items inside would come in at approximately 700 pounds. The vertical strength of a typical 2 x 4 that is 8 feet long is about 1000 pounds. Having this in mind, I tend to over build to ensure that the unit was not compromised in anyway. Part of the challenge was the fact that inside the tank would be components both electronic and a brooding tank for baby fish. The inside portion would also hold filters ,heaters etc. Care had to be taken to ensure proper ventilation for all the extra heat in the system. I hope you enjoyed this project. Please subscribe and your comments, as always , are always welcomed.

Give yourself about one day to finish this project. If you possess basic woodworking skills, this is well within your reach. All the components were pre-sanded prior to assembly. The interior was stained as well prior to assembly as it would be very difficult to stain the interior once fully assembled. I happen to have the Brazilian cherry and red oak scraps from an old project. You can make this out of any type of wood that you may have, but it goes to show you, if you have usable scraps of wood after a project... save them. Please subscribe and if you have any comments and or suggestions I would welcome them.


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