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Not a difficult project if you do your homework upfront. Basic 2x materials and plywood. This is not a project you can finish in one weekend, actually it took several. As always your comments and suggestions are welcome!!

First and foremost, I am not an aeronautical engineer. This was an experiment and all my measurements were purely by chance. I used a couple of scrap pieces of paneling and some scrap three-quarter inch plywood. As it turned out, it worked out pretty well. I hope you like my video. If you do, please subscribe to my channel. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for watching.

A special thanks to Mr Ron Paulk for his inspiration on this project ( check out his channel on you tube) . Sturdy work tables are essential in a wood shop. I decided to make some small storage drawers in mine. Mine are just under 4 ft by 4 ft each for easy handling. Surprisingly heavy and sturdy ( a good thing for my shop).

Everything in this project was made from scratch. The windows were handmade as was the door. All the siding was cut from three-quarter inch pine by 1/4 inch wide and placed individual piece by piece. Every piece was hand sanded before final placement. Once completed the entire house was painted by hand. This entire project took approximately 200 hours. This was hard work and pure love for my great-niece.

Some time ago I got several pieces of pallet wood from a friend. Just the right length I needed for a project I was looking to complete for some time. I have had the patterns for over 30 years. Simple and basic carpentry skills ...nothing fancy but a fun project.

Toddlers often want to learn or help at the kitchen counter. Here is a simple project ... it’s made of one piece of 2 x 4 x 8 and three pieces of 2 x 3 x 8. All pieces are cut in half on the tall side. Then they’ll process through a planer for smoothness. The platform is made of three-quarter inch scrap plywood. The height is 36 inches to match the countertop. The width across the top is 18“ x 18“ for easy access.


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