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After posting the video on how I built my permanent tomato trellises, several subscribers reached out and asked me to post the progress of my garden this year. Although not woodworking,my second passion is organic gardening. The weather this summer has been perfect for my tomato and vegetable garden. Besides tomatoes, I grew, Cuban peppers, bell peppers ,grape tomatoes,cucumbers,potatoes, yellow summer squash, green zucchini, basil and in early spring, spinach. Healthy plants grow best in weed free gardens that’s why you see so much mulch( grass clippings and composted leaves where at least 4 inches thick )in my garden. A good watering cycle, every other day unless it rains well. I don’t count passing showers as rain. In the fall all the mulching will be roto tilled under to add nutrients to the solid. The garden will be composted next year with the grass clippings I’ve been composting this year as well as this coming fall leaves. I hope you liked my garden if you have, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe. As always if you have any questions suggestions or comments, please reach out to me at
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This project is not very complicated. Essentially you are making 6 boxes that have a Beadboard back and some shelves. The owner did not want any mechanical fasteners to the wall of the room so this is a free standing unit. To ensure stability, very careful cutting protocols must be established to make sure each unit is perfectly square by itself and square to each other as they will be attached. The barn board counter top was specifically asked for in a “ rough” presentation, this made the assembly of the top quite a bit less labor intensive. So if you have about 240 hours to spare ( a lot of that time was painting and staining drying time) this project is for you. A word of advise on this project… take your time and make sure all you cuts are 90 degrees. It will make assembly go a lot easier and each unit will be symmetrical to each other. As always if you have any questions or concerns or suggestions,please feel free to contact me at … [email protected]


I have a new project that I’m working on in which I will need to accurately place pins on upper and lower cabinets for adjustable shelves. This project is extremely easy to make and once made , it can be used over and over again. I used a 1/4 inch by 4 inch by 36 inch piece of poplar, which ultimately was cut to an overall length of 24 inches. I also needed 2 pieces of 3/4 by 3/4 inch of pine scraps from my scrap pile. The whole project took about 15 minutes to complete. I hope you liked my easy project. If you did, please hit the like button and subscribe. As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact me at:
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This project is extremely easy to do. I made mine from 2“ x 4“ x 6‘ pressure treated lumber. I also used one 2“ x 4“ x 10‘ piece of treated lumber. The rest were ” kickers” that I get for free from my local lumber yard. These kickers are actually pressure treated as well and are placed under the lumber so forklifts can get under them. Usually the are free for the taking. The cost was minimal as the 6 footers were only about $5.00 each and the 10 footers were about $9.00 each (2023 prices). each upright is buried 18 inches into the ground for stability. I also made cross braces from the kickers to help support the weight of the tomato plants on the top main beam. I hope you liked my video. If you did, please give me a thumbs up and subscribe. As always please feel free to ask me any questions make any comments and or suggestions. You can always reach me at
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Not a very complicated project, but because of the weight of the books, piano and thick shelves I had to be very careful how this unit was constructed and hung. Most all weight bearing connections were joined with 3” drywall screws. The uprights were connected to the wall with 3” drywall screws and fender washers hidden behind the shelves themselves. Gel stain is my favorite. It goes on even, no blotches even on pine and easily controlled as to depth and darkness depending on the number of applications. The shelves and 45 degree supports were connected using 2 1/2 inch drywall screws. As you can see everything was made for heavy duty weight. I hope you liked my video , if you have please subscribe and give me a thumbs up. If you have any questions,comments or suggestions,please send me an email at [email protected]
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This is an extremely easy project. One piece of 84 inch 2 x 12 pine salvaged from the construction of my house. The most time on this project was spent on the process of antiquing the wood. Video shows clearly how to do that. Because of the size of the bar we did not have to have any pipes cut. All the pipes came off the shelf in the big box .store as well as the fittings. One of the things you must take your time with , is using the pipe wrench to secure the fittings and pipes together and ensure that each piece ends up all the same length to avoid the whole unit not being level. If you don’t take this step now you will have to do it when you do th3 final set up. I hope you enjoy this video. If you did? Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe. As always if you have any questions comments or suggestions you can reach me at
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This project is very time-consuming. And it’s entirety took about nine hours to put this lid together. It is not difficult but attention to detail has to take place in order for the project to come out in a presentable way. The entire top is made from a good quality plywood strips and then arranged in such a fashion to form a herringbone pattern. Actually the pattern variety is endless. The video is rather short, as it does not show the final product after finishing with several coats polyurethane. I hope you enjoy this video. If you have please hit the like button and subscribe. As always your comments suggestions and questions are always welcomed. You can always reach me at [email protected]



This project is not very complex. If you’ve ever built a small box this project is well within the scope of your abilities. I will however tell you that there is a lot of detail, particularly in the inserts that will hold the weapon in place. This is the reason this video is a little bit longer, about 14 minutes.The wood I used was lapache Ipe for the carcass a wood indigenous to Paraguay and Northern Argentina and the top was a piece of alder that was gifted to me. I hope you enjoy watching this video. If you do, please hit the “like” button, and subscribe. As always if you have any questions, suggestions or comments ,please email me at :
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There is virtually dozens of ways to make wooden hinges. All you have to do is go on YouTube and see many many different videos. You can also buy jigs to make these hinges as well. I chose a process that was simple and that I could make the hinges as wide as I needed them, depending on my project. I was not looking for perfection, but rather function and stability. I chose a very hard and stable wood ,lapache ipe, as I did not want them to shrink or expand.
There is a lot of hand sanding in this project. I started with 80 grit and progressed all the way to 400 grit. The hinges were ultimately pre-drilled and countersunk in order to avoid splitting when I install them. As always if you like my video please hit the like button and subscribe. If you have any questions comments or suggestions you can always write to me at [email protected].


As is the case with many woodworkers we realized too late that we run out of room to store our supplies tools etc. I decided to build my last set of cabinets for my shop and I wanted to use all the scraps that I have accumulated over the last two or three years and see how far it would take me. In this video I do update some of the other techniques that I use when I build my cabinets. These are very simple, efficient and require very little material and are very very strong. in the next several months I will attempt to upload one last video showing you the upgrades that I plan for these cabinets as well as other cabinets in my shop which will include painting etc. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. If you have please subscribe and give me a thumbs up.If you have any questions comments or suggestions please feel to contact me at:
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I was asked to reproduce a roof for a hand made model train. The original cars were hand made back in 1980. At the time the maker made the roof out of plastic but evidently they were made in two pieces and have since broken. I was lucky enough to find a very nice clear piece of pine three-quarter inches thick to make this roof. The process is straightforward and not very complicated. It does have quite a bit of detail and careful measurement. You should know that this process is time consuming. To make both pieces, it took about 10 hours worth of work. The owner wants to prime and paint the roof to the color of his liking. That’s why you don’t see a finish on it. I hope you like this project. If you do please hit the like button and subscribe. As always if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please reach out to me at
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A very good friend of mine who is a FERROEQUINOLOGIST, asked me to make him a multi volt meter stand. He said keep it simple. This project took about three hours to complete and I use minimal material from saved pieces of birch plywood. The face is connected to the base after cutting a 45° angle. The base is also cut at a 45° angle to accommodate the bottom plate. All in all a few hours work with scrap materials turned out a very usable stand for my friend’s ongoing vocation. I hope you enjoyed watching the video. If you have any questions comments or suggestions please reach out to me at [email protected]
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This is an extremely easy unit to build. You will however encounter two distinct challenges. The first challenge is to ensure very accurate measurements. The second challenge is trying to Match the color of the original existing cabinets. The consistency of the color came from using an HVLP sprayer. I sprayed it on in very fine mist applications and used several coats with out wiping the extra stain off until I got close to the depth of color I wanted. While making this project I realized that matching the exact color of the original cabinets was next to impossible so I opted to go with a “ complimentary “ color instead. I hope you liked this video and if you did please subscribe and give it a thumbs up. As always,if you have any questions or suggestions please contact me at [email protected]

In this video I will be making a concealed gun cabinet that hangs on the wall. This is not a complex project if you’ve acquired basic woodworking skills. It is however time consuming. Almost 100 hours for this project start to finish. The electric lock release as well as the actuator ( door lifts) are easily obtainable from on line stores. I’ll be using a new wood burning technique in this project that I have never done before and I am quite pleased with the results. As always I hope you enjoyed the video.if you have, please let me know and if you have any questions please contact me at [email protected].

I got so tired of cleaning bird poop from my mailbox, I decided to do something about it. This project is very simple it only takes about two hours and uses minimal material. I chose to use PVC due to its durability. By making it two parts and not gluing them together, I can change out the spikes if they break. Birds inherently will not land on anything feeble that will not hold their weight. This is an easy project requiring minimal tools. I hope you enjoy the video. If you do please subscribe and hit that “ like” button. As always if you would like to make a comment or have any questions you can reach me at… [email protected]


This project is easy. It can be completed in a weekend. It seems the wife goes through a lot of wax paper. Small rolls are rather expensive in the long run. So I decided to buy a bulk roll of 1000 feet from my local restaurant supply house. The dimensions that are on this project can be adjusted to fit whatever size roll of wax paper (aluminum )you plan on purchasing. Wax paper rolls come in 12 inches wide 15 inches wide and 18 inches wide at most restaurant supply houses. I hope you’ve enjoy watching this video. If you did, please hit the like button and subscribe. As always if you have any questions you can contact me at:
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This project is not that complex. Having said that, it does require a lot of patience, and attention to detail. The standard size of competition chess boards is between 2.2 in.² to 2.5 in.² for each section. We chose to go with the 2.2 in.². Once the chessboard was complete, the entire board was surrounded by a simple maple and walnut frame. I used three coats of shellac to seal the wood both Front and back and then use three coats of brush on lacquer in satin finish to complete the project. I hope you like the project , if you do, please hit the “like” button and subscribe. As always if you have any questions or comments please write to me at: georgiejet


A few years ago I made work benches for my shop. When I did I placed drawers both in the front and the back on both of them . In doing so I left no room for a woodworking vice. I developed this woodworking vice holder that will to be mounted between the two benches with dovetail slides for easy removal. The entire piece is made of 2x lumber. When complete ,the unit added another 30 lbs to the workbenches ,solidifying them further and pretty much difficult to move. I made the unit removable in the event I need to move my work benches. I hope you like my project. If you did please subscribe and give me a thumbs up. If you have any questions please contact me at: [email protected]

This is an extremely easy project. You will need minimal wood, a handsaw, a drill with a countersink bit, and a screwdriver and some 1 1/4 inch drywall screws. As you can imagine video games are very popular today and this is a very easy project for you to make as for gift giving or for your own personal use. It only took about three hours to put together and if you’re making multiple units cut everything first then assemble the units. It will make things go a lot faster. Everything was sanded down to 220 grit for a fine smooth finish. I hope you like my project if you enjoyed the video please hit that thumbs up button . As always if you have any questions or comments please contact me at:
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This project was made entirely from pallets and recycled materials. Like many of you I seem to save scraps of lumber for future use. In my case my collection got out of hand and frankly I could not find what I was looking for half the time. I needed some way to be able to organize my scrap lumber for future use. I chose to use scrap lumber because I had quite a bit on hand. In addition the cost of three-quarter inch plywood as called for in many plans is prohibitive. You will note that the project is not very pretty, but it is quite functional. By using recycled lumber, I reduce the weight of the rack to approximately 1/3 what it would weigh if I made it out of plywood. The cost for the materials was $0.00 dollars except for the cost of a few screws and glue. The project only took 2 full days of work as I did not sand , finish or paint the rack.

I have several friends who are turkey hunters, I figured this may be a good Christmas present for some of them . Not difficult to make and you need minimal materials. The key to this project is insuring that everything is sanded flat so the glue sets up properly when gluing this piece together. There are no mechanical fasteners on this project other than the brass screw that hold the paddle(striker) in place. As always if you have questions or suggestions please contact me at [email protected]. If you enjoyed the video , please subscribe.


This is a relatively easy project taking approximately six hours total to complete. Had some leftover pallet wood from a previous project and the wife requested pumpkin lawn ornaments. I used a bandsaw to cut out the shapes, but if you don’t have a bandsaw, you can use a scroll saw. If you don’t have a planer, you can use a belt sander like I did to smooth out the boards before you start. As always I hope you enjoy my video, please subscribe and if you enjoyed it and have questions please reach out to me at:
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Making a gun case part five. Painting the display case with a patriotic theme. In this final part, I completed the case. I then painted the whole case with a patriotic theme as requested by the client. I used nickel finished hardware for that industrial look. This project takes a little bit higher skill level,as it has many elements. If you take your time, and go slow, you can accomplish this project. As always if you like my videos please subscribe and if you have comments please reach out to me at [email protected]

In part four of this video I will show you how I cut out the pieces for the insert as well as how I finished the insert by covering them with felt. You will need a sharp pair of scissors, a small brush, hide glue and on this project I used just under 2 yards of green felt. I hope you’ve enjoyed my video, and if you have please subscribe. As always your comments and suggestions are always welcomed. If you have additional questions you can write to me at:
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In part 3 of the video I discuss The technique of how I separated the lid from the carcass . I also show in detail how I created the inside of the case which will hold the rifle. I will also show how the removable ammo box is made. This is in preparation for the green felt covering of the entire interior ( next video). I hope you enjoy my video. If you have, please subscribe and as always your comments and suggestions are always welcomed. If you have questions please contact me at [email protected]


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