Get ready for some space training

There is a lot of space debris!

My response to my Friend William

Thanks to our friends @ESA

A video I made for Larken Rose
The idea and narration comes from him.
Please spread the message, thanks :)

Mirroring all my videos from youtube so there are backups. This one is still very relevant and important!

Thanks for watching ♥

Is it the flu or is it the cellphone towers?

Is it real or is it fake or is it real or is it fake?
We are living in strange times.

No need to worry, everything is fine, we no need electric cars!

This is a video for NASA and other government space agencies.
Today I give you free advice for improving space flight and space missions.
One day I hope to work for a big space company, I would like to design new space suits.
Don't worry it's just comedy :)

Police = government = terrorism
#GiletsJaunes #Acte56 #Revolution

police = government = terrorism
#GiletsJaunes #Acte56 #France

Did the espresso machine break?
It's not what you think, it's much worse...

In this video I explain some of my issues with modern cars. We are making cars for over 100 years now, we should do better. Is all this technology really helping us? I think cars are designed by imbeciles and I hope this video can make a change.

What is inside of your computer? You will be surprised to find out.
Modern laptops & comptuers - Intel - Data mining

Thanks to Mattel and NASA you can now buy this awesome Sally Rides Barbie Doll! Playing with dolls was never that much fun.

Strap Sally to your home-made rocket or buy one of our barbie rockets. PLEASE SHARE THIS COMMERCIAL WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS, sales are not so good for the barbie company.

There are no space hotels above the flat earth!


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