Why would Lavoy Finicum and Poor Children choose to go out in blazes of glory? Police aren't broken nor racist, they were intentionally broken because we allow it. Laws prohibiting survival. #survival #legislatingSurvival #makingProfitableCrimeWaves

Common sense gun control from these people with this model...

US arms exports over last 6 decades

Priorities... a sentient congress held by 1/5 women or sentient men could launch a campaign or investigation to stop FGM or educate people to stop... provide help for those girls dying or a million of important things then investigating drama with Trump on what they all do anyway. Prioritize priorities not hypocritical adult soap operas while children suffer and we have the ability to intervene. Minimally stop destabilizing this nations with our weapons. Anything but abuse of their powers on these childish games.

FGM Survivor: Leyla Hussein's Story

We change the man but forgot to change the system. The architect remained in power. Why elections don't matter until the game is changed not player... the players are completely insignificant. It never matter if a democrat or republican was in the house but outlaw survival for corporations. Both loot our nation of constitutional rights, civility, exacerbate police brutality and devalue the dollar.

A year after Mugabe, hopes for a new Zimbabwe still low

We easily are pulled into adult drama on their political wants in a world full of children who need adults who can prioritize whats most important.

The Cut: Exploring FGM

Humans go out in blazes of glory when survival is denied. The kids fight police for the same reason Lavoy Finicum did and the police and FBI shoot first for the same reason. Human survival is unprofitable to control and corporate greed.

Young Guns [HD] ~ Blaze Of Glory [Jon Bon Jovi]

Political Parties and cult psychology gang mentality.. great discussion how polarization and politics aren't t he same reason. human beings convinced their survival is based in beating the other side will lose all sense of reality like a new cult member.

Political Gangs, Cult Psychology & Tim Young


music by:

Earth will never be the remit for but less than 1% of humans if secrets and labels aren't evolved out.... socially evolve please. If not for you or us for the next generation that doesn't need our ignorance base problems. #evolve #wildfires #secrets #labels

I hope life treats 14 year old kids in Africa kind even though all they have been shown is a world that require hate to become someone... like kids all over the world we ignore. And keep the hate going sending him our weapons to keep our lifestyle cushy.

Central African Republic: Leader of Seleka fighters speaks up

We keep our prideful label so the club can keep all their secrets... secrets that now can kill billions.... but our pride and lack of science empathy and history.

Is the California Fire Spreading Nuclear Toxins?

What cause the fire? secret high technology or secret failed old technology? Now pick a cause and label and lets fight about it so the secrets can stay in the club.

Who is to blame for California wildfires?

It's never going to get any better because of the real owners.. forget the politicians... the real owners. As we label up on the leaders who are completely insignificant to keep the uncontrollable greed on secrets.

George Carlin - The big club

The best kept secrets those of which few or no politicians are even allowed to know or told. Doubtful even a president would be allowed to know with 12 levels of secrecy over all presidents... but sure presidents are significant... the matter... they make real decisions... keep believing.

L.A.'s Secret Meltdown; Simi Valley, CA(1959)Largest Nuclear Incident in U.S. history


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Clone him and we can vote him into all of congress. 85 Trump investigation while earth collapses... #TDS has to be the #1 killer of human life.

Final results in Amazon getting elected leaders to show you who they really serve. A society based in currency will always default to serving that base when push comes to shove... they shove the people out. Great example of how laws are purchased also from corporation authored bills. The mental ill way they worship corporations as small as amazon with minimal AI technology... imagine when AI is in full swing in a decade or so and profits are tripled? Presidents/cabinets/congresses and prime minister will dance the same way to save themselves and sell out the entire nations publicly like federal gov does privately today.

Believe the jesters when you see them jest... future writing is on the wall.

#resourceBasedEconomy #giftBasedEconomy #zeitgeistMovement

“Corruption” Behind Amazon HQ 2 Decision

The 85 totally useless items the congress complicit with devastation of the planet, ecosystems, 3rd world nations and their own citizens will investigate Trump on. Drama queens turning a blind eye to human rights violations and constitutional violation from every branch of the federal government. Selling out the entire nation and planet so they can hope on a nicer retirement in the Apocalypse and the american dream descend into the corporate ruled nightmares the parties and paid to deploy. But the people still believe vote and worship them for it so it is what is supposed to happen.

Democrats to hit Trump with 85(!) investigations... Tax returns included

Great crosstalk explaining the utter uselessness of the media and locking in TDS so nothing in the country or abroad can get fix feeding childish adults drama gene.

CrossTalk: Media Unhinged

Officially the deadliest wildfire in U.S history and not 1 soldier or unit recalled from congress/banks 3rd world looting projects to assist. No funds diverted from trafficking weapons and citizens are found charred in cars. I WANT KING GEORGE BACK

California wildfires death toll at 42, more than 200 missing

How different it always looks but the difference is ALWAYS FAUX. Race and genders have no relationship to the 24 or so gene connected to psychopathy that makes greed so powerfully apathetic.

Is hate crime up because of Trump(as minorities surge to trump) or are behavior psychologists more right than civil rights groups that hate has a direct correlation to poverty... that America is being looted by corporations and both parties all presidents are paid to loot more increasing more American poverty and hate from seeking a reachable blame source. Listen to the professional in professional matters not the politics.

FBI: Reported hate crimes surged by 17 percent in US last year

More Americans congress couldn't give 2 damns about with their TDS surface project while they fill their pockets. I WANT KING GEORGE BACK

Tent City, USA: Full Documentary

Why all of congress should wake up beating themselves with shame sticks daily and all day chase Trump on pretend drama looting America and the world. I WANT KING GEORGE BACK. #supportTheTroops #realSupport #bringthetroopshome #warIsARacket #noMoreWar

Shelter: America's Homeless Veterans - Featured Documentary


music by:

The kings and lords as politicians, president and prime ministers still need naive population to kill for resources. #naivePeasants #gulfoftonkin #falseFlags #popularWar #ussLiberty #jfk #supportTheTroops #22aday

Imagine being born into this... would you fight back with slingshot too? Or just be killed quietly for your crime of being born in the wrong place?

Israeli missiles destroy TV station in Gaza amid massive border flare-up

If you want to support the Troops or any human life YOU MUST LISTEN TO THE VETERANS. Every war is based on a lie to the gullible.

Whistleblower John White on Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Mistaken identity for 2 hours shooting the antenna, napalming the decks with fire storms to push U.S troops beneath decks to murder them with the torpedoes .... As Washington recall 2 flight of fighters responding to save OUR BOYS.

USS Liberty Israeli's Forgotten Crime

You might be violent psychopath if...

George W. Bush - jokes about weapons of mass destruction

THIS is Who was REMOVED from JFK File Release 2017 - Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Gaddafi was right about JFK

Colonization, blood minerals, weapons trafficking could cause the next world pandemic... by the psychopath leaders who just met at the Paris Peace Forum.

Worst' Ebola outbreak in DR Congo: 200 deadly cases in three months

Italy and France fighting over the Libya colonies oil pulled in big dumb America to kill the leader and now continue their fight over the oil.. human migration should never be blamed on the migrant, there is always a bank account behind it. Like a rape victim should never be blamed for being raped.

Palermo Talks: Italy hosts peace conference on Libya as conflict still ongoing


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We are our own worst enemies. #selfDestruction

Ever notice the debates on TV and almost never about the root cause of the problem... more the emotion to prevent monetarily unprofitable changes?

Should special privileges be granted for transgender people in prisons? (DEBATE)

The reason well over 80% of Americans are unjustly in prison. Directly or indirectly caused by CIA setting up an American drug trade.... on U.S tax dollars.

Former LA Police Officer Mike Ruppert Confronts CIA Director John Deutch on Drug Trafficking

Bill Clinton's Lies About CIA Drug Trafficking In Mena, Arkansas

We legislated the mess and keeping the mess is the goal of all sides. Taking on strugges making oppressors the leaders of the struggles. The parties are always the unconstitutional oppressors and the rest are indcated by their doing nothing or band aid fixes to keep the profit rolling for corporations.

Michelle Alexander's "The New Jim Crow"

That time the mainstream media dismissed the CIA starting a crime wave in the United States. And you wonder why we trust nothing it says and question it all.... twice #treason millions died and still do as caravans march and kids are still caught on American street like slaves anywhere.

Gary Webb: In His Own Words (2002) | CIA Cocaine Dark Alliance

Remember that time when the government made up races that never existed to divided the population and all the way into 2018 citizens kept using it to divide... fighting a struggle with the oppressors tool to invent the struggle and keeping all struggling against each other. Making messes and making more because messes are profitable instead of unity in as system all are played.

Dr Jacqueline Battalora- Birth of a White Nation


music by:

It's All Connected
Started on how everything you do is like a domino impacting the entire world. And ended on Automated Earth 2.0 or we all get mohawks and swords then embrace the mad max society. Simple choice of ending tribalism or ending civilization as we know it.

Are we grown? Are We Free? What is a separatist? #freedom

Boarding school earth, how to break a free human spirit and make it a GDP mule.

Exiled Uighurs call for action on China over crackdown

"Kill the Indian and save the man." General Pratt You aren't like me so your a savage, i can fix you a modern and historical philosophy. Nothing changed, just more became General Pratts. Your a deplorable, survivalist, extremist, inhuman, democrat, republican minded but i can fix you with power and make you like meisms.

Unseen Tears: The Native American Boarding School Experience in Western New York Part 1

Chesterfield Montgomery on voting

When the dead is elected over you... it's time to do some reflection as a society but certainly not a time to cheer anything.

What will happen if Dennis Hof wins race posthumously

The Story of Your Enslavement - Stefan Molyneux

Are adults ever old enough to represent themselves or should the elite continue to make decisions for them. There is no utopia but there is walking in the right direction or continuing to run one. Direct democracy works well within a firm constitution to facilitate their free lives. Deployed as citizen mob rule versus deployed as constitutional respecting democratic republic are night and day. I completely disagree with Dore on gun right and disarming the poor but that is not a flaw in the tool DD it is a flaw in media teaching citizens gun crime is caused by the artificial scarcity created by our corporate rule of parties outlawing survival and now abundance for all but them. Fixing our society using DD to move in the direction of the automated world would take violent crime down to almost nothing by removing the root problem. When people adopt respect for each others rights and decide to fix problems and stop band-aiding the world unfolds as it should.

I don't eve see DD as a choice but either we get some say in governing or keep no say.

Jimmy Dore, Direct Democracy & Michael Allman / The World According to Jesse

Celebrating the team wins... while both team fund warlords, mass rape gangs, forced starvation, colonization, mass incarceration and the worst humanity has ever rolled out on earth making the dark ages look sweet. What is really being celebrated is more corporate rule and the usual apathetic American bigotry... but to some it feels good... the power of a mass media controlling the hearts and minds of millions beyond a recognizable humanity.

Democrats and Republicans have lots to celebrate. Earth and humanity must still weep and wait for an end that seems inevitable under domination.

Democrats capture House, Republicans hold on to Senate

Braveheart FREEDOM scene

Fighting for representation or freedom... nowhere near the same thing. How negotiable is your freedom and that of your kids/grandkids future?

Braveheart - Motivational Speech - Inspirational Speech - William Wallace


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Perhaps a way to give people back control of their government and start undoing all the laws authored by big business against the people.
#directdemocracy #powertothepeople #wethepeople #truedemocracy

Why is earth a decaying ghetto? How the vote going?

Armies need to be banned. it's 2018 and we can solve all resources for conflict with automation. We evolved past ignorant violence long ago.... and government like all psychopaths used the tools at their disposal. When all they have is hammer every problem is lied to look like a nail. If they have militarys war will always be the problem solving answer not intellectual negotiation or teenage level problem solving.

Macron wants 'real European army'

Crime always linked to poverty but in London it's a lack of police not the survival human being are required to do to live in scarcity for millions of year. London... only place human die happily instead of breaking laws to survive....🤣🤡

Link between cuts & crime? Murder epidemic grips London

Ignored by the mainstream media... picture band from social media.

‘My hope is gone’: Parents speak out after daughter starves to death in Yemen

Are octopus Aliens from comet seeding? not jellyfish

Is The Octopus An Alien?

Brazil fascism that's on U.S also... we did that our bad... police being given the right to kill. As the U.S voting fascists fighting the other fascist

CrossTalk Bullhorns: Populist pride

But can't find the federal reserves address where they print money and they aren't even government. They are a private bank controlling the entire country on the noose of debt.

Crime ring printing fake US dollars busted in Bulgaria

The story of 'Oumuamua, the first visitor from another star system

Oumuamua: Harvard researchers suggest strange interstellar object may be alien light sail

I just knew this was fake news... until it was proven true.

Gov't Study: 75% of AIR and Rain Samples Tested Positive for Monsanto's Roundup

Hey NASA can we talk about this first? I'm not convinced your smart as you think you are and rather all earth scientist be in on that. Besides ya'll have a telling the truth problem according to NASA whistle blowers with a love fest with the military industrial complex... saving lives isn't exactly their forte.

NASA’s Crazy Plan to Save the World From the Supervolcano Under Yellowstone

Election theatrics knowing most soldiers deployed are maintenance not combat troops... but leading on the narrative people are evil enough to send armed trained killers as a response to poor hungry people seeking asylum from a country we destroyed and refused to let be free and make their own governing.

Border patrol hold drills on US-Mexico bridge


music by:

All the spice none of the common sense... don't vote for spice control... if you do. You have earned a vote just created hell on earth and deserve a jail cell at best. #dune #earthControl #yemen #spiceWars #greed #voting #fightThePower #rageAgainstTheMachine #saveTheKids

You get no vote from me with a party model that does this and a system they had no check nor balances to stop it.

As Saudi-coalition expands Yemen war, UN says famine accelerating

Can we stop voting like these peopleish things aren't waging spice wars on our people and abroad... habitually.

Dune Trailer (1984)

Kids in Thailand get it and the prisons are being prepped just as they did in the United States to force the masses into indoctrinated complicit colonizers. They made entertainment a part of the war machine on citizens and abroad.

Rap Against Dictatorship: Thai music video riles government

Be the delivery man(sentient adult)... ignore the spice(job, income, talking points, sick political parties who never help), listen to the kid(social media out cries for help from the oppressed) and save the drowning child(yemen, mass incarceration, colonized nations, towns of women being raped with guns sent by our nations.)

Delivery man saves girl from drowning in China

War criminals whether in blackface or whiteface in every party look alike. If you kill for a living and turn on your own citizens to wage war on populations for greed and industries you all smell, act, look alike and your heading for the same place.

Maybe france can't keep buildings up because they keep knocking other buildings down with bombs and drones in spice wars with the rest of the war criminals instead of investing in it's nation and anything sentient.

Aftermath following collapse of two buildings in Marseille, France

Maybe 40% of the water leaking from Mexico cities pipes could be fixed if they were spending so much fighting drug cartels in the U.S war for spice drugs? Not to mention people migrating away from wall street war for spice control.

Mexico City waterworks: System upgrade likely to affect millions

El Chapo on trial causing traffic in new york and sinola drug trafficking hasn't missed a beat.. because this wall street drug spice wars isn't about winning it. It's about population control through unconstitutional violent police state, unconstitutional war on citizens and international stability. So drenched in treason, stupidity, cold heart evil and war crimes nowhere to start

El Chapo trial: It's business as usual for Sinaloa drug cartel


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Always remind yourself the world is a stage, it is staged. Find common ground stop dividing up fighting for the real foe oppressing and looting the entire planet.
What is good? Who are the good guys, good nation?

When puppets dance and start putting on their bigot show, ignore them or they are given string and platforms to increase not reduce problems in support of the root causers pulling their string.

Races don't oppress, they don't exist but banks, oligarchs and rulers are very real and always have.
#yemen #goodGuys #bigotryAllSides #racePuppets

Keep calm and don't fall into the race puppet show. We have real problems that require all people to solve.

Open racism? CNN host says ‘white men are biggest terror threat in US’

Election stunt? Police states don't care about entries, in fact the more who enter the better, the more chaos the more outrage the more rights can be taken. The more force is justified. The 2 parties that make all the decisions are 1000% police state connoisseurs.

Trump’s Troop Surge On The Mexican Border Is Unprecedented (HBO)

Migration the right of every creature on earth from bacteria to birds to mammals but not humans in this very small snapshot of human history. Colonizer theft rules, colonizer borders... stealing from neighboring countries enslaving them and history agnosticly bigoted when they need help struggling to survive.

Migration not a 'human right': Austria pulls out of UN-backed pact

Great analysis of the Yemen attempts by colonizers to recolonize a people fighting for their freedom. 7 million children that face starvation and oil pipeline, ports and potential need fields and the reason for the land grab theft attempt. How the ceasefire call could escalate and make the fight significantly worse.

Saudi Arabia Sees Houthis As Existential Threat – Max Blumenthal

UK’s May Fails to Support Yemen Ceasefire


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One in millions turn out to be human, stop trying to find a human one and force their hands. #politics #beingPlayed #fracking #humanForcedMigration

Don't let politics be played here. End the war and end the arms deal. Yes madog said a good thing to end all fighting in 30 days, cheer ans force that to happen. Leave your party bigotry where it will not get more people killed. UK humans you have work to do obviously.

'Unlikely UK will end arms deal with Saudis': US officials call for ceasefire in Yemen

Pompeo and Matthis call for cease fire.

Hope On The Horizon For Yemen?

Faithful patriots wouldn't be on the border. They would be feeding into the profitable oligarchs politics...They would be in Honduras cleaning up all the milk the CIA, last admin, current admin, war on drugs and corporations did in Honduras marring the U.S name all over Latin America. But they take orders from the politicians we never force to do human things. Patriots don't serve international corporations, they serve the people of their countries. Why they name these operation and laws the exact opposite of the real intent.

US accumulating troops at border with Mexico as Operation Faithful Patriot continues

Seismic activity sunk Atlantis. You would think fracking was a bad idea for a million other reasons including this one.

Ancient Map PROVES The Lost City of Atlantis is The Eye of The Sahara – Ancient Civilization


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Gross Domestic Happiness or Gross Domestic Forced Labor. What do the Bhutanese know? #bhutan #happiness #peace #freedom #liberty #freewill

TEDxHalifax - Silver Donald Cameron - Bhutan: The Pursuit of Gross National Happiness

Joe Rogan Experience #1191 - Peter Boghossian & James Lindsay

Dalai Lama: What's the secret to a happy life?

Bhutan: What it means to be happy in the 'happiest country'


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Why is survival of the fittest/luckiest so hard to evolve humans from? #selfDestruction #dyingByTheSword

Babies are dropped into a world of adult predators. A great analogy of why survival of the fittest and killing the weakest is a bad idea to keep on every level. Perhaps why all the spirituality that started all major religions and natural law are based in working together not keeping the predatory model requirements of the wild animals... a longing for human to one day release their evolved need for blood of the weakest/unluckiest at birth.

Predators (2010) Opening Scene

"The solutions to all of these problem are available and you are it... this is out job... Time to wake up." John Perkins

Financial Terrorism Exposed!! - John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hitman)

Robotic farming of the future or of today... we damn sure failed the past. It's a crime any child cries themselves to sleep on an empty belly. Let cancel the psychopath apathy apocalypse.

Robotic Farming of the Future


music by:

Fighting fascist with opposite fascism... what played out int he Brazil election is almost exactly what happened in the states. Our colonies fallow our failures. Failed societies create such extremism. Break the cycle with letting go of the identities used to control your emotions and fuel the other farmed humans.

Why Brazil Might Elect An Ultra-Right Wing President (HBO)

Social media used to win in Brazil and worldwide. Mass media, news information are human birth rights and should become public domain open source... it too effectively is control our world with identity supportive emotional stories or all out lies.

Jair Bolsonaro and the future of Brazil's media

We can speculate who's behind a human migration(like arguing about who caused climate change) or just listen to the people and fix the problem. Migration is solved with resolution of the reason not borders nor walls. For the same reason people jump out of 20 story burning building they will march towards your borders if their fleeing the heat.

Hundreds demand Honduran president's resignation amid mass exodus

Interesting Corbyn idea but election are a problem more the a solution. Media fails because it has a central point of control/failure. Mass media can't be fixed it must be deleted. Very easy with open sourcing news and returning to independent journalism.... the kings news central controlled will always lie to the kingdom to keep the kingdom/empire by any means necessary.

Jeremy Corbyn's tussle with the UK media

They are there to make Africa a colony of the empire or destabilize it as colonizers always do and did all over latin America... the same reason China and Russia are there. 100% the shared objective of unsustainable slavery based government of all political parties. 10+ mass shootings a day in Africa are like Yemen, Gaza and Latin America... lesser human treatment by all administration and the mass media.

Why Is The United States In Africa?

No slow down in Europe and US complicity in the famine project of the Saudi, no amount of killing seems to be able to break the inhuman links.

More Yemeni children die as medicine prices skyrocket

Gaza planning on up to 12 hours a day of power... thank you Qatar.

Electricity supply improves in Gaza after two years

Gaza planning on up to 12 hours a day of power... about time... Qatar showing there may be human being in their government.

Electricity supply improves in Gaza after two years


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Incorporated power has always been the enemy to orchestrate the predominate method of labor. Know the enemies tracks not fur.. #rumorsOfWars #ilikeMoney

6 of the creepest robots that should scare the hell out of you with the military industrial complex approving to being released to us now.

6 Super Cool Robots With Artificial Intelligence From Festo Robotics

Because the LOK MONAY and your politicians do nothing because they LOK MONAY

Report: Plastic Found in Human Bodies

Because the your kings starved kids breaking their 3rd world nations today and back then because the LOK MONAY and give your kids chocolate when you visit their offices to join their campaign phone team. Your leader talk no human rights nor life points because the LOK MONAY and work for the corporations.

Nestle Sued by Former Child Slaves

Because they liked MONAY and noone should have have power over another. The unconstitutional laws made this culture praying its people because they work for corporations and LOK MONAY. Kid are born having to break laws to survive because your popular lords like MONAY they change nothing. Race only matters to poor people, the greed will use it as a tool everytime because your passionaite about it, you think it exists or matters.

The Gang Within: A Baltimore Police Scandal | Fault Lines

Corporations drew 1st blood, there are no deals to be made as they kill us all day everyday. We don't need dealers but to start removing monopolies from power over life.

brave heart pick a fight or make a art of the deal battle scene.

Worst spill in history and no one to pay because they hid it and politician let them because they all LOK MONAY. Off shore drilling decades after other non earth killing energy creation tech exists.

The Taylor Spill: Oil Still Pouring Into the Gulf, 14 Years Later

Greed.. massive corporations drew 1st blood. Millions dead... not a time for deal but dismantlement of the corporate power state.

Rambo First Blood (1982) - They Draw First Blood Scene HD


music by:

Why are no elections won on popular votes because people don't vote and you do nothing to fix why... you wait til the next election to threaten people into voting on a phone team why you should be threatening you parties to do 1 damn thing decent to get people who know it's all a scam to think maybe you fixing the scam? They want nothing to change because they like MONAY... thus no politician represent their people because most citizen feel they are worth 1 hour every 4 years to bother.

idiocracy opening scene Our Future

I like MONAY vote for me

Why is oil pouring out all over a planet being poisoned that has endless free green energy technology and no leaders do anything?
14yo oil leak might become worst US offshore disaster

Why global domination under all presidents.. why none take on the deep state not stop globalization colonization... those that killed JFK because THEY LOK MONAY

How Economic Hitmen Gained World Domination for Deep State w/ John Perkins

Why are they not stopping arms to Saudi or will continue selling arms worldwide dismembering innocent unarmed people under rubble daily? CUZ THEY LOK MONAY

Despite Khashoggi Murder, Some Western Countries Will Sell Arms to Saudis

Why is the dollar being collasped happily increasing the bubble for a bigger fall? B-CUZ THEY LOK MONAY

US economy about to collapse... & dollar's going down with it - Peter Schiff

Why are Hondurans heading for the U.S border? Why does the US still treat Honduras like a colony and fund death squads adding to the chaos? WHy do have they broken the entire Latin Americans continent with toppling government and economic hitman? B-CUZ THEY LOK MONAY

US Funds Honduras Death Squads |Think Tank

Why thousands have to run to the U.S border? Why is the war on drug still destroying communities and entire countries under U.S lorded governments? Requiring cartels grow their and feed the U.S that can't grow their own medicine manufacturing worldwide and US mass crime wave killing millions? B-CUZ THEY LOK MONAY

Reign of terror: Gangs in Honduras

OIL, 5G, Plastic, glyphosate, GMO and coal ash... it's hate plants crave.

Why would a judge slash the reward to the bipartisan darling Monsanto killing people? Because people ans peasants and leaders LOK MONAY

Judge Upholds Monsanto Verdict but Slashes Award to Victim

Why do all president appoint the monsanto exec and corporate death boards over the environment and human health? B-CUZ THEY LOK MONAY

Fukushima news; Trump names Monsanto lead Fish & Wildlife, as the ECOLOGY DIES


music by:

Discussion with Shatki Journal Activist

Your reality drives your and you who/what you vote for. Censoring a democracy is how you decides everything for a democracy.

The seats politicians sit in are all bought and those who sit in them bought or not have minimal to no liberty to oppose corporate rule.


Libya war driven by O.I.L.: Oil, Israel & Logistics' - McKinney

Naomi Wolf - The End of America revisited - New Hampshire Liberty Forum 2014

What is Behind the Bias in Mainstream News Coverage?

New Facebook War Room to Prevent Election Interference

Great example of why hate speech matters. It starts discussions and highlights where the earth brother/sisterhood have work to do. It's almost a like of seeing all perspectives neither group listens too because all these see is hate in the media. Censorship is on the opposing sides of dialogue, evolution and solving real problems ignoring what profitable and powerful from dividing silo'd intellects.

Watch their fake news on occasion... Hablo Corporations poor vs poor Cray Cray... learn to speak bipartisan selective murican... that mess will get you killed out here. They are always plotting all kinds of stuff behind human backs.


music by:

Latin America should follow their resources here. An hopefully we will drop the politics and fix the real problem. Trump and Clinton were told to make a stronger border because our owners knew what was coming. That they went to far with modern slavery wordlwide. The the earth 3rd world suffrage hit a tipping scale. That the economic hitman and war on drugs scam work to well.... that Americans backed it too effectively to keep their steaks in the matrix. #immigration #honduras #colonizers

Looking our for our people bring an important message to us about what our economic hitman and all administrations have been up to. We broke the entire continent and time it stop.

Mexicans rally to migrant caravan, offering aid and support

Know what our families flee.

Murder and Migration in Honduras: Immigrant America

How is femicide even a word.... but the world #1 arms dealer and purveyor of the war on drugs funding and arming warlords and gangs. #nonPoliticalmetoo

Femicide, Part 1: Honduras, one of the most dangerous places to be a woman

We did this and by we I mean those who benefit most form destroying their nation and robbing them of freedom, liberty and life.

Noam Chomsky - Haiti, Honduras - History of US Rule in Latin America.

We need to end murder models worldwide not just when their related to billionaires for the common man who those billionaires business plans murder all day everyday.

'Vicious, violent murder!': Erdogan on Jamal Khashoggi death

Our politicians are phoney, we have corporations as emperors. Stop talking about completely insignificant politicians and leave that matrix of lies. We have real problems to fix so we need to stay focus on reality not the drama kabuki theater. The big corporations depend on you to keeping eating the steak that America is still being governed not owned.

John Perkins Confession of an Economic Hitman


music by:

Focus stop being led around like cattle. #focus #endTheFed #nomorewar #violenceBasedLaw #immigration #propaganda #tavistock #massBrainWashing

Migrants moving north to American colonizer borders as the should, nothing controversial in families fleeing the nation the CIA have been toppling keeping in the 3rd world for decades. Nothing controversial in humans fleeing manufactured profitable deaths. The response is to stop and repair not build 2 party fences and walls. #colonizers

Migrant caravan swims and rafts its way into Mexico

Also in colonizer news, Taiwan wants self determination freedom form China like any captive. Good for Taiwan knowing they are not colonizers fodder nor what their neighbor tells them they are. Hopefully their neighbors stop trying to violate their sovereignty.

Thousands march to support independence vote in Taiwan

TDS Hex on Kavanaugh and Priests for the abusive church praying in defense... tell me you didn't see that coming... get some popcorn enjoy the ride... it's going to get alot bumpier.. FYI conservative gun powder is witchcraft and JP4 you pray over to murder Gods children on every continent on Gods earth that he told you to not use witchcraft and murder on.

Modern exorcist’ vs witches & sorcerers... and it's all about Kavanaugh

No dog jobs don't matter and ya'll fight while they remove all human matter... literally. Banks love robots and automation is unstoppable... all we can do is grow up and focus on the planned use behind the curtain. For greed or for human need. To run fetch a bone and murder a unpopular human or care for the elderly and grow food for a starving world.

Fido vs Spot — Animal vs Robot

Great chat.. agree MBS will just be replaced with another colonizing murdery hating woman bastard the CIA groomed. And earth owning bank owners could care less about you makes nukes or where when the control the buttons on all sides. Deals among owned governments are all distractions.

CrossTalk Bullhorns: KSA & MBS

Distraction flying monkey deals... #endTheFed #banCentralBanks

Trump withdraws from nuclear treaty... wait, did we see something like this already?

End the Fed End the Wars and most of the legislated violence. They put the C in Cronyism why no parties, politicians, governing models, nations nor human rights matters.

Ron Paul: "FED is immoral" - speech at the CATO

How thought was killed, the most powerful force on earth. The success behind why the propaganda act was passed to legalize and fund lying to citizens... wave lie yall... keep waving for lies and habitual legal treasonous liars.

Dr. John Coleman - The Tavistock Institute: The World's Lies and Propaganda Machine


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If you want to be them... we already lost no need to fight. Collect Truth, No Coins, Sarcasm Weapons, Don't Shoot NPC, Mine for Secrets. Become a human player. #NPC #consumerism #eatTheRich

"feed kids no questions asked." Jasmine Blair- Bolduc

'Gravy train is finished': Italian city denies subsidized school meals to children of migrants

Hate speech matters, look beyond the speech to the pain always behind it and who/what caused it. Besides it confuses what hate actually is always on top of reallocating important resources from high emergency problems.
Facebook removes preacher’s video in which he compares Jews to termites, but Twitter doesn't

There is always so much more going on then what the non playable characters are privy to. Encourage billionaire kingdom shake ups but don't think for a second peopleish(congress and ministers) who never give a damn give a damn. Perhaps it is the new chapter in hate Trump... but well earned hate keeping in mind Clinton would be cheering MBS also.

CrossTalk on Khashoggi: Search for justice

Ditching currency matters, in a world where little girls take on prostitution for food and end up with PTSD for what grown men do... we need more voices not just the one and it's currency that looks the other way and causing instability. In equality world peace may lie somewhere but never with 1 global police that doesn't even adhere to international, it;s own constitution not feels it need be a part of an ICC.

Dollar Domination Drowning? Venezuela becomes latest country to ditch bucks

The link I couldn't find. Shame on the UK. Hate speech matters, police are there for violence(why they have guns/training) not picking sides in emotional tizzies. Let adults be adults and they adult. Encouraging tribalism is the wrong evolutionary way.

Ageism and misogyny could become hate crimes in UK, but police are wary

Great analysis, a speech we didn't understand until now. Why Eisenhower gave it to the public NOT to congress. That he wanted to give it 2 years before but obviously he understood already the danger in such a speech in a nation with such power already running segments of the government. #JFK

Eisenhower's "Military-Industrial Complex" Speech Origins and Significance

Joe Rogan & Candace Owens ARGUE Over Climate Change

Made it obvious some people still don't believe in the ecosystem and climate changes. But that they shouldn't yet and didn't initially because a climate issue was handed to those who always lie when profits demand. Bring moderation back is removing climate change for politicians thus corporations hands and speaking with integrity about the lying data and corrupt profiting from it on the left. Keep integrity in important topic now by telling politicians what they will do not asking them for what can only be billionaires solutions. The left and right are right when they aren't wrong but neither budges because neither has any significant integrity to truth with potato life let alone humans or the earth changes.

Joe Rogan & Candace Owens ARGUE Over Climate change


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A common sense discussion with Brother Kelly

We touched on hemp, basic human rights, civilation, religion, coryism everywhein in governing, partisanship sounding the collapse of earth life... voting like it's all ok to keep fighting over all leaders seemingly out of any seeming sentientcontrol. Human farm gaming theory.

The alien plant evolving us and required for a sustainable manufacturing world.... legalized in Canada
#hemp #cannabis #evolution #humanity #cronyism
Canada becomes second country to legalise recreational cannabis

Good discussion, to answer the question how do compounds/chemical affect the genes? We now know through epigentics, everything in the environment at cell creation modifies genes and over time.

Good discussion, to answer the question how do compounds/chemical affect the genes? We now know through epigentics, everything in the environment at cell creation modifies genes and over time.

Everything in our body modifies us and overtime we've adapted to use to solved problems in the body and alter our brains. Everything we have eaten over evolution we need to continue eating. The self annihilation factor making banning plants or cooking with fire a human physiology and human rights violation of the highest order. Conspiracy or ignorance the war on biodiversity has to end immediately, making people disease prone and live in pain is sick at best.

Joe Rogan - Is Stoned Ape Theory BS?


HEMP Bio-DeGradable Plastics - End World Pollution 4EVER !!!

The Washington Post dictating when human life matter and we fall right in.

CrossTalk: Khashoggi

By far my favorite Rogan cast, therories and research into mushrooms making the war on them as ignorant and unscientific as the war on cannabis , hemp and all natiure. Everything we evolved on we still need to move forward. Repost but worth every second. A must watch.
Joe Rogan Experience #1035 - Paul Stamets


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Keep that hampster wheel a turning

Find the ice cream granite scooper   What happeneded to the the ice cream scooper makers?

Sigiriya (Ravana's Palace) - Incredible Ancient Technology Found in Sri Lanka?

The decay of empire because empires all decay, they never will ever be sustainable.

Chris Hedges: Corporate Totalitarianism: The End Game

Don't fight the colonizers and slavers... sellout and join their greed.

Great example of how the media invented the Love and Hate for all the billionaires games. How to make intellectuals cattle.

How to NBC: Who needs context when you have a chance to bash Trump

More on Israel colonization of land, a real estate scam in the costume of a religious war.

Class dismissed: Clashes as Israel closes school in West Bank

When war mongers making killer robots start promoting the human life assisting robots it's pretty much a wrap om killer robot tech.

Future is here & its name is Pepper!

Cute fun and funny and sexy.... the people love it.... WE ALL GAWN DIE

Robo-twerk: Coming soon to hottest club near you

We can feed the world, we are starving it intentionally... planned obsolescence is a global and local strategy all governments... some worse than others. Happy people taken care of who don't fight to be billionaires make billionaires sad just expanding their minds and evolving.

Vertical farming removes traditional farming constraints

No Brexit will not cause a foot shortage, mismanagement shipping food around and over the hungry, killing local sustainability to make millionaires billionaires caused it.

Fears Brexit could lead to food shortages in EU and UK

Venezuela crisis: Where families buy rotten meat to eat


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Sea Levels Are Rising but to prepare we need ignorance to fall. Trump admin 7 degree prediction for 2100 #climateChange #hemp #maturity

We now all agree waters are going up time to ask why neither side is serious about looking out for the non billionaires?

Trade Deal Leaked, Kavanaugh Secrets, Syria Truth Revealed

Behave yourself! Ecuadorian Embassy imposes new rules for Assange

beach, sea-level rise is affecting coastlines all over the world

Harvard sued for discriminating against Asian American applicants


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You don't fight abuse cheering abusers. Climate change joking... Wave blue Wave Red... to hell with earth or life on it! CRONY WORLD! #khashoggi #climateChange #abuse

Looks more like a model than a pattern, mistake or accident. Where is the outrage worldwide?

Catholic Church's child sexual abuse scandal widening in Chile

Even the billionaires are jumping again against Saudi... something is up no one is saying. Did billionaires just grow hearts of we are being told the full truth as always. Whats the business scheme now? More war? oil deals? regime change?
Major business leaders boycott Saudi summit over Khashoggi case

Kill an economy locked in monoculture, require people to turn to violent crime or on each other. This is a occupation strategy and mimc'd around the world by all the kings. This same strategy is why we have red and blue political parties who never do anything for people yet have total loyalty of people... they are being starved and will turn on who they can reach... their nature. We hurt the ones we love because they are closest... the billionaire behind it are out of arms length.

Bleak job prospects for youth in occupied Palestine

Election time equal censor(killing/silencing opposition) time to keep cronyism thriving in crony world.

Cameroon displaced speak of death, displacement, trauma

More to this than meets the eye... not over one man and over 16 million being starved in Yemen for years... billionaire psychopaths didn't magically just grow a conscience. Business plan is afoot... being unrooled.

How will Saudi deal with stock market plunge?

ADHD... kids hate monocultutre and are evolving beyond being corporate cattle. Bored kids aren't broken our societies models are.

ADHD overdiagnosis in younger students, says global study

If the technology is earth changing and the whistle blowers in the hundreds... it doesn't matter where you think it came from but demand it in the light now. A real discussion about combating not destroying ecosystem with fossil fuels let alone changing the climate for a secret technology race.

Is Alien Technology Here? | Interview Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project

While I disagree with being able to stop it, we need an earth wide discuss on where the powers that be are taking us and when. Knowing this will be widely embraced as advancements always are whether ready for primetime or not..

Human 2.0 Is Almost Here: The Transhumanism Agenda Just Went Mainstream


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