If we have a worldwide Violence Control Intitative but THE PEOPLE not government. The world would be transformed almost over night. #gunControl #violenceControl #profitablePsychopathy

AKA liar.. or short of sight. AI and learning software aren't wheels and carriages... it isn't technology. It's the concept of replace humans. Great thing if humans give up labor and work they suck at and evolve into higher level concept not based in "jobs"(a slave mind concept) and evolve shifting the paradigm. Humans aren't a labor force, they are humans.

Matthew Lange talks about artificial intelligence and how its being applied in the food sector

Violence is a valid solution for the psychopath, guns have nothing to do with violence. Ban violence by turn off psychopaths, not making more and taking them out of power in all governing which is dominated by violent psychopaths. But most still vote to keep it.

Anderson Cooper Interviews Dr. James Fallon about His Psychopathy

What humans can become if you do what your God said and leave them be to their literal spiritual gifts under free will. But powerful violent people became God and are worshiped keeping models on human labor denying any real exploration of gifts in mass. Suppressing the majorities gifts to get them to work for the GDP is almost about to end all life here.

A visit to the studio of the fastest painter in the world in Ecuador

I'm sure the CIA is checking the resource reports now switzerlands commoners are being disarmed. I'd guess the gun control in switzerland has the same goal as it does in the states. Blaming guns to keep popular violence, it isn't violence they have issue with but the manufactured debate on both sides to blame people not the profitable corporations behind all human violence via the governments they bought. Kings starved their populations to keep them in fear and conflict, nothing has changed but we got dumber.

Bassima Alghussein on Swiss vote to tighten gun controls

Why I'm not against vaccines, I'm against using them violently on populations... i'm against hidding the test results and untesting. I'm against life saving concepts being drenched with greed so that when the human needs a tool in our toolbox, it doesn't work, doesn't work well or is untested because big pharma is busy making penis size drugs to remain competitive and buying politicians is possible profits are so high from having a forced vaccine consuming population.

WHO urges poltical factions to unite to combat Ebola outbreak in the DRC

The results of asking anything of oligarchs pretending they are a governing body on any constitution other than corporate greed pretending to be a federal governing body diluted in 1913/1933 by international billionaires to start the UNITED STATES CORPORATION. Unconstitutional stealing land by force by a government with no constitutional right to own land to help unconstitutional private armies upheld the unconstitutional police state because people race for the border because of the unconstitutional war of drug is destroying their country after we unconstitutionally invaded their nations on treason using unconstitutional economic hitman to debt colonize as globalist.

Property owners in Texas could see their land taken away for the wall with Mexico…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…
If this message resonates with you:

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Do we know how to spot what can be saved, what should be saved using root cause analysis? What leaders measure is where they intend to lead. #triage #survival

If all big corporations are all doing their part to end all human and multi cellular life on earth with negative externalities... if all never turn a profit yet because of it... why do corporations exist They literally aren't solving anything but are crating the problem that will end us all. #recycle #negativeExternalities

Deepest dive ever reveals undersea trash

Because schools need more racism, calssism, religiosism and tribalism measures to not help at the root problem... because banks and big corporations need poverty to keep the "unfair" artificial scarcity ponzi schemes. And because the only important measures is if kids get great jobs working the massive corporations destroying the planet. Poor kids aren't poor but need the help to become the greedy bastards the other kids are being indoctrinated to be. #education

Forget SATs – what’s your ‘adversity score?’

Treason is getting soldiers(young kids) killed for bribes from big business.

Jesse Ventura: US Wars Are All About Oil, Not about Defending America

Surprise Surprise... blame PGE on the principal of secrets in big corporations and governments operating publicly but not subject to public open source peer and victim scrutiny. If we knew... how many profitable disaster could be averted. If we took the greedy and powerful's privilege of having secrets of the greedy. Why debate if it was star wars tech DEW or PGE... the root problem is always secrecy and the lies and profit it enables.

Power company caused CA’s deadliest fires

Take Vice with a grain of prowar progreed salt now. Killing in the name of... #gateKeeping

Lee Camp with the truth about Vice News

Needing help from anyone who can move... anyone privileged enough to live in the nations with corporations causing all the real high priority problems. Stop complaining about your little problems, your political shiny monkey treats and help with earth/7 billion family triage in the hull. #triage

pearl harbor -- We need help from anyone who can move

Before triage can start you must stop who is creating the bleeding patients... who is starting the wars and why... the sniper and have to be taken out in order to have the calm/peace to solve the problems. Those Gods of chaos, the root problem(violence solution oriented human-ish people) on earth. Those creating the disasters for gain creating the endless side effect problems we get lost trying to fix.

Want guns of the street - End the reason they're there War On drugs
Want violence against woman to stop - End the profitable mental illness and violence industries fueling the legal system pretending to help
Want healthcare - end the model of keeping it expensive but those pretending to supply it sustainably
Want world peace - stop putting war monger talking peace in a system that requires violence/colonization to stay viable.
Stop the bleeding first.

Saving Private Ryan (2/7) Movie CLIP - Sniper in the Tower…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…
If this message resonates with you:

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Holism... the lifestyle of looking at the bigger and bigger picture then effectively modifying behavior. Seeing the forest through the trees and acting to protect is all being interrelated. The seeking of relationships and detoxifying them. #holism #lifeChanges #sustainability

Our purpose is to thrive... but for many people it's only about surviving. There is no we and them just a family content, consenting to keeping each other under unnecessarily oppression and artificial scarcity.

"We are not a mistake, we are simply mistaken."

(Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

Sharing is a holistic practice which is why the kings of conflict only popularize socialism and capitalism which are always tweaked to control or deny sharing among a few cronies...

Introduction to a Resource Based Economy

Project Earth: A Resource Based Economy Explained…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…
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Violence is a violation on another's free will. But Caesar became God and is worshiped as such. #firstBlood

Guaido served his purpose, the deal was made in Norway. War or cronyism. And cronyism will always win making the deal when the worlds most powerful military is ordered around by the satanic because it's population lost their souls into apathy across 2 fake bipartisan lines. Kochs will get their oil because Maduro is refusing to let demons murder tens of thousands of his citizens fro billionaires like they did in endless countries.

Report: Maduro & Guaido factions close to truce

"People War" aka sustainability in world all shipping is done on big oil. It's literally called buying local and trading within your own economic influences... what billionaires need you to fight to gain them more foot hold on the world having people thousands of miles away buying from them so they can buy government for crony laws. #tradeWarPorn #loveTradeWarsAllDayAllEvolution #bigCronyBusinessExit

China calls for ‘people’s war’ on US

Stop drawing 1st blood, stop violating other people playing God robbing others of free will because you have the numbers, strength or military to become GOD with your own will. Leave peaceful people alone. Live and Let Live.

FIRST BLOOD: 'they drew first blood' (HD)

I still respect Gods free will over mans crafty hubris for money/power over Gods creatures. I still have more faith in Christ than your backslid ministers professing over Christ that Caesar should be conscripted to remove free will defying God. I still have faith in what Jesus actually did about abortions happening in his day... nothing other than love people and see to their needs not hire governments to violate them on their paths Gods put/allow them on. I still have faith to accept what God allows not tell God what my church will demonicly tolerate.

Will Alabama law end Roe v. Wade?

Keep Calm and remember we are lied into every war on lies, staging conflicts and false flags. Remember operation Northwood that we have a government with a model that entertains the killing of US Troops and citizens for corporations wars. That we still have a model of governments that lets it's presidents killers go free and become presidents and recall jets for defending it's "own" naval personnel from foreign attack on the USS liberty. Treason is the model and most congressmen and senators are proud to display it with dual citizenship. We are an oligarchy, human life nor citizen life have any value.

US pulls diplomats from Iraq over ‘imminent’ Iran threat

Everyone call your grandma and make sure she doesn't have or buy a huawei phone before the oligarchs put her in federal prison. Crony socialism from the said capitalist regulating more than deregulating under all presidents. They need you to a phone with no privacy that interfaces with the carcinogen 5G or 6G. 🤪

BREAKING: Hide your Huawei phone! May be illegal

No Palestinians can't be terrorist on the lands they live that you thou shalt steal and thous shalt kill for in defiance to God temple building Torah documented timeline. The zionist oppression of the Jews and all other groups must end.

‘Stop interfering in Israel's internal business’: Netanyahu’s son lashes out at Berlin…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…
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We in the west are the only Gods of chaos in the known universe. The human race should be extinct in a few decades when it hits.

Since let go... selective me too ism.. When are we going to have a real protest against the greater purveyors of abuse of women and girls worldwide? U.S bipartisan oligarchy colonization, global policing and destroying nation our least defended sisters live in?They are mad he represents this Harvey creep and most of them most liking represent democrats and republican... the greatest creetons killing the planet.

'Down with the dean!': Harvard professor under fire for decision to represent Harvey Weinstein

The collapsing of the empire. The looting of America by 2 parties almost complete then on to the next nations with their wealth and military tech leaving our next generation a massive IOU.

Markets can’t save us from retail-less economy

The trains look exactly as they should when 2 parties under oligarchy are looting a nation, legislate artificial scarcity and blocking citizens with endless regulations making homelessness an nonhousehold viral word. Don't be a train supremacist exercising your privilege over the least lucky needing a place to sleep. Thank you NY transit for letting my cousins sleep in a human structure.

Man enjoys lovely morning ride in trash-covered NYC subway train

What a hero looks like, none are ever in your government. We have to go back to being a race watching out for all our young, especially when the closest biological ones aren't around. We all live easier when we know we have each others back... not bombing each our at their weakest when your leaders invoke your apathetic identities. This is what human do, this is how we get down.

Bus driver’s quick thinking saves student from imminent death

Even elevators can kill on an earth smart tech is used to kill, genocide and loot more than to sustain life.

Several injured as overcrowded metro platform forces people to fall off escalator

All the money to starve 85,000 children to death and not 2 dimes for warm lunches for the next generation. Cold hearted demons, those needing fire retardant drawz on judgement day.

Rhode Island school to stop serving hot meals to poor kids

yoooohooooooo aphophis... Over here apophis, we need a reboot... again. Our popular Godless evil has no ends. Maybe next time the Gods can use 98% reptile DNA and find sentience but this 98% monkey project was a total eating our own children for oil companies type failure.

‘God of Chaos’ approaching Earth

All you need to know is that 5G is Okie Dokie according to the pro war media barons at the NY Times

Explosive: NY Times 5G ties uncovered…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…
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"Don't catch a case".. catch a clue or lose the game! Lets play clue... what are major clues the mainstream fail to mention? #getAclue #clueless

Lying, cheating and stealing reminds too many and Pompeo of glory in controlling Americans thus the world experiment... some clues are right in your face.

Pompeo: 'I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole'

anyone hiding the clues are those who did it or aren't anywhere near on your side.

#WikiLeaks #Assange #RT
5 Huge WikiLeaks Revelations You Should Know About

Even farming is cronyism destroying any since of fair play and killing off small organic farmers growing healthy food which lowers healthcare and funding the corporation making billions on the weakened and sicked people. Major clue democracy, capitalism, socialism and communism will never work on a planet that needs money to survive the the banks print all the money. If any of those model worked they would have been bombed off the earth already.

Top 10% farmers to benefit most from subsidies

Spying on billions... get a clue.. citizens and allies are never spied on only those you don't trust or master to slave relationship.

Israeli intel linked to WhatsApp spyware

If money can even break a mom... get a clue, it can no longer come between us and life/survival... it effectively kills our own humanity.

Female athletes slam Nike for maternity leave

The lawsuit apocalypse should be a clue about putting chemicals into the human body for anything other than to save it's life. Should be a clue with the lazy chemical farmers subsidized to do it. You can break bayer but it's a consent of an industries practice problem. An experimenting on the general public problem seen all across chemical and big pharma companies. Corporations shouldn't exist, a system based in money will always end up prioritizing the money.

Blow to Monsanto: Roundup victims win $2 billion case

More clues about putting chemicals on yours or your childrens skin, let alone in their mouths... a great clue in habitually trusting to be a test dummy for massive corporations under governments that over regulate the citizens and give a pass to the powerful.

FDA warns of sunscreen danger in time for summer


Clueless - Trailer


George Carlin on the American Dream

Reality Check: United States: Democracy or oligarchy?

By design, voting only consents to keep the design. Brace yourself, it will get much worse before we have enough pain to decide to walk away for better.

Why America isn't the greatest country in the world anymore.…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…
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Violence is childish as a temper tantrum and unpopular in beating woman, elderly and children... but you allow and vote for war the ultimate violence. The highest unacceptable violation. #war

Paris tourist trap drowned in fake blood by environmental activists

Literally the united states corporate federal government trying to eat poor people and the people fight back... terroristpuss.

Reason 99 why you should never play with your food

Ninja bomb... a cool name most american child adults can love... enough to agree there is a kinder gentler way to murder people who just want to be left alone and keep their God given freewill.... lest the federal GOD removing all will on earth fixing the mistake of their GOD.

Is Pentagon's secret 'ninja bomb' aimed at limiting civilian casualties just a 'propaganda weapon'?

Our evolved survival warrior genetics to apathetically act via shut off brain functions... why all politicians have an appetite for endless blood. Can we brain scan the lot of them please? Thank goodness for psychopaths else we would've gone extinct but we are past scarcity times so time to put the genes to rest and the violence based model of governing and laws.

Discovering One's Hidden Psychopathy. James Fallon

Agreeing western nation can solve problems worldwide they fail at home at allllllll day everyday. Creating the problems to make business from not solving more world problems.... habitually creating war, scandal and crisis to cover up the existing ones...

CrossTalk Bullhorns: Crazy World

You aren't who you think you are... ever wonder why your leader can kill and not blink an eye? Why kids and drive by shoot all day and sleep well at night? Why a white nationalist can run over a crowd of people with a dodge charger? Atmosphere oscillate us all between good and violation behaviors. Fix the atmospheres and cure the psychopaths, hopefully we can start with the popular ones in government.

We are all reared characters(avatar over pure energy)... social and consciousness evolution is putting down as many of these trash layers of identity covering up who we really are. Free your mind and yourself from biological and birth identities placing you on the billionaires entertainment system of a stage.

James Fallon: The Secrets of Self

Every president gains popularity on anti-pyschopathic wars but keeps us in and tries or succeeds at new wars... one day america adult children will see the pattern like we did in watching sesame street as real childern 50 years ago..

US elections 'tradition': Run on anti-war platform, do a 180 during presidency

murder wars and lying to citizens as a model the masses keep voting for... old news... when will we make it ancient history and create a new mature peaceful paradigm shift...

Riz Khan - Jesse Ventura: Clandestine US missions

Live on no fear like your a spiritual creature trapped in a "person" and everyone else is too... think and live the peace you want in your wold and body.

Your Mind Can Transform Your Body and Cure Everything - Redone…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…
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If all earths major religions came from copied scriptures... all earths conflicts are mistakes. There is only one religion, God calls it history and the only faith needed is in human ignorance of it. #faith #worldPeace

Moses and possibly Jesus studied and translated the Naga from the sanskrit text... How long will we ignore why for the sake of world conflicts to rob each other... all to give 100 families the total domination of earth as gods. There is one root religion and there or inside is where God is sought. All worlds major religions come from the same texts.


Thus the interest the worlds governments since the Nazis have had in ancient archaeology and pillaging, closing and hiding sites before revealed the public. I'd guess whatever they found would derail the stupid religious conflicts the planet has been plagued in... that they are all based in a root religion of cataclysm that we all get wiped out regularly. Convenient to using religion to start wars for greedy corporation and gepolitical conflict that need armies of ignorant people at home cheering and sending their kids to go kill and die on lies.

Bizarre secret CIA declassified file on lost ancient human civilizations

Tell me what you think? What do the 100 families have to gain in hiding real history(one religion of fear on cataclysm, spiritual quantum technology and being genetically altered by something powerful starting all earth cargo cults on one traumatic event of meeting gods all over the planet).

CIA FOIA Adam and Eve Document Reading

My first time thinking about/discussing the declassified Adam and Eve Sotry

Graham Hancock: A Species with Amnesia FULL LECTURE Megalithomania 2009…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…
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Are there any more honorable kings? Or all just cowards? Our popular sellouts...

I love deep fake, liars lying over lying politicians... in no way will this affect my reality or day. It affects their ability to lie up more slaves to follow them as heros though... a side effect might be more critical thought and people solving their own problems if not end trust for governing that should have stop being trusted in 1933. Politician as a career might be fixable but it starts with ending the adult hero worship and "supporting" a person, people are all good and evil in actions... supporting flawed creatures breaks them the same way telling a child their always right breaks them.

‘Deep fake’ videos can lead to real war

Always listen to the person with gun... we are in the wild wild west because it was restored in 1933 or 1913 when the constitution was suspended to make America a corporation in debt to private bankers indefinitely. When people start blaming their favorite politicians for the side effects seen in policing their laws... for the artificial scarcity and mental illness they legislated turning police and citizens at odd on manufactured fears.... then something might evolve socially.

We are slaves on a corporate plantation owned by various families pretending we have any influences in their profit schemes called legislation. We honor those lost to all this foolishness by fixing the root problems instead of keep playing the games handed to us by the employees of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION mandated to divide the people and loot the nation... it requires a police state not police with law designed to protect it's slave laborers.

Stunning Sandra Bland video outrages activists

And for today American bipartisan bigot comedy routine award. Telling Russia how to be constructive... from the nation destroys the planet.

‘We need to find ways to work with Russia’ - Bill Richardson

🤣 They are going to ruin it in the reboot I bet. When we laugh at our real wretchedness we socially evolve. Evolution isn't profitable however conflict is... thus people today taking themselves so ignorantly serious clueless about history and social behavior.

Investing one sided ignorance in the next generation on all sides... the analogical teaching the next generation to not be well rounded but is flat in the ways we think. What is the life expectancy of a species tribal locked in popular hubris and ignorance infected into it's young each generation?

Schoolboard bias making our kids stupid

Leaders that support their troops charge with them not charge their phones and watch their conflict from a safe distance. Real leaders don't order children/youth to fight their profitable battles.

brave heart battle scene part 1

Kings fight on the front not hide in the back of the children and young. How they made war a popular game... they don't fight in it and get the foolish to cheer the fantasy ideas of war.

Shaka's first battle

Simply fantastic points invoking new thoughts in getting better at parenting free less popularly bigoted broken children.

Parenting: Raise Yourself Before You Raise Your Kids - Sadhguru

As cannabis remains ban from 100% of the citizens seizures usages. Cronyism in all industries... oligarchy business as usual. As we vote to more to make it more corrupt.

Whistleblowers: QuestCor Linked to 97,000% Price Hike ‘Bribed Docs to Boost Sales’…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…
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1 million species said to be facing extinction in decades... is it concerning at all? Dinosaurs when extinct because they we powerful yet lacked sufficient consciousness/sentience/self awareness... #humanExtinction

Planet SOS: UN warns of extinction threat | Al Jazeera English

Can we save nature? | Inside Story

Jacque Fresco - Cultural Evolution

Seems we are figuring out the bigger the plantation the worse the slavery/abuse... they small groups or no groups is the only way humans can be free of the easy of domination of those with most powers farming us.

Eurosceptic parties might gain unprecedented support in upcoming EU elections - polls…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…
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100 or so families own earth and upon it because we keep playing pretend freedom. "I'd gladly pay you never for your families of laborers indefinitely" Wimpy Rockerfeller

Where does money come from? Thin air and the families the ownership of that thin air propped up be the clueless families who think they can join the bloodline. Carefully conceiled popular slavery....

Banking - the Greatest Scam on Earth

How ridiculous the anti Russiaism is getting.

Well done, Comrade Belugov! Media claim fishermen encountered 'Russian spy whale' off Norway

Rise up against all monetary economic system plantations or shoot/censor us captives that do to protect your position and lie of a life you've been sold? Call a spade a spade and unfortunately our plantation isn't being saved over and by field slaves doing real work but propped up by house slaves with the degrees not understanding living in mastas basement and attic. When the big house(GOP,DNC,FED, Bourgeoisie, enslaving monetary system, war machine, etc) is burning some will grab water and other through kerosene. Plantations need no reform but removal from existence. They fooled to many into happy house slave lives based in slavery never ending because they fear real work or something... end your fear, end the enslavement of the human race to crony economics designed to keep 99% of all families in conflict while 1% families never raise a finger or contribute anything to earth life.

Boondocks: The True Story of Catcher Freeman

Your not gonna like it... I didn't when I looked in the mirror... but I understood I was indoctrinated by the plantation to love the plantation and leaders more than myself or neighbors... the greatest government and plantation continuity project was to print the money and disseminate enough of it to keep those in the house fearing the fall of the lying house. Wealth is maintain by a handful of families because they let a few families have more to pad them from the field slaves.... our GDP and empire has far too many house slaves...

Malcolm like white nationalist became exactly who they were indoctrinated to be so listen with a dose of understanding of the times racial rhetoric/tribalism and apply to today on what we know now. When Malcolm figured out what MLK knew the house slaves all colors conspired and killed him to keep the house and try to take power. Too many, for lucky births want to be the master not end mastering.

Malcolm X - Field Negro v House Negro

If this message resonates with you:

music by:

The Trauma that restart our begin journey to master the Gods magic and seek it in the heavens when it stops returning.

#LindaMoultonHowe #PeterLevenda #Earthfiles
Linda Moulton Howe & Peter Levenda LIVE (09/05/18)

Meet Peter Levenda

It doesn't take much study of scripture and an open mind God can reveal truth to you beyond what man required God be for control. You can hear the origins of the 3 major religion all through out the book of Thoth. It couldn't be more obvious how much sumeria and Egypt altered and placed their bias throughout the later scriptures ending up in the widely worshiped texts of today. But no everyone has ears that can hear above the convenient stories based in endless conflicts to keep Kings on their thrones replacing God. Mostly why the modern popular people teaching faith are among the most violence supporting people on the planet, habitually violating every commandment given by the original God before it was replaced for not returning in so long.

Thoth TABLETS finally DECODED - Scholars left Completely Speechless

Endless scriptures of historical reference were burned up in the library of Alexandria and hidden by the Vatican... Secrets are power and if you can keep them then you are the most powerful. The popular scriptures holes are being filled in and revealing the gaps are there intentionally in order to get man worshiping a book and thus the rulers not a God using spiritual technology.

75 books REMOVED from the ORIGINAL Bible

Ignorance is power to the gatekeepers of the ignorant. Beware of the ignorance farmers...

Vatican Secret Archives Exposed - Lost Human Civilization & Ancient Egypt

The Story Of Your Enslavement…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…
If this message resonates with you:

music by:

"Government = bad, the rich = bad." the consenting. So how bad is government really if we are them and back them 100%?

Trump was supported to fight this deep state like Obama was... But under each the whistleblower say otherwise... is TV really this powerful rooted in your intellect that you would keep consenting to murderous oil wars? No Venezuela is NOT the first nation purchased American federal government is freeing, purchased only do as their told and enslave more.

US intel insider warns of Venezuela intervention

This is where we have to hear Noam Chomsky is a gatekeeper... thank you but this is 100% spot on. Let go of identity worship and hate and get the message.

Noam Chomsky - The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine

Is consent for psychopathic wars/abuse a litmus test for who suffers from brain washing or is on the psychopathy spectrum? #redFlags

Noam Chomsky - Manufacturing Consent

1984 flying off the shelves because it is an instruction manual for almost all western governments to enslave their people starting with their intellects.

US anti-propaganda legislation ‘Orwellian, plain and simple’ – Lionel…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…
If this message resonates with you:

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Stop believing in Oz... Stop running the wizards errands... Follow the money, never your emotions. Ignoring the oligarchs behind the curtain isn't a strategy.

Try to meet the wizard... stop running it's mainstream media's group conflict errands in the avatars designated by it.

Meeting The Wizard - Wizard of Oz

If the wizard gives you a brain... drives your intellect on emotion, what kind of brain will you have? Will the oligarchs Wizardry on TV news give you a brain to fix the planet or your nation by removing the system it created for power?

If I Only Had a Brain - The Wizard of Oz

If the oligarch wizard drive your identity and give you a heart and courage will it be to fight the system or cowardly fight other poor people it abuses? Will it give you love for all children and people the oligarchs abuse or just the ones of the identities we bigotryly approve of and sell out those that die to keep the oligarch giving you a lifestyle to keep you happy enough to keep laboring?

IF I ONLY HAD A HEART ~ Wizard of Oz

The question isn't is the UFO's our ancestors have seen since the beginning are real but why the U.S government only is slowly end the lies now? Oligarchs conceded nothing with a plan to gain more power and wealth. That progression towards scaring people into project blue beam reality even while knowing declassified documents revealed the U.S has had various plans to allow or kill it's own citizens for gain... and that they lied us into supporting all wars.

I'm with the whistleblowers on this one as always that they keep high tech from us to keep us in global conflicts over oil as a control scheme... destroying the planet or most life on it is a small price to pay for these psychopaths always in power.

How to report a UFO -Navy handbook

Project Blue Book: An Insider Speaks -- Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin, Esq.…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

music by:

We rarely know enough to get uselessly upset about anything. Russian Denisoban drilling 40,000-65,000 years ago. Question Everything

Joe Rogan Experience #1284 - Graham Hancock

40,000 Year Old Bracelet Made With Futuristic Drill?

I am so very honored to have Cynthia McKinney here today

Michael Tellinger on Ubuntu, Contributionism, Freeman on the land, human sovereignty

Jacque Fresco - Politics and Legislation…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

music by:

The path to becoming wise 98% monkies... those wicked puppet strings of stimulation

Peter Joseph Jordan Peterson - part 1 - Untangling the Intellectual Dark Web…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

music by:

now i see why my family and friend are nuts.

training their slaves for profitable conflicts, tribalism and selective morals and bigoted ethics on all sides. Makes sense why the propaganda Act just passed adds on well for the plantation.

Mind Control & Nervous System Manipulation Patents

4:00 minutes in very simple truth... all presidents are surround by poweful people who never take no for an answer. You can stop pretending presidents identities are anymore than tools of control to keep a bloody systems profits churning up new nations and anything else corporations can profit on only.

CrossTalk: Ukraine – Comic Relief?

The future is going to uglier than we think for our kids if greed is allowed to continue to decide everything, everywhere on the planet... what for zillionaires do with biological self repairing, replicating robots?

Machines from biomaterials becomes a reality

Last place I'd allow anyone to put my name would be in a place by a group it total defiance to the peace all Gods teach. Man can't serve 2 masters and I don't want my name anywhere by written by anyone proudly murdering Gods children.

Netanyahu to name Golan Heights settlement after ‘anti-Semite Trump’

#weAllGawnDie and it just may be the killer monkies killing the 98% monkies breaking every rule of nature.

Monkeys engineered w/ ‘human brain gene’…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

music by:

Is noise, numbers, outrage or voting squeakier than money? Learn to squeak effectively, if the squeakin aint werkin why you twerkin? Stop being the elite jesters.

Why do they make cars that can go 200 mph? Because we clap and revere creation of useless dumb things when a large portion of earth woman walk 2 miles a day for water? Chivalry isn't dead it was murder brought back to life and murdered a few more times for sport.

$2.5 mil hypercar hits NY streets

We aren't going t get killed by our technology but our ignorance to what secrecy always does with technology in the dark for greed/power.

Ice-age beast to be cloned by Russian scientists

and I don't blame facebook 1 bit... they are supposed to let other corporations buy whats true in a nation that's an oligarchy or they wouldn't exist.

How does Facebook fact-check news posts?

Don't we see the inherent danger in a species that's founds it's dads gun and acquired no discipline, peer reviewed public discourse on endless earth ending technologies?

Ian Malcolm gives Hammond an ethics lecture

Mercury based lost, stolen or classified technology.... Technology didn't save our ancients and it may not save us, it's all about implementation. There was ancient high tech but odds are they used it as we do for profit and popular murder wars instead of anything close to sentience.

Ancient Aliens: The Mercury Connection (S11, E4) | History…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

music by:

Who constructed your reality? Who narrates your authenticity? Are you sailing out or further in? #getReal

Exposing Human Programming ... stepping out of the Matrix!

Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality | Anil Seth

Naw... I don't give modern medicine much credit for us living longer... I agree hygiene's roll is significantly underrated. But also...I guess if you people blind confidence in big pharma is a life saver(a savior) they will'not question much what they make/sell.

Disgusting Viking "hygiene"

Michio Kaku On Parallel Universe/Multiverse & Dimensions With Graphics

Are There White Holes? - Fan Questions | StarTalk

I've stop letting popular killers feed me data to require a reality that war is ever good or ok... that it is necessary to murder for us to live... that violence it a requirement to continue... not thank you, I choose to become free and sail to the walls... I choose to own more of my reality everyday.

US militarism feast on China & Russia threats - Ron Paul to RT…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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Seeing beneath the surfaces pretty colors are the only way to change anything.

Almost xmas time for the worlds elites...

Mush, Spot, Mush!

See through the code of the why... arguments/protest in voices not based in merit nor science but silencing and banning. Should be obvious when whats unproven is demanded as true. Our hubris existence.

GoFundMe bans anti-vaxx crowdfunding

When your GDP is based on death... people will die at the hands of your markets in blood schemes we collectively consent to. We live and decide on the the matrix appearance not the coded truth. Millions still happily eating the steak pretending it's not all based in blood.

Hundreds killed, injured in Libya battle

Demand freedom... government is a failed experiment that will see to the end of the planet requiring conflict. All representative forms of government are easily bought... all people have a price... we make it way to easy to farm us and them thrive in corruption.

Sudanese demand civilian-led government

On stealth and endless tech by the time it is released it already in use for decades... do you really think there is no military application for this that was not already ceased as a patent? The various scientist and whistle blowers who stated we were already flying craft this way.

The cloud wants access to your brain

Sailors on Tomahawk-armed sub busted for cocaine

Everything comes to and end, live like you know this and can prioritize your life having more meaning then mushing and pulling a sled for our owners. If the center of all galaxies are being destroyed like the U.S destroys nations... where are the immigrants headed? Planets on the outer edges of the galaxy they have the nicest real estate furthest from black holes colonization? Endless reasons for us to act like the family were are and stop popularly oppressing and looting each other but perform like a collective species on decent real estate.

Michio Kaku - First Black Hole Pictures

Veteran MD Drops Bombshell About 5G Technology Dangers At 5G Hearing…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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Ignoring the signs of whats coming are usually a bad idea... you may want to end the festival early pompeiiish. Cheering bad omens as good...

Imagine that... they worshiped the identities of their leader and Gods in festival as opposed to moving away from the looming death of their world ignoring the signs of the times.... good thing we don't know any people or nations like that huh? They all died horribly with their jewels and families.

#Pompeii #MountVesuvius
The Worst Part Of Pompeii's Destruction Isn't What You Think

What every human being on the planet being destroyed by America needs to watch and every American cheering it on need to what 2 or 3 times til they get it... til they get the hint about what an oligarchal volcano with an upset tummy is planning.

C HEDGES First They Came for Assange Panel discussion

The betters can't steal from who they own. Business as usual just not lying about it anymore. The citizens are coward enough to cheer it i'm sure.

Alabama law would make political corruption ‘OK’

American Pompeii mhhh naw ignore that.... lets just turn up the worship identity festivals. We are Americans, we're invincible and our oligarchy government will warn, protect us or give us one of the elites bunker keys for serf continuity.

Yellowstone supervolcano eruption to be a countrywide disaster

More paintings and tombs opened off camera and zero finding of the labyrinth cities in egypt holding a hall of records and ancient technologies as told to us in the book of the dead and other scriptures our ancestors left for us.

4,000yo paintings unearthed in Egypt

half a millions docs on 9/11 released... most interesting was the email that British intelligence confirming it was planned by Mossad. And agreeing with Gen. Albert Stubblebine that the pentagon was a missile strike. Makes sense why Obama and Trump rather sell out the American people and troops than the powerful cabal behind all earth conflicts.

Wikileaks released half a million documents related to 9/11

"Most airplanes have 2 wings, I've not met and airplane with 1 wing.... we pride ourselves with a free press, i don't believe we have a free press... it's very expensive." Gen. AS

"No Plane hit the Pentagon" - Gen. Albert Stubblebine…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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The are only 2 foxholes... end the banking Matrix on Earth and Continue it. A literal fight for the survival of a species based on the reality you choose, to eat the different flavor steak or give them all up. Assange arrest has nothing to do with assange

Celebrating with the correct foxholers... if the people around you are celebrating lying to the people and you think a lying press or lying is a bad idea... then you may have been played into getting in the wrong foxhole. The corrupt press cheers the arrest with "truthers"... finding a sire release some or all of what they receive that's true, never been refuted nor retraced.... ever...

Mainstream media celebrates Julian Assange’s arrest

Of course he hasn't released it all, he's crazy to take on a cabal but no fool. The only reason he's still alive and the CIA need a deal/MK ultra him. I suspect he didn't release useless antarica pictures/other seemingly useless info for kicks and giggles. They were warning to various organizations and governments the role of film they have and folders in their remit keeping them all in a power position.

Assange retaining secrets as ‘insurance policy’

Respect John Pilger or his work? are you in a foxhole with him or with those shooting at Julian and him?

John Pilger: Julian Assange Exposed US' 'KILL THEM ALL' Mentality!

Respect Chris Hedges or his work? Are you in a foxhole with him or shooting at him?

What does Julian face in the US? Chris Hedges explains #FreeAssange

And while I have issue with Noam a small percent of the time as a gatekeeper... he only became one because 90+% of what he said was true and antiwar. If your respect most of his work against war are you in an antiwar foxhole or shooting at people in it?

#NoamChomsky #Assange
Chomsky: Arrest of Assange Is “Scandalous” and Highlights Shocking Extraterritorial Reach of U.S.

Chris HEDGES First They Came for Assange Panel discussion

George Carlin on the American Dream…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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How do you fight a "deep" state... the hint is the word "deep". Assange is the greatest if not only antiwar activist of our day. UK police passed dozen of war criminals to arrest him. #assange #wikileaks

EXCLUSIVE: Assange arrested & escorted out of Ecuadorian Embassy

#WikiLeaks #JulianAssange Chris Hedges on Assange.
ON CONTACT: Crucifying Julian Assange

Vidal vs Buckley - Crypto-Nazi Debate (Best Quality)

Some of the kill/oppression projects revealed by Assange... why I could care less if he's a CIA gent. Must be the antiwar division of the CIA. 👍

What have been Wikileaks' biggest revelations?

RT reports live outside the Westminster Magistrates Court following Assange’s arrest

Assange last video before communications cut at Ecuadorian Embassy in Londo

JFK Secret Societies Speech (full version)

Eisenhower Farewell Address (Best Quality) - 'Military Industrial Complex' WARNING…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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