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- DNC a solution for nothing as always
- Spirituality - religion
- Team pride, colonizers mind control plague the human world


Everything humans can do my robot can do better... models based on money and collective human labor were outdated long ago. Think sustainable solution not last minute extinction tribalism.
- Stay focused target the root causes
- Don't fight where you see the evil, fight what created it.
- ICE isn't the problem but side effect, it's creators need you fighting it's creation.
- Try not to be played we evolved to be smarter and see the patterns of scams.
- The power and innovation credit form each innovation is hand to those making human labor obsolete. This doesn't end well.
- Time we shift the paradigm to a non billionaire idea. Capitalism, socialism and communism are all out dated but robot automation and AI.


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Shallow earth is not a theory...

- Kavanaugh? Don't care what the next act is on the billionaires skit for no change.
- We are over 10, it should be obvious by now who sit on the supreme court doesn't matter at a 30,000 level
- Trump will make America Great again and the world... by being exactly who most in the country have become.
- Nato ending hopefully, thus the wars
- Being led around by the news instead of leading
- Rights aren't real never have been. It's just a thing to pretend exists government own and will use violence to take if you don't do what they like.

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We can open up the caves humanity is trapped. None of the world problems are unsolved in paper. The well round earth holds mostly flat people...why
Be a light in the world, turn the light switches back on don't be a part of the cancer artificially turning lights of in the caves because being a flat adult is profitable.

- fixing the root cause of problems
- turning the earth light back on
- adults going back to being well rounded
- don't be a professional flat idealist
- trigger the fake hate, fix the real hate. Know who buttons need pushing and shouldn't be push but extended a hand.
- Christ didn't lobby Cseasar for Abortion laws, it was against his father free will. Why do you? Very clearly a WWJD situation, fix the needs for it and actually support what you beleive so passionatley of others lives.


We can open up the caves humanity is trapped. None of the world problems are unsolved in paper. The well round earth holds mostly flat people...why
Be a light in the world, turn the light switches back on don't be a part of the cancer artificially turning lights of in the caves because being a flat adult is profitable.

- fixing the root cause of problems
- turning the earth light back on
- adults going back to being well rounded
- don't be a professional flat idealist
- trigger the fake hate, fix the real hate. Know who buttons need pushing and shouldn't be push but extended a hand.
- Christ didn't lobby Cseasar for Abortion laws, it was against his father free will. Why do you? Very clearly a WWJD situation, fix the needs for it and actually support what you beleive so passionatley of others lives.


Only facts and integrity can solve problems, lies and partial truths are for energy collection. Get the bear necessities of life on earth. Divided we stay conquered.
- Bank Accounts broke human collectivism
- The eath to metophorhically totally flat
- Kids being rescused from the cave, 3 out
- Patritiot Prayer Antifa riot..
1. Never fight who the polticians points at
2. Never fight someone poorer than you
3. When you fight hate makes sure a hate group didn't send you
4. If you immature enough to fight not love out hate... makes sure its hate not patriotism
5. If you leader are facist you can't really fight facism.

- War is the ultimate hate of killing people for where they are born. Both parties are the biggest hate groups in the world who have got away with the greatest hate crime in history with no end in sight.
- Stop using the phrase white priviledge, it a lie and racist to say. If all you see is white folks with money you are more privileged them the majority of them countrywide


Only scared cattle follows or need to join herds. Are we really this weak?

- mars herds evolved as earth herds and evolved to conserve and collect energy in fear just as human herds.
- Energy collection isn't a conspiracy but what every thing on al planets have always done. Being alive requires you be a conspiracist wether you see it in the mirror on not.
-Does your herd see a rock on mars, in the mulitple points of mammal evoltionary/designed charateristics indicating plausibly....? in a biosphere of a universe life model where life is everywhere?
- Or do you see a dead universe and no connection? no spitiuality? nothing greater? We are cow and we should herd up and kill each other conspiring over energy?


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Act energetic, you are energy in an energy ecosystem.
- Stop bringing politics to fights for human life and the ecosystem
- We are creatures of energy that need healthy food and environments devoid of artifical fixes, ides, politics and food.
- We are mostly bacteria DNA why in the heck would anyone support anti-bacterial anything
- New known German research by Dietrich Klinghardt covered up on biophotons being distored and lower level light in GMO fake foods.


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99% giving .01% their wildest dreams.... division.
- New York Trump revolt? really?
- Trumphobia
- Jesus the immigrant better not be trying to again?
- France billion in arms to Eygpt
- Race and ethnicity are colonizer dated dreams
- Why not digital nations for a world model?…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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99% Colonized Earth Status
- Rearing Kids
- Mind Programming of Televison Commercials
- Shopping and genders
- the nonexistence of race/ethinicity just a definition of colonizers time stamp
- Control of religions
- Theory of why we are here
- Let iron sharpen iron across faiths and science

Great discussion with brothers Chris and Emrys

Is this is who we have struggled to become? The billions of ancestor before us learning, building and fighting for the next generations... all to give it to a final generation to piss it away on ego and tribal ignorance? We are in a toxic holocaust flirting to make it worse and the kids will pay the highest price as always.



If we are always lied to what's the point in any argument? An era of Hubris

- we know little about what came before colonization let alone pre-summerians.
- vaccines, synthetic drug faith based cults like many if not all modern altered cultish religions..
- What is healthy?
- Living in a time where we discover every decade how little we knew about what we didn't know a decade ago.
- Take no extreme positions, live and back humility
- Don't rasie clones, raise your kids to be upgrades


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Look around Tribalism Can Only End in Extinction.

- Adults still shaming for voting not for the greed in their own parties eye.
- 750 million for a Saudi Arabia canal Qatar while Yemen is being starved.
- Hit on the wonderful organic affects on local economies from diversity brought back from trade wars.
- Banks... the endless fuel forendless wars.
- Voting for the future trolling "the" today. xiting self centered voting.



Snake Island - Snake Earth
Left - Right fights giving total passes to colonizers../

We are on snake island... Need to walk to the top lighthouse to change the light bulb... the guy on the left and the right have no clue what the poisonous snakes look like... and and so scared they are more apt to push you to get away from a snake. Which do you asked to lead the project?

Why I don't shun anyone who realizes the earth is broken. What they beleive in doesn't matter.

Who kills/cages more of the poor? Hate groups(if that's even what really are) or the political parties?

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Snake Island

Best crosstalk ever over Trump hate

There are no democracies but intelligent fight like their are.

How easily farmed are you into your birth pin and elite labeling system? Do you teach your kids to happily be dehorned and give milk? To listen to the farmers voice and ignore the sounds from the slaughter house 3rd worlds? To cheer the farmer when he brings more fencing borders? To keep other livestock out of your pin because the food a bit better and you have a little more room?

Is it the role of a bull to see to the farmers needs or the herds? Are you really a bull or livestock living in the body of a bull? Do you know why you were born versus what you were labeled to be at birth?

- Traffic Stopping Protest after the slaying of a 17 year old child, Id the message of the protest bad because the method wasn't agreeable to your labeling?

- Worshipping books altered by the farmers as opposed to Gods as Session quote scipture.

- Meditate, spend time to yourself and get to know yourself. Part of why those who seclude themselves in nature find they meet themselves and develop more of sense of peace and becoming bullish. Hunters, fishermen, monks, mountain men... often never want to return to the farmer pins.…/UCrzle2qRfWGW……/MgG2OgXAKDAb/
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Freedom - Liberty and Self Determination... real patriots of humanity.

Still 0 evidence IRAN is in Yemen yet they still hold off the biggest militaries in the world. Inidicator that the war isn't against Iran with a few militants but against passionate poor people self determining their nation for liberty and freedom. An American revolution or Alamo if you will. They turned their backs on the imperialists live Haiti did and they pay the price because we don't support their freedom.
Now it makes sense why they are starving them because the war is against the people. US, UK, Saudi, France and Al qaeda against the proud people who live there.


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Can Jesus, Buda, Mohammed , Shiva and the other Gods Face palm anymore? Borders are unsustainable, they are literally stopping natural mass human migration that has existed since the beginning of time for a dollar. The borders are billionaires and stop us from fixing what wrong in other nation which sustainable fixes artificial man made disaster capital immigration....


Talk to people don't believe what the lying billionaires tv tells you about them....
- Stop being trigger by words
- fix the problem don't fight the side effects
- How can you be proud of lucking up?

We have a world to fix, we need less tribalism, more love, less hubris, less mini greed and more empatheic chats over coffee seeking to understand what made us all.....more humility knowing we are each other and would mostly be each other if born in those shoes.

Please let the Trump voters out the racist box, it was a lie to keep you happy with your monsters who all work for the same people their monster do. President don't run nr control the country probably never have.


Who moved our cheese I mean freedom..
We have given up on the concept of self determination and freedom to spare we each other other nothing important backing leaders who are paid to not care.
- Immigration
- French massacre standown
- Legal human trafficking and separating immigrants fleeing our profitable devastation

Time parents say enough is enough letting immaturity, immoral and unethical run our nations.


Do we really value Fathers? Do they all really value being fathers?

Just chatting through how parental rights woke me to the damage law plays in the lives of children and parents. How parenting a world is a big way in how we evolve the world. How/why family courts prey on children through destroying family for profit. having more elders and love in kids lives reduce statistics.

Maybe it's our job as parents of the world to stop supporting the possibly well meaning division that breeds more hate. Show people your love not your as....

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Unity and Trust, know your brother.... your sister... their kids
- White Nationalism
-Black Nationalism
- Hate
- Well Meaning Hate

We are all being played in a human barcoding system because being a billionaire is boring and it's what we all love to do... play games... be entertained. There is nothing more boring then being on top of a peaceful world. Why there are few games based in peace with adversity. We are encoded to play and make games when board.

Be smart enough to not play and understand tiger are tigers... they will bite raised in the scarcity of the wild trailer parks, ghettos and barios.... Understand them, empathize with them and blame the barcoding game. Free yourself of your barcode and not infect your kids with being pieces on the earth board game.

No the police aren't racist... not anymore than any American's conditioning. Police are conditioned by law. The policing system was broken intentionally to fill prison/feed industries buying laws from your favorite politicians and the side affect was a matrix of unconstitutional laws conditioning police to prey on the poor. Poverty is a crime in America and it stays a crime manufacturing violent people and increased violence while conditioning more police and more police, most of which who signed up to help. Fix the system and people go back to being people-ish.


Is free will winning? Is it logical for Have Nots to continue their genius division strategy. We are cyborgs, but for who? what?

We are all connected factually, but are all being connected through technology on this plain as well. Which neural network is for evolution and which for consuming endless resources to destruction?

Every creature on earth and bacteria evolve complex different system to collect energy, most through denial of free will and self determination.... our elites thrive in this space on our silly pod people divisions.

Which came first happy hate or angry scarcity hate? Denial of life and freedom is denial of love justify the hate coming from impoverished and invaded regions. I surmise happy hate, the hate of denial came first and can only generate the side effect hates. We need to examine of birth privildege hate before judging anyone else who came from a community ransact by us becomine colonizer and denying energy/reources to "others" by getting educated and greedy.

We are one and sentience requires we live like it embracing free will and shared solar energy. Not the violent hoarding of it as we chastice those billionaires who are just a bit better at it than the upper and middle class.


No president has made any move to unplug the swamp since JFK outside of words. The media swamp and intelligence agencies is what keeps Americans sounding like mockingbirds mocking for war, violence. division and all the other tools of the swamp.

Swamp Plug 1: Reform/remodel or delete intelligence agencies that require a permanent status of war
Swamp Plug 2: No monopolgy nor large media corporations where serve to consolidate intellectuals into 1 sided thoughtless media ghettos.

The rest will completely sort itself out when people are allowed real news and to know all sides of all stories.

" It's not what you put on the news that changes the world it's what you don't." Roger Ailes



Think fundamentalism... slavery bad.. all enslavement. We invade a world to increase debt colonies not to help women or spread any good concept. Terrorism is natives and cowboys fighting to keep their lands as it pretty much has always has been. We need to go back to fundamentals... bad is bad not goodish. Self determination has to be required in all ideas to be rolled out. Put yourself in 7 billion shoes and the world self corrects overnight. Then you can see your ATM statement is a count of slaves you own on buying power.

Can we stop selling out our own species for birth indoctrinations to control a planet so banks can grown on permanent indentured servant nations AKA Slaves nation full of slaves. Which is why the U.S military has become bank security slaves collecting debt through debt colonization and all those kids wanted was to be the heros.


What are They... Where are they... Where do they come from? What did they do? Ar the all malevolent? Were they the Gods? Are they still here? Are they coming back?



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