Looking at current events pretending the peasants have influence other than labor as livestock.

Nations are as real as democracys and unicorns... but of course there is more evidence of unicorns, lock ness and bigfoot then people have influence in American government. How many studies have already explained America is an oligarchy yet we keep trying to solve real problems like it will ever work. An oligarch infestation isn't dealt with pretending your have a democracy. That's how you dig the oligarchy in deeper until revolution is require to inoculate it. The shame is most don't care their kids will have to clean up their mess because their caught up in political drama that isn't real.

America Is An Oligarchy & It Was Admitted At A GOP Debate

I'm not saying we are going to war for nuts but it's suspicious we have an out of control lobby system and it all seems nuts. It wouldn't be the 1st time we were lied into war but the 1st time they were honest.

There are two bones of contention between US & Iran – nuclear programme and... pistachios

Shut down the government... twice... three time pretty please but all of it everyone and turn of the lights give it all back states or the teletubbies anything. Slavery, mass incarceration, weapons dealers, genociders, empire and oppression ignoring the constitution, bill of rights, common sense, ethics, ten commandments and sentience under every administration was a bad project. It should be more obvious America doesn't have a government, maybe never did. They are United Stated department of Wall Street serving as wardens of a police state and empire.

‘Taking the mantle’: Trump ready to shut down the govt over border wall funding

Why Bernie Sanders worries America is becoming an oligarchy

Not an account error, they print the money and don't give 2 damns your kids will pay it back in blood. The nation is being looted to starve them into conflict and police state to keep the empire. Did the pentagram(not gon) find the 12 trillion yet? Did they eve start looking? of course not. They have a divided gullible population that hate each other more then making anything decent for their kids, why would they?

Oops! US taxpayers paid for refueling of Saudi jets bombing Yemen due to 'accounting error'

As we look back and pretend the foolish lifelong task of greed and taking it with us stopped... yet we have have society models based in taking our piglets, horse and chariots with us... spending entire lives on consumerism and nothing of any consequence when we die. Only now we agree to no be buried with it but give it up in death taxes to our lords.

‘Leaping towards the grave’: Rare Iron Age chariot with horses is an ‘unparalleled’ find

Washington complaining about Venezuela working with Russia... a nation we toppled more than once and kill much of their population. Then the hubris to say Russia flying 2 planes their is ignoring it's citizens while Washington continues the never ending project of starving it's population and looting the country with well over 20 imperial bases worldwide. Nations don't exist anymore but as long as people keep fighting fantasy wars in fantasy land because corporations setup people in regions up for conflict... these might be the bombers that nuke us in our ignorance money/power runs the world. It stays in power because we divide up easy on our birth bigotries.

RT correspondent witnesses landing of Russian Tu-160 bombers in Venezuela…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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The adults who keep the crazy factory churning are the nuts. Starve a fire of fuel and put out the inferno. Stop letting the balrog pass, take out the feet ignore the face. #violentKids #bornToRage

Guns are just a tool and we insure millions of kids have to pick them up to solve problems. Because violence has always been a cultivated commodity like any crop. And as long as we have people uneducated enough to blame the kids made into youth the commodity will draw higher profits. They get you to blame guns because they're always in cahoots to keep you from the ugly truth.... their jobs are to keep you just emotionally useless enough to solve no problems they thrive on.

Is this the answer to stopping US gun violence?

Indifferent because where a president penis was is more important... again then where the penis's are of those they arm to the teeth in the 3rd world and black market nationwide with the military industrial complex and war on drugs all your politicians draw funding from. We live in a world that has a doctor inventing new procedures having become a aficionado treating 50,000 rape victims of the western weapons deals. Apathetically we do nothing to stop the destabilizing worlds because ego/drama is more important and political wins than standing down purchased governments. Why did he treat 50,000 woman unnecessarily because you gullible enough to wave blue and wave red while only blood runs? We have no hard problems but ego.

World's indifference to sexual violence must end: Nobel laureates

When are we going to stop giving a pass to fires we can put out. Fires neuro scientists solved almost a century ago? Fires we keep tossing water at the top of because those who birthed and are fed by the balrog tell us to? There should be no war on drug and not one weapon ever leave any nation for another. No laws that increased desperation for children/people to survive by peaceful means. Starve violence of people using it to solve survival we evolve.

You Shall Not Pass - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Killers aren't made by nature nor nurture but both because damaging the cortex is a literal profitable legislated commodity by various industries drowning impoverished kids environmentally in serotinin,

Exploring the mind of a killer | Jim Fallon…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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What this unity thing all about? Are we going to kill the next generation? Talking with a young brother I just met. Getting his take on unity and ending tribaltics to become a greater people to leave a better earth then what we found.

Couldn't avoid the idea rumbas are spreading poo on carpets worldwide. Runaway tech... just when you think the robots spraying amazon employees was the end of the mental illness/dumb AI imature processes we are putting in robots. As opposed to open source,highly effiecent nongreed evolving world. Like we are family and should be working as hive.. like we are fagile if not dumb species.

Human right before all politics. They put the cart before the horse every day with tribal politics... we have to get the basic right before teaming up. The articles should be marching orders for every human being. It's so close to the us constitution it's a huge step towards sovereignty and freedom of human beings. All 30 are evolution based even the the UN is mostly monstrous and it's nation all violates human rights daily.

What are the human rights issues facing the world today?

The 30 articles

Universal Declaration of Human Rights…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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We need a startgate to a New World Unorder based in freedom not human earthling domination. Feud(ing)alism has failed the planet. Let us slay the feudal dragons. #freedom #WorldPeace

Yellow Vest... time for Macron to go? Do people actually get to determine their government? Always stand with the people if your a people.. never stand with a system. We shouldn't be feud over basic allegiance to our species. Feudalism still reigns because we feud over sentient topics like we aren't.

CrossTalk Bullhorns: Time to go?

The world isn't burning it's burn. We released a feudal dragon that's burned the world colonizing with central banks feeding on our little greeds to make infinite wealth by shoving an entire planets resources into their bank accounts. A great analogy because in the movie the dragon kill everything including themselves then reappear millions of years later when someone is stupid enough to wake them again when the planet if full of what they thrive on. Foolish people who want more than their neighbors.

Reign of Fire - Trailer

Her crime... working for a company completing with the billionaires that bought the United States and pimp it out as the global police largely on using small electronics to control it's people and bribe politicians. Matters not if China or America spy on you, neither are run by Americans nor Chinese just international psychopaths competing to shove an entire earths resources into a planet..

Huawei CFO’s arrest rattles investors, markets tumble

The Kennedeys were exterminated. A nation with 100% survelance is completely ownable. You can bribe anyone almost anywhere in the FAA or Air Force. It should be obvious that an oil based mafia run the world.

JFK Jr Unbelievable Cover-Up Documentary

Yemen another country sick of being colonized, colonizers leave. You don't live there. If northern Yemen want to stay colonized its their choice like in the south. But you have no right to murder people steal their land with a smile. How many times will we what indigenous population be geneocided before people back people and call out their popular psychopaths in all parties.

Differences slow down Sweden peace talks to end Yemen war

Please save a stargate ticket for me. This family feud is going to extinct the planet.... again.

Ancient Stargates Documentary 2018 Have the Portals of the Gods Been Discovered…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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Time to look for anomalies and stop trusting the kings saying shoot the helicopters. Climate Change, poverty, ecosystem destruction and resources wars is an "Are We Alone" discussion. #noSecrets #boblazar #element115

How many thousands of top level professional have to come forward to get us to finally trust what all our ancestors said take back our high technology heritage for the planet... no more for the elites power struggle game over us. NATO report on on aerial threats in the 1960's.

UFOs the Truth Robert Dean

Shooting low orbit lasers at UFO's... because we are the minimal contacted sentinelese on an island in a great sea. We just use lasers as disclosed by whistleblowers and the chinese government.

NASA accidentally films UFO from Space Shuttle

This is us on earth... perhaps illegal for us to visited as well. But then again scripture doesn't talk about earth being protected for the demons chained til the end.

#NorthSentinelIsland #USMissionaryKilled #UncontactedTribe
The History of North Sentinel Island - And Why it's Illegal to Visit

How many more hints do we need we are killing a planet and billions we don't have to? That technology has been found/recovered that is a game changer either for murderous military weapons, metering more energy starving the world into conflict or rebooting the world model into something more sentient evolved. Open source the entire earth before too late.

Bob Lazar Exposes Reverse Engineered UFO Technology And Element 115 Over 30 Years Ago!

A starving world being kept from what it needs to survive is supposed to revolt. They didn't make the model, they were scammed and the no government is being honest with what they have behind closed doors... still play greed national games with human extinction.

Monday is here: 'Yellow Vest' protest aftermath

Abusive Kingdom policing... ending in endless children being murdered by their states. The worldwide side effect of starving the worlds population in a game of thrones style game with power over subjects by our elites.

#Athens #Grigoropoulos #Exarchia
Violent clashes between police & students on anniversary of cop fatally shooting teen in Greece

A great stop playing the evidence is too compelling grow up on being alone conversation by Lionel.

UFOs and EBEs Are Here, Real, Verifiable and You're Being Condition for the Official Announcement

Tribal earths kept ignorant and extremely devolved and dangerous. Angels and demons from the modern world universe not allowed. We have stories of abductions and killing our islanders. And we need to harvest and back engineer your tall ships.

Christian Missionary Pays Ultimate Price For Contacting Ancient Tribe (2018)

Latest Bob Lazar interview on his completely no profit to him disclose tothe world documentary. Time we stop playing and demand all technology into the public domain whether ancient egyptian, progenitors, crashed or off world found.

EXCLUSIVE: The Bob Lazar Interview…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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What is a religion? Whats cult? What deserve more respect? What a Trump Supporter? Obama Supporter? Is Vegan a religion? #faithBased

It's pretty stupid we still have child workers and politicians without body cameras. When those who can use our collective power or empathy to kill or abuse aren't watched... bad things will always happen and we will never know what's true. But of course we have top of the line cameras on drones to murder people don't like while kids are in the building too.

Nepal's Children at Risk | 101 East

Is vegan a religion or belief systems? Are we evolved enough to let everyone have passionate beliefs without forcing our on them or be fired? Ina time where almost everything going and popular is selectively faith based.

Lettuce pray: Is veganism a philosophical belief & religion? UK tribunal to decide

hahahahaha DOD is investigating Huawei for violating trade sanctions... not spying on a few people the way they spy on the entire world from every device. Do as I say not as i corruptly do. Can't make this ignorant crony government up.

#Huawei #Canada #China
China-America tensions heat up: Huawei CFO faces extradition to US

I honestly don't give 2 damns China or any government spies on me on a phone when my government spies on me on everything and my entire world full of my cousins. Complicit in the deaths from Lavoy Finicum to ghettos to Michael Hastings to Seth Rich To JFK To MLK to Honduras and every country in Latin America .... Do your thing China, I hope you are. When there is a balance of power there is peace.

Are Huawei Phones Being Used to Spy on Americans?

Great Analysis on the cronyisms colonizing mindset behind the arrest of the CFO.

The Real Reason USA is BANNING China Phones

Great protest, visual impacting! Protesting is an art in getting people to tap into their conscious in the world separating them from it. Rape like most abuse/violence only still exist prolifically because the conditions that proceed it are profitable to the governments we love to ignore or profit from. Because we use the resource of the world for greed and war not evolving mankind. We would know exactly what happened if she were Jamal Khoshaggis or any billionaires 16 year old sister.

Bodies in plastic bags: Acquittal of two men in a rape case provokes protests in Buenos Aires

People die from lack of shelter and worldwide we are ok with that because it's profitable to keep people away from their lives in millions of ways. A fraction of war spending could print a house for everyone alive and the next couple of generations. When you really understand the ability of the current known automation, AI, robotic... excluding what is kept top secret for the war machine.

3D printers print ten houses in 24 hours…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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The revolution will not be televised and Trump will be replaced with what you hatre worse... time to grow up find Unity, Compassion, Understand, Light and look in the mirror at we all did with out great pretenders to get here. Corporations have the hands on our kids throats and we are helping them grip tighter. Stopping the corporate rule train before it crashes. Preventing revolution and how America arrived here. #chrisHedges

Very timely Chris Hedges talk on preventing a violent revolution that noone wins. Pay attention to the yellow jackets stand up for each other not against their also poor neighbors.

Full Speech and Q/A

The path for oil to wage WW3 why Yemen matters and both parties will ensure the genocide continues to keep Saudi oil flowing.

CrossTalk: Yemen on the brin

Holding international mass murder conventions in broad daylight like it's sentient.

International military exhibition EDEX 2018 kicks off in Egypt

Anonymous the new wikileaks showing real evidence of the UK using social media to determine elections and fuel Russian hate/racism.

Anonymous Ousts UK’s ‘Information Secret Service’

Beating the war drums for Russia because you believe the hate and they had something to do with American election that are corrupt always on all sides. Next is walking Russian citizens into concentration camps no different than walking the poorest into mass incarceration. Don't use hate to become what you hate... corporations have plans to reduce the population because Kings always did as needed too. The same human brain in them is in your leaders and none are on the peasants side. Useless eaters have to fed as robots and automation take the jobs and they simply see a bottom line reduction in WW3 or proxy wars in a cold war with Russia. Money and oil make the world go round and its gear is human tribal ignorance.

US gives Russia 60 days to comply with nuclear treaty…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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Status of the disunion 7 billion cousins being played by their lords. #feudalism

Imagine that... building sane environments makes people sane. That should have been censored... the professionals have only been saying we cultivate psychopaths for over 10 years now. Fixing people is easy.. then by defeault that fix the world with our default empathy thus lack of tribalism that masks critical thought.

Singapore's vertical village wins world architecture prize

Looking back into history at the history of humans modifying ecosystems through nuclear radiation, plastics, etc build up to how we modify earth negatively. Enough reason to stop now we don't need to except for greed. The top level climate change discussion failed... it's political and useless because all parties are paid to destroy it... look at the local level ecosystem destruction all sides can see.

Lake in Canada could mark the beginning of human-influenced age

How about we curb the Russian racism and take the money investigating Russian collusion and put it into 3D printing organs our Russian cousins are doing and start saving lives... not plotting to take them in sanctions and proxy conflicts with Russia on our gullible intellects? Priorities.... Grown ups needs among the lords and more in the populace captives please.

3D printer to be sent to space for human organ trials

Zero different in Pablo Escobar and your current lords. Why he's praised still by the people who lives he made better and saved. Like those praising Bush and will honor him despite the millions killed but that selective heroism also. One used cocaine for the power the other used oil.

Pablo Escobar's legacy remains 25 years after his death

Apparently Trump said things negative about Bush so the left will praise Bush as an angel and honor him... because it's how tribalism and polarization decay critical thought. The thousand points of light were millions of point of napalm and white phosphorus dropped on children then and now. Even during the coming feudal pomp and circumstance honoring parades. 2 ignorant sides ensure there will never be support for the troops nor impoverished cousins they are ordered to kill.

Trump mocks George H.W. Bush at campaign rally

France kings and lords messed up requiring all their subjects have one obvious thing in common uniting them from their cars trunks... Yellow Jackets. The power of unity in peasants tired of their betters golden chalice parties and creating problems to not solve them while taxing them. Of course this comes at a great time in human history when humans can all have what they needs on the back of automation, less billionaires becoming millionaires through the governments they own..

Can Macron survive the biggest challenge to his presidency?

Decide for yourself if the universe is full of life like everything we have to come to know on this planet... or if the kings and lords scouts lie to us as always before it's known how to exploit or weaponize. History can answer questions public science has been denied ability to answer.

Lakes, Forests, and Plants Found On Mars? (Mars Mysteries)

Mars TRUE COLOR, Rover and Satellite Images, Nasa Science: Blue Sky of Mars


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Discussion with Helena Summer of Live Delicious.

If our lords invest in goat stare spending... perhaps we should follow the money? When ruled by psychos get psychic? #remoteViewing #waking

It's not news when the the lying kings release what all the ancients said... it's call catching up and revealing to the serfs what they refused to believe because you already weaponized it.

GOATS DECLASSIFIED: The True Story Behind The Men Who Stare At Goats

A couple good quotes from the CEO of Lockheed skunk works before he died to add to the endless other deathbed and consciousness confessions about war ending, earth and and feeding energies technologies weaponized for greed and control. Never forget the kings always lie and few will saying anything alive or on a deathbed.

Extraterrestrial UFOs are real Ben Rich Lockheed Skunk Works CEO admits on his deathbed

Serfs don't often make up seeing the kings working on greek fire, jets, stealthfighters.... They see it, realize it's potential and warn the commoners. It's the commoners place to be smart enough to act on it and co-berate it with the endless other whistle blowers also saying it and all the written ancient history. Because conflict over energy is just depopulation and divided up lost farmed humans. When element 115 appeared in the element chart no government anywhere should have been allowed anymore secrets.

Bob Lazar Explaining Element 115 from Area 51

Are the whistle blowers and almost every ancient culture from every continent correct.... or you kings and lords killing you? Sad we must even ask this anymore on a dying earth.

Aliens could share more tech with us, if we warmonger less' - Former Canada Defense Minister

If we are wave energy and everything in us, is it impossible the psychics in military and for police can pick up waves from what they focus on? Why is it so scary for the common person to realize we are only alone in our own little specie self important insecure brains. Open your mind so we can work on whats real not architected. Government didn't race to the moon nor mars for political ego... it's because perhaps they saw what was there?

Joe McMoneagle - Remote viewing of Mars (2004)

More lying psychics or kings and lords spent endless untold wealth on... because it's all fake and all the scriptures and ancient lie... but the King #solidarity the kings love us. Edgar Casey a remote viewer who opened a hospital complex because his remote viewing had such a high success rate. What they fund to weaponize is always real... always follow the money of the kings coffers. They waste no money to make endless wealth weaponizing anything and everyone as always.

Remote Viewing, Psychic Abilities and Edgar Cayce. An Interview with Russell Targ.

If you watch nothing else... watch this. Lying is the original big business.

Banned TEDTalk about Psychic Abilities | Russell Targ

Pulling Energy from the Vacuum - Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden


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Why would we consolidate the worlds wealth, technology and the next generation security to those .01% history says we can never trust? #gullible #naive #thoseWhosleptInHistoryClass

All speech matters, we can fix what isn't heard. Iron sharpeners iron unless your actually trying to make a world that doesn't work for everyone to keep societies in conflict. Democracy is all voices being heard. The answer to unpopular speech is more speech.

Feminist suspended from Twitter after referring to trans woman as ‘him’

Great discussion and solid points made I totally approve of. We need to discuss social media from a human rights perspective being the most powerful tool on the planet. The can be weapons of mass destruction or earth savior. The only thing worse than greedy corporate controlled sites is government regulated ones... Social media companies with militaries is the last step to wrapping up all earth life. Currently we are only an oil company with an army.... see how that's going?

Can Facebook be forced to comply with privacy laws?

More tech none should being playing with in privacy in government nor corporations. The research should be totally open source and intent highly controlled around public conversations not slowly released after 30 years of weaponizing for the kings.

Future Computing: DNA Hard Drives | Nick Goldman

What if it's true and there is nothing new under the sun... that we keep getting wiped out and repeating the same technologies because we are recording devices and passing on a lot more than we think. Is it a coincidence DNA has such such a storage capacity or a design?

Is DNA the future of data storage? - Leo Bear-McGuinness

They killed all our ancestors in all the amazing cultures we hailed from.. deleted all the most important history to guide us into forced labor societies. so I dedicated my life to fencing so when I meet the 5 fingered modern colonizers today of all groups I could say...

Princess Bride : "Hello My Name is Inigo Montoya"

Replicating people digitally from DNA

BLACK MIRROR: Digital DNA Impossible FUTURE Science

Accessing your data from your DNA?

Black Mirror: Are Digital Copies People? can sell your genetic data & you have no legal recourse – attorney


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Survival of the fittest is the basis of the devolved competing world. Capitalism but most important GOT capitalism is a side effect. Evolve the root not the leaf. #capitalism #survivalOfTheFittest #fakeNews

The king of France has spoken. Taxes fight climate change and chastise his peasants.

‘What was said during presidential campaign has to stand’ – Macron on ‘Yellow Vest’ protests

Fake news example... being scared and ducking behind your woman when a car comes will still get you some because the headline title just sounds chivalryishly delicious good. #getYouSome

Incredible rescue: Man saves girlfriend seconds before car rams into them

War and unconstitutional standing invasion imperial armies are bad for the environment, climate change and healthcare.... #shocker

US airbase blamed for water contamination in Germany, toxic chemical could cause cancer

Game Of Throne Theme - Sungha Jung

Russia sending more missile to Ukraine border in like of false flag and western nations carrying on with the ignorant antiRussia rhetoric stirring up violence they will not go fight in. .

New anti-aircraft S-400 systems tested in Russia

False flag for martial law pre election like in every corrupt nation.

CrossTalk on Ukraine vs. Russia: Dire Straits

The results of tribalism drenched in societies starting with team sports and giving children fantasy tribes that should exist outside of culture preserving but always used for violence. You can't expect people raised to fight over jerseys to not fight over skin color, religion, for resources but murdering entire nations. We need to fix people and unbreak the intent of the coliseums. Fix people and the rest happens by default.

Greek police storm Athens stadium as football fans clash

Your an adult..... you don't need another political super hero... be your child's hero. Fight for their freedom no more for their ownership by corporations behind all ungovernments.

Tina Turner - We Don't Need Another Hero (Mad Max 3 Soundtrack)


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Human future is sharing or dying. Maybe we need to consider whats at stake more. Use the force or it will consume you. #automation #robotsSlaves

4G warehouse indicating the thinking behind the rush of 5G despite the warning of various health and environmental organizations and will the the people. 5G is not to download netflix movies faster but to swarm robots for whatever purpose... I suspect not to pack our groceries if history has any say. Millions more jobs right out the window.

Inside A Warehouse Where Thousands Of Robots Pack Groceries

People are still focused on jobs like human labor isn't a legacy concept to massive corporations. Corporation aren't going to stop automating the bottom line because they love you. The are required by the SEC to maximize profit.

General Motors to slash 14,700 jobs in North America

Lab grown meat not optional in the future but a great example that we can feed the world easy.. we can feed 10 world. We aren't overpopulated in anyway we. Depopulation isn't needed just critical thought and application of technology to help/solve problems not kill/starve by means of force to get our way as evolved.... or growing meat to increase profits in efficiencies and firing humans.

Lab Grown Meat Could Be On Sale By End Of 2018

Have the Kings scouts ever been sent out to return and tell the peasants what they found of value? All government agencies that are not open sourced like an employee should be don't work for us at all.

NASA's Insight lands on Mars - What's next?

Joseph and Mary were turned away at the Inn so no baby Jesus will be born in our elysium.

Mexico to deport asylum seekers who tried to breach US border

Humans denied survival must become violent, there is no other options.. share of learn to shoot. We can collapse a planet into madmax survival or use a little sentience to share. As opposed to piling all the trillions we can at the top of pyramid.

Follow RT's crew as Yellow Vest protests unraveled in Paris

You can have all the free speech you want from you house after 5G and anti human protest or food line robots clear the streets. Name one historical king or empire that would not used them so.... no conspiracy just history and now it doesn't take horse not police but our ignorance to allow the capability. Every problem must be treated like a dissident when all you give king and lords is violence based solutions.

Anti-Homeless Robot Deployed in California


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Why Assange is such a threat to earth forced labor(economic slavery). His cor belief was adults need to know whats true. #assange #whistleBlowers #earthCitizenship

Making a hero to humanity a villain because he posted the truth about a murderous political party. "STFU" Sis Deb style. Grow the hell up and find some integrity, maybe don't align with popular killers genociding 14 million children in Yemen for oil.

Julian Assange: Have the media found him guilty?

Watch the entire video... in the end the interviews explain the people realize we are being pitted against each other. We need to realize this more everywhere.

Death to America': Iranians say it is only a rallying call

Nope not a UFO.. instead ask why it took decades to say it? Never trust people who want power that keep secrets.... who who use only blurry polaroid cameras every space mission between shutting off ISS feeds when our or Russias military UFOS fly by..

Another great crosstalk... explained MI6 election meddling trying to be kept under Russia/Trump wraps. Corruption always seeks power, everyone want to rule the world, America, churches and governments. Always will thus power has to go away for self empowerment.

CrossTalk Bullhorns: Trump & MI6

Turns out we aren't even from the milky way galaxy but are migrants and are still migrating victims of dark energy or gravity... not alike hondurans being victims of U.S hegemony, weapons trafficking and colonization.

Scientists Now Know: We're Not From Here!

Of course Hajj is banned when profits say so... psychopaths don't believe in your faith, they were born into it and will turn on it whenever greed says so just like religious leaders in America and political parties. The top of all power never stay about the reason for the power. Total power corrupts and blind faith in power makes total corruption to a point they don't even have to hide it anymore.

Why Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are denied visa for Hajj

In 1950 women shouldn't have had to march for an end to violence let alone in 2018. The professionals have been telling us poverty, scarcity and greedily powerful are the environments that breed violence but they make the corporations behind politicians keeping greedy artificial scarcity the default. Keep it from the people, keep them divided and violent.. more controllable. The side effect violence is totally acceptable to them all keep GDP rising, keep the slaves in scarcity and working(competing) for big business to survive.

3,000 women march against gender-based violence in Madrid


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What is Conscientious? What is the science of being woke? Everything is Connected... who programmed your conscience? Is it yours or part of a whole? Lack of activity is lack of conscientiousness. #allConnected #yellowJacketProtest #drama #prioritization

Woke... having a mind.. a higher level of conscientiousness... more connections.. more speaking.. more relationships.. less breaking them.. less bigotry. Science indicating what the mind is, where it is and the actual understanding of being woke is the opposite of the party\group bigotries but in the increased potential for activity(open connections seen while awake.) The world is connected all people but the switches are off/flow being stifled to control.

The Neuroscience of Consciousness – with Anil Seth

The sensory data that makes up the simulations we see all day.. those controlling/affecting that sensory input on a macro scale control what we see is real. Thus the invention of the false realities that lead people to hate and love representatives or even THINK adults need representation as a slave needs a master.

Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality | Anil Seth

We are a nervous system... a community is, a society is, a nation is and an earth is... or is a disconnected mental ill damaged one... disconnected and apathetic a planet/system is just more profitable to self destructive viruses disconnected. Every human and all data on the earth are sensors... nerves. Thus raises in birth bigotries the early onset of the mental illness we give earth each generation with pride.

The Nervous System, Part 1: Crash Course A&P

The yellow vests may give us a chance to actual start an actual climate change/earth destruction discussion not driven by either greedy side. Whispered in the mainstream media because it's target excatly at big oil all political party back in systems that require a worship of big oil since the model A.

‘Yellow Vests’ protest grips Calais; France gears up for more unrest

Like a failed dendrite connection The human side and direct causes that forced people to walk to the border are kept quiet to keep people triggered that it's an invasion or fighting with people calling it an invasion. Both agendas keep the colonization, forced labor rolling which is why they control your emotions. It's a profitable distraction from everything profitable. make more connections not less, it is where conscientious starts.

Looking at life in the caravan border camp as space gets tight

Protest is art... a shocking profound artist that creates a strong dendrite connections to another human neuron/pathway(group). Continue to shock on what is true for those who are lost from a lack of an earth conscience. Why my profile picture is a starving child, not a well fed old bald guy who lives more comfy from the starvation system, both parties. Art ON! Protest On! in every way that shocks on what is true.

Philippines: Artists protest authoritarianism through their work

As murderous apathetic congress under both parties finds more drama to investigate the latest 36th president on. Useless systems for everything important.

One in 10 New York school students is homeless


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Pitting the poor against the poor next door or next continent always makes jobs for dependent/starved subjects. Every president is the 36th president Pretending otherwise is big business and keeps up the colonization industrial complex. #happyThanksgiving #givingWeapons #newWorlds

One the few original basalt Moai from an unknown location...theories say it came from basalt quarry from times when the water were lower now submerged. Indicating the original moai may date back a lot further than we think.

Easter Island asks London museum to return its 'stolen' statue

In 2018 still pretending borders of the greatest ungodly and natural lawly killers exist. For the purpose of corporations, power, bankers and killing forcing humans to live under ownership models authored by psychopathic killers. This nations scam has killed enough people I think, humans should have freedom like every creature on earth.

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh too traumatised to go back home

Slave dogs, trained by slaves to control other slaves... because big plantation police state empire can't have free humans living on the land they claim to own from nature. Making dogs psychopathic wolves to go against their non scarcity peaceful default natures and attack the poor.

Police dog competition held in China

I wonder how many weapons the pentagon under both parties is giving away out of love for the Christmas season destabilizing nations for resources and control.

Festive guns: Wisconsin company gifts weapons for Christmas

The First Thanksgiving: What Really Happened

Robert Schoch: The Rapa Nui Enigma - Who Built the Moi

Weapons dealers helping people die from pandemic and risk the human population helping pathogens adapt live in human bodies longer for jobs, colonization and cheap minerals. More areas WHO and doctors without borders avoid do to violence form warlords and dictators empowered with weapons the west should not be diluting the 3rd world with.

DRC efforts to fight Ebola resume in Beni after deadly violence

36th president not ending arms deals with Saudi for the same reason the native Americans, Africans and most groups turned on each other for the latest weapons. People want jobs and safety today like back then. Our problems are systemic not with parties not presidents. We are always pitted again each other and never take on the pitters not the pitt system require conflict from all the pitted because of fear.

Trump not taking punitive measures against Saudis over Khashoggi

Did the Rapa Nui make the original basalt Moai? We are a species with amnesia.

Easter Island: Evidence of a Lost Ancient Civilisation | Ancient Architects


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Why I enjoy sugar in my coffee and a cube of conspiracy. When our intellects are flat we are easier controlled. Thus the earth is always flat til it's not as profitable then it's round. Yes I'm enjoying Trumps Term. #studyPower

They war on religion because religions were dominated for greed like everything... focus on the flat profitable reasons religions were used to dominate the resources on earth the same way political parties, identities and tribalism is today. There are thousands of popular crusades and crusaders today while people still look back to ancient histories crusades. Democrats crusades are nicer than Trumps or republicans but they all crusade... etc

War on Christianity? US student loses free speech case vs college over 'Jesus loves you' cards

We always knew the earth was round... we always know our leaders lie about it being flat then and today because information is power. Use history scientifically to not be played every generation. Try not to have too much of a flat intellect. The earth was flat then like today metaphorically because maps wear worth the weight in unuptanium... their knowledge always is. Lost ignorant flat people are just easier to control and fool.

India Knew That Earth Was Round, Even Before Galileo! | Amazing India

Peace talk good, but always if someone invaded you living room why would you need to negotiate if they can keep the bathroom and living room?

The feeling of ticking starving child who can't feel. "tickling Ghosts"

Empires need to make a lot of ghosts to build empire but also need to make millions of flat intellects to look the other way or fight each other over drama as you kill and colonize.

Yemen peace talks: Both sides to attend discussions

CIA knows... now i have my doubts... just means they found the easier tameable killer to lead and colonize with Saudi. It means they can blame Trump for "being told" to cheer MBS... it means they are working u a flat earth theory to gain public support for the continued genocide and starving of 14 million children.

Hate the game, ignore the players. They just play your intellect into flatness.

CIA says Saudi crown prince ordered Khashoggi's murder: reports

History doesn't need to be rewritten just accept the flat earth king/lords will always lie about what they know until it's not as profitable to do so. We know they knew the earth was round but flat made more money so the earth was required to have 4 corners.

The 500 Year Old MAP That Could REWRITE Human History

Why I don't pay too much mind to Qanons and popular antimedia... the real ones that are on to something indicating the earth is round will either be JFK, MLK'd or are in hiding in Russia or an embassy from the lords hiding the maps(knowledge) and real reason for war and genocide imperialism. The real flat intellect fighters. #freeJulian #julianAssange

DOJ Mistake Reveals Secret Assange Indictment

Evil Galileo like Assange a terrorist do gooder breaking flat theories obviously lies historically and logically. Truth is the traitor when lies run the earths Kings and Lords. The people can when the gme of thrones when they know enough history that thrones are required to always lie and fight over resources.

Galileo - and his big idea

Remember that time at band camp when China discovered America but didn't tell anyone?

Did The Chinese Discover America Before Columbus?


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Why would Lavoy Finicum and Poor Children choose to go out in blazes of glory? Police aren't broken nor racist, they were intentionally broken because we allow it. Laws prohibiting survival. #survival #legislatingSurvival #makingProfitableCrimeWaves

Common sense gun control from these people with this model...

US arms exports over last 6 decades

Priorities... a sentient congress held by 1/5 women or sentient men could launch a campaign or investigation to stop FGM or educate people to stop... provide help for those girls dying or a million of important things then investigating drama with Trump on what they all do anyway. Prioritize priorities not hypocritical adult soap operas while children suffer and we have the ability to intervene. Minimally stop destabilizing this nations with our weapons. Anything but abuse of their powers on these childish games.

FGM Survivor: Leyla Hussein's Story

We change the man but forgot to change the system. The architect remained in power. Why elections don't matter until the game is changed not player... the players are completely insignificant. It never matter if a democrat or republican was in the house but outlaw survival for corporations. Both loot our nation of constitutional rights, civility, exacerbate police brutality and devalue the dollar.

A year after Mugabe, hopes for a new Zimbabwe still low

We easily are pulled into adult drama on their political wants in a world full of children who need adults who can prioritize whats most important.

The Cut: Exploring FGM

Humans go out in blazes of glory when survival is denied. The kids fight police for the same reason Lavoy Finicum did and the police and FBI shoot first for the same reason. Human survival is unprofitable to control and corporate greed.

Young Guns [HD] ~ Blaze Of Glory [Jon Bon Jovi]

Political Parties and cult psychology gang mentality.. great discussion how polarization and politics aren't t he same reason. human beings convinced their survival is based in beating the other side will lose all sense of reality like a new cult member.

Political Gangs, Cult Psychology & Tim Young


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Earth will never be the remit for but less than 1% of humans if secrets and labels aren't evolved out.... socially evolve please. If not for you or us for the next generation that doesn't need our ignorance base problems. #evolve #wildfires #secrets #labels

I hope life treats 14 year old kids in Africa kind even though all they have been shown is a world that require hate to become someone... like kids all over the world we ignore. And keep the hate going sending him our weapons to keep our lifestyle cushy.

Central African Republic: Leader of Seleka fighters speaks up

We keep our prideful label so the club can keep all their secrets... secrets that now can kill billions.... but our pride and lack of science empathy and history.

Is the California Fire Spreading Nuclear Toxins?

What cause the fire? secret high technology or secret failed old technology? Now pick a cause and label and lets fight about it so the secrets can stay in the club.

Who is to blame for California wildfires?

It's never going to get any better because of the real owners.. forget the politicians... the real owners. As we label up on the leaders who are completely insignificant to keep the uncontrollable greed on secrets.

George Carlin - The big club

The best kept secrets those of which few or no politicians are even allowed to know or told. Doubtful even a president would be allowed to know with 12 levels of secrecy over all presidents... but sure presidents are significant... the matter... they make real decisions... keep believing.

L.A.'s Secret Meltdown; Simi Valley, CA(1959)Largest Nuclear Incident in U.S. history


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Clone him and we can vote him into all of congress. 85 Trump investigation while earth collapses... #TDS has to be the #1 killer of human life.

Final results in Amazon getting elected leaders to show you who they really serve. A society based in currency will always default to serving that base when push comes to shove... they shove the people out. Great example of how laws are purchased also from corporation authored bills. The mental ill way they worship corporations as small as amazon with minimal AI technology... imagine when AI is in full swing in a decade or so and profits are tripled? Presidents/cabinets/congresses and prime minister will dance the same way to save themselves and sell out the entire nations publicly like federal gov does privately today.

Believe the jesters when you see them jest... future writing is on the wall.

#resourceBasedEconomy #giftBasedEconomy #zeitgeistMovement

“Corruption” Behind Amazon HQ 2 Decision

The 85 totally useless items the congress complicit with devastation of the planet, ecosystems, 3rd world nations and their own citizens will investigate Trump on. Drama queens turning a blind eye to human rights violations and constitutional violation from every branch of the federal government. Selling out the entire nation and planet so they can hope on a nicer retirement in the Apocalypse and the american dream descend into the corporate ruled nightmares the parties and paid to deploy. But the people still believe vote and worship them for it so it is what is supposed to happen.

Democrats to hit Trump with 85(!) investigations... Tax returns included

Great crosstalk explaining the utter uselessness of the media and locking in TDS so nothing in the country or abroad can get fix feeding childish adults drama gene.

CrossTalk: Media Unhinged

Officially the deadliest wildfire in U.S history and not 1 soldier or unit recalled from congress/banks 3rd world looting projects to assist. No funds diverted from trafficking weapons and citizens are found charred in cars. I WANT KING GEORGE BACK

California wildfires death toll at 42, more than 200 missing

How different it always looks but the difference is ALWAYS FAUX. Race and genders have no relationship to the 24 or so gene connected to psychopathy that makes greed so powerfully apathetic.

Is hate crime up because of Trump(as minorities surge to trump) or are behavior psychologists more right than civil rights groups that hate has a direct correlation to poverty... that America is being looted by corporations and both parties all presidents are paid to loot more increasing more American poverty and hate from seeking a reachable blame source. Listen to the professional in professional matters not the politics.

FBI: Reported hate crimes surged by 17 percent in US last year

More Americans congress couldn't give 2 damns about with their TDS surface project while they fill their pockets. I WANT KING GEORGE BACK

Tent City, USA: Full Documentary

Why all of congress should wake up beating themselves with shame sticks daily and all day chase Trump on pretend drama looting America and the world. I WANT KING GEORGE BACK. #supportTheTroops #realSupport #bringthetroopshome #warIsARacket #noMoreWar

Shelter: America's Homeless Veterans - Featured Documentary


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The kings and lords as politicians, president and prime ministers still need naive population to kill for resources. #naivePeasants #gulfoftonkin #falseFlags #popularWar #ussLiberty #jfk #supportTheTroops #22aday

Imagine being born into this... would you fight back with slingshot too? Or just be killed quietly for your crime of being born in the wrong place?

Israeli missiles destroy TV station in Gaza amid massive border flare-up

If you want to support the Troops or any human life YOU MUST LISTEN TO THE VETERANS. Every war is based on a lie to the gullible.

Whistleblower John White on Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Mistaken identity for 2 hours shooting the antenna, napalming the decks with fire storms to push U.S troops beneath decks to murder them with the torpedoes .... As Washington recall 2 flight of fighters responding to save OUR BOYS.

USS Liberty Israeli's Forgotten Crime

You might be violent psychopath if...

George W. Bush - jokes about weapons of mass destruction

THIS is Who was REMOVED from JFK File Release 2017 - Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Gaddafi was right about JFK

Colonization, blood minerals, weapons trafficking could cause the next world pandemic... by the psychopath leaders who just met at the Paris Peace Forum.

Worst' Ebola outbreak in DR Congo: 200 deadly cases in three months

Italy and France fighting over the Libya colonies oil pulled in big dumb America to kill the leader and now continue their fight over the oil.. human migration should never be blamed on the migrant, there is always a bank account behind it. Like a rape victim should never be blamed for being raped.

Palermo Talks: Italy hosts peace conference on Libya as conflict still ongoing


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We are our own worst enemies. #selfDestruction

Ever notice the debates on TV and almost never about the root cause of the problem... more the emotion to prevent monetarily unprofitable changes?

Should special privileges be granted for transgender people in prisons? (DEBATE)

The reason well over 80% of Americans are unjustly in prison. Directly or indirectly caused by CIA setting up an American drug trade.... on U.S tax dollars.

Former LA Police Officer Mike Ruppert Confronts CIA Director John Deutch on Drug Trafficking

Bill Clinton's Lies About CIA Drug Trafficking In Mena, Arkansas

We legislated the mess and keeping the mess is the goal of all sides. Taking on strugges making oppressors the leaders of the struggles. The parties are always the unconstitutional oppressors and the rest are indcated by their doing nothing or band aid fixes to keep the profit rolling for corporations.

Michelle Alexander's "The New Jim Crow"

That time the mainstream media dismissed the CIA starting a crime wave in the United States. And you wonder why we trust nothing it says and question it all.... twice #treason millions died and still do as caravans march and kids are still caught on American street like slaves anywhere.

Gary Webb: In His Own Words (2002) | CIA Cocaine Dark Alliance

Remember that time when the government made up races that never existed to divided the population and all the way into 2018 citizens kept using it to divide... fighting a struggle with the oppressors tool to invent the struggle and keeping all struggling against each other. Making messes and making more because messes are profitable instead of unity in as system all are played.

Dr Jacqueline Battalora- Birth of a White Nation


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It's All Connected
Started on how everything you do is like a domino impacting the entire world. And ended on Automated Earth 2.0 or we all get mohawks and swords then embrace the mad max society. Simple choice of ending tribalism or ending civilization as we know it.

Are we grown? Are We Free? What is a separatist? #freedom

Boarding school earth, how to break a free human spirit and make it a GDP mule.

Exiled Uighurs call for action on China over crackdown

"Kill the Indian and save the man." General Pratt You aren't like me so your a savage, i can fix you a modern and historical philosophy. Nothing changed, just more became General Pratts. Your a deplorable, survivalist, extremist, inhuman, democrat, republican minded but i can fix you with power and make you like meisms.

Unseen Tears: The Native American Boarding School Experience in Western New York Part 1

Chesterfield Montgomery on voting

When the dead is elected over you... it's time to do some reflection as a society but certainly not a time to cheer anything.

What will happen if Dennis Hof wins race posthumously

The Story of Your Enslavement - Stefan Molyneux

Are adults ever old enough to represent themselves or should the elite continue to make decisions for them. There is no utopia but there is walking in the right direction or continuing to run one. Direct democracy works well within a firm constitution to facilitate their free lives. Deployed as citizen mob rule versus deployed as constitutional respecting democratic republic are night and day. I completely disagree with Dore on gun right and disarming the poor but that is not a flaw in the tool DD it is a flaw in media teaching citizens gun crime is caused by the artificial scarcity created by our corporate rule of parties outlawing survival and now abundance for all but them. Fixing our society using DD to move in the direction of the automated world would take violent crime down to almost nothing by removing the root problem. When people adopt respect for each others rights and decide to fix problems and stop band-aiding the world unfolds as it should.

I don't eve see DD as a choice but either we get some say in governing or keep no say.

Jimmy Dore, Direct Democracy & Michael Allman / The World According to Jesse

Celebrating the team wins... while both team fund warlords, mass rape gangs, forced starvation, colonization, mass incarceration and the worst humanity has ever rolled out on earth making the dark ages look sweet. What is really being celebrated is more corporate rule and the usual apathetic American bigotry... but to some it feels good... the power of a mass media controlling the hearts and minds of millions beyond a recognizable humanity.

Democrats and Republicans have lots to celebrate. Earth and humanity must still weep and wait for an end that seems inevitable under domination.

Democrats capture House, Republicans hold on to Senate

Braveheart FREEDOM scene

Fighting for representation or freedom... nowhere near the same thing. How negotiable is your freedom and that of your kids/grandkids future?

Braveheart - Motivational Speech - Inspirational Speech - William Wallace


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Perhaps a way to give people back control of their government and start undoing all the laws authored by big business against the people.
#directdemocracy #powertothepeople #wethepeople #truedemocracy


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