Our apocalypse isn't zombie eat brains by us letting the chimps negate ours. Dream ever?

Globalist aren't a right Alex Jones conspiracy but a fact of why MLK and JFK were killed so 9/11 could be carried out to turn your nation into a war slave.

JFK Secret Societies Speech (full version)

How they used devolved monkey against us then and still against millions struggling to evolve out of their evolved violent natures now. Cheer your 2020's for more violence, lies and war... not thank you. It will be the end of the planet. #evolve

Debunking A Century of War Lies

MLK was spit on then suffocated under a pillow to prevent you from evolving out of voting in 2020 or ever for more war... there in no lesser evil nor lesser war. As half a dozen launch campaigns colluding with more war abusing the memory of a King. Princinf on the real dream for their dreams of more colonization and globalism. Shame

How MLK Really Died – Lawyer Speaks Out

Great example of another bigotry triggering useless debate over who will get to create more immigrants destroys more nations. In order to get you to keep voting for colonizers exercising no critical thought. Tapping portion of your tribal devolved monkey brain as if we are in a time we fight the jungle not our our evolution out of studying war. The debates are always orchestrated WWF fake bouts to get you to cheer killing as much of MLK dreams as possible... which is merely Christ orders and natural laws explanations.

Debate in US after court blocks citizenship question on 2020 census

Fighting analytical paralysis... the tribal way we get pulled into fight against our own values. Fear based decisioning, fighting progress while cheering it.

Thinking & Monkey Mind

Building an empire on a chimp industrial complex. Making brutality the default for society. A story of world conflict and empire build on American fear and exceptionalism with 98% monkey humans. We stand by and watch or just jump in a mayhem when the weak are targeted. The default of allowing a society the kill the most peaceful among us. #fear #tribalism #conspiracy #landgrabs #colonization #us #globalism #livingByTheSword #studyingWar #waveChimp #rallyWithYourBase

Most Brutal Chimpanzee Society Ever Discovered | Rise of the Warrior Apes

Lessons in ending violence and escaping our chimp violence manifested as well meaning political violence destroying the planet.

What Bonobos Can Teach Us…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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US lead international World order face a threat from Wolfpack of rogue states. The globalism empire is always united. #gillette #genderConflict #spaceForce #globalistInNationalistSkins

Looks like a reason to come together and stop government and corporations to stop teasing out our evolved genes more than fight people over what was evolved for good reasons. Defending the group from short faced freakin bears being a good damn reason.

Gillette ad: Inspiring men's best or presuming their guilt? (DEBATE)

Yay disney shows and movies will be more entertaining... now they have the agility installed in the terminators in leotards. Notice how the lead stunt man isn't worried about his job? The leads never are they will have the last chair in musical chairs. But hey at least killing us all will be an elegant performance before we die.

Disney’s Stunt Robots Could Change How Hollywood Makes Action Movies

Another great crosstalk... #spaceWall Pence revealing towing the globalism colonization line as Obama/Bush/Clinton admins did. Noone fight the deep state without the money or numbers... they just capitulate.

CrossTalk Bullhorns: Star Wars 2.0 (Extended version)

Violent men and women don't exist naturally. Most or all are manufactured by teasing out survival adaptations genetically. Violence in men is there the same reason it's in chimp, little boys and girls are raised to be aggressive survivors. In time we can undo it like in other species and gillete commercials will not solve that but stop oppressing children to legislatively boost stock prices of corporations.

A killer's genes - Are You Good or Evil? - Horizon - BBC

We know your NOT a neuroscientist... please stop playing one online. Neuroscientists already explained we manufacture violence by teasing out traits with artificial scarcity and abuse. Law makes psychopaths because conflict keeps your leaders in office. Break the conflict model based in violence(legislated terrorism and group think mentality on superior numbers) and go back to negotiation and teamwork... 7 billion in your clan stop being bigots of birth and evolve.

Neuroscience and the Psychopath Inside with James Fallon

Time to listen to all the killers and war criminals with voices cheer and quote Martin Luther King while his killer roams free and the government model with secrets and ability to use snipers teams against it's own citizens thrives.

William Pepper: US Role Assassinating Martin Luther King…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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A conversation with Chris Lewis and Gerard Kenyatte Hay.

Checkers not chess... your enemy isn't the people who live in another nation but those they are captive physically or psychologically to. Stop making enemies of people who need to see the wretchedness in their own leaders.

This ends faster with a strategy to end the game nt playing by the hate rules of the game enslaving the entire human race to conflict.

There are people born to rage and fight but then there needs to be people who know better and are enders. Those who want the current models ended to build a better world everywhere.

Full speech

Ernie Gallo: The U.S.S Liberty: what really happened? What did not?

Know who owns you and who empowers them and why... this is how strategies are formed to solve real world issues. We are born slaves to this model, if you pay attention you can see who's calling the shots... the bill of rights and constitution stopped calling the shots the day the constitution was signed thus it was signed in distress to begin with. You let alone if you pick up and fight for you dog tag and registration... but if you advocate for others outside of you human farm fencing... unacceptable game penalty.

Exclusive: Angela Davis Speaks Out on Palestine, BDS & More After Civil Rights Award Is Revoked

All major powers will sacrifice any number of it's people if it's interest in keeping power or gaining more are threatened. If we could only evolve people out of having leaders thus powers over humanity... humans should be free like every animal not born in a zoo.

Former Oz PM Malcolm Fraser on USS Liberty

What true is true... ignore the sources. Most of what she says is true but I don't trust her nor anyone around her because I see how the game is played and both parties play it well to the masses.. None of them do service to the people, they al are doing a job for a paycheck and a retirement. Everything is controlled opposition.

Rashida Tlaib: The Senate’s Anti-BDS Bill Is an Unconstitutional Attack on Free Speech

Chess not checkers, the entire human race are allies given the correct data. and in a conversation with someone of some integrity listening and not picking sides but only solutions. We are played against each other, stop playing...

Rebel Rabbis: Anti-Zionist Jews Against Israel…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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Sustainable leadership over adults is giving them endless enemies to fight... it means most enemies manufactured will be among natural allies.

AT some point in source your soul back. TDS and Q anan are fantasy games. Games that are getting entire nations killed and preventing any real change to this evil system run astray by cronyism, Waiting til you put your puppets back in has to stop being the strategy. Nothing changes because our worship of our bigoted narratives based in our births... all to prevent the have nots from regaining any control in their government.

We need to fix our evil cuss of a system and ignore who sits in any of the chairs. For the sake of the next generation and the planet not for the sake of our birth egos anymore.

The left side of the game board falling in love with colonization for the sake of Trump Hate soap opera...

William Arkin and the US media's 'Trump circus'

The right side of the game board falling in love with conspiracies Loving everything Q and Trumps every word as if whispered from a God.

Conspiracy theories and the media…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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Humanity looked up saw god and the kings became biggers G gods everyday on human conflict. Every struggle is an energy struggle as gravity enslaves us. #ufo #freeEnergy #aliens

Electro Magnetic Gravitic Propulsion and Zero Point Energy or Dark Energy

Everything we see we achieve and thus we have always been becoming the little g gods. The supernatural is always revealed in time. The gods always drive and control us whether big G or littles g's. We are a cargo cult species and too many are still worshipping little G leaders.

Cargo Cult

Anti-Gravity Plasma Torus Centrifuge Engine TR-3B Astra Magnetic Field Disruptor

UFOs, Aliens & Steven Greer

A New Energy Paradigm

The Underdogs of New Energy

There is literally noway to count how many people have come forward to explain the technological jumps we made immediately after the 1940s. Possibly when Nikola Teslas notes explained how recovered craft worked.

Roswell's Mortician…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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Crystal are merely a resource used in energy technologies.. neither good nor bad like a car or a rocket but a tool. If anyone tells you your religions that all used them then and today don't permit the used of crystals... it's like a minister saying stop eating apples as he takes a bite. Crystals and precious minerals are in every electronic technology you used to do DO what last generations would see as MAGIC. Super nautral to one generation is just technology to a future one.

There is much more to crystal and precious stone just as there was to sage before science could explain what the ancients pretty all knew. Only modern humans engage in useless activity, in the past survival required we qualify everything we did and believe with a higher degree of scrutiny.

Thoth built the pyramid and placed a crystal on top to pull energy from the ether.

The Emerald Tablets and the Great Pyramid of Egypt | Ancient Architects

Characteristics of Crystals 1964 US Air Force Electronics Training Film

Pyramid structure now being studied to improved sensor and solar harvesting technology... we are almost little thoths harvesting from the ether and little g Gods building sensors to monitor everything including people on technology 30,000+ years old.

THIS is What You Must Know about Electromagnetic Chambers Discovered INSIDE Great Pyramid of Giza

The Strange Properties of Crystal!

Cave of Crystals

Ancient Temple Of Crystal Skull Found In India…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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I suspect while the ban age begun under John D Rockefeller(devil bill) was about alcohol power engines affection petroleum the empire. It would seem now it's being maintained to stop the evolution of human being and keep us in these dark ages maintaining psychopaths on all thrones that matter.

I don't need to believe in mushrooms just on nature and us being a part of a world we are banned from. And to be clear I've never done a "drug" in life.

End your war natures, you are evil.

How the hell do you schedule 1 and make illegal what saves lives and expands clarity, empathy and focus? Perhaps if those are the things you don't want in your populations because with those characters people are more prone to conflict, division and abuse of each other? How the hell do you ban something we have been eating since the beginning of time that GOD made and you print on your fake money money "IN GOD WE TRUST" ... seems you only trust in greed, death and conflict to stay in power.

Microdosing: People who take LSD with breakfast - BBC News

When Giant Fungi Ruled

Michael Pollan: Magic mushrooms and LSD could help solve mental health crisis | ITV News

I hard to believe any one in their right mind would chastise relief to the worst most draconian biggest enslavement system on this planet... either truth is stranger than fiction on money break all. Great 1st step law, good job please keep it coming, human beings in cages need desperate help not politics because you don't like the source.

Can US criminal justice move beyond the First Step Act?

In my top 3 Rogan interviews:
#1. Abby Martin
#2. Elon Musk
#3. Paul Stamets A must watch

Joe Rogan Experience #1035 - Paul Stamets…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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Puppet with no wardrobes have no place to attached the strings. Nothing wrong with identity but understand how it's always used. Consider being more... #kingdomShutdownYay

Identity is a thing isn't it... the poisonous things it can be used for. The very concept that we aren't all 100% unique.

Rwanda bans skin bleaching products from shops countrywide

You will know who owns your nation when it's time to be whipped. Focus on anything other than that reality is embracing our enslavement. Thus most news in the U.S is prefixed with Trump now and before it was always Obama.

Bolton ignores Trump at Israel’s request

Kabuki theatre... the peasant never get to know the real tech that will be turned on them until it's time.

'Hi-Tech' Russian Robot Revealed As Just A Man In A Suit

If it was released congress was printing money to fund Russia killers robots for Americans It would make perfectly good sense and be historically accurate with feudal behavior of lords colluding on population reduction. Too many mouths to feed based on the allocation of their greed. I'd bet this is an outdated robot.... and if I'm totally wrong and feudal governing history doesn't repeat itself when the people are blinded... how is it a bad thing to take away all government secrecy? It can only benefit the entire earth in every way. But identity forms the foundation that keeps our BETTERS in power.

This Russian robot shoots guns

Do I have a heart for the 800,000 in the shutdown over the millions being genocided, invaded and killed. The way my heart works is you need to stop working for killers if you can. It's the order followers and logistical support systems that keep up and evil heartless ruling system... it was always the support that did no direct harm that kept the evil prolific in history. How you money matters as well as how much you need to live within modest means.

The federal government has needed a TOTAL shutdown, reboot and upgrade from being the largest violator of human rights and life for decades now. Working for evil isn't logical if we have an entire earth modeled in evil to undo. Fight the power stop working for it, rage against the machine stop being sprockets for it.... if you can and still eat.

Donald Trump plans televised address as shutdown threatens payday for 800,000…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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Sure... this can end well bringing another atypical predator into the fray with Humans and Oligarchs Robots

Great discussion, he hit all the major points points and why secrecy plays it's rob in lobbying your politicians to NEVER do what you want unless it can be skewed for big profit but usually means we have to surrender some rights. They record and log everything so even if your politicians stops taking bribes or never did, they have a plan B to bribe them into anything greed determines... more great evidence it doesn't matter who's in office when the system is designed to control the leaders. Only people united can undo a system like that, No amount of voting will ever change in.

Whistleblower Crackdown & John Kiriakou

Yay giants chickens to clean the earth of human(Peeeeepal) slugs like a garden.

When power outpasses wisdom... it's like dropping off guns in daycares...

The Dawn of Killer Robots (Full Length)

One of the greatest shows that was canceled. Surface on NBC, playing God with dna in a generation you barely know what DNA is.

Surface - NWO TV

Priority of our new congress is to protect zionist from American boycotts not protect American children from starvation or lives of slavery from fed reserve unpayable debt schemes.

First Bill is Anti-BDS Legislation…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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What's it? What should we all(earth life with in-sourced intellects) be tracking?

The origin of TDS is 6 companies owning the 90% of the media showing people what they want to see to tune in.

Sucked into matrix of Trump TV: What 2018 was like for US mainstream media viewers

What was tracking around millions of years ago in earth when human didn't exist? What happened to the vehicle/cart/rover?

Ancient Tank Tracks Found In Turkey?

Ancient Vehicle Tracks..Ruts of Malta part 2…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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Spot Personal Ignorance, upgrade and Resolve daily. The next generation needs to follow in wisdom's footsteps not older children's. #niceGestures #endingTheWorld

When you turn your government on people like a rabid dog... they will always turn back on you. Labeling the popular terrorist young Caucasian and African american males... and as they all should be raised in hate, lack of freedom and poverty. Children who hate are the only real people in conversation highlighting the legislated hate of nation... not pretending we are good because we resolve once a year and watch selective news only highlighting our sides minimal to none existent apathetic good.

Typical terrorists' profiled in new study, stereotypes shattered

Why can't Santas find any kids in Mosul to give presents to... I dunno maybe they are mostly dead or migrated by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin and they know you yelling Bernie/Trump 2020 so more bombs are guaranteed to be on way? Killing kids to not give them present made on slave labor for another continents kids you enslaved after killing their parents. Thats... civilized.

Christmas in ruins: Santas barely find kids to hand presents to in devastated Mosul

UK as hypocritical and every other government and it's political people... bombing and trafficking weapons on every continent and backing up big oil plastic petroleum industry with millions of murdered lives.... hypocrites need untruthful environments conducive to hypocrisy of it just doesn't work well. But I cheer my local wegmans for converting to all plant based bags. A corporation that in that move gives more a damn about protecting ecosystems than any politicians in off or a mostly useless EPA.

Plastic-free schools? UK govt criticized over calls to drop single-use items by 2022

A great wrap up the the 2019 lies, hypocrisy and "grow the hell up and like an adultsims".... we have build something decent for the next generation not fill the coffers of the psychopaths that bought all of your lying politicians. So bad at lying they can't even hide it anymore and you still have a bumper sticker of the war criminal genocidal maniacs next to an honor roll sticker?

CrossTalk Bullhorns: Looking at ‘19

We can keep lying while kids are dying or be honest. Switching politicians butts in the chair is useless. A complete waste of time and energy they all agree with dropping bombs on kids because it's what they all do. You flip the chairs and they just taking turns as popular psychopaths on your ignorance of reality. Our problems are obvious and massive and none of then related to who sits in any chair in Washington. Cheering anyone 2020 is a demand for more war.

Bernie Sanders War Votes…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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There is Soul-full, Soul-less but also souli-sh. These of control of colonized human-ish soul-ish creatures. Control is/was always the goal. Fighting the fights that will matter... if the kids deserve the earth abundance and the earth deserves no more psychopath tribal kids raised to selectively hate and conflict.... then fight for the earth not chicken bones and patches to a system designed to only divide and oppress for kings, lords or corporate coffers.

I used to be soulish fighting for a segment of the population more then all. Til I realized I was being played on having pride in selective history with a timestamp to be controlled by popular colonizers who looked like me no different then colonizers who didn't. They gave me pride ins soul-ishness until I saw their control scam to ad me to their will to join the colonizers leadership. We are one human race only... bury me on earth or at sea with all my ancestors before i'll sell any of my cousins out again.

U.S Stocks plummeting YAYYYYY a great day of jubilee. Signs the plantations having troubles. Stop investing and working for slavers. Don't critique the slave trade for thousands of years if your vested in slave labor today.

US stocks slump continues before Christmas break

They call it gun control because poor people control might help you figure it out. Almost every gun on the street and used in a crime was sold by the "gun controller" black market to poor people because the "gun controllers" made a war on natural medicine called the war on drugs. The "gun controllers" aren't ending the war on drugs nor ending their global black market gun trade because it's not your safety that gains your compliance but your fear of being unsafe handing over power via naiveness of history.

Baltimore police begin cash-for-guns campaign to check violence

Have a soul, Link... Progress... grow your soul and links to all your cousins daily.

"Keeping our culture is what saved African from becoming a soulless people from attempts making them soulless people without a history. And if culture does link people together it does stimulate progress." Macky Soul President Senegal

A great read, uncanny the link in thought process between the old testament, what Christ taught and Sumerians tablets revealed. Consciousness, ascension, heaven, hell, love, kindness, human conflict, etc. With a dab of quantum entanglement and understanding of dimensions. In a nation on no evidence 2 political parties are any different and most believe... i'm review "mythology" as possible, partially or totally true all day long.

New Emerald Tablets of Thoth Documentary 2018 The Worlds Most Mysterious Ancient Texts

If true... it explains Hitler reallocating forces during a war for the world to look for ancient technology and Russia and America rushing to defeat Hitler and get the foo fighters completely letting Hitler escape. Explains all the secrecy around the pyramid and Americans Alphabet agencies in Eygpt... explains all the drilling heard at night by locals and the attempts to get local to forget about playing in massive caves systems and city under giza... Thoth said he left his ship buried under rock building a large stone lion on top... explains edgar caseys predictions about the sphinx and the tales of atlantis. With their is enough evidence mythology just become popularly hidden history because "soullish" people are just easier to full in an abundant universe full of life that arrived and started cargo cult religions..

Thoth TABLETS finally DECODED - Scholars left Completely Speechless

Lines up with Thoth explanation of how technology caused the flooding of atlantis... being on a known geologically unstable area that made the geocentric rings. At some point we have to accept colonizers deleting our history to make us controllable soul-ish human-ish things to farm for power is as much as human nature and anything else.#atlantis #plato #thoth

The Lost City of Atlantis - Hidden in Plain Sight - Advanced Ancient Human Civilization…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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More News on Why the Gods must be crazy to have made us.

Interesting discussion but I see no point to it other than reinforcing keep raising our kids the same way. It's better they feel uncomfortable with us around than end up alone in a bad situation they/we never saw coming. But Also I see the way imagery/keywords are used to play naive people on to sides. I don't think for one minute the producers did not stage the stereotypical opposing looks of sides to increase viewership.

More of the talk about the problems but ignore the professional telling us we can eradicate them removing artificial scarcity legislated to create conflict and feed our rights to corporations. Creating abusers from legislated abusive home lives is just a bonus creating more industries like foster care and mass incarceration to NOT solve problems.

‘Teaching about consent early’: Should parents encourage kids to give hugs at Christmas? (DEBATE)

Interesting example of our waste and also how none of your politicians print any money to create hemp plastic industries... a dying ocean and the fear and debate of not solving the problem is some of the best fake disaster capitalism I've seen Devil Bills model of the world cough up.

Santa made of 10,000 plastic bottles sends green message

And as always I appreciate reminder the earth and universe works hard to reclaim our nitrates into the soil in every way... while we self destructively conflict with each other in every way we're told.

Petrified remains of horses unearthed near Pompeii in ancient villa

Finally a look at the dems and reps wall. Total waste of the time and money when it was both's idea. It's all to maintain conflict of jobs and immigration. Both fantasy ideas if automation was still used for what it always was... to make human life easier instead of a few corporations wealthier. There is no profit in letting robots take on the heavy lifting and send some parents back home to raise the kids and do more important work...

US-Mexico border wall's 'beautiful' design revealed... public not impressed

BLACKWATER now it's revealed what the anitwar troop pullout by an unpopular president was designed to invoke in the prowar stance of the left because Trump said it. The leadership of the left and right playing adults stroke after stroke for more war and domination and they emotionally always fall in. It's just sad to watch it president after president making the dark ages envious of what atrocities are possible with such a egocentric divided populous. If your a woman in the Syria or Afghanistan you are going to want to pick up some change of address forms on your way home. American politics is about to ensure no safety turning nations into profitable CIA disasters post invasion.

We are coming’: Blackwater ad triggers fears Trump is seeking to privatize Mideast wars

We can grow whale meat but of course we don;t forced government to use technology to solve problems only to kill more and make more profit from problems for corporations. This is why Aliens have no interest in us in space or saying hi. Who would let us psychopaths killing everything undefended and each other into safe space?

Japan announces IWC withdrawal to resume commercial whaling

If we aren't or were we should be isolated to die die in our popular lack of sentience violent ignorance.

Is Earth an Alien Cosmic Prison Planet?

What does a sentient species or even person look like... or even what does one trying to be one look like.

10 Characteristics of Highly Evolved Beings and Civilizations in the Universe…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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Elevate beyond and above the popular foolishness of greater numbers

Because it makes sense to exile exiled people to an island start the zombie apocalypse instead of ending the wars, artificial scarcity and planned obsolesce of Devil Bills commodotized human farm world.

Denmark approves plan to send unwanted migrants to 'virus' island

It really is simple.

Jacque Fresco How to Educate Kids

My favorite scene for my zombie fetish... Hopefully it doesn't start form Denmarks ridiculous idea of converting virus test labs to an asylum camp... but this husband leaves his wife and child to zombies to save himself. Not unlike the cowardis of western nations killing/ being indifferent to a planet of family members for self gain. We have the technology and finally fix all the metaphorical zombie feeding on the human race since the beginning. But we rather killing our cousins or let then die with the tech or keeping it from them. Don't cower for what feeds on our human race, that's for cowards on wall street and banks trying to fill bank accounts.

28 Weeks Later escape scene

Remember that time in the movies they cured cancer not using a world full of scientist collectively. But with handful because we kept the psychopathic self destructive model of conflict within the race for survival and tech advancement as a unnecessary side effect. The earth is easy to fix when the model is self centered and survival of the greediest for a nice retirement after you to old to enjoy it.... at best. Solution everywhere for our ill world but we are victims of or birth bigoted based ignorances. #zeitgeistMovement #venusProject #ubuntuCommunities

I Am Legend Opening Scene

A business plan to dominate an entire world. You must not know what a king is nor what they'll always done if you think this isn't a technology based business plan. if not then certainly being implemented today. No government and no business can have secrets anymore. We need to evolve out of monkey brained concepts killing the uncivilization earth wide.

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars Document - Full Read…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

music by:

Architected the world on rule by force, but after the avalanche is flowing it take a world to grow up and make education the force force. We fail by ignorance.

Designed a world by force abusing his kids and carry on the legacy forcing each other. We are all Rockerfellers. We keep the model of conflict and force when we know education/information and love solves everything faster and sustainable. The world isn't broken, it was designed by psychopaths and we keep the avalanche flowing.

Eddie Bravo Drops Red Pills | Joe Rogan Astounded

If your were rockerfeller of shoes or other products reused bamboo could replace you would buy a law to ban the reuse of bamboo. You would come up with a great reason of why reused bamboo was dangerous, produce studies on how dangerous it is.

Every environment has prolific free energy... if banning and dominating the market by force is allowed, someone will. Recycle, reuse and never agree on ideas of violence forcing any idea. Time to let the rockerfellers model die and make a new world on truthful education working together not as competitors so the top can hoard more. Free hemp end the war on all nature ending the war on drugs, no more infringement on nature that worked well for billions of years before John D Rockefeller and all of us worshiping his model.

Hong Kong's bamboo: Project gives material new purpose

Show people your love, educate people on your kindness... they were lied to about you. Don't prove the lies correct showing your mutual ignorance not knowing what lack of exposure in a conflict based society does in the human brain. Hate is cure with love and fueled with "fighting" it.

1 trillion dollars, 170,000 humans dead, 5000 U.S troops... on an invasion started in John D Rockefellers war for oil and war on drugs. Those who start the models for the wars and profit on the death never pay a price.... in fact we praise them and honor them and televise the worship of them as war criminals... the soldiers get a flag and the foreigners just become nitrate. This model is psychopathic and all the leaders show the apathy of psychopaths to their citizens, troops and foreigners lives because we cheer them as people not chastise them and staff of the industry killing earth..

We can blame the troops and the Rockefellers but the killers the fuel it all... those who make it all possible and remain profitable is in our mirrors. We can stop and build a better world any day we decide to stop fighting competitors but the architecture requiring conflict to survive.

Inside Tajikistan: The front line of the war on drugs


Is Saudi Arabia torturing women's rights activists?

Just like in America open source election machines might be elections machines but secret ones will never be honest... never in a crony world. Dishonesty is required in the dark.

DRC's new electronic machines 'could help rig election'

In a correction in my fake news the lucian alliance does not run FB but the global alliance {NATO}. While these groups are very similar one colonizes from being colonized and the other is a root colonizer. #stargate…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

music by:

Anyone who denies it has the most dangerous foreign human energy policy. #treaties #worldPeace #syriaExit

Another hint Hollywood dropped way back in the 80's but we didn't believe the those who own our governments were then, now and always were trying got rule the world for whatever rules them. We turn on each other and they always win because the world model is survival and division over energy that's always been free.

Real Genius laser final (1985)

The clear and present danger is always those who have the most world ruling power. We are all genetically encoded to consume energy and will always default to ruling on fear. Freedom comes from no powers... then all get power and empowered.

'Do you seek to rule the world?' Putin: ...

We are the fuel to rule the world... until we make something for them more efficient then kill us. We aren't victims of our success, just victims of our popular ignorance and keeping human survival link to giving power on a planet none should have because well meaning abuse it is required and historical.

Real Genius Trailer

Troops coming home is a good thing... it's scary peasants aren't cheering this and calling it a bad idea. Our slave minds have done deep long lasting damage. Placing troops in Syria was a traitorous act for oil and countless lost their lives for oil companies again. Let those who will go fight for greed take up guns and go fight for corporate greed speak up. But of course we didn't win, there was nothing to win, war is always a racket and lie... a reality TV shows for corporations to make money and we have millions of adults lost enough to still believe in and worship violence over real solutions, prevention and limiting corporate profits within mass murder projects.

Trump: 'We've won against ISIS, we've beaten them badly'

If the democrats and republicans say its a bad idea, if the media says it's a bad idea.... if wall street and war street says it's bad... I LOVE IT! IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Always stand for the right thing. Foreign policy is merely hoe they get peasants to embrace their evil forceful rule the world plans. If neighbors in sustainable communities that work don't have neighbor policies, than to make earth sustainably work no nation can have foreign policies involving violence. National security is not making a world of neighbors that hate you. We aren't syrian.

US plans complete withdrawal of troops from Syria: officials…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

music by:

Focus on the system that stole your lunch money not the description of the perp. In a
crony world, the perp descriptions always come from the those who actually robbed you. Proceed to ignore every politicians with what to do any except they are honest telling you they don't determine anything but a billionaires do.

How about we stop pretending any politician or political party that need C02 and destroying ecosystems to stay employed are doing anymore than playing your gullibility.

How about we don't call it Climate Change but call it doing what your elders past down to you before you started watching TV for your ideal, morals and ethics? Call it listening to all our elders change back?

Five things we can do to combat climate change

Why is Putin so worried about rap and rock? He wants a lost population selling out each other and themselves like America. He need them dividing and fighting each other over the lunch money the oligarchs stole. America lost population is the model for all nations and it comes from conflict and division fighting each other, so he's not going to let the 80's rebellious times happen in Russia.

Sex{smiles}, Protest{standing up to authority} and drugs{having the fearless effect of spirituality} can't be embolden in the youth or they will have the formula/power and numbers needed to raise all ships.

Putin wants Kremlin to control rap music in Russia

Fighting the power not fighting to have the power over others. Stop fighting to become the oppressor.

Public Enemy - Fight The Power

Rage against the machine ... not rage to become the machine and become the deciders deciding.

Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name

Who made who? Did you make the government? Did you make the machine or did they make you? Who made who who rules, who made you? Who turns the screws? Peasants or billionaires?

AC/DC - Who Made Who

Peasant Zombies... billionaires zombies... The current zombie Apocalypse

The Cranberries - Zombie

$2 is a snack for me but it's a big deal to you. Doing what we were raised to do.... most of ya'll spend all that money o big colleges ans still come out confused. Civilazation are we really civilized... on him we walk.. have we gone to far?

Arrested Development - Mr. Wendal

We are the world, the world is all cousins.... a broken family. Heed the call, the billionaires no longer need our ignorant service in war and selling out a planetary and local family for smaller reason they farmed and indoctrinated us to.

USA for Africa - We are the World

Understand the gravity of our real situation, very old drone technology produced long ago. While many are still playing with politics like it's not all a distraction. The paradigm of the planet is shifting and they are ensuring we emotional morons blaming/targeting each other will have no say.


Stopping moeing for the lying news distracting you from everything important. They trained and raised you well, starve and kill you but your not cattle your a captive cow. You have horns, and while you may be a captive you don't have to suffer the slave mind.

Human Farming - Our Enslavement…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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Secrets... why climate change is a thing, reasons for human conflict and division . All patents must go. #deceit

Not UFO's but IFO Tesla perhaps designed or explained, Germans worked on and Russia and America perfected but hold quietly waiting to see if WW3 will come before the earth ecosystem collapse for keeping the world in oil cars since the 1800's for oil companies. An earthwide, civilizationwide competiton model that on every level demostrates the worst in us all. Rather destory a planet then not get a paycheck of anysize.

Putting yourself in other shoes... people rare conflict, greed of leaders place then into conflict. Usually both sides on the dehumanization of the "others". Abundant free energy and abundant empathy can restart our evolution, at least back to where were were before agriculture created a need for human labor.

Israeli exhibition showcases Palestinian home life in VR


Survival of the fittest competition has held back our development eons perhaps. We created a corrupt crony world that needs to end. Greed as a driver for technological developed will only always give you the slowest development with a ton of corruption. We manifest what we are at all levels and fighting within a species over anything including money or resources by job or war is monkey brain level at best. zero thought at worst considering everything is out to extinct us and reclaim out energy.

Nikola Tesla - 1st Electric Car in 1918 That Regenerate Electricity from the Earth

This is why i'm fast becoming and anarchist... your government never has served the people and still doesn't. Belief in government is whats behind humans coming extinction with almost every other significant ill on the planet. Corporate greed and government always walk hand in hand

Nikola Tesla's Death Exposed - The Theft & Cover Up of Nikola Tesla - Nikola Tesla's Death Ray

TPP was the largest trade deal ever until now... billionaires always get their way which means jobs overseas where labor is cheaper as always. America looting solidly to continue proving it doesn't matter who is Washington. If people are honest the kabuki theater should be obvious. Cash is king and the king will always take the cash or meet JFK. Good try with Obama and Trump but it's the system that has to go for any real change.

‘Largest trade deal ever made’: Trump might intervene after the arrest of Huawei boss

Teens flee to survive like all creature on earth and in my nation the adults constructed 18 foot walls to insure maximum injury to any human that dare flee the destruction is levies on it's neighbors in greed.... humans that have been migration to live until every thing natural law and Christ taught was embraced showing its not in God nor nature we trust but in the money Christ hated that it's printed on.

2 teen migrants injured as they fall from US border fence

When you send armed men over your border to another's country... you can expect the people who live there to react badly to the invasion. They are IDF when peacefully in on their lands but invaders when they bring military murder machines and guns to another land. Never condone violence but being clear armed men don't invade land to defend but to loot and rob land.

West Bank shootings kill three Palestinians, two Israelis

Something are hard to comment on with a straight face... how many millions have been spent chasing an obvious fabrication on top of lies. How many people have died and starved in the nation and abroad why fools played drama division games.

$4,700 worth of ‘meddling’: Google questioned over ‘Russian interference’…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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Looking at current events pretending the peasants have influence other than labor as livestock.

Nations are as real as democracys and unicorns... but of course there is more evidence of unicorns, lock ness and bigfoot then people have influence in American government. How many studies have already explained America is an oligarchy yet we keep trying to solve real problems like it will ever work. An oligarch infestation isn't dealt with pretending your have a democracy. That's how you dig the oligarchy in deeper until revolution is require to inoculate it. The shame is most don't care their kids will have to clean up their mess because their caught up in political drama that isn't real.

America Is An Oligarchy & It Was Admitted At A GOP Debate

I'm not saying we are going to war for nuts but it's suspicious we have an out of control lobby system and it all seems nuts. It wouldn't be the 1st time we were lied into war but the 1st time they were honest.

There are two bones of contention between US & Iran – nuclear programme and... pistachios

Shut down the government... twice... three time pretty please but all of it everyone and turn of the lights give it all back states or the teletubbies anything. Slavery, mass incarceration, weapons dealers, genociders, empire and oppression ignoring the constitution, bill of rights, common sense, ethics, ten commandments and sentience under every administration was a bad project. It should be more obvious America doesn't have a government, maybe never did. They are United Stated department of Wall Street serving as wardens of a police state and empire.

‘Taking the mantle’: Trump ready to shut down the govt over border wall funding

Why Bernie Sanders worries America is becoming an oligarchy

Not an account error, they print the money and don't give 2 damns your kids will pay it back in blood. The nation is being looted to starve them into conflict and police state to keep the empire. Did the pentagram(not gon) find the 12 trillion yet? Did they eve start looking? of course not. They have a divided gullible population that hate each other more then making anything decent for their kids, why would they?

Oops! US taxpayers paid for refueling of Saudi jets bombing Yemen due to 'accounting error'

As we look back and pretend the foolish lifelong task of greed and taking it with us stopped... yet we have have society models based in taking our piglets, horse and chariots with us... spending entire lives on consumerism and nothing of any consequence when we die. Only now we agree to no be buried with it but give it up in death taxes to our lords.

‘Leaping towards the grave’: Rare Iron Age chariot with horses is an ‘unparalleled’ find

Washington complaining about Venezuela working with Russia... a nation we toppled more than once and kill much of their population. Then the hubris to say Russia flying 2 planes their is ignoring it's citizens while Washington continues the never ending project of starving it's population and looting the country with well over 20 imperial bases worldwide. Nations don't exist anymore but as long as people keep fighting fantasy wars in fantasy land because corporations setup people in regions up for conflict... these might be the bombers that nuke us in our ignorance money/power runs the world. It stays in power because we divide up easy on our birth bigotries.

RT correspondent witnesses landing of Russian Tu-160 bombers in Venezuela…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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The adults who keep the crazy factory churning are the nuts. Starve a fire of fuel and put out the inferno. Stop letting the balrog pass, take out the feet ignore the face. #violentKids #bornToRage

Guns are just a tool and we insure millions of kids have to pick them up to solve problems. Because violence has always been a cultivated commodity like any crop. And as long as we have people uneducated enough to blame the kids made into youth the commodity will draw higher profits. They get you to blame guns because they're always in cahoots to keep you from the ugly truth.... their jobs are to keep you just emotionally useless enough to solve no problems they thrive on.

Is this the answer to stopping US gun violence?

Indifferent because where a president penis was is more important... again then where the penis's are of those they arm to the teeth in the 3rd world and black market nationwide with the military industrial complex and war on drugs all your politicians draw funding from. We live in a world that has a doctor inventing new procedures having become a aficionado treating 50,000 rape victims of the western weapons deals. Apathetically we do nothing to stop the destabilizing worlds because ego/drama is more important and political wins than standing down purchased governments. Why did he treat 50,000 woman unnecessarily because you gullible enough to wave blue and wave red while only blood runs? We have no hard problems but ego.

World's indifference to sexual violence must end: Nobel laureates

When are we going to stop giving a pass to fires we can put out. Fires neuro scientists solved almost a century ago? Fires we keep tossing water at the top of because those who birthed and are fed by the balrog tell us to? There should be no war on drug and not one weapon ever leave any nation for another. No laws that increased desperation for children/people to survive by peaceful means. Starve violence of people using it to solve survival we evolve.

You Shall Not Pass - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Killers aren't made by nature nor nurture but both because damaging the cortex is a literal profitable legislated commodity by various industries drowning impoverished kids environmentally in serotinin,

Exploring the mind of a killer | Jim Fallon…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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What this unity thing all about? Are we going to kill the next generation? Talking with a young brother I just met. Getting his take on unity and ending tribaltics to become a greater people to leave a better earth then what we found.

Couldn't avoid the idea rumbas are spreading poo on carpets worldwide. Runaway tech... just when you think the robots spraying amazon employees was the end of the mental illness/dumb AI imature processes we are putting in robots. As opposed to open source,highly effiecent nongreed evolving world. Like we are family and should be working as hive.. like we are fagile if not dumb species.

Human right before all politics. They put the cart before the horse every day with tribal politics... we have to get the basic right before teaming up. The articles should be marching orders for every human being. It's so close to the us constitution it's a huge step towards sovereignty and freedom of human beings. All 30 are evolution based even the the UN is mostly monstrous and it's nation all violates human rights daily.

What are the human rights issues facing the world today?

The 30 articles

Universal Declaration of Human Rights…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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We need a startgate to a New World Unorder based in freedom not human earthling domination. Feud(ing)alism has failed the planet. Let us slay the feudal dragons. #freedom #WorldPeace

Yellow Vest... time for Macron to go? Do people actually get to determine their government? Always stand with the people if your a people.. never stand with a system. We shouldn't be feud over basic allegiance to our species. Feudalism still reigns because we feud over sentient topics like we aren't.

CrossTalk Bullhorns: Time to go?

The world isn't burning it's burn. We released a feudal dragon that's burned the world colonizing with central banks feeding on our little greeds to make infinite wealth by shoving an entire planets resources into their bank accounts. A great analogy because in the movie the dragon kill everything including themselves then reappear millions of years later when someone is stupid enough to wake them again when the planet if full of what they thrive on. Foolish people who want more than their neighbors.

Reign of Fire - Trailer

Her crime... working for a company completing with the billionaires that bought the United States and pimp it out as the global police largely on using small electronics to control it's people and bribe politicians. Matters not if China or America spy on you, neither are run by Americans nor Chinese just international psychopaths competing to shove an entire earths resources into a planet..

Huawei CFO’s arrest rattles investors, markets tumble

The Kennedeys were exterminated. A nation with 100% survelance is completely ownable. You can bribe anyone almost anywhere in the FAA or Air Force. It should be obvious that an oil based mafia run the world.

JFK Jr Unbelievable Cover-Up Documentary

Yemen another country sick of being colonized, colonizers leave. You don't live there. If northern Yemen want to stay colonized its their choice like in the south. But you have no right to murder people steal their land with a smile. How many times will we what indigenous population be geneocided before people back people and call out their popular psychopaths in all parties.

Differences slow down Sweden peace talks to end Yemen war

Please save a stargate ticket for me. This family feud is going to extinct the planet.... again.

Ancient Stargates Documentary 2018 Have the Portals of the Gods Been Discovered…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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Time to look for anomalies and stop trusting the kings saying shoot the helicopters. Climate Change, poverty, ecosystem destruction and resources wars is an "Are We Alone" discussion. #noSecrets #boblazar #element115

How many thousands of top level professional have to come forward to get us to finally trust what all our ancestors said take back our high technology heritage for the planet... no more for the elites power struggle game over us. NATO report on on aerial threats in the 1960's.

UFOs the Truth Robert Dean

Shooting low orbit lasers at UFO's... because we are the minimal contacted sentinelese on an island in a great sea. We just use lasers as disclosed by whistleblowers and the chinese government.

NASA accidentally films UFO from Space Shuttle

This is us on earth... perhaps illegal for us to visited as well. But then again scripture doesn't talk about earth being protected for the demons chained til the end.

#NorthSentinelIsland #USMissionaryKilled #UncontactedTribe
The History of North Sentinel Island - And Why it's Illegal to Visit

How many more hints do we need we are killing a planet and billions we don't have to? That technology has been found/recovered that is a game changer either for murderous military weapons, metering more energy starving the world into conflict or rebooting the world model into something more sentient evolved. Open source the entire earth before too late.

Bob Lazar Exposes Reverse Engineered UFO Technology And Element 115 Over 30 Years Ago!

A starving world being kept from what it needs to survive is supposed to revolt. They didn't make the model, they were scammed and the no government is being honest with what they have behind closed doors... still play greed national games with human extinction.

Monday is here: 'Yellow Vest' protest aftermath

Abusive Kingdom policing... ending in endless children being murdered by their states. The worldwide side effect of starving the worlds population in a game of thrones style game with power over subjects by our elites.

#Athens #Grigoropoulos #Exarchia
Violent clashes between police & students on anniversary of cop fatally shooting teen in Greece

A great stop playing the evidence is too compelling grow up on being alone conversation by Lionel.

UFOs and EBEs Are Here, Real, Verifiable and You're Being Condition for the Official Announcement

Tribal earths kept ignorant and extremely devolved and dangerous. Angels and demons from the modern world universe not allowed. We have stories of abductions and killing our islanders. And we need to harvest and back engineer your tall ships.

Christian Missionary Pays Ultimate Price For Contacting Ancient Tribe (2018)

Latest Bob Lazar interview on his completely no profit to him disclose tothe world documentary. Time we stop playing and demand all technology into the public domain whether ancient egyptian, progenitors, crashed or off world found.

EXCLUSIVE: The Bob Lazar Interview…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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What is a religion? Whats cult? What deserve more respect? What a Trump Supporter? Obama Supporter? Is Vegan a religion? #faithBased

It's pretty stupid we still have child workers and politicians without body cameras. When those who can use our collective power or empathy to kill or abuse aren't watched... bad things will always happen and we will never know what's true. But of course we have top of the line cameras on drones to murder people don't like while kids are in the building too.

Nepal's Children at Risk | 101 East

Is vegan a religion or belief systems? Are we evolved enough to let everyone have passionate beliefs without forcing our on them or be fired? Ina time where almost everything going and popular is selectively faith based.

Lettuce pray: Is veganism a philosophical belief & religion? UK tribunal to decide

hahahahaha DOD is investigating Huawei for violating trade sanctions... not spying on a few people the way they spy on the entire world from every device. Do as I say not as i corruptly do. Can't make this ignorant crony government up.

#Huawei #Canada #China
China-America tensions heat up: Huawei CFO faces extradition to US

I honestly don't give 2 damns China or any government spies on me on a phone when my government spies on me on everything and my entire world full of my cousins. Complicit in the deaths from Lavoy Finicum to ghettos to Michael Hastings to Seth Rich To JFK To MLK to Honduras and every country in Latin America .... Do your thing China, I hope you are. When there is a balance of power there is peace.

Are Huawei Phones Being Used to Spy on Americans?

Great Analysis on the cronyisms colonizing mindset behind the arrest of the CFO.

The Real Reason USA is BANNING China Phones

Great protest, visual impacting! Protesting is an art in getting people to tap into their conscious in the world separating them from it. Rape like most abuse/violence only still exist prolifically because the conditions that proceed it are profitable to the governments we love to ignore or profit from. Because we use the resource of the world for greed and war not evolving mankind. We would know exactly what happened if she were Jamal Khoshaggis or any billionaires 16 year old sister.

Bodies in plastic bags: Acquittal of two men in a rape case provokes protests in Buenos Aires

People die from lack of shelter and worldwide we are ok with that because it's profitable to keep people away from their lives in millions of ways. A fraction of war spending could print a house for everyone alive and the next couple of generations. When you really understand the ability of the current known automation, AI, robotic... excluding what is kept top secret for the war machine.

3D printers print ten houses in 24 hours…/UCrzle2qRfWGW…

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