Are we sure keeping humans the citizens of corporations is good idea? We are all born bigots... but we don't have to stay broken. #opiods #synthetics #addiction #divideAndConquer #divideAndDrug

Synthetic opioids are driving an overdose crisis

Purdue Pharma facing lawsuits over growing ‘opioid epidemic’

One Nation, Overdosed: Documentary On The Deadliest Drug Crisis In American History

hailand to ban electronic waste imports after China move

Russian MoD makes statement: New evidence on Il-20 downing off Syrian coast

Under-reported: The treatment of Uighur Muslims in Xi's China

Russia to send S-300 missile defence systems to Syria


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Betrothed to foolishness #rambo #betrothed #TRADEwARS

Back to burning plastic... as if our governments didn't know it was coming but didn't care as usual. Making tanks to murder people great.... recycle your own or limiting plastic use is bad.

Global waste industry rocked by China import ban

China banning a political party. China learning from the U.S corprotacracy and how to quell the will of all people.
Hong Kong issues unprecedented ban on Andy Chan’s separatist National Party

The story of China's Southern Media Group

US finally realized it and of course the news is never reported focusing on the reason... poverty and ignores the other poor communities of other races... if the problem is racist police then there is nothing real to fix above them. The war on the poor can keep raging profitably.

US report: Minorities are targets of police brutality in schools

Yemenis find refuge, little else, in Djibouti's Obock camp

The economic toll of China-US trade war

Philippines landslide: Anger over quarry operations in area


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Be have a world full of little girls and kids who need you to get their back and support... more than your habitual support for the corporate masters on all sides of the earth plantation who's job is dividing, oppressing and trafficking us all.

Money doesn't make the world go round but information thus the criticality of wikileaks modeled human/earth rights organizations.

Bring the fences down... enough with this fear to be real. Woman/babies girls are commodities across nigeria, a practice held because of poverty inflicted locally and by the west for resources/competition. And yet are not we selling our children to bank for a gentler debt sell to address national debts? Do we not trafficking kids future through social security numbers?

Competition may be the antichrist as the entire world and everything living thing in it has been turned into commodities.

#oneRace #SustainablehumanFarming #metoo #humanTrafficking #competitionAsAModel #trokosi #julianAssange #freeJulian #wikileaks

Assange's last video before communications cut at Ecuadorian Embassy in London

'Money wives': the children sold to repay debts

Addiction to sugar, war, violence, tribalism, competition, death, income, greed.... we are prone to addictions... some more than others... warrior gene and adaptation science everywhere. We re being played by our genetic adaptations.

Hurricane Florence aftermath: Pollution spills into waterways

The resources to keep instability never to prepare for hurricanes or see to human life. Taking life as a model with no respect for it. Traffic the weapons to both side and kill most of the other side not selling out the local population sustainability/resources.

A model repeated through all systems including religions. By Kavanaugh is the threat to woman and human trafficking not those Kavanaugh want to join? #metoo #justUs #hypocrisy #controlledOppositionEverywhere


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It's not the act but the unsustainable greed from innovation that kills the hosts. #greed #industrialComplex #enoughIsEnough

China is caging the oceans wilds like colonizers have caged the humans. How long do we continue models based in ownership of life? We see the warning signs in marine life human life the yet we cheer to continue it.

- Biden calling Trump voters dregs of society...

- More Kavanaugh distractions to keep people focused on everything but whats actually signifiant.

The World's Youngest Murderers…

U.S. Government Spying on RT?…

CrossTalk on Kavanaugh nomination: Dregs of society…

China: Caging The Ocean's Wild…


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It's not the act but the unsustainable greed from innovation that kills the hosts. #greed #industrialComplex #enoughIsEnough

China is caging the oceans wilds like colonizers have caged the humans. How long do we continue models based in ownership of life? We see the warning signs in marine life human life the yet we cheer to continue it.

- Biden calling Trump voters dregs of society...

- More Kavanaugh distractions to keep people focused on everything but whats actually signifiant.

The World's Youngest Murderers

U.S. Government Spying on RT?

CrossTalk on Kavanaugh nomination: Dregs of society

China: Caging The Ocean's Wild


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It's not the act but the unsustainable greed from innovation that kills the hosts. #greed #industrialComplex #enoughIsEnough

Speeches that still matter: Eisenhower's military industrial complex speech

Psychopathy in Politics and Finance - Stefan Verstappen on GRTV

Leader psychopathy - explained

Australia cracks down after needles found in strawberries

Putin seeks to defuse Israel crisis after downing of Russian jet


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Listen the elders not you betters... What is an Empath? Perhaps why we are in a worldwide bigot empathy apocalypse #empathy

It's a quiet war being waged on the poor, ecosystems and humanity... they use violence starvation, invasions, division, etc... It's time we accept the war and remove the violent from power peacefully before human labor is down to critically low levels. Its the only card humanity has to play left... to stop being herded for labor til they replace us.

Zimbabwe bans street vendors in effort to fight cholera

Russian Il-20 downed by Syrian air defense forces - MoD

Russian MoD briefing on downed Il-20 in Syria

CrossTalk Bullhorns: Grim Memories

'White Awake': US college under fire for creating 'safe space' for white students (DEBATE)

Norway Report: 'Ill-informed' decision over Libya bombing in 2011


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Sail as many as you can to the wall. #artificialEverything

Reporter goes viral after appearing to fake extreme wind conditions…

Lights, Camera, Action! Terrorists film 9 staged chemical attack videos - Russian military…

Greece arrests migrant rescuers on charges of people trafficking…

The Truman Show Movie Scene: "I'm Being spontaneous"…

Harare's sanitation crisis to blame for Zimbabwe cholera epidemic…

Vostok 2018 drills: Tanks breach river during war games in Siberia…

Millions in South Sudan surviving on food aid…

‘We’re cooking leaves’: Civilians caught in Yemen…


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From whale to hurricanes... can we eat it all? #greed #eatingThePlanet #saveTheWhales

- Stay focused, focus on the root causes... man didn't change the climate. Climates always change and greed sped it up.

- Back the message not messengers.

Trump authorizes sanctions over election meddling

CrossTalk: Civic Breakdown?

Ron Paul on Syrian tensions: 'US playing too many games with al-Qaeda'

No bias, they say? Leaked video shows Google executives ‘upset’ over Trump’s 2016 election win

Don't let your memes be dreams: Internet hits back at EU copyright law

Japan proposes legalising commercial whaling


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Always Keep your eye on, never cheer Julius... He's building an empire. #5Gconcerns

Top 10 Things That Would Happen if BEES DIED OUT

Cell Towers - 5G Wireless - Cell Phone Health Warning!

"Cell phone radiation permeates children's brains deeper than adults" US Congress 2008

Black Mirror: Hated in the Nation (Fan Trailer)

Cancer risk? 5G wireless speeds could be dangerous


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#humanLife #chrisHedges
Always Go For The Jugular - Evolve

What happens when you put an honest man who knows the game on the news. He goes for the jugular and gets cut off because only division sells and media profits news need conflicts and wars.

Chris Hedges talking about his book America: The Farewell Tour on MSNBC

KILL EVERYBODY: American soldier exposes US policy in Iraq

Syrian state YouTube channels ‘terminated’ amid fears of looming false-flag chem attack

Bobi Wine: US should stop military aid to Uganda

Backtracking 101: US in no hurry to leave Syria… despite previous plans

Nike, the NFL and Next Wave Ethical Investing


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We never make em pay they keep making colonies with starving babies. So not climate change issue... #Ecuador #Venezuela #immigration

- The starving and immigrating children are all our little cousins.

- more colonization over and over because we are happy deadbeats not seeing the mess we made of the entire world.

- we are deadbeats that don't pay the support needed generations and years after we profit of starving what is our own to support fixing.

- are are the hypocrite in the mirror, we are that deadbeat... we are the happy selevtive bigot.

- colonization changes not climate change is why people migrate because noones leaving las vegas where modernizaton was profitable. or more profitable than destruction, regime change, theft and devisataion.

US Officials trying to topple Maduro

“A Beautiful Moment”: Arundhati Roy Hails Indian Court Legalizing Gay Sex, Overturning Colonial Law

Ecuador: US Navy plane arrives in Ecuador

Mexican investigators find 166 human skulls in mass grave

'Freedom Ship 7' attempts to break Israeli naval blockade on the Gaza Strip

Has starvation become a weapon of conflict?

The Gringos Are Back In Ecuador

Argentina To Open Its First Indigenous Hospital


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This project plan to make violence a household word might be a bad idea. #evolving #environmentalInfluence #humanEvolution

The Last Great Ape: Chimpanzee vs Bonobo Territoriality


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This project plan to make violence a household word might be a bad idea. #evolving #environmentalInfluence #humanEvolution

The Last Great Ape: Chimpanzee vs Bonobo Territoriality


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Cindy Sheehan - March on the Pentagon

Women's March on the Pentagon
October 20-21, 2018
#endlessWar #marchonthepentagon #noMoreWars #warisARacket #cindySheehan

Like scurvy from avoiding vitamin C... we make all our own diseases of the body, society and for the future.. on the ignorance of power and money. #cure

Our hubris is the basis of all disease. We let ignorance drive our society and wonder why little good or sustainable comes from it. We can cure with sustainability restore what is best, what we evolved to need in society and health.

We target and silence hate speech while cheering and voting for more hate through war. Upside down priorities... dis-ease.

Looming danger of AI and played with the idea why earth needs to feel alone and special in an infinite universe.

Joe Rogan - Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence

Michio Kaku: The Holy Grail of Planetary Astronomy (follow the water)

Lost Stone Cutting Technologies of Ancient Egypt - The Schist Disk


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There are no atlanteans left. Will there be of us left?

We put almost 100% effort into greed instead of need... instead helping evole humanity and do anything sentient we just keep cheering the pharoahs costumes and build their pyramids.

It would seem they found atlantis and hopefully we now now talk about where the Atlateans went wrong? odds it is what we will fail at... odds are.. if we don't evolve sentience in our own actions in 12,000 they will be talking about the myth of 2018.

40 million Americans are food insecure... why are then #1 crops GMO corn and GMO soy? Subsidies and greed... as we colaspe in civil unrest on starvation.

People immigrate because the human herds are being scattered for invasions and denial of modernization for cheaper minerals.

#atlantis #trumpPhobia #RussiaPhobia #impeachTrump #sentience #beingPlayed #growingUp #doMoreForTheNextGeneration #busyWork

The Lost City of Atlantis - Hidden in Plain Sight - Advanced Ancient Human Civilization

Research It...

Radical change needed? Anti-immigration sentiment grips Sweden

More than 40 million are food insecure

Playing nice with US govt: Facebook & Twitter apologize for slow reaction to Russian 'meddling


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Nor should it be on a decaying world dominated by lies #educate

BOMBSHELL Documents Expose The Secret Lie That Started the Afghan War

Trump’s Trade War Causing Allies to Ditch the US Dollar

China pledges $60bn to Africa. West is nervous, why?

By Supporting Nike You Are Supporting Child Labor


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Tweaking our humanity back to a humane level... #restoringHumanity #regionalPeace #worldPeace #lakeChad

An Economic Hit Man Confesses and Calls to Action | John Perkins

Lord of War and Peace: How One Man Became The Biggest Private Arms Merchant in Africa

Marita Bittencourt on treasures destroyed in Brazil museum fire

Chad's Fight Against Boko Haram

11 million people in urgent need in Lake Chad region


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Biological batteries aren't supposed to have human battery rights... their purpose is to supply labor as the control boards determine. #laborDay #selfDetermination #forcedLabor #divideAndConquer #feedTheWorld #exticntConflict

- We are batteries raising our kids to be batteries.. . why is this a good thing?

- We can end violence any day we choose

- 1 billionaire could start the avalance to fix the earth anyday... maybe they would if we stop buying their labor day slave made trash for sale?

- we are violent, we are raised tribal and in artificial scacirty for control.

- MTT, IBU, minimum wages are all good stop gap/stop the bleeding solutions but the long term goal can't fit within keep the crony coporatacracy model.

Watch this to ward off the Monday blues: Puppies play with lion & tiger cubs, chimp at Beijing zoo

U.S. Government on Media Censorship

‘Don’t monkey this up’: GOP candidate for Florida governor slammed over ‘racist’ language

Conflict of Interest? Ex-corporate lawyer now runs FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection


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- division
- pitt butt analogy
- Make your own Jesus
- The prison complex

Please stop looking away and open the open... after grabbing your gun. #ignoringAbuse #earthViolence

Will UN's Myanmar 'genocide' accusation amount to change?

Tears, anger as Germany returns human remains seized from Namibia

Iran doctors: US sanctions endangering patients' lives

What to Do If Someone Rings Your Doorbell Overnight

Nothing new for Washington? US plans to create fake Cuban FB accounts


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Exit the matrix, see the the jacked up world, learn kung fu and show you know it. Decolonize your intellect. #decolonize

- Social media regulation is for governments mind control, but an E-constitution could be for the voiceless humans who need voice.

- Still barely a peep in America for the prioson protest, keep the plantations dark and noone see's the slaves. They keep buying cotton.

- blame presidents and prime ministers for problems not policies it how to make zero content for platforms and no change. Every election is about replacing faking firefighters ignoring the inferno and fire starters.

- 3000 the final death toll for Peurto Rico keeping it a tax colony and ignoring humans live there. I suspect nothing will change because the whole blame Trump for PR distration is in full steam not solve the tax slave laws keeping PR unsustainable... the problem is the president so the fix it to replce him not the profit slave scam? Use your energy to solve root problems, we usually only have one shot at fixes after tragedies. Let go of the emotions and force the fix.

- mini colonizers can't colonizing, they can only perpetuate it. Colonizer mentality exit.

- Regulating social media obviously on the way. How about we design it instead of what they have been planning for years. What China's getting out of google. A model to mold minds to have the assigned identities censoring what states like and honoring tribal menataliites on all levels to keep power with our corporate overlords.

- The Terminator faces trial in the Congo, accused of drug child soldier to rape and kill. What if the weapon dealers were on trial also? Think western leaders will show up? Is the cure important? He's just another colonizer colonizing towns with weapons he was empowered with from other colonizers.

Trump accuses Google, Facebook and Twitter of bias

Erected, defaced, removed: Erdogan golden statue taken away from German cit

Venezuela moves to raise petrol price amid crisis

Who is the Congolese 'Terminator' Bosco Ntaganda?

Are Filipino basketball players getting taller?

UN: Possible war crimes in Yemen committed by all sides


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Keep on swimming #evolution #modelChange #theAutomatedEconomy

- Again my take on MMT, UBI, Universal Healthcare and other side effect solutions. I'm good with all but focus on the systemic model issue that create the ailments for the treatments.

- Money isn't a thing in the near future. Your lied to about your jobs and entire economic system just about to flip to an automated robot economy.

- Robots don't buy and they don't spend.

- Automated moneyless/money light economy has always been the goal. Do you really think they marched this way since the auto industry with no plan for keeping your warming the matrix til they flip the swtich? Do you really belive the dumb look on their faces when you ask what about people and jobs?

Google's China push outweighs censorship concerns

Big news backfires: Michael Cohen's attorney backtracks on Trump-Russia collusion claims

How much plastic is in our oceans?

Deadliest outbreak of Ebola in Sierra Leone: Surviving survival

N. Korea slams US for ‘hatching criminal plot to unleash war’ against Pyongyang

Europe drought reveals 'Hunger Stones' in Czech river


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