Your Sign / My Sign 3:10
Open Air Shop 5:40
You Be Free 1:25
Oh Baby Where Have You Gone? 2:10
A Girl I Knew 4:40
Everybody Must Know 3:56
Savage Rose 2:40
Her Story 4:37
White Swans' Marriage Clothes 2:25
Sleep 1:57
You'll Be Alright

A1 The Fairest Of The Seasons
A2 These Days
A3 Little Sister
A4 Winter Song
A5 It Was A Pleasure Then
B1 Chelsea Girls ----------------------23:34----------
B2 I'll Keep It With Mine
B3 Somewhere There's A Feather
B4 Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
B5 Eulogy To Lenny Bruce

A1 Don't Come Crying To Me
A2 Better Dead
A3 Wondering Why
A4 Top Secret
A5 Professionals
B1 Enemy Man ---------------------------16:10-----------------
B2 Girls Who Play Tricks On You
B3 Wake Up
B4 Firefight
B5 I Don't Want Nothin' From You
B6 Single Warning
B7 Final Take

A1 Discovering Japan 3:30
A2 Local Girls 3:44
A3 Nobody Hurts You 3:40
A4 You Can't Be Too Strong 3:24
A5 Passion Is No Ordinary Word 4:25
B1 Saturday Nite Is Dead 3:15
B2 Love Gets You Twisted 3:00
B3 Protection 3:55
B4 Waiting For The UFO's 3:09
B5 Don't Get Excited


A1 Room To Move 4:34
A2 Took The Car 4:05
A3 Change Your Ways 3:25
A4 Thinking Of My Woman 2:37
A5 Deep Blue Sea 5:10
B1 Moving On 4:19
B2 California 9:14
B3 Plan Your Revolution 2:35
B4 Prisons On The Road

Brittle Heaven 4:23
Flight 23 3:40
Universe Of You 4:50
Faithful 3:31
Prisoners Of The Sun 3:19
European Streets In The Rain 4:29
Nowhere To Fall 5:36
All The Words In All The World 3:09
Lowlands 4:49
Truth That Lights The Way 3:54
Healing Kiss 4:39
Box Of Happy Memories 4:07
Ashes 3:53
Tidal Wave Goodbye

A1 Soledad 2:45
A2 Secreto 2:25
A3 Mis Flores Negras 2:50
A4 Nido De Amor 2:18
A5 Sueño De Juventud 3:00
A6 Me Da Pena Confesarlo 2:36
A7 Fea 2:34
B1 Nelly 2:30
B2 Margaritas 2:30
B3 Araca Corazon 2:20
B4 No Te Engañes Corazon 2:15
B5 Hay Una Virgen 2:39
B6 Che,Bartolo 2:37
B7 Ansias De Amor

A1 Candy Man 2:29
A2 Frankie's Blues 4:36
A3 Bad Dream Blues 4:57
A4 Pastures Of Plenty 3:25
A5 Didn't It Rain 3:00
B1 Wanderin' 2:53
B2 God Bless The Child 4:22
B3 Blue Monday 1:59
B4 Baby, Let Me Lay It On You 1:35
B5 House Of The Rising Sun

1 Venus Of Avenue D 4:57
2 Little Girl 4:19
3 One Way Street 2:50
4 Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl 3:44
5 Gunslinger 2:09
6 Cadillac Walk 3:14
7 Spanish Stroll 3:38
8 Guardian Angel 3:19
9 Soul Twist 2:32
10 "A " Train Lady 3:29
11 Rolene 3:51
12 Desperate Days 2:49
13 Just Your Friends 4:11
14 I Broke That Promise 3:03
15 This Must Be The Night 2:50
16 Savoir Faire 3:08
17 Slow Drain 3:28
18 You Just Keep Holding On 2:57
19 Mazurka 2:30
20 Just To Walk That Little Girl Home

A1 Love Zombies
A2 Adeste Fideles
A3 405 Lines
A4 B-I-D Spells Bid
A5 R.S.V.P.
B1 Apocalypso
B2 Karma Suture
B3 The Man With The Black Moustache
B4 The Weird, Wild And Wonderful World Of Tony Potts
B5 "In Love, Cancer?"

Beauty Queen 1:50
Horses 4:17
Blood Roses 3:56
Father Lucifer 3:43
Professional Widow 4:31
Mr Zebra 1:07
Marianne 4:07
Caught A Lite Sneeze 4:24
Muhammad My Friend 3:48
Hey Jupiter 5:10
Way Down 1:13
Little Amsterdam 4:29
Talula 4:08
Not The Red Baron 3:49
Agent Orange 1:26
Doughnut Song 4:19
In The Springtime Of His Voodoo 5:32
Putting The Damage On 5:08

1 She Belongs To Me 2:52
2 Fourth Time Around 5:53
3 Visions Of Johanna 10:40
4 It's All Over Now Baby Blue 6:26
5 Desolation Row 13:23
6 Just Like A Woman 6:08
7 Tell Me Momma 1:47
8 Baby Let Me Follow You Down 3:19
9 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues 6:43
10 Like A Rolling Stone

A1 True Blue
A2 Lost Paraguayos
A3 Mama You Been On My Mind
A4 Italian Girls
B1 Angel
B2 Interludings
B3 You Wear It Well
B4 I'd Rather Go Blind
B5 Twistin' The Night Away

Producción, registro y consumo son las tres pautas del mercado que también regulan las posibilidades de visualización del cine. La imagen y su producción: eso es lo que aparece en este documental. La historia de la fotografía aérea contada a partir de su acto de instrumentación como herramienta de espionaje, registro y control de los bombardeos. La imagen y la guerra entrelazadas mortalmente. En efecto, la imagen en su conjunto, la imagen mecánica, la fotografía, el cine, el vídeo, la televisión, etc., las “nuevas tecnologías de la imagen”, muestran claramente la instrumentación de un dispositivo de dominio y control, primero de los movimientos y los gestos, esto es, del orden de lo corporal, y luego del pensamiento, que busca ahora predecir, adelantarse, al hecho, lo que equivale a decir, en parte, a construirlo en un determinado sentido. (FILMAFFINITY)

A1 Drive All Night 3:35
A2 Summer House 3:18
A Just A Story From America 2:31
A4 Rock Ballad 5:01
A5 Think Too Hard 3:28
B1 Anastasia 5:08
B2 Darlin' (And She Called Me) 3:47
B3 Let Go 3:37
B4 Caught Short In The Long Run

A Sheela-Na-Gig
B1 Hair
B2 Joe

A1 Hope 3:00
A2 I Found Love 3:53
A3 Song For Frisco 4:56
A4 Play My Guitar 4:41
A5 Rebel 2:59
B1 Fire Brothers 3:07
B2 Out Of My Mind 4:32
B3 Don't Cry My Lady Love 5:10
B4 The Truth 6:56

A1 Susie Q 2:16
A2 Four Letter Word (Rock) 1:32
A3 Lulu 2:10
A4 See You Soon Baboon 1:57
A5 Worried About You Baby 2:35
A6 First Love 2:33
A7 My Babe 2:26
B1 Little Pig 3:15
B2 The Hawk Walks (Instrumental) 2:24
B3 Wild Wild World 1:47
B4 Take My Heart 2:08
B5 Gooblie Booblie 2:02
B6 My Babe (Alternate take) 2:27
B7 Susie Q (Alternate take)

A1 Vas Dis 4:39
A2 Pilgrim 8:25
A3 Jail Bait 4:35
A4 Alone 2:55
B1 Lullaby 2:55
B2 Valediction 6:11
B3 Where Were You Tomorrow (Live)

A1 Going Home 6:35
A2 Take These Chains 4:27
A3 Stop (Wait And Listen) 5:51
A4 Backlash Blues 7:42
B1 Practically Never Happens 5:56
B2 One Of Us Two 5:43
B3 Sligthly Country 2:56
B4 Darkness 12:00

A1 I'm Back In Town 0:13
A2 Tuning My Guitar 4:02
A3 Soul Sister Annie 3:30
A4 Any Guy 2:50
A5 Uptown Down 2:10
A6 Again 3:32
B1 Beautiful People 3:35
B2 Johnny Boy 2:41
B3 Baby Guitar 3:33
B4 Deep Down Low 3:20
B5 For My Father 2:23
B6 Take Me Home

A1 Come Away With Me 4:08
A2 Road Back Home 5:28
A3 It's Lonely Here 4:57
A4 The Zoo 5:48
B1 My Time Is Over 4:35
B2 Leather Woman 4:26
B3 Country Livin' 5:13
B4 Crazy Lady


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