Lucy Muir es una joven viuda que decide irse a vivir a orillas del mar, a una casa encantada que perteneció al capitán Gegg, un marinero cuyo fantasma se le aparece. Al principio, el capitán utiliza los mismos trucos que le sirvieron para librarse de otros inquilinos, pero con Lucy no funcionan. (FILMAFFINITY)

Black Cloud 6:13
Jury 8:10
Your Love Is Alright 4:54
Touch My Life 4:06
Seafull 6:34
Makes You Wanna Cry 4:41

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 3:45
The Last Time 3:35
As Tears Go By 2:45
Time Is On My Side 2:50
It's All Over Now 3:20
Tell Me 3:47
19th Nervous Breakdown 3:50
Heart Of Stone 2:49
Get Off My Cloud 2:52
Not Fade Away 1:48
Good Times, Bad Times 2:28
Play With Fire

Help Me 2:45
If It Is Love 2:42
I Know You 1:58
The Thinker 2:27
Half Closed Eyes 2:29
Said I Could Be Happy 2:21
Ciao 1:13
Ow-ing Man 2:35
Side I Am 3:17
Think About The Times 2:53
Have You Come To See 3:03
Cartoon 2:30

Time Has Told Me 3:56
River Man 4:28
Three Hours 6:01
Day Is Done 2:22
Way To Blue 3:05
'Cello Song 3:58
The Thoughts Of Mary Jane 3:12
Man In A Shed 3:49
Fruit Tree 4:42
Saturday Sun

1 Castles In The Sky
2 Broken Hours
3 Heart Without A Home
4 Time Is Passing
5 Circles
6 November
7 Colour Questions
8 Part 1. You'll Never Know Me
9 Part 2. Release

A1 One Of Those Days In England 3:22
A2 These Last Days 4:20
A3 Cherishing The Lonesome 6:05
A4 Naked Flame 5:05
A5 Breakfast With You 3:05
B One Of Those Days In England (Parts 2 To 10) 19:05

A1 Dimples
A2 Hobo Blues
A3 I'm So Excited
A4 I Love You Honey
A5 Boogie Chillun
A6 Little Wheel
B1 I'm In The Mood
B2 Maudie
B3 Crawlin' King Snake
B4 Every Night
B5 Time Is Marching
B6 Baby Lee

Eusebio Poncela, Cecilia Roth, Will More

A1 The Floppy Boot Stomp 3:51
A2 Tropical Hot Dog Night 4:48
A3 Ice Rose 3:27
A4 Harry Irene 3:42
A5 You Know You're A Man 3:13
A6 Bat Chain Puller 5:26
B1 When I See Mommy I Feel Like A Mummy 5:03
B2 Owed T'Alex 4:04
B3 Candle Mambo 3:23
B4 Love Lies 5:00
B5 Suction Prints 4:20
B6 Apes-Ma

A1 I'm Back In Town 0:13
A2 Tuning My Guitar 4:02
A3 Soul Sister Annie 3:30
A4 Any Guy 2:50
A5 Uptown Down 2:10
A6 Again 3:32
B1 Beautiful People 3:35
B2 Johnny Boy 2:41
B3 Baby Guitar 3:33
B4 Deep Down Low 3:20
B5 For My Father 2:23
B6 Take Me Home

A1 Real Wild Child (Wild One)3:37
A2 Baby, It Can't Fall 4:13
A3 Shades 5:17
A4 Fire Girl 3:31
A5 Isolation 4:33
B1 Cry For Love4:29
B2 Blah-Blah-Blah 4:33
B3 Hideaway 5:01
B4 Winners & Losers 6:20

Pink Moon
Place To Be
Which Will
Things Behind The Sun
Free Ride
Harvest Breed
From The Morning

A1 If I Were A Carpenter 2:41
A2 Red Balloon 2:37
A3 Black Sheep Boy 1:58
A4 Lady Came From Baltimore 1:49
A5 Baby Close Its Eyes 1:52
B1 You Upset The Grace Of Living When You Lie 1:47
B2 Speak Like A Child 3:15
B3 See Where You Are And Get Out 1:12
B4 It's Hard To Believe In Love For Long 2:17
B5 Tribute To Hank Williams

A1 Bandy's First Jump
A2 Metranil Vavin
A3 Strasbourg
A4 Elegant Chaos
A5 Quizmaster
A6 Kolly Kibber's Birthday
B1 Sunshine Playroom
B2 Head Hang Low
B3 Pussyface
B4 Greatness And Perfection
B5 Lunatic And Fire-Pistol

So Many Things To Say 5:00
Ballad Of The Beacon 4:58
No Easy Road 3:40
Everybody Needs A Friend 8:53
Doctor 5:48
Sorrel 5:35
Sing Out The Song 4:21
Rock 'N Roll Widow

A1 You Know You're Only Dreaming (Original 1970 Version)
A2 The Reason Is (Alternative Version)
A3 Be Yourself (Alternative Mix)
B1 Hog Farm
B2 Sweet Mistress Of Pain (aka Kiss Of The Velvet Whip)
B3 Seven By Seven (Alternative Vocal Mix)
C1 Take What You Can
C2 Brainbox Pollution (Full Length Version)
D1 It's So Easy (Original Studio Version)
D2 You'd Better Believe It (Rockfield Studios Version)
D3 Wind Of Change (Alternative Version)

Tras la segunda Guerra Mundial (1939-1945), en una ciudad de Normandía (Francia), la joven Manon es acusada públicamente de haber colaborado con los nazis durante la ocupación. Un activista de la Resistencia la libera y escapan juntos a París, pero su relación se vuelve tormentosa cuando Manon cae víctima de las maquinaciones de su propio hermano, con quien se enfanga en negocios oscuros: estraperlo, prostitución y asesinato. (FILMAFFINITY)

A1 Copper Sunset
A2 Very Nice Of You To Call
A3 Many Things To Do
A4 The Greencap
A5 I Can't Stop
B1 The Outing - Yes
B2 Once Upon A Hill
B3 Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It

Pastures Of Plenty 2:17
Talkin' Dust Bowl 2:21
Blowing Down That Old Dusty Road 2:33
So Long It's Been Good To Know Yuh 3:00
Tom Joad 7:08
The Sinking Of The Reuben James 2:42
Roll On Columbia 2:21
Pretty Boy Floyd 4:24
When The Curfew Blows 2:15
This Land Is Your Land

A1 Egyptian Gardens3:05
A2 If The Night1:45
A3 Hesitation Blues2:25
A4 Please3:10
A5 Keep Your Mind Open2:15
B1 Pulsating Dream1:58
B2 Oh Death3:25
B3 Come On In 2:07
B4 Why Try3:43
B5 Minnie The Moocher

A1 Shake Some Action 4:36
A2 Sometimes2:18
A3 Yes It's True 2:26
A4 St. Louis Blues2:36
A5 You Tore Me Down 2:48
A6 Please Please Girl 2:02
A7 Let The Boy Rock N' Roll2:16
B1 Don't You Lie To Me2:26
B2 She Said Yeah1:36
B3 I'll Cry Alone 2:14
B4 Misery1:36
B5 I Saw Her 2:38
B6 Teenage Confidential 2:44
B7 I Can't Hide


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