formed in Hamburg, Germany in 1980,
A1 Mondlicht
A2 Eiland --------------------5:04
A3 Reigen ---------------------10:33
A4 Tag Fur Tag ---------------14:30
B1 Augen·Blick ---------------------19:13
B2 Begrab Mein Herz ----------23:00
B3 Nachtschatten ------------------26:00
B4 Xmass In Australia ------------29:58
B5 Derwisch-------------------------33:07

LP2-A0 Kennelmus*– Intro
LP2-A1 Mugwump Society Aka Mugwumps, The*– Mondo Hollywood Freakout--1:06
LP2-A2 Trees, The*– Don't Miss The Turn------------------------------------------------4:53
LP2-A3 Wimple Winch– Rumble On Mersey Square South----------------------7:03
LP2-A4 Dragonfly (6)– Celestial Empire--------------------------------------------------11:29
LP2-A5 Hooker, D.R.*– Falling Asleep---------------------------------------------13:58
LP2-B1 Buffalo Springfield, The*– Expecting To Fly------------------------19:05
LP2-B2 Dragonfly (6)– Celestial Dream------------------------22:41
LP2-B3 Dragonwyck– Run To The Devil--------------------------25:02
LP2-B4 Jelly Bean Bandits*– Neon River
LP2-B5 Maze*– Happiness
LP2-B6 Maze*– Whispering Shadows
LP2-B7 No Artist– Take The Brain Train To The Plane Drain

A1 Ay, Cosita Linda
A2 Aquellos Ojos Verdes
A3 Suas Mãos
A4 Capullito De Alhelí
A5 Caboclo Do Rio
A6 Fantastico
B1 Nadie Me Ama----------------------12:52
B2 Yo Vendo Unos Ojos Negros
B3 Perfidia
B4 El Choclo
B5 Ansiedad
B6 Não Tenho Lágrimas

A1 Sugar Mountain 4:53
A2 I Am A Child 2:53
A3 Comes A Time 3:05
A4 After The Gold Rush 3:38
A5 My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)3:49
B1 When You Dance I Can Really Love 3:39
B2 The Loner 4:51
B3 The Needle And The Damage Done 2:12
B4 Lotta Love 2:51
B5 Sedan Delivery 4:46
C1 Powderfinger 5:29
C2 Cortez The Killer 7:25
C3 Cinnamon Girl 3:08
D1 Like A Hurricane 7:10
D2 Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) 4:59
D3 Tonight's The Night

A1 1880 Or So 3:38
A2 Shane, She Wrote This 4:19
A3 In World 4:07
A4 Call Mr. Lee 4:15
A5 Rhyme 4:45
B1 No Glamour For Willi 4:58
B2 Beauty Trip 4:21
B3 The Rocket 3:22
B4 This Tune 3:41
B5 Mars

A1 Let's Make It 2:32
A2 Process 3:35
A3 Thelma 3:30
A4 What Do You Say 2:27
A5 I Got A Letter This Morning 2:43
A6 I Lost A Good Girl 2:50
B1 A New Leaf 2:28
B2 Keep Your Hands To Yourself 2:18
B3 You Know I Love You 1:53
B4 Old Time Shimmy 2:18
B5 Send Me Your Pillow 2:24
B6 Big Soul 2:16
C1 Frisco Blues 2:45
C2 She Shot Me Down 2:49
C3 Take A Look At Yourself 2:46
C4 Good Rocking Mama 2:26
C5 I Love Her 2:12
C6 I Want To Shout 2:21
D1 Poor Me 3:10
D2 I Want To Hug You 2:40
D3 Love Is A Burning Thing 2:38
D4 Birmingham Blues 2:52
D5 Don't Look Back 2:52
D6 I'm Leaving Baby

A1 La Vida No Vale Nada 3:01
A2 Para Vivir 2:40
A3 A Salvador Allende En Su Combate Por La Vida 2:45
A4 Llegaste A Mi Cuerpo Abierto 2:27
A5 Hoy La Vi 2:37
B1 Yo Pisaré Las Calles Nuevamente 2:25
B2 De Niña Aquellos Juegos Te Importaban Poco 1:48
B3 Todas Las Cosas Que Aún Nos Quedan Por Vivir 2:58
B4 El Tiempo, El Implacable, El Que Pasó 5:01
B5 Canción Por La Unidad Latinoamericana

1 Stray Bullets 3:36
2 Dangerous Stars 4:17
3 Vampiric 5:00
4 Baby Moon 5:16
5 City Speed 4:41
6 Kissing In The Dark 4:52
7 I'm Your Freedom 2:42
8 The Spinning Room 5:09
9 Redemption's Knees 3:40
10 Between Buildings 5:35
11 Over The Under 5:12
12 Before The Day Begins


A1 In The Land Of The Few
A2 Seagull
A3 Nobody's Talking
A4 Why (How-Now)
A5 Farandole
B1 You Can't Catch Me
B2 People People
B3 Sabre Dance

A1 These Arms Of Mine 2:30
A2 That's What My Heart Needs 2:35
A3 Mary's Little Lamb 2:33
A4 Pain In My Heart 2:22
A5 Something Is Worrying Me 2:25
A6 Security 2:33
A7 Come To Me 2:38
B1 Your One And Only Man 2:48
B2 Chained & Bound 2:30
B3 That's How Strong My Love Is 2:24
B4 Mr Pitiful 2:26
B5 Keep Your Arms Around Me 2:46
B6 For Your Precious Love 2:49
B7 Woman, A Lover, A Friend 3:18
B8 Home In Your Heart 2:10
C1 I've Been Loving You Too Long 3:10
C2 A Change Is Gonna Come 4:17
C3 Shake 2:35
C4 Rock Me Baby 3:20
C5 Respect 2:05
C6 You Don't Miss Your Water 2:53
C7 Satisfaction 2:45
D1 Ole Man Trouble 2:36
D2 Down In The Valley 3:02
D3 I Can't Turn You Loose 2:35
D4 Just One More Day 2:55
D5 Papa's Got A Brand New Bag 2:32
D6 Good To Me 3:45
D7 Cigarettes And Coffee 4:00
E1 Chain Gang 2:58
E2 My Lover's Prayer 3:00
E3 It's Growing 2:40
E4 Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) 2:37
E5 I'm Sick Y'all 2:52
E6 Sweet Lorene 2:25
E7 Try A Little Tenderness 3:45
E8 Day Tripper 2:35
F1 Ton Of Joy 2:50
F2 Hawg For You 3:25
F3 Tramp 3:00
F4 Knock On Wood 2:48
F5 Lovey Dovey 2:33
F6 New Year's Resolution 3:14
F7 Ooh Carla, Ooh Otis 2:32
G1 Stay In School 1:10
G2 You Left The Water Running 2:20
G3 The Happy Song (Dum-Dum-De-De-Dum-Dum) 2:40
G4 Hard To Handle 2:18
G5 Amen 3:20
G6 I've Got Dreams To Remember 3:10
G7 Champagne And Wine 2:49
G8 Direct Me 2:18
H1 Merry Christmas Baby 2:30
H2 White Christmas 3:06
H3 Love Man 2:17
H4 Free Me 3:06
H5 Look At That Girl 2:36
H6 The Match Game 2:22
H7 Tell The Truth 4:03
H8 (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay

A1 Someone I Care About 4:01
A2 Dance With Me 5:54
A3 She Cracked 4:20
A4 Hospital 6:24
B1 Girlfriend 3:59
B2 Foggy Notion3:18
B3 Ride Down On The Highway 3:08
B4 Pablo Picasso 5:01
C1 A Plea For Tenderness 7:09
C2 Walk Up The Street 5:20
C3 Modern World 3:00
C4 Old World 5:02
D1 96 Tears2:45
D2 I'm Straight 5:06
D3 Wake Up Sleepyheads 2:46
D4 Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste 1:41
D5 Roadrunner

A1 All Tomorrow's Parties
A2 Procession
A3 Frozen Warnings
A4 Saeta
B1 Purple Lips
B2 These Days
B3 I'll Keep It With Mine
B4 The Sphinx
B5 Procession
C1 Heroes
C2 Sixty/Forty
C3 Femme Fatale
D1 I'm Waiting For The Man
D2 König
D3 Orly Flight
D4 Secret Side
D5 Femme Fatale

A1 Time Is on My Side 2:58
A2 Heart of Stone 2:50
A3 Play With Fire 2:13
A4 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 3:43
A5 As Tears Go By 2:45
A6 Get off of My Cloud 2:55
B1 Mother's Little Helper 2:45
B2 19th Nervous Breakdown 3:56
B3 Paint It, Black 3:45
B4 Under My Thumb 3:42
B5 Ruby Tuesday 3:16
B6 Let's Spend the Night Together 3:36
C1 Jumpin Jack Flash 3:41
C2 Street Fighting Man 3:15
C3 Sympathy for the Devil 6:18
C4 Honky Tonk Women 3:00
C5 Gimme Shelter 4:31
D1 Midnight Rambler (Live) 9:13
D2 You Can't Always Get What You Want 7:28
D3 Brown Sugar 3:49
D4 Wild Horses

A1 Do The Strand 4:00
A2 Beauty Queen 4:35
A3 Strictly Confidential 3:42
A4 Editions Of You 3:40
A5 In Every Dream Home A Heartache 4:25
B1 The Bogus Man 9:22
B2 Grey Lagoons 4:11
B3 For Your Pleasure

A1 The Gremlins (3)– Blast Off 1970
A2 The Smoke (2)– Never Trust Another Woman
A3 The Avengers (2)– Water Pipe
A4 The Group (15)– People In The Night
A5 Lew Pryme– Gracious Lady Alice Dee
A6 The Hi-Revving Tongues*– Tropic Of Capricorn
A7 The La De Das– Find Us A Way
A8 Larry's Rebels– Coloured Flowers
B1 The House Of Nimrod– Slightly-Delic
B2 The Brew– Bengal Tiger
B3 The Top Shelf– Time Beyond
B4 The Music Convention*– Footsteps On My Mind
B5 The Human Instinct– A Day In My Mind's Mind
B6 The Dave Miller Set– Mr. Guy Fawkes
B7 Vicky & Dicky– I'm Allergic To Flowers
B8 The Zarks– Jumbo

A1 Grind
A2 Brush Away
A3 Sludge Factory
B1 Heaven Beside You
B2 Head Creeps
B3 Again
C1 Shame In You
C2 God Am
C3 So Close
D1 Nothin' Song
D2 Frogs
D3 Over Now


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