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1985: Monsanto tried to persuade the U.S. EPA that Glyphosate was not a possible human carcinogen.

Dr. George Levinskas, who joined Monsanto in 1971 and became Director of Environmental Assessment and Toxicology, was a lead player in the cover up of the carcinogenic potential of the now banned PCBs in the 1970s.

In April 1985 he wrote an internal company letter stating the following: “Senior management at the EPA is reviewing a proposal to classify glyphosate as a class C “possible human carcinogen” because of kidney adenomas in male mice. Dr. Marvin Kuschner will review kidney sections and present his evaluation of them to the EPA in an effort to persuade the agency that the observed tumors are not related to glyphosate

Human population planning is the practice of intentionally controlling the rate of growth of a human population.Historically, human population planning has been implemented with the goal of increasing the rate of human population growth.
REFERENCES & RESOURCES Archives of Environmental Health: Acute Respiratory Effects of Diaper Emissions http://heldref-publications.metapress... Chemistry Explained: Disposable Diapers World Health Organization: Dioxins Persistant Pollutant May Promote Obesity EPA: An Introduction to Indoor Air Quality Volatile Organic Compounds VINTAGEMAN PRODUKCJA Published on 25 Jan 2019 "Haunted" 90s OLD SCHOOL BOOM BAP BEAT HIP HOP INSTRUMENTAL Free For Non Profit Use.

When you think about produce consumption and the connection to medicine's, cancer's and other illnesses, the treatments not cures were well thought out ahead of time. The age old question's to the owners of slave's was "How do we control them" and "How do we keep the inside the walls" Fear of Death is a Control But is not returning to the earth as natural as life. Do not fear Energy does not die it transforms

I think our future depends on who we are, truly understanding
We don't know who we are, and therefore we don't know where we are. Human being rise-up Remember Who you are.

Skull and bones Rituals Exposed. Waves of thought stream from all who touched his skull, all your thoughts betray you, expose you, you can not hide in order to do that you must stop thinking. Truths protective layers will be removed again and again. #Returnthebones

While the mute proclaimed the glories
Deaf man listened closely as he danced
Seeing into pictures blind man painted
Mother Goose and the Brothers Grimm
Laughed knowingly up their sleeves
The grownups are the children's children
Captured and taught what to believe
Sampling fables and other realities

Proto type people
Rigid suit trolls near brain dead
Under for spacious skies
Gathering storm clouds
Rule of law a falling axe
In storm troopers hands
Cruel class deceivers
Claim God for their side
Making up stories with places
For meanings to hide
Dracula drinks deeply while
Nourishing his trap
The love of mankind an alluring
Narcotic rap

Sex does love sex is life then
Sex meant death
Homosexual needles as if
Laboratories don't exist
Bacterial warfare
AIDS testament to death man's kiss
Drug master using drugs to blame
Poverty and crime
Money master cashes in on the people's
Golden light
Skulls and crossbones
Uniformly waiting in time
Raging peace
Stone Satan spoiling for the fight
In wars for souls
Profits are in causalities
Spilling scenes from
Fables and other realities

Man woman
Living behind dark tinted eyes
Concepts of love
Possess concepts of love
Grown up fears travelling
Faster than light
Love is as blind as
The people who see
Emotional playgrounds
Intense as battleground
User words for protection
Leave a hollow sound
The prince and the maiden
Don't stand a chance
A fiddler plays
But they're too confused to dance
Their love was smooth
Then the love was rough
The lessons of living
Didn't teach them enough
There's the man the woman and
All those dualities
The material of
Fables and other realities

While the mute proclaimed the glories
Deaf man listened closely as he danced
Seeing into pictures blind man painted
Mother Goose and the Brothers Grimm
Laughed knowingly up their sleeves
The grownups are the children's children
Captured and taught what to believe
Sampling fables and other realities

One of the players involved Raytheon. Now this is important to the foxes are running the hen house Raytheon is up to there eyes balls in weather modification Raytheon does all the weather modeling for the national weather service and the National oceanic administration.
I'd like to ah welcome you all here...

Communication and Relating to Being a Humanbeing For The 343
For the Humanbeings that are still suffering worldwide.
Be aware of humans acting like humanbeings there is no being inside of them, left human only.

Now there are humans and human beings, humans do harm as they have no being, human beings are naturally good as the being is left inside the human. Remember no Race only humans and human beings.

1492 Fear We are all from Tribes Human Beings
Don't embrace the Fear. Be a ripple in the pond. The Power of a snowflake. It is the idea, there is no leader. You are strong, you can do anything, you have value, Spirit a heart and intelligence, create thought alone or together, We are all Human Being. Relate only as a human being and that will change everything.

School System Life System Human being slipping away from the being left only to be human. We must relate as human beings and only as human beings No race No Class No sexism We are one thing only Human beings.

Judging or Recognizing - been given - Forever is here in this moment
Who controls the board We need to see clear
Fuel to the fire energy's to burn can be used to lighten the dark
George Washington, Freemasons Thomas Jefferson, F. H. C. Society James Monroe, Freemasons Andrew Jackson, Freemasons James K. Polk, Freemasons James Buchanan, Freemasons Andrew Johnson, Freemasons Ulysses S. Grant, Independent Order of Odd Fellows James Garfield, Freemasons Rutherford Hayes, Independent Order of Odd Fellows William McKinley, Freemasons, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Theodore Roosevelt, Freemasons, Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo William Taft, Skull and Bones, Freemasons Warren Harding, Freemasons, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Freemasons, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Harry Truman, Freemasons, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Richard Nixon, The Order of the Red Friars Gerald Ford, Freemasons George H.W. Bush, Skull and Bones George W. Bush, Skull and Bones

Who is the eye?
If we listen closely we can hear the scent of reptilians.
Created confusions between us and us.
We really need to think about things we have been imprinted to be afraid of.

Geronimo was a Bedonkohe Apache leader of the Chiricahua Apache, who led his people's defense of their homeland against the military might of the United States.
Born in June 1829, in No-Doyohn Canyon, Mexico, Geronimo continued the tradition of the Apaches resisting white colonization of their homeland in the Southwest, participating in raids into Sonora and Chihuahua in Mexico. After years of war Geronimo finally surrendered to U.S. troops in 1886. While he became a celebrity, he spent the last two decades of his life as a prisoner of war.

Early Years

A legend of the untamed American frontier, the Apache leader Geronimo was born in June 1829 in No-Doyohn Canyon, Mexico. He was a naturally gifted hunter, who, the story goes, as a boy swallowed the heart of his first kill in order to ensure a life of success on the chase.

Being on the run certainly defined Geronimo's way of life. He belonged to the smallest band within the Chiricahua tribe, the Bedonkohe. Numbering a little more than 8,000, the Apaches were surrounded by enemies—not just Mexicans, but also other tribes, including the Navajo and Comanches.

Raiding their neighbors was also a part of the Apache life. In response the Mexican government put a bounty on Apache scalps, offering as much as $25 for a child's scalp. But this did little to deter Geronimo and his people. At the age of 17 Geronimo had already led four successful raiding operations.

Around this same time Geronimo fell in love with a woman named Alope. The two married and had three children together.

Then tragedy struck. While out on a trading trip, Mexican soldiers attacked his camp. Word of the ransacking soon reached the Apache men. Quietly that night, Geronimo returned home, where he found his mother, wife and three children all dead.
Warrior Leader

The murders devastated Geronimo. In the tradition of the Apache, he set fire to his family's belongings and then, in a show of grief, headed into the wilderness to bereave the deaths. There, it's said, alone and crying, a voice came to Geronimo that promised him: "No gun will ever kill you. I will take the bullets from the guns of the Mexicans … and I will guide your arrows."

Backed by this sudden knowledge of power, Geronimo rounded up a force of 200 men and hunted down the Mexican soldiers who killed his family. On it went like this for 10 years, as Geronimo exacted revenge against the Mexican government.

Beginning in the 1850s, the face of his enemy changed. Following the end of the Mexican-American War in 1848, the U.S. took over large tracts of territory from Mexico, including areas belonging to the Apache. Spurred by the discovery of gold in the Southwest, settlers and miners streamed into their lands. Naturally, tensions mounted. The Apaches stepped up their attacks, which included brutal ambushes on stagecoaches and wagon trains.

But the Chiricahua leader, Geronimo's father-in-law, Cochise, could see where the future was headed. In an act that greatly disappointed his son-in-law, the revered chief called a halt to his decade-long war with the Americans and agreed to the establishment of a reservation for his people on a prized piece of Apache property.

But within just a few years, Cochise died, and the federal government reneged on its agreement, moving the Chiricahua north so that settlers could move into their former lands. This act only further incensed Geronimo, setting off a new round of fighting.

Geronimo proved to be as elusive as he was aggressive. However, authorities finally caught up with him in 1877 and sent him to the San Carlos Apache reservation. For four long years he struggled with his new reservation life, finally escaping in September 1881.

Out on his own again, Geronimo and a small band of Chiricahua followers eluded American troops. Over the next five years they engaged in what proved to be the last of the Indian wars against the U.S.

Perceptions of Geronimo were nearly as complex as the man himself. His followers viewed him as the last great defender of the Native American way of life. But others, including fellow Apaches, saw him as a stubborn holdout, violently driven by revenge and foolishly putting the lives of people in danger.

With his followers in tow, Geronimo shot across the Southwest. As he did, the seemingly mystical leader was transformed into a legend as newspapers closely followed the Army's pursuit of him. At one point nearly a quarter of the Army's forces—5,000 troops—were trying to hunt him down.

Finally, in the summer of 1886, he surrendered, the last Chiricahua to do so. Over the next several years Geronimo and his people were bounced around, first to a prison in Florida, then a prison camp in Alabama, and then Fort Sill in Oklahoma. In total, the group spent 27 years as prisoners.
Died: February 17, 1909, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, United States

Project PaperClip's Revenge of the 1000 year reich, 9/11 Rise of the skull and bones / Brotherhood of death, Evidence Found in early 1944 that Hitler was planning to turn Nazism into a worldwide secret society

Plans of the new world order step by step, Soros Kissinger Trump Rockefeller Bilderberg Pence mars mission
Plans of the 1 percent SAI Stratospheric aerosol injection
Geoengineering Warburg's

Dark Underground Old School Hip Hop Insinfernobtztrumental Boom Bap Rap Beat \ Original: infernobtz - shut up

“ If the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.” - George Herbert Walker Bush:
Raytheon and the inside job on September 11 2001, insider trading of stocks, employees on every flight
Credit : Stackpot

The IG Farben Trial The Nuremberg trials were a series of military tribunals held by the Allied forces under international law and the laws of war after World War II.
Bilderberg Meetings Well you know. part 2 / …..

What are you going to do?
And When are you going to start listening?
Healing our babies.

We need to create common sense, everything has being.
To believe is to not know. ( The Reality of our Power ) Let our minds be free.
All things have being, Protect the Being. This is about a evolution of being. Moments are the shapes. To believe means i don't know?
Moon Landing, 9/11 The Nayirah testimony was a false testimony given before the Congressional Human Rights War and no weapons of mass destruction.
Do not believe, think that is all you need to do, you have gift's a heart and intelligence.

The Plot to Enslave the world under a one world order brought in by
Illuminati United Nations league of nations bilderberg group Rothschild family
Rockefeller Ford Vannevar Bush Yale World Bankers Military-industrial complex

yellow vests
A grassroots movement made up of citizens who have become fed up with the political establishment has been growing since early November and it has come to a head this month. The movement, known as “gilets jaunes” or “yellow vests” began as an anti-tax protest but has since merged folks from the left and the right into a much broader anti-government movement.
Now there are humans and human beings, humans do harm as they have no being, human beings are naturally good as the being is left inside the human. Remember no Race only humans and human beings.
Share if your a human being its the only way the idea gets out.

gilets jaunes chalecos amarillos желтые жилеты huáng sè bèi xīn

How do we not give them our energy, the only way to do that is to not cooperate with them. we will never outfight them but WE can out think them.
With every post ( we ) make the energy pushes against the layers that contain the truth, and the walls are breaking.

"Death Road" - Underground Old School Hip Hop Instrumental Dark Rap Beat - Prod. By Klaxy Beats

A crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy.
Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed.
Not to simply "give the public what it wants"--but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger public opinion.
The first thing is not to believe but think, and the second thing is to identify as a human being
Music by Hip Hop Beats - Rap Instrumentals URB

I am really glad that your here, so I wanna go to who we are Human being.
( Human ) the bone flesh and blood are made from the metals and mineral's of the earth and water, forms of the earth same DNA.
(Being) that's our essence, that's our spirit, everything has being.
We are forms of the earth and like mining metal we can be mined.
the waste from mining metals is toxic, the waste from mining humans are fears. doubts and insecurities.
we are one thing Human Being, not a class a race a sex or any other division.
We are one thing only Human being
If we can see to relate as a human being we can see past all that divides us, if we are to evolve not revolve we must understand that we are one thing human being.
I thank you for your time.


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Geronimos Stolen Bones is all about being human to remove borders religion all the things that divide us confuse us and to focus the thought that we are only one thing Human Being.
( Human ) the bone flesh and blood are made from the metals and mineral's of the earth and water, forms of the earth same DNA.
(Being) that's our essence, that's our sprit, everything has being.
Believe Nothing.
Question Everything
This is your mine our responsibility as Human beings, We were given the gift of intelligence.
We must respect the gift, we must Think.
if you find truth share the truth.