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December 6, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 177 - Wednesday
Duration: 2:15:00

Hosts: Ray Walker (Orlando, FL) and Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction to co-host Ray Walker
0:01:58 German "Nikolous" tradition.
0:04:32 Thanksgiving in the USA
0:05:21 Ray's Comedy Show event in Orlando on Saturday at 7:30pm
0:07:27 Med-Beds live demonstration
0:08:52 Peter's health update
0:09:41 Derek: Parasite remedy,
0:16:19 What is happening on December 6th?
0:23:46 New Chicken Run Movie, Dawn of the Nugget.
0:27:56 GESARA News, Dec. 6, 2023 read by Ray Walker
0:54:14 South African Electric Car.
1:02:14 Q&A Section
1:02:21 iPhoneJoJo: Redemption center or Bank?
1:05:28 Christos: Experience with a Telegram scammer
1:10:46 Christos: XRP/XLM redemption. Which wallet?
1:13:56 Philip: Too late to buy currency?
1:17:46 Cajun Girl: For those that died from the jab, what happens to their Cestui Que Vie Trust?
1:19:27 Jack: Fuel prices, groups have been funded, no liquidity. Bond Trader update
1:25:07 UCC Success story - Mortgage cancelled!
1:29:58 Ashtara: Mortgage is paid on day of completion. Car in Africa, Galactic Codex activated
1:40:32 Derek: Riddle on Manifestation. Going against loans, etc.
1:51:26 Barbara: Thanks to Derek.
1:53:54 Jack: Charlie says accounts funded for a year.
1:54:24 Derek: Governments spending big
1:55:46 Pat: Governments and councils spending GESARA money.
1:57:59 Wendy: Her brother lost his house.
2:03:26 Ashtara: Bailiffs often commit Perjury. Can land in jail. Galactic Codex
2:12:43 Barbara: Saint Nicolas Day is known in the USA
2:13:21 Wrapping up
2:15:00 End.

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November 26, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 176 - Sunday
Duration: 3:54:10

0:00:00 Introduction
0:04:02 Wolverine's post
0:10:17 WDR's list of top truthers - we are now #53
0:11:48 Rosebud: New ATM at bank.
0:17:05 Rose: How do I get the 1%?
0:21:02 Kirsten: Jason Q, Pope, Solar flash
0:30:21 Pat: Simon Parkes
0:34:10 Derek: World is going to be fantastic.
0:42:10 Video Section
0:42:43 Air Marshalls
0:45:53 Q phones
0:48:52 ISIS
0:50:04 Gratitude
0:52:27 Our Aura
0:55:02 Giants
0:57:41 Biden Crime Family
1:03:14 Unvaxxed
1:05:44 Raytheon Weapons
1:08:02 Redemption.Center
1:09:30 Wolverine
1:14:59 Kirsten's Intel
1:16:47 GESARA News, 26. November 2023
1:31:43 Q&A Section
1:32:33 Janel: Online or Home visit?, Chas Carter, RV forms
1:36:21 Phillip: Documents, NDA, Normies, Signal Group
1:48:22 Jack: Rates, Gas Report, Charlie Ward notes, Hitler, Germany
2:00:20 Michael: DNS Servers, Wolverine, two systems
2:09:10 Hannah: Deepstate, NDA’s, Signal, Dates, Baby Chicks, Projects
2:18:27 IPhone JoJo: Trust Documents
2:20:26 Cajun Girl: Eye Health, Sungazing
2:27:50 Robert: Federal Reserve Notes, Bates Method, Frequencies, US Debt
2:42:51 Ashtara: Star Family, Galactic Codex, Liberation, Chemtrails, John Petit
3:04:30 Barbara: Positive Vibes, Releasing Energy, Divinity, Star Families, Remote Viewing
3:29:10 Gayden: Aurora Ray, Kim Grogan, Galactic Federation
3:35:44 Cajun Girl: Faye Kingdom, Dragon Families
3:41:24 Kirsten: Letting go, and Healing
3:42:05 Barbara: Dating in 3D
3:45:29 IPhone: Animals in 5D
3:49:52 Peter: Time Traveller John Titor
3:52:48 Wrapping up
3:54:10 End.

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November 23, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 175 - Thursday
Duration: 4:40:10
Public Release:

0:00:00 Introduction to the Thanksgiving Edition
0:02:00 Peter's trip to Hamburg
0:03:11 Bad English at Railway Station, they need "training", train trip
0:05:28 Exchanging Dong in Hamburg Station
0:10:09 Vegan Donuts, Hiring a car for two days
0:12:37 Microscope Demo.
0:14:28 Diesel prices on Autobahn, Bus and Train trip
0:17:04 Discussion with lady from Israel
0:21:00 Discussion with Swiss Medical Doctor
0:24:52 Kirsten: Remote location in the woods…
0:30:00 Robert: Gabriel wanting to buy microscope. telescopes, CO2,
0:36:03 Video Section:
0:36:16 Homeless in San Francisco
0:40:12 MarkZ: It’s all coming together
0:41:59 Patriot Princess
0:45:41 the Simpson celebrate Thanksgiving in the future
0:47:35 Alexa and WW3
0:49:29 Israel Mafia killed their own people
0:51:37 Consciousness
0:53:51 Matrix scene
0:57:09 ISO 20022 explained
1:02:59 Political Thanksgiving
1:03:51 MarkZ: Rates
1:07:20 Stella: Favourite speech from JFK. Australian Bird
1:12:26 Speech from JFK, April 27, 1961
1:15:31 Dipako: Setup Common Law Trust?
1:19:19 Derek: Explains Revokable Trust.
1:23:48 Rose: Where can the Trust Document be found?
1:24:51 Gabriel: Corfu, Members in US/UK, etc.
1:29:07 Derek: Provides and explains Trust documents.
1:42:04 Rose: German word for trust? Trustees in other countries?
1:46:42 Ashtara: Law of One, Scare Event, Golden Age, Starships, Alliance, Space Force, Galactic Codex, Ark, Source, Quo
2:24:56 Barbara: Emails, Who we are?, Human or Angel?, Pelosi?, Golden Age, Bailiffs on notice
2:58:16 Jack: A.I.?, Fibbinochi Frequencies?, Speed of Light?, Yeshua?, Sananda? Precipice? Israel?
3:23:04 Hannah: Galactic Counsel, Crimes against Humanity, Root brands, Zeolite for vaccinated,
3:44:15 Michael: Internet?, Portal to Ascension, No more Bills
3:57:10 Doug: Ark of the Covenant, 10 Commandments, Divine?
4:02:50 Peter: Is water causing men to lose their manhood?
4:04:03 Ashtara: Michael Bentine, cleaning up Earth, Message for the Evil Ones, Stargate’s
4:15:02 Barbara: Off World Activities, Arcturians, Pleidians
4:24:14 Michael: Pets and the jab respiratory issues?
4:26:46 Kirsten: Mushrooms to help all animals,
4:30:17 Wrapping up.
4:34:40 BREAKING NEWS from Wolverine!
4:40:10 End.

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November 18, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 174 - Sunday
Duration: 3:29:20

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Welcome to the Kirsten Birthday Party Show
0:24:12 Space X Launch
0:30:59 Latest Evidence Points to a Magnetic Disaster
0:36:40 Timeline jump
0:40:35 JP Morgan Chase
0:43:04 Patriot Princess
0:47:55 Mock Execution Ritual
0:52:44 Alexa and World War 3
0:53:41 Epic
0:57:30 Beginning to End, JFK to Trump
1:02:40 Patriot Princess
1:07:11 Highly.Encodes.Souls
1:08:46 Qrash the Matrix-Trump Trials
1:14:00 GESARA News, November 15, 2023
1:29:04 Q&A Section
1:29:48 Barbara and her Doll Houses…
1:39:33 Jack: Gas Report, Bank Rates, Charlie’s Insider Signal Group
1:52:24 Trump Rally in Fort Dodge, IA
2:07:56 Cajun Girl: Martial Law, MK Ultra victims, DNS Servers
2:15:35 Jack: Rocket Launch failed due to Plaidiens, Texas Snake
2:17:24 Hannah: Congress, Wars/Trump, Sleeper Cells
2:25:04 Divinity, music by Lizzy Pip in 432 Hz
2:28:01 Kirsten: Ariel tweet, number of Events, Phil G
2:31:12 Michelle: DNS Servers
2:37:23 Rosebud: Notepad problems, File locations, Mortgage issues
2:52:50 Kirsten: Ariel list tweet for things to come…, Elon COMMS, Nephew clarification
2:57:40 Ann: Skye Prince, Med Beds, QHS, Notifications
3:10:20 Kirsten: FCB Decode
3:11:46 Rosebud: Sky Events
3:16:06 Ari: Elon Musk and the Rainbow jacket, Rainbow currency, Parrots
3:26:28 Wrapping up.
3:29:30 End.

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October 29, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 168 - Sunday
Duration: 4:49:30

This is our special edition for the Last Halloween

The Piano concert can be found here:

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:16 Lizzy Pip after the concert
0:06:23 Peter’s Retirement?
0:07:50 USA time change
0:08:36 The Last Halloween?
0:12:09 Peter tells a Ghost Story
0:30:30 Kirsten: Dinar holders and Oct. 31.
0:33:03 Kirsten: 6 Year Anniversary of Q Post.
0:35:18 Video Clips Section
0:36:30 Theresa Griffith info
0:42:59 It’s a Trick (language warning)
0:46:35 Follow-up
0:49:13 Alex Collier Audio Clip.
0:53:53 Qrash the Matrix “Scavino OMG”
0:54:57 Harry “33” & Q Deltas
0:58:23 Patriot Princess decode
1:01:06 Qrash the Matrix “The Plan”
1:07:10 Trump
1:09:21 GESARA News, October 29, 2023
1:26:41 Q&A Section
1:27:02 Jack: Lizzy’s music, Gas report, Insider notes
1:32:10 Jack: KM-Racism with Rebecca discussion starts…
1:53:37 Jack: Tesla is Q
1:58:00 Phillip: Mobile Home audio file, Wolverines channel
2:02:43 Robert: Scammers, Putins double, KZ mafia, brainwashing, carbon based, reboot, Bill Clinton
2:10:40 Hannah: New Chickens, Balfour Declaration,, Israel Sovereignty, Hannah’s experience, Trump Messiah?
2:16:44 Stella: Show has evolved, Pope could be Anti Christ?, Religion is to divide, Beautiful group on show
2:21:12 Ashtara: Language of Light, Vera Lynn Song, Foster Gamble, We are One, Source, Great Reset, No Negativity, Beyond UFO’s, Infinity, zero point, The Timeless Voyager, JJ Hertac, Nag Hamonadi, Gospel of Q, Gnostics, Christ Consciousness, DNA upgrades, Project Montauk, Maui/Portal/Ley Lines, Bashar
3:26:35 Kryki: Athens Theater, Ancient Greek, Cathars, Agnostics, Heart-centered practice, Hold the Energy, Star Families, Cycles ending, Battlestar Galactica, 432 Hertz
3:47:13 Indigo Aura Feat. Stellar Le Bouvier (Cathar Hymn 432Hz)
3:56:26 Gerd: Ashtara’s many topics, raising the vibrations, Galactic Wars, Gerds book, Starships, Keys of Enoch, Law of Attraction, Karma, Law of One, Love Frequency
4:24:55 Elena: Meeting Star Families, Arch Angel Michael, Kim Goglan?, Tree of Life, Divine Beings, Source is real
4:34:54 Dean: Kim is A.I., controlled by Enki, Ending the Cycles, Kalaluga, triggers and healing
4:45:34 Kirsten: New Debt Clock message
4:46:36 Wrapping up.
4:49:27 End.

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October 29, 2023, The GESARA Piano Concert in 432 kz, with Lizzy Pip
Duration: 1:04:00

Due to the ending of Summer time in Europe, yet not in the USA, American viewers might be confused about our regular show starting an hour later than usual. We therefore decided to ask Lizzy Pip to give a concert playing her special 432 hz piano music for us to fill that gap.

The result was a wonderful mixture of inspiring music that you can see in the above video.

This was played BEFORE the actual GESARA Show, which then went on for another 5 hours.

Please enjoy Lizzy's wonderful music. We plan to do another such concert an hour before next Sunday's (#170) GESARA Show, so join an hour earlier to enjoy that, live.

Thanks to Lizzy for agreeing to do this at short notice.

This show was a free show. This is being rereleased with the rest of the show with a minor correction in the title.

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) with special guest Lizzy Pip.

0:00:00 Introduction to concert with Lizzy Pip
0:03:15 Lizzy explains what inspires her music.
0:06:20 Emotions
0:11:11 Illumination, by Jennifer Thomas (piano tuned to 432 hz)
0:16:20 September rain
0:12:18 Remember
0:23:33 Soul memory
0:28:58 Church Bells
0:33:35 Judgement Day
0:37:22 Footprints
0:43:24 Golden Raindrops with strings
0:47:43 A message from (Just) Charlie's angels
0:59:52 Forest Dance, by Lizzy Pip
1:04:00 End.

Lizzy Pip's YouTube channel:

October 15, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 164 - Sunday
Duration: 4:59:10

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:44 What is happening?
0:05:07 Peter's hair
0:09:07 Kirsten: Christian21
0:15:30 Trump, Speaker of the House?
0:17:16 What is 3D, 4D and 5D?
0:18:53 Peter's Computer setup
0:19:55 Peter: Notes from Insider Club
0:25:05 Video section
0:25:27 Psyop: Jan Hopper-Hayes
0:28:08 Migrants
0:32:15 South Park Wake-Up
0:33:16 The Holy War Origins of Friday the 13th
0:37:39 The Simpson GOD
0:40:50 Trump in Saudia Arabia
0:42:33 Project Looking Glass and Pole Shifts
0:51:00 Magic of the word F... (vulgar language used)
0:57:09 Why does the 2nd Amendment exist?
0:58:44 Israeli - Palestinian conflict
1:02:03 CNN faking news
1:03:48 Australian NO vote
1:06:35 WHO Pandemic Treaty danger
1:23:53 QFS in 4 min
1:29:21 Date on Julian Calendar
1:29:59 Stella: Australian voting
1:40:53 Erik: WHO Treaty - What is going to happen?

1:46:14 Ashtara: Galactic Diplomat, Law of One, Atlantis, Starships, 432hz, Holy Wars, Earth was a learning Planet, Nuremberg Code, know your power, JJ Hertac, Shakina-Christos-Sophia, Sisterhood of the Rose, St.Germaine, Alcion-Solar Flash-real sun, stand in your power, Free Will, Bailiffs, J-Rods, Dragon Families, Diamond Codex, Council of 24, Galactic Codex, Gods&Godesses, Peter’s experience, timeline split, Umites

2:31:36 Barbara: Niko Kaku, creating reality, Be the One, Change the code, Council of 9, Brady Bunch & Little House, BSG, JFK Double, Med Beds, Project Montauk, A.I.

2:53:21 Maggie: Does the Bavarian Illuminati exist? Kennedy and Trump, Trump never cloned, JFK faked being Illuminati, Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine=Infiniti, Love, Light, and Unity(Law of One)

3:02:17 Jacint: Developing synchronicity, We are all one, Star families, Miami Vice, Christian21

3:09:47 Hannah: Remote viewing, Origin?, negative cannot vibrate in a higher frequency, Magdalena codes, time does not exist, Van Gelles music, Tom Cruise, ask your heart, 432, 528, 777 frequencies, Quantum

3:31:32 Jacint: Feline Beings, Lyran Beings, Elohim, Sphinx, Great Pyramid, Antarctica Pyramid, keeping physical vessels, expanding consciousness

3:40:59 Rose A: How to connect to our Star Family?

3:51:32 Maria: Sungazing, glitch in matrix, create own reality, cloud busting, intuition is strong within

3:57:15 Stella: Maria & Stella lovely moments
4:02:43 Chris: praying over Chris, light language

4:06:21 Derek: Don’t take on negative comments, Mark Sexton, we are all different, Star Families, not all Reptilians are bad, no more Wars

4:25:19 Jack: Space Force part of the Galactic Alliance? Yes, same symbol, Book of Enoch, one bad apple ruins the bunch, Anubis, Ra, calling in the ships

4:40:14 Robert: Normies? Jupiter Ascending, Bible, observer, Pleadian plus, Orgone generators
4:48:00 Peter:
4:49:40 Wrapping up
4:51:54 Carpenters - Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft
4:59:10 End.

October 8, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 162 - Sunday
Duration: 4:23:40

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction, the end of the movie?
0:04:11 Speaker of the House?
0:07:02 Iraq, Ring of Fire, Christmas in October?
0:12:50 Your guide, sad or happy?
0:14:51 Chicken Run flashback.
0:19:18 Lizzy: Authenticity is higher than love!
0:20:46 We're born alone…
0:22:13 The Chosen One
0:24:50 Greatest Schwabs, Vol. 15 (satire)
0:28:40 Who are "They?"
0:35:41 Donald Trump-Speaker of the House?
0:37:04 Salt water
0:42:43 Trump Checkmate-Brunsen
0:44:25 Message from Melania
0:49:40 Dumb Americans
0:54:21 Wolverine on Israel
1:04:21 Alex Collier report
1:09:43 Authenticity
1:11:42 Audio clip from Wolverine
1:13:19 Authenticity rant
1:15:12 GESARA News, October 4, 2023
1:33:27 Q&A Section Intro
1:34:19 Jack: Gas report, Nader report, De-dollarization, Med Beds, Car sharing
1:46:04 Christos: positive energy, Authenticity, prayers for the innocent, Wolverines opera, XRP&XLM, currencies, Humanitarian projects
1:55:10 Gayden: Nazi video, list of politicians, Kirsten’s chat channel
1:57:44 Joseph: Jim Willy & SOTH, liberals, CIC or President, Trump COMMS, Gesara needs, Skye video
2:05:55 J: UCC still valid?
2:09:56 Louisa: loss of son, corrupt Government in South Pacific to stand down w/Gesara, CBDC & QFS, Israel false flag? Doctor’s
2:20:52 Ashtara: Galactic Codex, Law of One, David Wilcox, Golden Age, Ra, Star Trek, Anchored in…, Great Awakening, Glastonbury, Sovereignty, NCSWIC, Light Beings, Lumeria&Atlantis, Star families, Quantum, Light language, 432 hertz, Galactic Federation, Georgia Guide stones, Moses, Birth Certificates
3:01:09 - Cosmic Justice - 'GOLDEN AGE' - Spiritual Gangsta
3:07:06 - Declaration of Divine Sovereignty, Christian21; Sibley22 on Rumble, Elena Dunaan & Ismael Perez
3:21:33 Christos: Why did the Light Beings not intervene all of the other times? 144,000, Madonna?
3:35:05 Jacint: Skye video, thank you to Ashtara
3:43:43 Gayden: some will be removed that are not in 5D
3:51:05 Rebecca: Israel, real or fake?, theater/reality
3:55:34 Barbara: How do we know if we are a Starseed or a Light-worker?
4:00:56 Jack: Hans Zimmer, Who is Ra? Eye of Horus, Cyrus?
4:10:40 Stella: Sophia is wisdom, Stella is a Beacon, Star Family, Indigenous rights, Ricardo Bosi, Everyone loves Stella
4:20:02 Wrapping up
4:23:40 End.

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October 1, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 160 - Sunday
Duration: 3:43:40

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:04 Show duration in the past
0:03:07 Where are you all from?
0:06:32 Confusion on the Event. Fact checking.
0:08:34 Conspiracy theory, possibility, probability or fact?
0:18:59 Wolverine's inconsistancies. Beware of any dates.
0:21:06 October, 1582 and the Julian calendar.
0:23:32, all currencies have been zeroed
0:28:19 Klaus Schwab-parodies
0:31:26 Hitler calls Biden
0:33:57 Disappearing people
0:36:42 Fear is not real.
0:38:55 The heart is more powerful than the brain.
0:40:44 Electric Trucks…
0:42:28 Glitch in the matrix with Alexa
0:44:53 Trump's reaction to Jamaal Bowman pulling the fire alarm.
0:46:37 Truth hidden in plain sight.
0:50:02 The Great Secret
0:53:22 Why Americans are so damn poor compared to Europeans.
0:58:11 Wolverine on Oct. 1, 2023
1:04:26 Crash the Matrix
1:05:41 EBS on Wednesday Julian calendar, movie references
1:07:04 11/11, 5D Portal, cakes, Peter's favourite movies…
1:14:18 GESARA News, October 1, 2023
1:26:19 Q&A Section Intro
1:26:47 Patricia: Katie Hobbs, New York flooding, group party, Kirsten’s Chat
1:34:52 Jack: Electric Trucks, Trump, Gas Report, Scare Event, Julian to Gregorian Calendar
1:50:00 Derek: Gas in UK, High Vibes, Crown owns Americans, Most Americans Vaxxed, Our Realm, No Dates, Event driven, Nos Confunden Map, Antarctic Treaty
2:10:05 Germaine: Charlie’s show & Cella Smith, Banks or RC?, 1-800 numbers, projects, Blue Ridge Mountains, CC meetings
2:17:54 Doreen: New York floods, Electric Cars, Cella Smith, Kirsten’s Chat, Social Security
2:29:17 Robert: Barbara O’Neil, CO2, Car Industry, fuels, Freemason’s, Education
2:43:36 Barbara: Barbara’s date, Derek or Doc? Cakes, Birthday, Cella Smith, DJ Barb
2:54:06 Derek: Tap water vehicles, Inventor killed before release
2:57:39 Stella: Hot Rod Cars, Mobile Home raffle, manifesting, positive vibes, Cella Smith, Cafe in Bora Bora, Sharks, Border towns
3:17:35 Hannah: Baby Chicks, Derek’s fight against the Cabal
3:24:26 Maria: Farm in Australia, friends with Stella and Hannah
3:31:52 Hannah, Stella, and Maria: Australians all outside, Show has gone to the Lou
3:34:50 Michelle: Orville show, Thank you, Search Engine for the Show
3:37:51 Jack: Any News from South America? Phil G latest, Trump
3:40:51 Wrapping up
3:42:01 Kids disappearing on Bus
3:43:01 People disappear in New York
3:43:40 End.

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September 17, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 156 - Sunday
Duration: 3:40:30

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction
0:03:41 How many of your friends are awake? What are soul contracts?
0:09:53 Stella Blockchain QFS went live on 9/11/2023
0:17:33 Kirsten: CC Event in West Virginia, Solar Flash
0:26:42 Spiritual Awareness, meeting people from previous lives
0:30:39 Aaron Rodgers: Because your not vaxxed…
0:31:48 Harvest Update…Chuck Grassley
0:33:47 Kali Yuga
0:37:31 Realities
0:38:16 September 23rd Solar Flash
0:40:34 Simpsons, Cheeseburger Day?
0:42:25 Preschool Apprentice
0:43:52 52% of the World does not have $1000 in bank account
0:45:15 October 4th, EBS Alert!
0:49:29 Vaxxed people in danger from 5G, detect with Smartphone
0:52:51 Med-Bed for home use in 2031: Regeneration Capsule film
1:10:39 Do we want these future technologies?
1:14:06 GESARA News, September 17, 2023
1:30:52 Q&A Section Intro
1:32:16 Stella: SG Anon & Charlie, “Greatest Show on Earth”, Brandon, Australians & Sovereignty Elections
1:43:04 Valerie: Gold & the Children?
1:49:43 Doug: XRP on Coinbase, Cold Wallets, ILopez on Crypto, Ledgers
2:02:26 Gayden: XRP on verification, Daryl in CC story
2:09:45 Kirsten: CC meeting on the water
2:13:15 Norma: XRP Setup on YouTube
2:16:20 Jack: Gas Report, Peter needs a Car, Ken Paxton
2:23:24 Obi Wan: High Vibes, XRP&XLM, Positive thinking, Trump Execution, Maui, Traveling and not driving, Notices and Invoices
2:41:00 Jacint: Invoices to the Judges and Bailiffs
2:54:16 Clive: RV in local currencies?
2:59:07 Stella: Can Men get pregnant? Mental Disorders Barbara’s story, Australian time difference
3:13:55 Darren: Med-Bed video, US Navy Space Program, Space Force, Reptillians and Greys, Solar Warden Program
3:28:10 Gayden: Daryl’s Ora
3:31:12 Kirsten: Decode Channel Info, Phil G, WH’s
3:38:59 Wrapping up.
3:40:30 End.

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August 6, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 144 - Sunday
Duration: 3:19:40

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:42 Trump Situation
0:04:15 Kirsten & Peter Catch-up
0:09:26 Magna Carta show details and Peter’s trip.
0:18:13 Military Exercises Decode from Red Maven on TikTok.
0:21:32 Tarot by Janine video
0:28:24 Military Exercises/10 Days
0:30:10 Trump/Change of venue
0:31:03 Solar Flares, GB News Report, Storm in Belgium, Look around
0:38:35 GBN Video on Trump Situation
0:51:00 GESARA News, recorded on August 6, 2023
1:03:03 Q&A Section Intro
1:03:16 Rebecca: Numbers &Decodes, Peter’s Eyes
1:11:09 Derek: E.T. Topic, Letters from Banks and Courts, Positive 5D, Families waking up.
1:35:15 Michael: 3D to 5D, Strange New Worlds
1:46:41 Jack: Derek-Cockney?, Gas Report, Star Trek, Gas leaks, 3GD
1:56:00 Hannah: Hens Update, BRICS Meeting, Mass Arrests
2:12:42 Wrapping Up
2:14:49 Derek Johnson Breaking 8-6-2023 ~ U.S. Military Report
3:19:40 End.

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August 17, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 147 - Thursday
Duration: 3:53:40

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction, look back at the Magna Carta Show.
0:01:40 Trip to London
0:03:08 Egham Museum
0:09:16 Article 61, Bill of Rights
0:20:48 Fighting back with Law
0:31:45 Returning with Eurotunnel, delays, heavy rain.
0:36:30 Trump indited, again.
0:39:07 GESARA News, recorded on August 17, 2023
1:16:45 Q&A Section Intro
1:17:30 Rose US: Well rested Peter, hair looks great, Mike Lindell
1:21:20 Kirsten: Trumps charges, E.O. 13848, Red Maven TikTok, Hawaii, Big Pharma, Biden & U.S. Dollar, QFS video, WW3, KCchatchannel23 on Telegram.
1:45:54 Rose AT: Charlie Ward Telegram:
1:50:28 Stella: Mike Lindell, Biden&RV, Tucker Carlson, BRICS, XRP&XLM, Rife and Wave therapy, Maui, BBC, Peter’s Hair
2:07:12 Philip: GESARA & Hawaii, Signal, DNS, False dates for Black Hats, Kirsten’s telegram, FORD acronyms
2:17:44 Derek: Maui, Vaccines, feedback from Truthers, Black Hats
2:32:06 Darren: Peter’s Hair, Maui&Michael Jaco, DEW’s, Colorado fires, Good/Bad Military
2:47:03 Hannah: Glint, put money into it. Maui trees and Smart Meters. HARP system. Eggs, Clive
2:58:24 Kirsten: Hurricane Hillary, Trump’s last Indictment, Michael Jaco interviews. Ecuador Election
3:03:32 Jack: Arizona Indictment, awake people, Stock Market and 401k’s, gasoline report, currency, White dats/Black Hats
3:20:29 Christos: PayPal blocked, Deep State Country
3:27:27 Stella: Glint App. Voter fraud video
3:34:08 Patricia: Local Maui Resident, German work ethics
3:52:30 Wrapping Up
3:53:40 End.

Getting started on the GESARA Show

August 9, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 145 - Wednesday
Duration: 2:36:30

Host: Peter Walker (Belgium Coast)

0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:30 Belgium/Wenduine Scenery
0:09:09 Peter and Kirsten Catch-up.
0:11:10 Pat-Military Fleets in 22 Time Zones
0:14:18 Red Maven TikTok’s
0:17:32 Phil G Summary
0:20:40 Trump
0:24:30 Gesara Show in German
0:27:53 TikTok’s w/Jan Halper-Hayes
0:36:40 Waking up Normies
0:41:40 Wildfires in Maui, HI
0:42:59 Magna Carta special show on Sunday
0:46:24 GESARA News, recorded on August 9, 2023
1:07:21 Peter’s View
1:10:07 Q&A Section Intro
1:12:27 African Borders TikTok
1:15:53 Pat-U.K. Silver backed? Sterling Silver mines?
1:17:26 FBI Agent-Joins conversation
1:19:19 FBI Agent-Sergeant Robert Horton, Banks, Courts
1:30:24 Clive-South African Farmerz, Markets bare, Zimbabwe
1:43:00 Stella-Vaccine Injury Court Cases, voice chat from Wolverine
2:04:11 Darren-Dr.Salla interview w/Thor Han, Motherships, Phil’s Intel, UFO Disclosure
2:20:55 FBI Agent-younger generation gets it. We are here for a reason. Judo meeting. Awake show.
2:31:19 Gesara Show non subscribers individual shows.
2:32:58 Wrapping Up
2:36:30 End.

Getting started on the GESARA Show

August 27, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 150 - Sunday
Duration: 3:49:50

150th Show, one of the funniest, ever!

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction, 150th Show…
0:04:11 New EU Digital Services Act
0:06:31 Why we had to stop the chat on Telegram. Now:
0:14:54 Trump Mugshot
0:27:32 Kirsten Updates: Everything has precise timing…, Christian21 Notes
0:35:39 IMDb: Politicians are actors and producers…
0:39:14 Everything is a COMM!
0:44:31 Globalists on Fox…, Trump COMMS
0:48:18 DUMBS Portals, Bigfoot is real.
0:49:19 Tribbles are real…
0:55:00 Dummies Lives Matter…
0:59:04 Biden's Impeachment looms…
1:03:21 Gregorian to Julian Calendar in October?
1:04:00 News from South America…
1:04:48 Blue Moon this week
1:07:35 Problems sending emails to addresses.
1:09:29 Powerful music video: “One Day”
1:16:00 GESARA News, recorded on August 27, 2023
1:32:01 Q&A Section Intro
1:33:03 Jack: Gasoline Report, Peter transcending, Battery Power Cars, Blue Moon
1:45:42 Derek: Brummies vs. Cockney, spiritual changes, negativity, lift your vibrations, Spirits, Autism
2:10:54 Pat: Derek’s hangover, don’t mess w/Pat, Runnymede
2:21:54 Lizzy: Mind Reset App, Peter’s temper, Double Penny, Silver and chocolate
2:30:22 Clive: Report on BRICS Conference, Hannah’s abode & 4 legs, Mobile Homes, Storms upon us, Hannah’s Roof top
2:52:37 Barbara: Computer problems, Ascension, Derek’s intuition, animals and kids, going within, Men, Irish jig with Derek
3:07:02 Stella: Grandson’s confirmation, Barbie movie, Nucleus of the family, Catholic Hospitals
3:19:07 Janel: Lulu in Brazil, Leena, gentlemen warriors, Blacks for Trump, Jumanji
3:29:13 Velma: Subscription emails, when expires.
3:31:45 Clive: wrong time zone in South Africa
3:32:33 Barbara: Computer working due to manifestation
3:33:10 Lizzy: Manifesting? Yolking, 6 foot, dark and handsome
3:34:18 Connie: Father and son gambling
3:38:41 Intro sequence of “Chicken Run”
3:45:28 Egg-static comments on the clip…
3:48:11 Kirsten has been arrested!
3:48:52 Wrapping up.
3:49:50 End.

Getting started on the GESARA Show

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction, gmail email accounts blocked.
0:02:53 Trump/Tucker interview. Watch party
0:04:07 BRICS Conference
0:12:23 BRICS News reports
0:30:52 GESARA News, recorded on August 23, 2023
0:48:24 Q&A Section Intro
0:48:48 Kirsten: Jan Halper Hayes/ Nino, Phil G, Simpsons, Trump/Tucker, Dan Scavino, Mt.DEW, Trump
1:02:48 Steve: Athletic News, Q video, Social Media, meeting in Runnymeade
1:13:06 Gayden: Head of Wagner group killed, Soros money puppets
1:15:25 Hannah: Egg-citing News…, Jason Shurka video
1:20:57 Capt. Jack: Captain Jack Tribute
1:22:37 Stella: Watching Tucker/Trump interview at a decent time.
1:24:53 Capt. Jack: Kirsten's "Breaking News", Trump’s Arrest, North Korea Missile, Wagner Boss, Decodes, Gas report, Maui
1:47:17 Darren: Intergalactic News, Elena Dunan, Biden General, Disclosure, Trump Arrests, Conference in Orlando, Okinawa, Vogel Crystals, CE5
2:03:36 Derek: Parents, Movie, High Vibrations, Maui, Arrests
2:10:41 Monika: Maui Space-Force
2:13:07 Kyrki: Zelenski in Athens, DEW in Greece, Power of Intentions
2:24:28 Kirsten: Trump arrest video
2:27:30 Wrapping Up
2:30:43 Preview of Trump interview…
2:32:23 Tucker's Interview with Colonel Douglas Macgregor
3:24:40 End.

Getting started on the GESARA Show

August 13, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 146 - Magna Carta Extra
Duration: 2:09:08

Host: Peter Walker (Egham Museum, near Runnymede, UK)

This is our long-awaited Magna Carta Extra with live guests in Egham Museum.
We had an excellent show with important topics related to the Magna Carta.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:10 Pat: History of the Magna Carta. Jury, not Judges or Solicitors
0:04:54 Peter, Derek, Pat: Article 61, Bill of Rights
0:11:05 Peter: Technical setup
0:11:41 Rebecca: Sweden does not have birth certificates.
0:23:26 Relevance of Magna Carta, today.
0:29:26 Derek: President John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address (1961)
0:35:13 Myths about the Magna Carta
0:44:29 Pat: Waking up a couple. Military involvement. Navy went to USA.
0:49:38 Strong argument on citizenship.
0:54:25 Jack: Magna Carta before and after 1871. Trump's Coup.
1:02:07 Where do we go from here?
1:16:10 Q&A Section
1:17:10 Unalienable Rights.
1:20:57 Steve: Comments on Unalienable Rights
1:24:21 Demonstration - New Accessories for Hydration-App.
1:55:57 Wrapping Up
1:59:26 Genomic-Wellbeing Videos
2:05:25 "Don't Let the Old Man In"
2:09:28 End.

Note: Although this GESARA Show is being released to he public, our usual shows are only being released to subscribers until White Hat restrictions are lifted. Shows will continue to be released to subscribers, yet without RV related infos. In order to take part in and/or watch our shows, you need a subscription (from $2/month)..

You can watch subscriber only shows for $1 here:
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August 2, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 143 - Wednesday
Duration: 3:38:30

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction, last public show. Truthers told to be quiet.
0:09:25 Simon Parcs and Charlie Ward split.
0:21:53 More on the reasons to avoid RV topics, now and other news.
0:31:16 Accessories for the hydration-app.
0:35:38 GESARA News, recorded on August 2, 2023
0:50:58 Q&A Section Intro
0:51:27 Rebecca: 100 Billion Agro cheques, Zim’s, Fall of Cabal, Judaism
1:04:48 Kryki: Gifting Notes, Zims, Death Certificates, Wills, Fires in Greece
1:16:12 Velma: Dinar Notes w/ Sadam’s head.
1:19:56 Kirsten: Zim, SA News, Skye Prince, Brave TV, Trump, Co-Host
1:29:35 Cory: Agro Zim
1:30:26 DéLise: Jewish Prayers, NDA’s
1:35:56 Rose: technical issues, healing modalities, twilight zone, Trump’s Attorney, Bruce’s Big Call
1:50:32 Philip: RV/NDA’s, Kirsten’s Telegram, Currencies
1:55:00 Jack & Cory: Fuel Costs, Electric Cars, Mike Pence, Currencies
2:07:46 Pat: Life App Apparatus, Runnymede trip
2:13:14 Darren: Dan Bongino Podcast, Space Arcs, Dr.Salla, Kirsten Co-Host, Bill O’Riley, Phil Godlewski, Strange New World show
2:23:55 Gayden: Mark Z, NDA Forms, Revolut accounts, Cologne, Germany
2:31:51 Rebecca:, 1-800 numbers, Currencies, Chat
2:36:55 Kirsten: Darren Banned…lol, TikTok’s on Trump Arrests, breaking news, Senate False Flag
2:43:36 Steve: U.K. Trip, travel expenses, U.K. Zones, EMF protection necklace
2:59:00 Jim: Walmart updates/ Notes instead of Bills, Emailed receipts
3:00:52 Stella: Dan Bongino tweet, Hydration App apparatus, EBS, Kirsten’s telegram, currency redemption
3:13:21 Gayden: Hydration App, Kirsten Co-Host, wine better w/app
3:19:46 Patricia's son: Products working w/out App
3:20:54 Hannah: Zoom meeting, Hydration App, New Phone, selling eggs, Hannah’s Happy Hens
3:28:37 Wrapping Up
3:29:52 Details of changes to the GESARA Talk Show.
3:38:30 End.

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July 30, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 142 - Sunday
Duration: 3:41:30

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction. Wolverine's reports.
0:02:20 Disinformation and Bruce. The Art of War.
0:04:14 Tactics of Confusion used in WWII to help win the war.
0:10:01 Disinformation in current war. Interpreting Judy's reports.
0:13:30 GESARA Show introduction for newbies…
0:14:39 Wolverine is excited…, why the delays?
0:17:57 RV has started at higher levels, yet no liquidity.
0:21:45 BRICS asset backed currency in late August.
0:25:54 Magna Carta Meetup:
0:29:36 Truthers going silent, as NDAs kick in.
0:32:18 GESARA News, recorded on July 30, 2023
0:56:54 Q&A Section Intro
0:58:03 Kirsten: Charlie to PNN, 10 Days, Sevyn in 5D, Lionsgate Portal
1:10:02 Philip: Cashing in the RV, where is better?
1:13:19 Latest news from the Bond trader source in South America.
1:25:45 Kirsten: RV starts in Japan, Nose EBS, Internet, Grid, Mitch glitch
1:33:49 Robert: Brain-fart.
1:34:07 Steve: UCC-Filing process. Judges not trained in UCC.
1:40:23 Pat: Lawyers and Doctors not trained properly.
1:49:48 FBI: Losing all our funds in 4-5 years? Changing dates.
2:02:27 Rebecca: Lots of RV and XRP questions…
2:21:04 Stella: Fauchi exposed, global boiling, hydration-app, Impeachment.
2:35:40 Robert: Vitamins and mineral deficiency.
2:42:58 Clive: Redemption Centers in South Africa. Trip plans.
2:49:36 Michael: Spike proteins, Benghazi, wars, Medbeds, Strange New Worlds, Manifistation
3:05:28 Rose: Belgium, Runnymede, how close the RV is, 1-800 number, Car
3:15:43 Pat: Spreadsheet for RV currencies.
3:20:17 FBI (Fox Mulder): UK Trip, 5D, South Africa, RV Prep.
3:25:11 Jack: Gas prices Germany vs. USA, MarkZ, Black Stars
3:31:36 Clive: Gitmo testing for clones
3:34:23 Hannah: Magna Carta from 1215 valid?
3:36:03 John: Only redeem currencies in country of residence.
3:40:38 Wrapping Up
3:41:30 End.

IMPORTANT: Truthers around the world (e.g Wolverine, Skye Prince, etc.) have been told to stop posting on social media. We are following the trend and this is the last episode to be released on BitChute for now. We will continue the show for subscribers only on our own website until that has to be stopped (or at least no longer report on these topics) due to NDAs. If you want to see further shows, you will have to subscribe for now. Thank-you for watching.

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July 26, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 141 - Wednesday
Duration: 3:30:00

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction. Charlie's show with little Intel.
0:00:42 News from our major source…
0:05:41 News from Wolverine
0:07:30 PPN / Michelle Moore summary.
0:14:53 Breech of Peter's privacy.
0:18:56 Other Intel from Wolverine.
0:28:02 Free Speech on the Internet, in danger from August 25.
0:34:07 Breaking News: RV delayed by US audits.
0:35:48 Hydration App, upgrade coming.
0:37:13 Planning for Magna Carta Meetup:
0:42:22 GESARA News, recorded on July 26, 2023
1:04:01 Q&A Section Intro
1:05:41 Kirsten: W.H. Grampa, Biden, Phil G, Banks, EBS, Dates, Gas prices, Wealth transfer video clip.
1:20:41 Robert: Banks in Alabama, bad internet
1:22:42 Gayden: Gas prices, Telegram chat, U.A.P. Hearings, Michael Salla video
1:34:23 Cory: Chase Banks, Kinetic Banks, U.F.O.’s, Helicopter action.
1:40:34 Rebecca: Yellow Dragon Bonds, Bank Note World, Zim Bonds, Nesara-Gesara, Humanitarian Projects
2:03:08 Hannah: Clive, Netanyahu/ Trump, no more money, Hens and Roosters
2:10:53 Robert: Native Americans, Glint card, Crypto, CBD
2:18:20 Kirsten: Video Clip about “The End”, Mitch McConnell glitch
2:25:22 Steve: Social Media censoring
2:35:34 Derek: Truthers, targeted by PC, Magna Carta, RV slowed down by 13 Iraq banks.
2:43:47 Michael: Recap, Jab victims, frequency therapy, Events
2:59:45 Darren: Congressional Hearings, Dr. Salla findings, Project Bluebeam, Elena Dunaan, Crystals, Cory’s crystals, Space Arcs, Nukes and E.T.’s
3:19:25 Cory + Robert: Ripple effects from Nukes, Methalene Blue
3:22:29 Rebecca: Authenticate Zim, Dinar and Dong?
3:24:18 Wrapping Up
3:25:36 Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, sung by Lanie Gardner
3:30:00 End.

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Sunday's Show is a Free Show:

July 23, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 140 - Sunday
Duration: 4:00:00

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction. RV Status report. July 27?
0:01:28 Peter's travel plans. Runnymede show on August 13.
0:10:09 Derek and Michelle's opinions on NESARA.
0:17:48 What happened between Michelle Moore and PPN?
0:36:40 GESARA News, recorded on July 23, 2023
1:10:34 Q&A Section Intro
1:10:57 Rebecca: Currencies, Humanitarian Projects, Redemption Centers.
1:27:53 Patricia: Mark Z, Skye Prince, Business Plans, Appointments, Bonds list.
1:31:38 Rose A: How to buy currencies? eBay?
1:36:10 Kirsten: “Observe don’t Absorb”/ July 25th
1:38:06 Philip: Tier 4B/5?
1:40:36 Jack: Financial System ready to Implode! Trucking Industry in trouble.
1:46:12 Kirsten: Cyber attacks, Mayan Calendar, Christian 21, Mr. Trumptastic
1:58:08 Rebecca: Redemtion Center/ XRP Dave
2:00:56 Michael: Kirsten Co-Host, Redemption Centers.
2:06:36 Derek: Police in U.K./ Freemasonry/ friends and family.
2:18:14 Hannah: Suppression of free speech from August.
2:28:58 Kirsten: Mr. Trumptastic/ Co-Host/Brazil NDA’s/ 3GD
2:34:50 Velma: Can they force us to use CBDC?
2:39:03 Pat: Runnymede/ Derek triggers.
2:41:22 Patricia: Chip’s at McDonald’s for track and trace. CBDC’s.
2:54:22 Ann: Wav Watch/Rife forum
3:01:08 Gayden: Marburg Virus/ Vax/ 5G.
3:03:05 Stella: Wedding/ Anniversary Parties/Transgender/Vax/ Hydration App.
3:15:02 Pat: Reassignment surgery’s/ Mental issues.
3:19:30 Patricia: W.E.F, Agenda 2030/ U.N.-W.H.O/children
3:27:11 Michael: Gay Agenda and Star Trek/ M.K. Ultra/ Med Beds.
3:43:30 Derek: Vax/Gay Agenda/ After RV topics/ toxins
3:58:26 Hannah: Dr. Ardis/ Detox therapy
3:59:28 Wrapping Up
4:00:00 End.

Getting started on the GESARA Show

July 19, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 139 - Wednesday
Duration: 3:33:40

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction. Very special day…
0:00:49 Common Law Court (CLC) Response
0:05:44 Video Statement from CLC
0:15:39 Comments on CLC situation.
0:17:14 Derek: CLC infiltration/ John Smith
0:22:42 Pat: CLC Discussion
0:34:02 RV News - It has Started! LON23 News as well…
1:07:38 GESARA News, recorded on July 19, 2023
1:28:26 Q&A Section Intro
1:28:51 Michael: Charlie’s Show/ Smart Meters
1:38:42 Rose: website
1:42:26 Leona: Business Plans/Banks
1:46:11 Kirsten: TNT Tony, Ariel, Timelines
1:54:39 Patricia: References
2:05:26 Derek: Was Peter given a suggestion to be quiet?/ sharp people/Julian Calendar
2:17:20 Jack: Petrol, Signal, Wells Fargo
2:24:12 Gayden: Michelle Moore & Mike Gill interviews
2:31:44 Hannah: Money and working after RV
2:36:00 Darren: Ascension Symptoms/5G/General Flynn/Stargate Series
2:42:27 Barbara: The Date? NDA’s
2:50:59 Ann: Canada News/Wave Watch
2:56:35 Jack: Charlie’s Show/ 18 Months
3:05:36 Derek: Dates? Suicide Rates, 17th
3:11:36 Cory: Redemption News???
3:13:43 Gayden: Shared Michelle Moore links in chat/ XRP-XLM
3:16:58 Kirsten: Ascension Symptoms/Actors/TNT Tony Bad?
3:21:21 Stella: Tucker Carlson-Andrew Tate interview/ Strawman
3:28:41 Kirsten: Pfizer Building destroyed with DEW?
3:30:01 Wrapping up, recap from "Lon23" (Bond trader in Brazil).
3:32:04 Should the GESARA Show go subscribers ONLY?
3:33:40 End.

Note: We might have to suspend public releases of the GESARA Show and only release to subscribers. We suggest subscribing now.

Getting started on the GESARA Show

July 16, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 138 - Sunday Special
Duration: 3:58:56

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

Special Guest: Michelle Moore

0:00:00 Introduction. Special Guest: Michelle Moore
0:08:15 Timelines and Q clock
0:10:03 Banking Systems, Children, Forex, rates
0:14:05 RV News, Bond Trader intel from "Lon23"
0:20:05 Michelle’s source for RV/Humanitarian Projects
0:25:10 Richard Citizen, Nancy Drew, IRS, UCC
0:31:54 Common Law, State National, Vaccine Control Group
0:38:20 Truther, Conspiracy Theorists, Germany
0:47:14 Rights, Book Recommendations, Straw-Man
0:53:00 Supreme Court, Do Not Consent, Planes
1:01:42 Food Quality
1:12:02 Vaccinated Bluetooth, MK Ultra, Trump
1:23:26 Mike Gill, Human-trafficking, Bribes
1:25:34 Q&A Section (with Michelle)
1:25:36 Robert: Clinton’s, Grass-Fed Beef, Hospitals
1:31:45 Iris: General Flynn, Mike Gill, PPN, SOF, Discernment
2:09:55 Just Ne: Foreclosures on Farmers, GESARA
2:12:15 Derek: GESARA, Clinton, Flynn, Bible
2:17:23 Kirsten: CC meeting, Bing, Boom, Boom, Boom from Trump
2:18:36 Stella: Australia treated dismally during CV19, Fines, Schools
2:28:52 Patricia: Med Beds, Flynn, Trump, Pompeo
2:38:53 Lali (Les): RV Scams, Rates, Business plan templates
2:46:20 Looking for big projects. Michelle leaving show.
2:48:30 Q&A Section (without Michelle)
2:49:15 Stella: Tom Numbers
2:50:27 Derek: PPN, Not uplifting, Clintons, Discernment, Projects
2:58:03 Jack: Sound of Freedom, Emotions, Awareness, RV
3:03:03 GESARA News, recorded on July 16, 2023
3:17:01 Michelle iPhone: Titanic Cat, Michelle Moore, Robot dogs, Net shutdown, Guardians of the Galaxy.
3:22:45 Jack: Children, Milk Cartons
3:23:43 Kirsten: Fed delinquent on payments, TikTok for Bing, Boom, Boom, Net Shutdown, DOD Sauna
3:30:22 Derek: Great Show/ People commenting on chat/ Clive Power.
3:35:22 Wrapping up
3:36:19 Bonus video: Sound of Freedom and Truthers opinions.
3:58:56 End.

Getting started on the GESARA Show

July 12, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 137 - Wednesday
Duration: 3:32:20

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction. Review of Sunday's show.
0:01:26 Dinar Rate update. Common Law Court.
0:05:14 Michelle Moore special guest on Sunday
0:07:17 Cusp of things changing. Strict NDAs. Quit from most sources.
0:08:24 Peter Code/Hats/NDA
0:09:30 World Changing/BRICS August Announcement.
0:11:11 Hyper Inflation for USA/ Food and Water for 3-4 weeks.
0:12:49 July 17th looking good for RV
0:16:13 Help for Index/volunteers 
0:19:40 Gesara Show growing with 2000 views.
0:20:37 Charlie’s show notes/ money/projects.
0:30:20 East/West Germany United/ foods poor quality
0:35:08 Gesara Show helping people/Abundance
0:38:25 Mark Z points
0:40:51 GESARA News, recorded on July 12, 2023
1:11:10 Q&A Section
1:11:40 Steve: Silver/Copper prices/Agro Cheques/End of MSM
1:19:04 Clive: No Power in South Africa/trip to BRICS meeting/401K in USA
1:23:38 Jennifer: Currency receipts damaged, what to do?/Salem witches
1:29:10 Derek: Charlie Ward/Money/Sound of Freedom/broke in 3-5 years/ Chosen Ones/Wealth Managers.
1:43:22 "Kirsten: Queen Diana 10 pound Note, Patriot Rod Steel, Biden Diaper, Sound of Freedom, AMC, Trump video, Q posts
Female officer with Biden."
1:52:59 Hannah: Sound of Roosters/Help/Trusts/Normies and wealth/Accension and Manifestation/Gesara Dating/Clive to Australia for Hens.
2:04:13 Kirstin: DEFCON 1 Intel Clip/Scare Event/ Mike Penny-Nuclear Sirens.
2:12:00 Brenda: Zim Bonds/ How much oversight on projects?/ Gifting currencies and Taxes.
2:18:24 Darren: Elena Dunnan interview/Disclosure/NORAD and Space Command/Mustang/Phil G and other Truthers getting sick/ Earth-Final Conflict series.
2:26:34 Michael: Is everything heresay? No proof from WH/Birth Certificates/ using your own discernment.
2:42:50 Stella: Fall of Cabal/ Denver Airport.
2:48:22 Derek: WH in control/date related/spraying skies/flying saucers/High vibrations/women rejecting/ Men waking up
3:01:54 James: Does not want a Replicator/Work to appreciate everything.
3:08:00 Jacint: Poisoned Frog emblem. Lost battle without power.
3:17:31 Kirsten: Biden removed in Private/Wells Fargo Release Codes/Zimbabwe tokens/TNT Tony Intel/Phil G.
3:23:39 Wrapping up
3:25:44 The FALL of the CABAL! Bo Polny, David Nino Rodriguez
3:32:20 End.

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July 9, 2023, The GESARA Show 136

This episode includes important information about the Common Law Court and updates from "Lon23", the bond trader who provided important additional information on the ongoing RV process. It will be released to the public on Wednesday.

Host: Peter Walker

July 9, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 136 - Sunday
Duration: 4:10:20

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction. Free shows.
0:01:23 Preparation for today's experiment.
0:03:14 What is happening to the Common Law Court?
0:18:04 - Derek gives his update on CLC.
0:32:14 Update on RV from "Lon23"
0:44:30 Geoff on Common Law Court
0:58:05 The Experiment
1:19:30 GESARA News, recorded on July 9, 2023
1:46:06 Q&A Section
1:46:21 Steve: Plants are natural toxins. How does the Hydration App handle that?
1:49:04 Kirsten: The Green House and videos showing we are GO! July 17???
2:03:50 Robert: South spinning water. Nordstrom repair.
2:09:35 Kevin: Do I need to show proof where I bought the currency?
2:12:33 Stella: Buying the app. Trump Jr. Ministry of Truth.
2:23:19 Deborah: Julian Calendar, July 17 = Our July 4.
2:25:25 Kirsten: Videos from TikTok.
2:30:33 Lee: Has Brunson case been announced? Wells Fargo folding? EBS?
2:34:07 Derek: Infos in chat, app neutralises toxins. Banks are dead. Waking up…
2:45:34 Patricia: Asking bank if they are ISO 20022 compliant. 3 videos.
2:56:59 John: Exhausting process. Doing RV, wait, then ask for contract rate. Exchange.
3:00:05 Isabel: Like tempting a dog with a treat. Stay objective. Banks clueless.
3:09:45 Cajun Girl: Peaceful transition to military power.
3:12:48 John: Santander Bank, knew about QFS and in training until October.
3:20:37 Rita: "Sound of Freedom" should be seen by everyone.
3:22:48 Wrapping up, extra details on hydration-app.
3:27:15 Exclusion Zone Structured Water, talk by Peter Walker.
4:10:20 End.

July 5, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 135 - Wednesday
Duration: 3:07:49

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Intro, current situation and insider club summary.
0:02:01 Unifyd healing vs. Demo on Sunday's free show.
0:11:40 No news? There is a lot happening right now!
0:17:17 Holiday plans in August. Meetup possible near Runnymede on August 16.
0:21:30 Riots in France, update.
0:24:59 Monika: Pockets of problems, news is exaggerating things.
0:28:17 Is Biden dead?
0:31:06 Testing RODE Wireless GO II Microphone.
0:33:59 GESARA News, recorded on July 5, 2023
1:09:28 Q&A Section
1:10:00 Jack: Attempts to RV at Wells Fargo with multiple currencies.
1:15:57 Erik: Why did the Deep State lose their funds on June 30?
1:17:24 Robert: French riots are in the suburbs, Putin, Forex, Navy,
1:25:41 Kirsten: Responds to Isabel's comments on French riots. White House on fire?
1:27:37 - Jack: Reports from bank appointment.
1:34:56 - Breaking NEWS from "Lon23" - "We are very close. Redemption is starting"
1:39:02 - Paris being boarded up, Iraq ready, waiting for announcement.
1:41:16 - Breaking NEWS from "Lon23" - "Code for redemption, 17 digits."
1:45:22 - News Clip from "Mr. Glasses." on FedNow, CBDC, etc. WWIII
1:51:53 Hannah: Mass death in Australia, deep-state roosters beheaded.
1:58:15 Darren: UFO hearings, The Lost Centaury from Steven Greer on Amazon Prime.
2:08:29 Stella: Don Trump Jr, refused entry to Aus. Far-left government overreach.
2:21:05 Michael: Shedding, how can you protect yourself?
2:27:18 Cory: Borax against shedding, Boran against arthritis.
2:37:13 Patricia: UFO hearings, video clip. Aliens. God and the world.
2:50:32 Kirsten: Cocaine in WH, Sound of Freedom, black profile picture.
3:00:17 Wrapping up
3:02:52 Promo for Hydration-App demonstration on Sunday's show.
3:07:50 End.

Getting started on the GESARA Show

Sunday's Show is free for all, please tell your friends to join us:

We will also be demonstrating the Hydration-App on Sunday. Please prepare two empty glasses with clear sides and a bitter drink (apple juice, whisky, etc.).

We have heard from the Bond trader "Lon23" today, that the redemption process has already begun in Tiers 1-3 and Tier 4a/b should be starting very soon. More details on Sunday.


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The terms NESARA/GESARA refer to the National / Global Economic Security and Reformation Act

It is all about the people of the world regaining their sovereignty and asset-backed currencies to free us from the current elite banker-control, government overreach and let us move on to a better golden future.

It brings about the following changes, that have been agreed to by all 209 countries of the world. The implementation date is top secret, yet it is expected to start being implemented from July 2022 and take 2-3 years to complete.

1. Cancels all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. Many refer to this as a “jubilee” or complete forgiveness of debt.
2. Abolishes income tax.
3. Abolishes the IRS, with employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.
4. Creates a 17% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes.
5. Increases benefits to senior citizens.
6. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.
7. Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment.
8. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days of GESARA's announcement. The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to constitutional law.
9. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.
10. Creates a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.
11. Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.
12. Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law.
13. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.
14. Restores financial privacy.
15. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.
16. Ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide.
17. Establishes peace throughout the world.
18. Releases unprecedented prosperity with enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.
19. Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, anti-gravity, and sonic healing machines.
20. Quantum Financial System - QFS, Quantum Voting System - QVS, Global Currency Reset - GCR, Revaluation of Currencies - RV

Our Channel became famous after we associated ourselves with the Charlie Ward Show and started to host the new "After Party" under the concept of providing additional intel and answering members questions live on the show. This was very successful and much loved by the members of the Charlie Ward Insider Club. This show went on with two shows a week for several weeks until for various reasons, we agreed to instead split of and do our own show.

We have continued to produce two shows a week and they are released first to our subscribers and released a week later to the public on other platforms:

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The GESARA Show is financed via subscriptions, allowing our show to be free of advertising and allowing us to be truly independent in our reporting. Our aim is to inform you of the latest global currency reset news in a light hearted and entertaining way that is easy to comprehend. Our specials concentrate on important aspects and help you to prepare for our golden future, wherever you are in the world. We release two episodes a week (currently Wednesdays and Sundays) for a subscription charge of just $5/Month or $12.50/Quarter), allowing you to join in on our live shows and get your questions answered.

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