GESARA Talk Show

May 31, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 125 - Wednesday
Duration: 3:13:30

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction, lookback at FedCon
0:03:01 Subscription payments appear to have stopped.
0:04:11 Our emails being blocked due to irresponsible members.
0:08:21 More on FedCon convention.
0:11:23 Marina Sirtis's (Star Trek TNG, Troy) shocking statements
0:22:58 Positive sides of FedCon, but Trump derangement syndrum.
0:24:58 Derek: Reasons for late abortions. Introduces Hannah.
0:28:16 Hannah: Corruption in Devon. She tells her story.
0:38:13 GESARA News
1:04:37 Pat: Actors comments at FedCon.
1:09:58 Steve: Stars at FedCon. Iraqi Dinars with Saddam.
1:22:57 Star Trek Continues vs. Star Trek New Voyages.
1:26:27 Olga: Saint predicted important event on 17 July.
1:28:50 Kirsten: Political predictions of Bank crash, military.
1:39:50 Clive: Corruption in South Africa. GESARA.
1:48:42 Derek: Waiting comments, what we can do.
1:56:08 Pat: Two dogs murdered by police in London. People are active.
2:01:30 Cajun Girl: Abortion doctor explains why.
2:06:06 Michael: Sovereignty. Confusing movie.
2:11:56 Cory: Who do you contact to register your ZIMs? Signature colours. Fan-films
2:17:58 Hannah: Rex planes. Giving people a voice. Spread the word.
2:27:27 Darren: Michael Jaco, intuitives, 9/11 type event. Martina Sirtis. GITMO
2:38:42 Kirsten: Dinar is now $3.81 or higher, debt ceiling.
2:42:28 Patricia U: Signature colours. American MPs in Germany. Solar flare. Gaby. FedCon.
2:58:16 Pat: Q said, it will happen on a Friday. RV rollout. Final video from Skye Prince.
2:01:36 Wrapping up
3:04:14 Bonus: Skye Prince - The End.
3:13:30 End.

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May 24, 2023, The GESARA Geek Show 124 - Wednesday
Duration: 3:47:25

As this show mainly discusses technical computer issues, it has been renamed GESARA Geek Show to reflect this.

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction, Update on Charlie, how show is edited.
0:03:01 FedCon preview
0:03:35 Insider summary, US to default? WHO worse that WEF. Goldfish test
0:07:56 The Bystander Effect.
0:12:47 Deep State influence and media lies.
0:13:53 Twitter is better…, NESARA and GESARA search
0:14:55 Concerned RV might happen during FedCon! Sci-Fi predicting GESARA future.
0:17:11 Money conscious now, in future perhaps better.
0:20:45 Rife Resonance Therapy story.
0:36:48 GESARA News
1:12:47 Q&A Section, how to raise your hand.
1:14:06 Deborah: At RV, we get new phones and computers. Which computer?
1:27:39 Kirsten: Be at your safe place by Saturday, Durham, Brunson, etc.
1:38:10 Pat: After RV, existing computers will have their CPUs fried! Protecting data.
1:48:39 Jack: Brunson case not possible under military law.
2:05:13 Barbara: Chinese hackers had infiltrated infrastructure.
2:07:37 Derek+Barbara: Microsoft hacked. Chips being microwaved concern. What GESARA means.
2:16:11 Derek: Compares GESARA Show to CW's show. David's meds. Charlie poisoned?
2:20:45 Debbie: Derek Johnson and Martial Law, remove Biden?
2:23:36 Pat: Exchanging CPU, after being fried. Jim Stone.
2:26:24 Derek: Can pictures be remotely deleted from iPhone?
2:28:49 Rose: Had wild life in New Orleans
2:32:10 Jack: Derek Johnson says, they do not need the Brunson case.
2:33:27 Barbara: External Hard Drive. Operating system interface, office documents readable
2:45:07 - Restore from hard-disk not found. Backup methods, RAID system,
2:51:55 Kirsten: Last moves of black hats, on chess board. Dumbs in Taiwan. AI.
2:59:20 Cory: You can run computer from HDD, etc. (lots of geeky things).
3:05:13 Barbara: How do you download from a Digital Video Recorder (DVR)?
3:11:54 - How to record from a DVR via HDMI.
3:15:00 - How to download YouTube videos. e.g. Airy Downloader.
3:20:31 - Geek and Nerd are compliments…
3:21:45 Rose: Save data on USB-Stick or External Hard Disk. How large should it be?
3:32:08 Kirsten: Hacker, Guam and Taiwan. Durham, DeSantis. Interesting weekend.
3:11:54 Peter: Embarrassing John Barrowman.
3:39:37 Rose: Can you use debit card to subscribe? We all learned something, today.
3:52:54 - Starting time in Central Time (1pm), and other places.
3:47:25 End.

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May 21, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 123 - Sunday
Duration: 3:42:00

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction
0:04:17 Charlie in hospital, clone with hair?
0:04:42 Peter's trip to FedCon, next weekend.
0:07:10 Truthers told to be quiet. Possible reasons.
0:14:08 Documentary on UN: SECRETS of the United Nations
0:18:25 Reason for Free Shows, advertising on public version.
0:22:48 New viewers? What is the GESARA Show about?
0:28:06 Star Trek New Voyages:
0:30:32 GESARA News
1:04:59 Q&A Section, how to raise your hand.
1:06:18 Derek: Truthers being murdered. mRNA in meat, venom in water.
1:10:10 Details of Richard Marshall's funeral in Chase, BC on Saturday, May 27.
1:10:56 Recap on Charlie.
1:14:46 Robert: Gold and Silver legal tender in Arkansaw. Voting fraud. Glint.
1:27:46 Jack: FedCon in Bonn. Debt ceiling.
1:35:09 Lee: Brunsen case. No oath, no job?
1:51:30 Ken: Sceptical of QFS. What evidence is there? Gold Stocks.
2:10:14 Michael: Fake Biden Inauguration, congress is gone, watching a movie.
2:19:54 Steve: Face/Off movie is not so far fetched. Seeders
2:26:22 Lori: Mum with Alzheimers. Will Med-Beds help? Birmingham.
2:34:44 Darren: Has Trump Team betrayed Charlie Ward?
2:48:38 Derek: Martial Law in India. Orchestrated Show. Spiritual War. Charlie's Venue.
2:58:30 Pat: 1688 and 1989 Bill of Rights has been reinstated. Continuity of Government.
3:00:55 Stella: Charlie's cancelled conference. Freedom Rally in Sydney. Letter from IRS?
3:25:48 Norma: HSBC Bank, asked about QFS. They knew about it, no fees, etc.
3:29:06 Jack: Asks about Cockney.
3:32:48 Barbara: First Bank knew about rainbow currencies, coming soon.
3:34:58 Kirsten: Reads latest important 5D Intel.
3:40:45 Wrapping up.
3:42:00 End.

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May 17, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 122 - Wednesday
Duration: 3:12:58

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:49 Richard Marschall has drowned due to a kayak accident.
0:14:43 Remembering Ron E. West as well.
0:15:38 Man using UCC in court, given 30 days for contempt in court.
0:20:12 Sherry: Shaken by this news.
0:21:25 Stella: Stunned and he will be in her prayers.
0:22:59 Isabel: MarkZ and Mr. C commented that Birth Certificate money long gone.
0:30:40 Kyrki: Laws of nature can be tough.
0:35:55 Derek: Does not believe there is no money in UCC. Solicitor's oath to Bar. 1688 Bill of Rights
0:44:22 Dave: Put picture of Dave in the chat.
0:44:39 Jacint: Worked with Richard on UCC.
0:45:24 Derek: Had problems joining show. Hackers working against truthers.
0:52:43 GESARA News
1:07:50 Q&A Section
1:08:07 DéLise: Internet going down. DNS Servers going offline.
1:13:16 DéLise: Using DNA as a password? Dinar float? Two passports, need to show both?
1:19:21 Darren: Charlie's health, Judges will not be going against Deep State.
1:25:44 Isabel: Coronation, was man next to Andrew-Lloyd-Webber, Trump?
1:28:35 Kirsten: Phil was told to have his show at prime time. Alexa asked about EAS. Has to be scare event.
1:35:12 Kirsten: Charlie being disinvited from Miami.
1:40:26 Pat & Isabel: Update on Med-Beds. People will be informed about them.
1:48:23 Derek & Pat: Availability to the religious. Release indoctrination.
1:52:52 Derek: Where does the Intel come from? Leave judges alone, let military handle them.
1:55:55 Hannah: "Wind in the Pillows". Glint would not accept Debit Card.
2:05:19 Barbara: There must be bigger reasons for Charlie Ban.
2:15:46 Sherry: Glint deposits can be problematic.
2:17:53 Patricia: Many truthers may be exposed as something else. Simon has strange history.
2:22:35 Patricia: Star Trek Convention, where is it? Bonn, Germany 26-28th May 2023
2:30:18 Pat: JFK Senior did not invite Sammy Davis Jr. - Everything happens twice.
2:37:16 Kirsten: US Government has $87 Billion, spent $52 Billion on Monday.
2:42:47 Derek: King was not in the Abbey, CGI and other strange theories.
2:53:51 Hannah: EBS tests in Australia? Settings on iPhone. Coronation CGI?
3:01:23 Cajan Girl: Looked at coronation music, how difficult. Did not seem right.
3:10:10 Sherry: Address for Richard Marschall in chat.
3:12:58 End.

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May 14, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 121 - Sunday, Mother's Day
Duration: 3:54:30

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction, Happy Mother's Day
0:02:42 Rachael Maddow attacks Scott McKay and Charlie Ward
0:13:35 Charlie's Manchester Event.
0:16:14 Eurovision Song Contest Review
0:23:22 Tucker and GESARA Show on Twitter:
0:25:08 GESARA News
0:48:12 Q&A Section
0:48:26 Robert: Advantages of Glint. Tupper.
0:55:31 Pat: Grim Reaper at Westminster Abbey
1:00:15 Darren: Peter's Mum, Antarctica Monsters, Orbs, Charlie Ward disinvited. Black hat suicide?
1:13:07 Gayden: How to determine when your subscription runs out? Glint.
1:20:39 Cajun Girl: Royal family masonically linked. Toxic People.
1:31:52 Kirsten: Never in bad mood. Massive Disinformation. RV?
1:40:18 Derek: Number of Charlie's Subscribers. Disinvited from Miami.
1:55:06 Derek: Reptilians off world? Destroying World's Economy. Agenda 2030
2:04:02 Jack: US Border Lies. Why market crash, nuclear scare? Immigrants.
2:16:52 Cajun Girl: Who do we trust?
2:18:21 Hannah: Reptilians, etc. only genetics.
2:22:56 Gayden: Alan Dershowitz is famous lawyer, big factor to uninvite Charlie.
2:28:41 Pat: Politician Andrew Bridgen kicked out for telling truths. 80% taken oath to Israel
2:31:18 Kirsten: Souls trapped in dome. Bigger picture with Charlie?
2:38:49 Stella: Trump on CNN. Jupiter Ascending.
2:48:21 - Twitter, Tucker in Australia. Hannah wakes up.
2:53:34 - Charlie calling us greedy, not needy. Construction industry going bankrupt.
2:56:21 - Australian accents, etc.
3:04:36 - Why some countries drive on the left!
3:06:38 - Travelling on Eurotunnel?
3:09:59 Barbara: Storm damage in Florida.
3:18:16 - Alligators vs. Crocodiles (from this point, very funny).
3:25:45 - Kangaroos, dolphins, seals and crocodiles.
3:33:03 Patricia: What can we take to the RV. RV available in Germany. Bonds, Russia.
3:43:33 Crocodile feeding, blind crocodile, back to RV and politics.
3:52:17 Wrapping up.
3:54:30 End.

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May 10, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 120 - Wednesday
Duration: 2:42:26

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction, look back at Coronation Special
0:02:12 Coronation Oath signed in black.
0:07:15 Insider Summary
0:09:24 Tucker on Twitter.
0:13:00 Camilla was wearing a mask
0:16:14 The Coronation Oath of 1688 has been reaffirmed, part of 1688 Bill of Rights!
0:29:22 Committee of 300 responsible for 3 million deaths, and much more.
0:32:06 Guardians of the Galaxy 3 explaining what happens to the children.
0:36:30 Negumak Alien species
0:39:24 Legal case, lots of positive things to happen, bill of rights.
0:42:56 Coronation issues, Lords and parliament have no new status.
0:49:49 Peter at a funeral, talked to lawyers about UCC, etc.
0:53:10 Trump rape case
0:56:21 GESARA News
1:15:58 Q&A Section
1:17:01 Kirsten: RV could be sooner… Martial Law, Biden. May 26?
1:26:42 Darren: Gov. corrupt, military divided. Patience is needed…
1:46:42 Derek: Could be sooner than we all thought. Aliens in Sci-Fi
1:38:03 DéLise: We are at war. Israel.
1:58:34 Kirsten: I hate thinking, lets believe the government! Negative is gone.
2:06:56 Darren: Negumak is critical for Galactic Federation.
2:08:46 Wrapping up.
2:09:33 Bonus: REAFFIRMED | Coronation Oath Has Stood For Centuries And Is Enshrined in LAW!
2:42:30 End.

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May 6, 2023, The Coronation Show 119 - Saturday
Duration: 1:45:00

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

While millions of people celebrate the crowning of King Charles III and
Queen Camilla, many others know about Charles's real history and are
concerned that he is to be crowned King.

We look at his questionable past and links to Deep State organisations like
the WEF, etc.

If Charles is not your King, don't miss our Coronation Special where we
report what the media is hiding and the participants were able to have their say in our
LIVE Talk Show.

This show was plagued with technical problems and we also failed to send out our usual invitation emails in time.
As the show was also being made at an unusual time, participant numbers were lower than usual.
Most technical issues were fixed in post-production and additional footage and images were added.

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May 3, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 118 - Wednesday
Duration: 3:02:50

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Thoughts on the upcoming coronation.
0:13:54 Summary of Insider Club.
0:14:07 - Stone of Destiny
0:34:31 - Factors to consider for the coronation.
0:36:20 - Pat: What we are going to see is just a simulation
0:37:10 - Charlie claimed to have released Inauguration 8h earlier.
0:39:02 - Did Stanley Kubrick fake the Moon landings?
0:44:27 - Very significant that Trump is in Scotland.
0:45:37 - Assassination attempt on Putin
0:48:22 GESARA News
1:12:02 Q&A Section
1:12:58 Kirsten: President Trump in Scotland, attack on Putin.
1:16:03 Derek: Writing to criminal judges. Trump and Diana. Legal history
1:35:16 Pat: Stone of Destiny
1:55:16 Kirsten: Breaking News on Grassley, FBI
2:00:43 Patricia U: Explains more on FBI story. ZIM Promissory notes. Nigeria CBDC, RV?
2:13:05 Darren: ETs, depicted in Independence Day exist and are feared.
2:20:21 Michael: Compliments Peter's wife, Stefanie. Military is only way. All a movie.
2:31:10 Michael: Important Document explaining RV process, etc. to download.
2:34:42 Wrapping up.
2:38:54 Stella: Finally found some seals…
2:41:35 Bonus: Star Wars: Origins (Fan-Film to celebrate "May the 4th Be With You" Day).
3:02:50 End.

May the 4th is World "Star Wars Day" and to celebrate this, Wednesday's GESARA Show is being released on all channels on this day and our bonus video is an excellent Star Wars Fan-Film that Star Wars, and film fans in general, will love. Star Wars Origins is set in Egypt in 1944 and depicts the parents of George Lucas as archaeologists that have made a fascinating discovery. It is based on Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies and the story is fictitious - Enjoy.

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April 30, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 117 - Sunday - May Day
Duration: 2:24:00

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction, MayDay! CBDC
0:06:08 CBDC in Nigeria
0:11:44 Robert: Using the Glint Card as safe haven?
0:14:55 GESARA News
0:50:09 Q&A Section
0:50:35 Erik: Why are the White Hats allowing bad things like CBDC? Is it a ruse?
1:07:46 Doug: The Light Paper article, critical of the UCC process.
1:15:00 Derek: Comments on article on UCC, Courts, writing notices, etc.
1:26:59 Kirsten: Decode for coronation… Boom week. No activity at B.Ham Palace
1:32:04 Jack: Trump working hard, not a ruse.
1:35:51 Pat: Simon said UCC will stop. Greg Hallet. Doubts true. Alliance psy-op?
1:42:08 Derek: Greg Hallet and others. Disinformation.
1:50:56 Pat: Age of Aquarius. Just left Aries = Age of deception.
1:53:01 Peter: Replicators could remove need for money (e.g. like Orville/Star Trek)
1:55:33 Jack: Closing Mexican border, May 11.
1:58:25 Kirsten: Posted video:
2:00:13 Robert: John Lear's 9/11 affidavit:
2:03:46 Robert: Glint card.
2:07:30 Louisa: Where to find Glint card?
2:08:34 Derek: Research on aircraft fuel tanks. Do not need fuel in the air.
2:13:13 Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
2:19:14 Preview of Coronation Special, next Saturday.
2:23:12 Wrapping up.
2:24:00 End.

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April 26, 2023, The GESARA Show 116 - Wednesday
Duration: 2:44:30

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction, Tucker left Fox!
0:02:58 Emergency Alerts need to be ON!
0:06:45 Billy is in hospital (rumour)
0:07:16 CNN and Fox.
0:09:48 RV starting on April 27?
0:11:07 Tim Russ starring as Obama?
0:21:04 Insider Club summary
0:24:41 - Green/Blue eyes and rhesus negative blood, more alien abductions.
0:26:47 - 27 States joining BRICS?
0:27:17 Pat was giving Simon a hard time…
0:29:36 More on Billy in hospital.
0:32:15 Maria Zee had bank account closed for negative comment.
0:38:11 CIA Technical conditioning slide. Conspiracy Theorist.
0:40:44 If life gives you a lemon. Make lemonade.
0:45:09 GESARA News
1:08:09 Q&A Section
1:08:39 Robert: Fake channels on Telegram. See
1:20:52 Kirsten: Jack Landers
1:27:54 Steve: Eye colour. Seeders book (Elena Danaan). House build quality.
1:38:30 Derek: Collapsing world economy. Work after RV. Simon, White Hats and Putin.
1:50:46 Barbara: US houses can be made of brick. EBS, White house coffin. Tucker
2:02:45 Kirsten: Biden is next to go?
2:06:35 Darren: Asked Bill O'Reily on Biden Administration w/o oath of office.
2:16:57 Patricia: Obama's birth certificate. ATMs offline 28th to 2nd.
2:22:54 Barbara: Oath story from FOIA.
2:28:19 Jack: Dinar going first. Oath not signed, military. Bolivar best deal?
2:35:06 Derek: Dinar and Saddam Husein. Invalid? CDS Water.
2:43:53 Wrapping up.
2:44:30 End.

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April 23, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 115 - Sunday
Duration: 3:03:00

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction, free shows, next at
0:01:40 Emergency Alert in the UK.
0:02:40 Who is here for the first time? History of the show.
0:06:18 Topics of the Day: Oath to the Constitution, SCOTUS to be removed? Biden.
0:12:15 What is the difference between CNN and the Titanic?
0:15:24 EBS in the UK from White Hats.
0:27:50 GESARA News
0:59:07 Q&A Section
0:59:26 Cajun Girl: Explains Cajun history and her inheritance.
1:11:22 Michelle: Had a similar experience with inheritance.
1:14:10 Kirsten: Latest rumours… in May.
1:30:33 Jack: Oath of Office issue, exposed by Brunsen case.
1:37:22 Derek: Project Looking Glass, when things will happen.
1:53:10 Michael: Movie has to end. EBS and new Internet. DNS servers offline.
2:04:49 Pat: White hats now totally in control. Playing out movie. Coronation Oath,
2:12:58 Pat: To receive money under GESARA, people need to be in their original countries.
2:21:13 Pamela: If legally in another country, you can stay and receive funds. Heritage
2:30:01 Pamela: Different peoples, have different traits. Medbeds in Germany.
2:40:32 Derek: Engineering in different countries.
2:50:07 Pat: Can the UK manufacture? NWO wanted industry destroyed in UK
2:59:37 Wrapping up.
3:03:00 End.

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April 19, 2023, The GESARA Show 114 - Wednesday
Duration: 2:30:30

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction, Billy left show. Titanic show.
0:01:30 Titanic show addendum. Why it was important (bankers)
0:19:31 GESARA News
0:41:20 Possible new GESARA Show in German.
0:43:34 Q&A Section
0:44:01 DeLise: Israeli Government hacked. What if traveling when RV happens?
0:51:14 Kirsten: Bombing in Oklahoma, Solar eclipse, sky event, false flag event.
1:00:57 Pat: Simon Parkes, Alliance Agenda, Coronation. Government lies.
1:08:54 Derek: Titanic show, lost court case, Simon, Royal family.
1:28:50 Pat: Stone of Destiny will be used at coronation. Validity of Royal Family
1:35:35 Patricia: Keep XLP/XLM down. Biden corruption
1:53:50 Michael: Frustrated that we do not know where we are.
2:04:13 Michael: Reconciling with Billy?
2:13:05 Kirsten: Mr. Pool post on eclipse. It was time for Billy to move on.
2:19:00 Darren: Nicknamed his dogs Billy and Peter. Members as Co-Hosts, show Thumbnail.
2:23:58 Darren: Discussing influence of sci-fi series.
2:29:32 Wrapping up.
2:30:30 End.


Discussing the importance of the Titanic in history, as some important bankers died on the ship. How the Olympic, was damaged and renamed the Titanic.

Sinking of the Britannic, and the consequences of calling a ship "unsinkable".

Discussed the solar eclipse over Australia, and possibile false flag event. Receiving payments during martial law? 17 cities being involved in a major satanic sacrifice?

Lies and deception of the British government and the BBC, and how the truth is coming out. Recent High Court case Derek was involved in, and how the judge was able to manipulate the situation. Can you arrest a judge for fraud?

Are Lady Diana, Michael Jackson, and JFK Jr. still alive and will Trump and Elvis Presley appear on stage together. Stone of Destiny and Diana being crowned Queen?

Lies being told may be tactical lies. Diana may not be of the bloodline and had gone along with the system.

The work Peter was doing for the show, as well as the departure of Billy. The difficulty of getting accurate information out and the need to take down the deep state. Everyone has a life plan and that Peter's past experiences were preparing him for the show. Finally, they discussed the lack of communication between Peter and Billy before his departure.

Peter had suggested Billy say goodbye before leaving the show. Long-time listeners could co-host from time to time. Michael Smith was trying to make things work out and that he was not trying to make anyone right or wrong.

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April 16, 2023, The GESARA Show 113 - Titanic Special
Duration: 3:28:45

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Animation: Titanic hits the Iceberg at 23:40, April 14, 1912
0:05:53 Introduction with Peter Walker
0:08:19 Animation: 23:52 Titanic at full stop, background story.
0:48:40 Peter commentates on the events of the Titanic
0:49:04 Titanic Q&A
0:58:49 Update on the sinking at 00:37, April 15, 1912
0:59:32 Titanic Q&A
1:06:33 Virtual tour of the Titanic, using the Demo 401 v. 2.0 software.
1:07:17 - 1st Class Promanade Deck (Deck A)
1:09:47 - Grand Staircase, 1st class areas
1:14:14 - The Boiler Rooms
1:16:22 - 1st Class Dining Rooms, cabins, Turkish Baths, pool.
1:28:36 - 3rd Class tour
1:38:12 - Crew Compartments, crows nest, bow machinery.
1:44:40 - Officers Only, bridge tour.
1:49:35 - Boat deck tour.
1:51:55 - 2nd Class rooms
2:02:31 - Aft Deck Tour
2:03:30 Return to live view of sinking ship at 01:46
2:07:10 The Heart of the Ocean.
2:12:23 Ship sinking at 01:55
2:16:10 GESARA News (with continuing views of sinking)
2:24:52 Continued coverage of the sinking…
2:37:58 Titanic has sunk at 02:20, April 15, 1912
2:40:01 Epitaph
2:41:13 Titanic Q&A
3:28:04 Wrapping up.
3:28:44 End.

The Titanic Special uses stunning computer animations to recreate the sinking and give you a photorealistic tour of the Titanic on its maiden voyage, narrated by Peter Walker.

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April 12, 2023, The GESARA Show 112 - Wednesday
Duration: 2:19:12

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

The chat does not appear onscreen until 0:35:35.

0:00:00 Part 1: Look back on Sunday's show.
0:03:00 - Charlie's show summary.
0:08:19 - Announcement that Billy has left the show.
0:15:40 - Peter on the future of the GESARA Show.
0:18:20 - Viewer comments
0:32:02 Part 2: GESARA News
1:05:16 Part 3: Q&A
1:05:42 - Darren: Billy leaving the show. RV burn-out. Gaia show.
1:16:43 - Kirsten: Evolve or repeat. New hosts? Payments starting?
1:20:17 - Kirsten: Homeless, Water, BLM, Twitter changes.
1:26:20 - Liza: Hydration-app. Redemption process.
1:32:39 - James: Greetings from New York.
1:35:00 - Lynda: Humanitarian projects and colleges.
1:38:40 - Richard with insider insights into RV process
2:10:16 - Cory: Links to buy currency on Amazon.
2:12:49 - Christos: Does not make sense to destroy financial system. Candy shop.
2:16:16 - Christos: Will JFK, Jr. and Princess Diana return? Common law.
2:18:52 Wrapping up.
2:19:12 End.


The automated summary was not recorded this time.

The biggest topic was the fact that Billy has decided to leave the GESARA Show, to concentrate on his spiritual assentation process. We discussed Billy's reasonings for this, based on what he had posted on his own channel. Peter has confirmed that he will be continuing and expanding the show and will look for a new co-host. He also announced that the spiritual side of this show will also be extended, to help people towards 5D. 

The GESARA News had a lot of important items and the Q&A was also dominated by an excellent discussion with an asset broker based in Brazil what gave as a lot of unique insights into the coming GCR. 

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April 9, 2023, The GESARA Show 111 - Channelling Special
Duration: 3:21:42

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Gerd Steeger (Lissabon, Portugal).

0:00:00 Part 1: Introduction with Gerd Steeger
0:33:53 Part 2: GESARA News
1:03:07 Part 3: Connections with the other side. Awakening.
1:10:47 - Introduction to Channelling
1:11:58 - The questions we asked Archangels Joschua and Metatron.
1:13:27 - The Flat Earth question
1:22:21 - The First Channeling from Archangel Joshua.
1:30:17 - Comments on first Channelling
1:47:04 - The Second Channeling from Archangel Metatron.
1:55:39 - Comments on second Channelling
1:59:16 Part 4: Q&A
2:59:21 Summary of Charlie's News.
3:05:23 General Q&A
3:15:40 Wrapping up, look ahead to our Titanic Special next Sunday.
3:21:42 End.

Peter and Gerd discussed the afterlife and how memories are stored. Gerd has written a book about this topic.

They discussed the commercialization of Easter and how the deep state is trying to take away the religious meaning of the festival. They also discussed the EMS activation, the US dollar no longer being accepted in Iraq, and the new global financial system becoming official.

Gerd believes that telepathy will become a part of life in the next 20-30 years, and that the difficult part is the awakening part, where people must control their ego and fears. He also believes that the world will become a beautiful place once this happens.

They agree that the flat earth theory is likely created by the deep state to confuse people and that it is important to not take on the fear that the deep state is trying to spread.

Gerd suggested that Admiral Byrd spoke about the Earth being a flat plane, but that the photographs showed otherwise. Derek suggested that the Earth is not a ball, but rather a plane with many other realms outside of the ice wall.

Gerd suggested that Archangel Metatron is a Archangel, alongside Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Metatron explained that Donald Trump will not be re-elected and that a new currency will be introduced, but it will take some time. Metatron also said that Jesus Christ will come again, and that twelve DNA strands will be used through incarnation processes. Finally, the Earth is not a disc, and it is important to check all information before believing it.

Stella asked a question about Delora O'Brien, a South African mystic who prophesied that Donald Trump would be president and have two impeachments. She asked if anyone had heard of Delora and the Gathering, and Gerd responded that he had not. Peter Walker then asked Stella to show them something on her other device.

Stella Camenzuli shared her experience of being named personally in a show and how it made her feel. Jacint and Peter from Belgium discussed synchronicity.

Gerd Steeger's Websites: and

Getting started on the GESARA Show

April 5, 2023, The GESARA Show 110 - Wednesday
Duration: 1:38:34

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Billy Gillies (St. Louis, USA).

0:00:00 Music: Passover | Simple Hymns
0:04:32 Part 1: Current Affairs
0:04:32 - Trump Inditement
0:12:17 - Happenings during Holy Week.
0:15:06 - Stormy Billy…
0:17:26 - Taking a new turn…
0:19:37 - Claire feasting, Billy on bubblegum.
0:21:22 - Peter's vice is in the cellar…
0:23:20 - Charlie in hot water, hot dogs…
0:25:04 - Groundhog Day
0:26:41 Part 2: GESARA News
0:50:20 Part 3: Q&A
1:19:44 Wrapping up, look ahead to our Easter Special with Gerd Steeger.
1:22:14 Bonus: Pre-NEWS Banter…
1:38:34 End.

Peter Walker and Billy Gillies discussed the implications of Trump's indictment, the 8,000 police officers who called in sick, the flags with gold fringe, and the pink full moon. They also discussed the possibility of a body double and the historical significance of the day.

Billy Gillies and Peter Walker discussed the long-running game show Jeopardy, hosted by Alex Trebek, and the current political climate in the US and Europe. They discussed the media's influence on people's opinions of President Trump and the differences between the US and Europe.

Peter Walker and Billy Gillies discussed the possibility of Donald Trump's indictment leading to the indictment of other politicians, such as Obama, Clinton, and Biden. They also discussed Peter's experience working in radio and Billy's experience meeting people portrayed by Robin Williams. They then moved on to the news.

Peter Walker and Billy Gillies discussed the recent indictments of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the global currency reset, the activation of the Emergency Broadcast System, the dismantling of the Federal Reserve and IRS, and the Double Bubble Gum Double Bubble. They also discussed the recent storms and tornadoes in Germany, and the potential of peeps.

Billy Gillies and Peter Walker discussed the Falkland Islands conflict, the trigger for the liquidation of Mark Z, and the significance of the women wearing green. They then watched a video by Derek Johnson about Trump's arrest and discussed the implications of it. Kirsten C. then shared a post from Ldo about the same topic.

Peter had technical difficulties during the show.

Getting started on the GESARA Show

April 2, 2023, The GESARA Show 109
Duration: 2:40:58

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Billy Gillies (St. Louis, USA).

0:00:00 Music: Casting Crowns - Nobody
0:06:25 Part 1: Palm Sunday
0:07:35 - Trump to be indited on Tuesday
0:08:20 - Special guest, Michelle Moore
0:09:19 - Expanding the show
0:11:22 - UCC vs State National
0:17:48 - Is GESARA better than UCC?
0:22:08 - King Charles III in Germany
0:24:20 Part 2: GESARA News
0:58:26 Part 3: Q&A
2:16:10 Part 4: Meditation
2:30:45 Final Thoughts: Are we there now?
2:34:19 Wrapping up
2:40:58 End.

Peter Walker and Billy Gillies discussed the Old Testament prophesy of Palm Sunday and how it relates to Trump's indictment. They also discussed the UCC training program and how it helps people take back their sovereignty. Lastly, they discussed Richard's question about sending a handwritten notice to get documents to access his off-ledger account.

Billy Gillies and Peter Walker discussed the recent visit of Prince Charles to Germany, the process of taking back one's sovereign rights, and the movie rating system in the US and UK. They also discussed the possibility of Simon pulling back from public broadcasting.

Billy Gillies and Peter Walker discussed conspiracy theories, the global financial collapse, the Trump indictment, and the US President's promise to peacefully end the war in Ukraine, dismantle the deep state, and save the country by putting America first. They also discussed the new banking system, the EBS, the fiat banking system closing down, the new gold asset-backed US Treasury Note, and the subpoena of billionaires.

Peter Walker and Billy Gillies discussed the global financial system and the power of money. They discussed the BRICS nations working on a basket of currencies that does not include the dollar or euro. They also discussed the US government's financial situation, the deep state elite's control over the banking system, and the Saudi Arabia and China oil alliance. Finally, they discussed Julian Assange and his extradition to the US.

Billy Gillies and Peter Walker discussed the possibility of the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) being used during Wrestlemania, the potential of the EBS overriding streaming services, and the possibility of a Q Team in Australia. They also discussed the Gregorian and Julian calendars, Donald Trump being a cause, and the Australian and New Zealand Bank no longer dealing in cash.

People in the meeting discussed the possibility of Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, the Philippines, and Caribbean islands becoming part of the United States. They also discussed investing in XRP and the process of payments for registered goods. Lastly, they discussed the possibility of Australia and New Zealand becoming part of the United States in the same way the British are.

Getting started on the GESARA Show

March 29, 2023, The GESARA Show 108 - Wednesday
Duration: 1:59:20

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Billy Gillies (St. Louis, USA).

This is the 108th, First Anniversary episode of the GESARA Show where Peter and Billy inform you on the latest intel on GESARA and Common Law where members of the forum ask their questions on a wide range of topics.

With reports coming in that the RV-process could start to happen in April, we discuss the reports coming in and ask if this is the golden egg for Easter? We talk about vegan cats (rabbits), Derek's exciting news, King Charles III visiting Germany, while the Pope is visiting hospital. In the US, toxic spills are making headlines and the banking collapses. The question of the day is "The most embarrassing moment in your life", after one such event happening in the previous show. We ask if Billy will strip his shirt off on the show? The GESARA News reads like all our dreams coming true, April should be a very interesting month.

0:00:00 Music: Casting Crowns - Nobody
0:03:47 Part 1: Bank D-Day on April 1?
0:06:22 - Golden Egg, Easter, Road Kill
0:07:47 - Vegan cats
0:11:58 - Derek has news and visiting York!
0:13:34 - Billy Gillies and Crypto?
0:15:03 - King Charles III in Germany
0:16:29 - Pope in hospital
0:20:09 - King Charles III in Germany
0:28:36 - Toxic spills.
0:29:37 - Banks switching in April?
0:30:48 - Striptease on the show?
0:34:01 - Question of the day: Most embarrassing moment in your life.
0:35:29 Part 2: GESARA News
1:02:18 Part 3: Q&A
1:56:02 Final Thoughts: Are we there now?
1:59:20 End.

Celebrate 100 GESARA Shows

Getting started on the GESARA Show

March 26, 2023, The GESARA Show 107
Duration: 3:29:50

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Billy Gillies (St. Louis, USA).

This was one of the funniest episodes for a long time - we had a lot of fun.

The show starts with Christian music, from Phil Wickham.

We discuss the time changes as Europe has now changed over to summer time, as well.

We argue over who is to blame for the time problems.

The failings of that lawyer, Alvin Bragg.

What is happening in Europe, where Putin wants to station nuclear weapons in Belarusse.

We discuss the Irish influence in the world, who have managed to place their pubs everywhere.
Pizzas, Pineapples and Kuala Lumpa.

And a lot more after the news and Q&A

Billy explains what Chakras are followed by a meditation session

Peter explains the Chi function in the Hydration app's LIFE program.

We also look at how Star Trek Picard might be portraying the battle against the deep state!

0:00:00 Music: Phil Wickham - Great Things
0:04:38 Part 1: Time changes, latest Intel and current affairs.
0:05:51 - Who is to blame?
0:08:09 - How God uses us for good.
0:12:55 - Trump in Waco
0:16:38 - Alvin Bragg
0:20:11 - Peter met an old friend.
0:24:24 - What's happening in Europe?
0:28:50 - Anti-Trump opinions
0:31:56 - Ramadan, Muslims, and the Irish.
0:34:19 - Hell on Wheels with Colm Meaney, Irish question
0:40:24 - Pizza and Pineapples.
0:41:46 - Kuala Lumpa
0:42:49 Part 2: GESARA News
1:34:09 Part 3: Q&A
2:50:41 What are Chakras & Meditation with Billy.
3:09:40 Final Thoughts: Is Star Trek Picard depicting the Deep State?
3:13:41 Billy on Chakras
3:16:50 Peter on Chi function of
3:20:43 Wrapping up.
3:22:04 Bonus: What happens just before the GESARA News….?
3:29:50 End.

Celebrate 100 GESARA Shows

Getting started on the GESARA Show

We are now releasing our shows on BitChute a day later than on the forum for subscribers.

March 22, 2023, The GESARA Show 106 - Wednesday
Duration: 2:08:37

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Billy Gillies (St. Louis, USA).

This is the 106th, First Anniversary episode of the GESARA Show where Peter and Billy inform you on the latest intel on GESARA and Common Law where members of the forum ask their questions on a wide range of topics.

Today is Mirror day: March 22 = 322, 2023 without the zero = 223. That creates the mirror date: 322:223

We start with "Man in the Mirror" with Michael Jackson. Discuss current affairs and how world events are pointing towards the global reset. We also have another "Titanic" discussion before the news and Q&A.

0:00:00 Music: Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror
0:04:55 Part 1: Latest Intel and current affairs. Mirror Day, "322:223"
0:06:12 - Trump Arrest Update
0:09:35 - Derek in the cold…
0:13:40 - Getting bumpy…
0:14:50 - Situation in France
0:19:30 - Welcome Rose from Austria.
0:21:13 - Ramadan, etc.
0:22:26 - More on Titanic story
0:41:39 Part 2: GESARA News
1:09:25 Part 3: Q&A
2:08:37 End.

Celebrate 100 GESARA Shows

Getting started on the GESARA Show

We are now releasing our shows on Bitchute a day later than on the forum for subscribers. If you wish to continue watching live, please subscribe:

March 19, 2023, The GESARA Room 105
Duration: 2:45:41

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Billy Gillies (St. Louis, USA).
The show starts with Christian music, from Phil Wickham.
We discuss the ongoing banking crash, upcoming Trump arrest and other topical issues.
Could Trump being arrested set a precedent allowing Obama to be arrested?
We take a look back at our birthday special and the Tinfoil hat competition and show the contestants and winner.
We then do a deep dive investigation into if the Olympic was switched for the Titanic?
After news and Q&A, Billy presents another of his popular meditation sessions.
0:00:00 Music: Phil Wickham - House Of The Lord (Official Music Video)
0:04:21 Part 1: Latest Intel and current affairs. Banking, Trump arrest, etc.
0:10:22 - Look back at our Tinfoil hat conspiracy special
0:13:03 - Olympic / Titanic switch theory explained.
0:27:19 Part 2: GESARA News
1:14:50 Part 3: Q&A
2:24:12 Part 4: Meditate with Billy
2:34:09 Final Thoughts
2:44:13 Good byes
2:45:41 End.

Celebrate 100 GESARA Shows

Getting started on the GESARA Show

This was the last free show for a while. If you wish to continue watching live, please subscribe:

March 15, 2023, The GESARA Show 104 - Wednesday - First Anniversary
Duration: 4:11:37

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Billy Gillies (St. Louis, USA).

This is the 104th, First Anniversary episode of the GESARA Show where Peter and Billy inform you on the latest intel on GESARA and Common Law where members of the forum ask their questions on a wide range of topics.

The GESARA Show celebrates its first birthday with a light-hearted "Tin-Foil-Hat" Conspiracy Special. We asked our viewers to prepare a tin-foil-hat and wear it during the show, and many obliged. We had a competition for the best entry, that was won by Barbara with her marvellous colourful hat, voted on by the viewers. She wins a 6 month complimentary subscription to the GESARA Show. We discussed the top conspiracy theories and what facts there are to prove or disprove them. We also asked our audience to discuss their pet "theories" and some wild ones came up.

The show was a lot of fun and not to be taken too seriously.
After the show, we put together the highlights of one year of the GESARA Show.

We look forward to our second year of the GESARA Show, with our wonderful audience.

0:00:00 Music: Tin-Foil Hat
0:01:42 Best Tin-Foil-Hat Candidates
0:08:21 Part 1: Latest Intel and top conspiracy theories.
0:33:21 Part 2: GESARA News
0:51:02 Part 3: Q&A and voting for best tin-foil hat
2:02:05 Part 4: Meditate with Billy
2:12:47 Final Thoughts
2:15:23 Highlights from one year of the GESARA Show.
4:11:37 End.

March 12, 2023, The GESARA Room 103
Duration: 2:47:32

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Billy Gillies (St. Louis, USA).

The show starts with music, on Billy's request, as he considers the title to be apt: "Are You Ready?"
We discuss the upcoming banking crash and advise to remove money from the banks while you still can. After the crash of the major US Silicon Valley Bank, a domino effect is expected with other major banks as the Fiat currencies come to an end. We also discuss the summer-time change in America and how Europe, etc, will not follow until March 26.

Peter's Telegram channel has recently been overwhelmed in scammer attacks (every few minutes) and it became necessary to switch off the chat feature until better security can be found. This is discussed in detail.

After news and Q&A, Billy presents another of his popular meditation sessions.

Our next show is our official birthday show and we ask our members to prepare a tin-foil-hat as a kind of birthday celebration. It should be fun.

0:00:00 Music: Creed - Are You Ready
0:04:37 Part 1: American Time Shift - Summer Time
0:17:14 - Why chat was switched off on NESARA-GESARA-QFS Telegram channel
0:29:41 Part 2: GESARA News
1:02:46 Part 3: Q&A
2:29:43 Part 4: Meditate with Billy
2:39:42 Final Thoughts
2:44:08 Prepare a tin-foil hat for our birthday show on Wednesday.
2:46:32 Wrapping Up
2:47:32 End.

Links from today's show:

More info on Dr. John Holt:

Crypto Infos from ILOPEZ/Sloan:
Setting up multisig with LOBSTR and LOBSTR Vault
This video will guide you through the process of enabling multisig for your Stellar account in LOBSTR wallet.
XLM & LOBSTR Wallet | XRP QFS Manual

Celebrate 100 GESARA Shows

Getting started on the GESARA Show

March 8, 2023, The GESARA Show 102 - Wednesday
Duration: 4:05:31

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Billy Gillies (St. Louis, USA).

This is the 102nd Anniversary episode of the GESARA Show where Peter and Billy inform you on the latest intel on GESARA and Common Law where members of the forum ask their questions on a wide range of topics.

We start with "Back to the Future" in order to inform the viewers that due to the start of daylight savings time, in America, the next few shows will start an hour later. This is until March 26 when Europe also switches to DST and our usual show times return.

We also celebrate "International Women's Day" and ask our members which women they would nominate for a special mention (besides partners). We got some really inspiring answers.

Other topics discussed were crypto, Tucker's Jan 6 footage, the CPAC speech and even UCC1-308 as plan B for GESARA. Peter asked a German lawyer some pertinent questions and many other topics were discussed in the Q&A.

After some meditation music, the bonus video is a speech Peter gave in 2006 about an oncologist that developed a remarkable way of stopping cancer that saved many thousands of lives. Dr. John Holt was a remarkable doctor and his story was made famous by a TV program - Australia's "A Current Affair." Peter's talk tells the whole story - this is a must see!

0:00:00 Part 1: Back to the Future - Time changes in America
0:02:47 - St Patrick's Day
0:08:58 - International Women's Day
0:13:10 - Insider Club Crypto
0:14:45 - Tucker's Jan 6 footage
0:17:55 - Trump's CPAC speech
0:19:10 - MarkZ, Emily, etc.
0:20:30 - UCC as plan B, extra filing appointment on Tuesday
0:27:00 - Getting Started page on website:
0:29:40 - Peter asked a German lawyer about UCC, etc… Same in US senate on constitution.
0:38:44 Part 2: GESARA News
1:07:03 Part 3: Q&A
2:06:11 Part 4: Meditate with Billy
2:15:01 Wrapping Up
2:16:02 Introduction and background to the Holt story
2:22:32 History of Dr. John Holt
2:24:52 Film clips originally shown at Rife Conference 2004
2:42:48 Previously unreleased clip that was also not shown at the conference.
2:49:12 Continuation of previously released clips
3:15:56 Basic Principles of Holt therapy
3:19:17 Film clips discussing setting up of government study
3:38:31 Background to results of government study
3:39:55 Two film clips discussing results of government study
3:52:53 Interview with Dr. John Holt
4:03:12 Final part of presentation
4:05:16 End.

Learn more about Dr. Holt and his work on Peter's Rife website:

Please invite others to watch our show, free up to episode 105.

Celebrate 100 GESARA Shows

Getting started on the GESARA Show

March 5, 2023, The GESARA Room 101
Duration: 2:52:15

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Billy Gillies (St. Louis, USA).

This is the "Room One-O-One" episode of the GESARA Show where Peter and Billy update you on the latest intel and members of the forum ask their questions or a wide range of topics related to the immanent Global Currency Reset with NESARA (USA), GESARA (Global) and the Quantum Financial System.

Today's show pays homage to "Room 101" from George Orwell's book "1984". In that book, Room 101 was depicted as a place where you would be confronted with your worst personal fears. This would be different for each individual. Indiana Jones would find a room full of snakes, for example. In this show, we ask the members what fear they would put into Room 101 to lock it away forever.

In order to celebrate both 100 episodes and a year of the GESARA Show, this and all shows up to 105 are free and anyone can join us. We welcome you all to see our upcoming special episodes.

0:00:00 Part 1: Room 101 introduction
0:02:47 - Basics of NESARA/GESARA
0:17:16 - When will it happen?
0:20:00 - Room 101 and Q&A
0:28:09 Part 2: GESARA News
1:06:53 Part 3: Q&A
2:37:21 Part 4: Meditate with Billy
2:46:07 Part 5: Final Thoughts
2:46:32 - Is GESARA coming, or not?
2:47:50 - One year GESARA Show, tell your friends. Website improvements
2:50:30 Wrapping up, good-byes
2:52:15 End.


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Category News & Politics

The terms NESARA/GESARA refer to the National / Global Economic Security and Reformation Act

It is all about the people of the world regaining their sovereignty and asset-backed currencies to free us from the current elite banker-control, government overreach and let us move on to a better golden future.

It brings about the following changes, that have been agreed to by all 209 countries of the world. The implementation date is top secret, yet it is expected to start being implemented from July 2022 and take 2-3 years to complete.

1. Cancels all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. Many refer to this as a “jubilee” or complete forgiveness of debt.
2. Abolishes income tax.
3. Abolishes the IRS, with employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.
4. Creates a 17% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes.
5. Increases benefits to senior citizens.
6. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.
7. Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment.
8. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days of GESARA's announcement. The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to constitutional law.
9. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.
10. Creates a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.
11. Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.
12. Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law.
13. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.
14. Restores financial privacy.
15. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.
16. Ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide.
17. Establishes peace throughout the world.
18. Releases unprecedented prosperity with enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.
19. Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, anti-gravity, and sonic healing machines.
20. Quantum Financial System - QFS, Quantum Voting System - QVS, Global Currency Reset - GCR, Revaluation of Currencies - RV

Our Channel became famous after we associated ourselves with the Charlie Ward Show and started to host the new "After Party" under the concept of providing additional intel and answering members questions live on the show. This was very successful and much loved by the members of the Charlie Ward Insider Club. This show went on with two shows a week for several weeks until for various reasons, we agreed to instead split of and do our own show.

We have continued to produce two shows a week and they are released first to our subscribers and released a week later to the public on other platforms:

Rumble :

The GESARA Show is financed via subscriptions, allowing our show to be free of advertising and allowing us to be truly independent in our reporting. Our aim is to inform you of the latest global currency reset news in a light hearted and entertaining way that is easy to comprehend. Our specials concentrate on important aspects and help you to prepare for our golden future, wherever you are in the world. We release two episodes a week (currently Wednesdays and Sundays) for a subscription charge of just $5/Month or $12.50/Quarter), allowing you to join in on our live shows and get your questions answered.

We look forward to meeting you on our show...

Peter Walker
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