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Ubladerunna: 52 Songs

Side A

wassup already 0:00
whatevs 0:57
thrill me 1:30
teargas telstar 2:58
super joe 3:31
mambo diablos 4:02
theres an angel in my soup 4:33
chix dont surf 5:30
we gonna kick it real gangsta 5:46
the humanities 6:20
shes cool 7:08
yo crazy 7:25
settle down 7:58
mo scrubs 8:47
put it in the car 9:47
drive thru confessionals 10:04
champion shopper 10:23
play with flowers 11:56
chin music 12:18
cmon man 13:01
toothpaste on the moon 13:32
you got it shut up 14:28
gots to get your love on 14:40
tuucan du the hucklebuck 15:20
indifferent waves 15:58
chillaxin 17:35

Side B

chicken thang 18:27
unicorn 19:10
eskimo kisses 19:50
jazzy weather 20:40
white dove 21:05
ballad of a tube top 21:27
ace in the hole 21:50
and the train is coming 22:28
gun is good 22:56
theme from ubladerunna 23:40
war all the time 22:26
see you in church 25:23
midnight griddler 25:56
this side of the toast 26:50
sexpionage 27:28
bella coola baby 28:29
fink 29:32
jesus tears 30:13
win dixie 30:55
toxified 31:58
when is love 32:26
damn dirty gulls 33:29
foxy boxing 34:10
trudy what now 34:48
going down the road 35:24
upward mobility 36:05

a Tuesday Hi-fi recording

All songs written and performed by Josefus
Chix Dont Surf Music 2020

contact: [email protected]



I'm standing on a peasant

Busting rhymes like i'm busting chops
policeman sits at the donut shops
The Worlds Unfair It Was Meant to be
so put it to a beat get hip to the flow Joe
that punk ass jive be a lot of noise
why you trippin G where my boys
Booty shake-a-licious Hey Hey


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