Salesman Richard Uptight reads the voluminous fan mail and hocks Naked Treehouse merchandise

Part of the Fake TNT News Broadcast

Reporter Ray needs man on the street video footage and is forced to cover socially challenged people doing sports

Our fake high school band (with about 20 or 30 real songs) The Hemorroids preform All I've Ever Wanted to Know

The gang is devastated that the dancing sign girl couldn't make the taping of the show, but turn the crisis into an opportunity to reach out and meet the Fans

The Girl in the bathing suit
The Girl in the bathing suit
She looks real fine
She's a 10 not a 9
She's the girl in the bathing suit


Reaction video of Jojo seeing if an old VHS he bought and a old tape recently unearthed of his high school comedy show works

Fingers crossed

His reaction may surprise and thrill you

Music by Ubladerunna


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