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"The co-founder and former Senior Director of the Rhode Island chapter of BLM, Mark Fisher, is now on tour stumping for Donald Trump and advocating for the rights of the Jan. 6 protestors." --

The child shall set us free -- from deceiving politicians.

Ben Shapiro shows why. The Left: "He lacks government experience and has made some radical statements." Argentines love him for both.

He's just too dangerous, you see. He says things that make government employees feel uncomfortable. One wonders what Goldman would say if a Javier Milei were elected in the US.

He refers to his leftist critics.

Winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics, John Clauser explains the role of clouds in weather patterns. Climate priests such as Al Gore assume a cloudless earth. Clouds reflect 90% of the sunlight that hits them back into space.

FBI director Wray denies any such underhanded, nefarious action such as white buses unloading FBI informants at Union Station. Rep. Clay Higgins (R, LA) is cut off but manages to say, "Your day is coming, Mr. Wray.

The ones who started it were not the ones being blown up in the trenches.

In his usual Louisiana manner, Kennedy makes it clear what he thinks of a judge, a potential federal judge, demanding that litigants announce their pronoun preference before the case gets underway.

Don't forget Young Frankenstein (1974). Is this the path Artificial Super Intelligence will take?

If enforced under the unconstitutional Defense Production Act it will force companies working on AI to tell the government about any potential negative use of their product. Failure to do so would be a felony. Big campaign-donor companies that fail to disclose this information would get their wrists slapped. Smaller ones would be crushed. What about AI developed by other countries? Gee, didn't think of that. And don't forget, Kamala Harris is the AI czar.

Tearing up the original of Trump's state-of-the-union address is a constitutional violation, according to Johnson.

They live-streamed the murder, as well. Will they be punished and if so to what degree?

Blames others for providing false or misleading information, admits she did not conduct due diligence because she was too busy. This is pathetic.

This "war" did not begin on October 7. It's been an ongoing oppression of Palestinians since 1948.

Just being white is all you need to get attacked. Think anything will happen to his assailant? Not in today's America.

If true, will anything be done about it? There is no avenue for prosecution. The criminal Biden is fully supported by the criminal government and criminal media.

Reportedly the "George Floyd" in this fight was shot and later died.

Her reply is straightforward. No wonder leftists are full throttle for suppressing views they diasagree with. They tend to kill or neuter themselves when they hear them.

Don't know the final outcome of this confrontation but I would bet he went elsewhere to take care of his business. This mom is a genuine hero.

Eighty percent of the 280 bodies found had been tortured before dying, including children. Many bodies are booby-trapped.

What are "gag orders" doing in a country that has the Constitutionally-protected right to free speech?

Like most appointees she has mastered the art of not giving straight answers, to avoid accountability.

Whether she's truthful I can't say, but here is her presentation. She says, for instance, that Israeli soldiers at checkpoints have the right to shoot any Arab they feel threatened from.

Crowd shouts: “Nous sommes tous des Palestiniens!” (We are all Palestinians!)


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