kitty gets depressed and fights chat after being dumped on discord by samy, in kittystyles fashion he resorts to lashing out at chat and banning everyone

Drain the swamp, TRUMP political ad
Will he drain the swamp, OR will the swamp drain him?
Is he just a distraction to placate whites while they are being demographically replaced, does he have our interests at heart? Round 2 FIGHT

Antifa showed up in Hamilton to act like the vermin we know them to be, a group of violent extremists that need to be stopped. Trudeau supports these goofballs and tipped the courts and media in their favor while anyone who trys to stand up to the violence is harshly smeared in media as "Far Right" and the courts have been using the full force of the law to send a clear message to others that standing up for your beliefs will not be tolerated.

Justin Castrato and mc buggs thumbuggalo talk about bullshit empty headed ertards talk about , hard to hear these scum flapping their useless noise makers while contributing C02 and Methane to an already polluted room full of slimy see bee see journalist scum

Political Ad
@realDonaldTrump tweeted this to his followers on twitter

Giuliani: "Democrats stepped into more than they realize", Dems exposed as massive corruption revealed through Ukraine

mountain climbing tanker driver

metokur weighs in on

magnazero practices home denistry on Kelso

democrat debates, beedo trys to out spanish booker and elizibeth Warren shits her adult diapers


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