Jews doing damage control bc of all the “hate” crimes

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STUMP THE RABBI (4) – Tobacco vs. Marijana, Rabbi vs. Gadol, , cash advance & Eurovision Dangers (on YOUTUBE)
By Rabbi Yaron Reuven. May 16, 2019; 1 hour 16 mark :

Speaking to the audience:
“Who knows the first two laws that Hitler implemented? The first two laws Hitler implemented that not only put him in a different status then everyone else for the rest of history but also made made what is called until this day the biggest financial miracle in history. Who knows the first two laws? Before the Nuremberg Laws, before that; we are talking years before it. Hitler first comes to power what are the first two laws? OK I'll save you the time.
Rule number one: no more pornography, no more homosexuality. None of that garbage, not allowed. Berlin in the 30s the 20s was the Sodom and Gomorrah of the day; they were the Las Vegas of the day, the Sodom and Gomorrah of the day. Homosexuality, pornography, all the bestiality all the garbage of the world, that was the capital of the world. He outlawed it, he no longer allowed it. Closed all the bars, all the gay clubs, all the production; which were all run by Jewish people- unfortunately.
Second rule, what's the second rule? The second rule was you are not allowed to charge interest, no more interest. Now you would think why? why does he care about interest? Well because all the people that had the money, that lent the money out where Jews. He didn't like he did not like it. He said “NO MORE INTEREST”, why? Because of the high interest that the Jews charged people was so high it ruined and destroyed the economy in Germany, they destroyed it- just like they destroyed Russia a few years before that through their communism over there (Russian Revolution was a Jewish Bolshevik communist overthrow of Christian Russia). Jews destroyed Russia, not goyim (non-jews) Jews destroyed it. Communism is by Jews, don't let anyone confusion you. Look at history; Karl Marx, all the others. They were all Jews, wicked but nonetheless Jews. They destroyed Russia and he wrote in chapter 2 of Mein Kampf that they destroyed Russia and now they are destroying Germany, that's why I have to destroy them. Now that doesn't make things right, point is that is real true history. Now he saw that the Jews were controlling the financial system and are charging such a high interest he pass this law. No more interest. Within six years, SIX YEARS Germany became the leading wealthiest economy of the world they called it a FINANCIAL MIRACLE. Why? They were the only ones bold enough to stop interest, this is one of the biggest reasons why he hated Jews. Because they destroyed the economy. Because of their greed. It’s not making him right. Don’t let this confuse you. But this is happening again. The cash advance business now is destroying the economy in America. Why? Because all of the people that are defaulting, all of the people who are being stolen from, guess who they are?? Small businesses. Small businesses are what is builds economies, not big businesses. Coca-Cola, Apple, Google, Amazon; all those big companies, they are good for business but they are not the economy. What makes an economy and economy is, what makes an economy prosper is when there are small businesses starting and small businesses flourishing. Because they are the ones that actually hire the most amount of people. If you have small businesses grow, your economy grows; you have small businesses decline, your economy declines. I was in the financial business for 20 years, this is one thing you can't challenge.
Now when you have an industry their number one objective directly or interest directly is to destroy a small business guess what?? This is happening again and you will see nobody listens to me, nobody listens to the Torah, nobody listens to history and everybody ignores it. This is going to be a huge blowup to the extent you could see how Edom (The name "Edom" is used by the Talmudists for the Roman Empire, the Roman Empire destroyed Jerusalem in 70ad, used also to refer the Christianity, the West, Europe, America), just like the Torah says, Edom is trying to come back again and Edom becomes America. Why? Because America is Edom. After all, but you will see what happens and you will see all of a sudden the 6 million Jews that are in America, that feel comfortable that are sometimes in government and sometimes in politics that are running big businesses and so on and so forth. Guess what?? Same exact thing as happened to Germany. We were in politics, we were in businesses, we were prospering, we were great.
In Germany, same exact thing. In Greece, same exact thing. In Rome, same exact thing. In Egypt, same thing. But guess what?? We get greedy, we get sinful, we become (?). What happens? Hashem (their god) says, “oh look you want to be the (?), I'll punish you with the same goy (non-jew) that you wanted to become like and this is what is happening under our noses and unfortuna




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