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Jessica Sutta — you may recognize her as a former member of the Pussycat Dolls. She got multiple Moderna COVID shots, thinking it was “the right thing” to do. But what was intended to be an act of altruism ultimately ended up with Jessica “on the brink of death.” This experience has completely altered the trajectory of her life, and because of what she’s discovered on this journey, she’ll never go back to the one she had before. This is Jessica Sutta’s testimony, on CHD.TV.

This might be one of the most important documentaries that anyone can watch right now given current events and escalations between Hamas, Israel, Iran, and the US.

All wars are bankers wars.

If you are still caught up in the left vs right, Israel vs Palestine, Ukraine vs Russia narratives, treating geopolitics and war as if it's a football game where you are rooting for one side to win as the real moral authority, then you need to take 45 minutes out of your day to watch this in full.

I've shared this documentary already weeks ago and a lot of people saw it and appreciated it, but I think it's now more important than ever for as many people to see it as possible and to really understand the profound and eye opening truth behind those words, and how EVERY SINGLE conflict has had powers above it funding both sides with nefarious intent behind it and a broader agenda that is not in the true interests of the people.

I don't think any of what's happening right now is organic. I don't think Hamas getting into Israel to murder and capture civilians was a mistake, nor do I think the $6bil the Biden admin unfroze for Iran in exchange for hostages before the attack was a mistake either. They're constructing narratives right in front of us and we cannot just blindly believe them on surface level evaluation, especially when these narratives are being given by the establishment and MSM.

I've said this before and I'll say it again. You need to think like they do with strategy, perception, and propagandistic motivations in mind. You need to try and understand why they are presenting whatever information to the public and for what purpose. You need to question every action, every directive, every media spin.

Why is the narrative now shifting towards Biden admin causing this attack by releasing funds to Iran? Why is Lindsey Graham pre-emptively suggesting war with Iran in conjunction with this? What if this is designed to ensure Biden attacks Iran to cover his ass in giving them $6bil back?

Also...Why was there such a huge focus of attention on anti-semetism on social media in the weeks leading up to this attack? Was that organic? or was that planned in advance knowing there would be an attack on Israel and perceptions needed to be pre-emptively put in place for justifying censorship?

Question everything. Assume conspiracy.


Iran Attack On Israel But B4 You Take Sides - All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

DISTURBING: School teacher describes an apparent correlation between vaccination + negative impacts on her students' health. Watch the FULL interview on CHD TV 👇

School teacher describes correlation between vaccination + negative impacts on students' health

“They took 525 hogs, injected them with a live mRNA vaccine and in 21 days, these were the statistics

- 25 of them suffered from death
- 55 of them became so anorexic that they were near death
- 20 of them suffered from lameness
- 12 of them suffered from loss of condition
- and 25 more of them had near death symptoms”

“Let's dig into the statistics sheet about mRNA vaccines in live animals and why this is a concern not only as a consumer, but as a producer as well

So we have 70% of these animals that are gonna be okay to an extent, and then we have 30% of them that either have died or have near death symptoms.

They did autopsies on the ones that had passed away, and they still found remnants of the live virus vaccine inside the meat of these animals.

So from a consumer standpoint we have to worry about a live virus being inside of our meat that we're putting inside of our bodies, and as a producer stand point, we have to worry about the health of our animals that can ultimately destroy us, destroy our herd, and destroy our business altogether. I'm interested to see what you all think about this, so make sure you leave a comment, share it around.

Let's get this information out there and make people aware.

And as always, guys, buy American and buy local.”

Wall Street Apes

'I can’t type much with my left hand but I wanted to get this out there. It then took me ten hours to upload with a maximum speed here of 0.5mbps. Still more breaking news now. May do a follow-up tomorrow.'


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Craig Murray: An Urgent Message On The Situation In Gaza

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: I learnt such a lot about mind control in this Tess Talks 2 with David Charalambous, I highly recommend you watch this!
Do you have an invisible back seat driver influencing you to go left when you had planned to go right, making certain decisions for you, putting you on auto-pilot? And, if you think you don’t, how would you know this to be true?

According to David Charalambous, most of our decisions are made on auto-pilot based on what we have in the ‘locked basements’ of our brains, otherwise know as the adaptive unconscious. This explains why, when COVID came along and trusted authorities said “safe and effective”, “safe and effective”, “safe and effective”, effectively putting these terms and visuals into the adaptive unconscious, many sensible and reasonable people did what they were told, which was not sensible and reasonable, without realising that their adaptive unconscious had been hacked to induce their compliance

A Better Way with Dr Tess Lawrie :

Pope's proposal for 'new humanism' would 'wipe out Christianity'
Roman Catholics you need to pray to the Father in Jesus name to lead you out of this Harlot.

Multi-faith committee set up to spread Pope Francis’ claim that God wills ‘diversity of religions’

Pope Francis invites religious, political leaders to sign ‘Global Pact’ for ‘new humanism’

Pope Francis launches Global Educational Alliance

EXCLUSIVE: Bishop Schneider says Vatican is betraying ‘Jesus Christ as the only Saviour of mankind’

The Bible speaks of a ONE WORD RELIGION which will be taken over by the Anti-Christ, us as Christians had no doubt that Satan will be using the Roman catholic church for this prophesy to come to pass, in fact the Vatican has been working full time on this if not mistaken from the end of the 80's and through the 90's by hooking up leaders from different religions together.

The one-world religion described in Revelation 17:1–18 as “the great harlot” will be part of the end-times scenario. The term harlot is used throughout the Old Testament as a metaphor for false religion. The actual identity and makeup of the religion has been debated for centuries and has resulted in a number of different views among Bible commentators and theologians. There are convincing arguments for the one world religion being Catholicism, Islam, the New Age movement, or some form of religion not even invented yet, and an internet search will produce many more possibilities and theories. There is no doubt that some sort of one-world religion under the false prophet will be a part of the end times, perhaps made up of a number of different religions, sects, and isms that are around today.

Revelation 17:1–18 gives us several characteristics of the one-world religion. The false religion will dominate all the “peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues” of the earth (Revelation 1b, 15), meaning that it will have universal authority, no doubt given by the Antichrist, who rules the world at that time. Verses 2–3 describe the harlot as committing adultery with the “kings of the earth,” referring to the false religion’s influence among the world’s rulers and influential people. The reference to being drunk with the wine of her adulteries may refer to those who are drunk with the power they receive from worshiping the false god of the false religion. Satan frequently ensnares those whose lust for power drives them away from the worship of the true and living God. The alliances forged by the false religion will unite church and state as never before.

Verse 6 describes the harlot as being “drunk with the blood of the saints” and the blood of those who testify of Jesus. Whether they will be martyred at the hand of the Antichrist or by being systematically starved, believers who are on the earth during the tribulation will experience the wrath of the harlot and her power source, the Antichrist. Those who oppose the worldwide religion will be killed, and those who refuse to worship the Antichrist by accepting his mark will be unable to buy and sell, thereby making survival very difficult (Revelation 13:16–17).

Eventually, the harlot will lose favour with the Antichrist, who will want to receive the world’s worship for himself. He will not share the adoration of the world with the prophets and priests of the false religion, no matter how obsequious or fawning they may be. Once the Antichrist gains the world’s amazed attention by his miraculous return from the dead (Revelation 13:3, 12, 14), he will turn on the false religious system and destroy it, establishing himself as God. The deception, Jesus tells us, will be so great that, if it were possible, even the elect would fall for it (Matthew 24:24).

Nun gives a grave warning regarding the depopulation agenda, and of the evil globalists behind it all.

Dr Tina Peers is a Consultant in Contraception and Reproductive health, with a special interest in menopause, and more recently in MCAS and histamine intolerance. During Covid, Tina became an authority in treating long Covid, and opened a long Covid clinic in November 2020, also treating people injured from the Covid injections. She has also contributed to developing the FLCCC protocols that have helped countless people around the world prevent, treat and recover from Covid-19.

In this enlightening conversation, Tina unpacks what Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) is, its implications for health, and its role as a contributing factor in long Covid and Covid-19 vaccine damage. Tina has kindly shared her treatment protocols and these are listed below. Please note that this does not constitute personal medical advice and to consult your health professional if you have any questions.

Protocol to detox from the spike protein:

Intermittent fasting

Cold showers

Resveratrol 500mg twice daily

Ivermectin 0.2mg/kg daily with food (if available)

Sodium butyrate 300mg daily

Melatonin (slow release) 2-10mg 3-4 x a week

These encourage autophagy and are cancer protective.

Treatment for acute Covid:

Magnesium 400mg daily

Selenium 100mcg daily

Zinc 30-50mg daily

Vitamin D 10-20,000 iu daily

Vitamin C (slow release) 4-5gm daily

Quercetin 500mg daily

Low histamine diet

Antihistamines: Loratadine 10mg 4 x a day or Cetirizine 10mg 4 x day or Fexofenadine 180mg up to 4 x a day

Amoxicillin 250mg 3 x a day for 5 days (virus affects the bacteria in the gut)

Ivermectin 0.4mg/kg daily with food (if available)

To find out more about Dr Peers, please visit her websites:

20 NOV 2022

From 1973 to 2011, sperm counts in men from America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand have dropped by over 50 percent while the number of boys and young men suffering from genital deformities, sperm abnormalities, and testicular cancer has increased. As the World Health Organization declares ‘vaccine hesitancy’ to be a top threat to global health in 2019, it turns a blind eye to declining male fertility and its causes. 'The Disappearing Male' examines the role of endocrine-disrupting chemicals such as bisphenols and phthalates in reduced fertility rates. These compounds are found in everyday plastics from drinking bottles to soft toys for infants.

How to expose 9/11 “skeptics” and “debunkers”, Part 3

9/11 “skeptics” use distraction and insults because they worship the official story. In their minds, any eyewitness who contradicts their holy government texts is confused or lying.

SKEPTIC: “Some people knew that WTC Building 7 was going to fall on 9/11 because it was showing signs of structural failure.”

TRUTH: No one has provided visual evidence to support the claim that structural failure of WTC7 was apparent in the hours before its collapse. In fact, top structural engineers were baffled by the collapse of this building for years, so the idea that people on the ground knew it would collapse on its own just from observation is ridiculous.

Some “skeptics” point to a photo that shows a gash in the side of WTC7, possibly created by falling debris from the Twin Towers. But these same skeptics also defend the NIST 9/11 report that states the office fires, not debris damage, caused the building’s collapse.

It’s true that many people in lower Manhattan knew WTC7 would come down. The question is how?

Multiple first responders reported that WTC7 would be intentionally demolished. One that was recorded by CNN said, “The building is about to blow up.” Others were told by emergency officials that it would be brought down on purpose. This doesn’t mean that firefighters planted explosives in the building, but the message was spread throughout the area.

The “debunkers” will dismiss these eyewitnesses as being wrong simply because the testimonies are at odds with their religion: undying belief in the government’s version of events. In their church, heretics can never be tolerated.

Richard Gage, AIA

How to expose 9/11 “skeptics” and “debunkers”, Part 3

Get the album and more at
Recorded Live at The Fiddler in London, England August 2nd, 2023
Filmed & Edited by Keith Craig

Original video:

"I Will Not Be Leaving Quietly" (Live in London) by Five Times August | 2023

‘Their Plans for Humanity Are Horrifying,’ Author of ‘Controligarchs’ Warns

The oligarchic to ‘philanthropic’ pipeline. Examining elitists such as Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and more.

Seamus Bruner

Controligarchs - A Book By Seamus Bruner

The Government Accountability Institute

Exclusive: Author Of ‘Controligarchs’ Exposes ‘Billionaire Class, Their Secret Deals, And The Globalist Plot To Dominate Your Life’

Bill Gates Promotes ‘Net Zero’ As Climate Fix — Critics Call It A ‘Financial Scam’

‘Grave Mistake’: Seed Patents Endanger Small Farmers, Threaten Food Security

House Republicans Help Dems Preserve ‘Kill Switch’ Mandate That Could Shut Down Your Car

Climate And Disease In Numbers: Six Ways In Which Our Health Is At Risk From Global Warming

WHO Gets 20% Budget Increase To Help Address 'Disease X' And 'Emergencies Of All Kinds'

Alexander Soros Takes Control Of His Father’s $25B Philanthropic Empire

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, By Klaus Schwab

Special Studies Project

The Limits To Growth - Club Of Rome

The Limits To Growth | Dartmouth Library

Anti-Fertility Vaccines

Tracking System Of Human Beings, Animals Or Objects | Google Patents

Human Detection And Tracking For Security Applications | Google Patents

Electronic Monitoring | The GEO Group, Inc.

Securus Monitoring

COVID-19: The Great Reset

Read Yuval Harari's Blistering Warning To Davos In Full

Insect Farming: Are Maggots On Your Menu?

Bill Gates Predicts MRNA Will Be A Game Changer For Vaccines Over Next 5 Years

World’s First Vaccine Murder Case Against Bill Gates, Adar Poonawalla Filed In India’s High Court

Court Orders Bill Gates, Indian Government To Respond To Lawsuit Filed By Family Of Woman Who Died After AstraZeneca Vaccine

Bill Gates, Indian Government Targeted In Lawsuit Alleging AstraZeneca Vaccine Killed 23-Year-Old

The Build Back Better Framework | The White House

We Are The Inter-American Development Bank

ID 2020

ID2020 And Partners Launch Program To Provide Digital ID With Vaccines

Reimagining Digital ID | WEF June 2023

Bill Gates Warns Australia To Prepare For The Next Pandemic - Which Could Be Man-Made And Far More Brutal Than COVID

Read more:

Ex Pfizer Vice President Dr. Mike Yeadon 🚨🚨🚨
Dr. Mike Yeadon's address to the Members of UK Parliament (4 December 2023)
Hello. My name is Dr. Mike Yeadon. Probably know by now that I'm a career research scientist and biologist. I've worked in the biopharmaceutical industry for over 30 years. Famously, a former vice president at Pfizer, left in 2011 as vice president and worldwide head of Respiratory research. I was responsible for everything from idea to clinical proof of concept. In the ten years after leaving Pfizer, I've worked as an independent. I consulted to 30 biotech companies. I also founded Led and sold my own biotech Ziarco. And we were written up in a 2017 article in Forbes magazine. I think it was Converting Pfizer Discards into Gold, and it was written by a former Pfizer board member. So three years before this alleged event started, I was very well regarded in the industry.

I'm going to tell you that the design of the so called vaccines was intentionally to harm people, and I'm going to give you several examples of that based on my extensive industry experience of rational drug design. Not a single atom or molecule in a synthetic drug is in there. By luck, it's in there because people chose it to be in there and they intended certain things to flow from their choices. But just very briefly, you should know, I hope there has not been a pandemic. Denis Rancourt's data shows that the all cause mortality evidence data did not increase at all in the run up to the Declaration. Fraudulently by who? Of a pandemic.

There is no public health emergency except that created by our governments. An inappropriate fraudulent PCR test was used to give people the impression that they had a particular disease where they didn't. There were all normal diseases. And then what happened was in three different ways. People were treated badly through changed medical procedures that were imposed above the level of nation. Briefly, mass ventilation of people inappropriately in hospitals that led to lots of deaths. In care homes, many people were given sedatives and respiratory depressants which led to their deaths. My PhD was specifically in that area of opiates and respiratory depression. And in the community, people were denied life saving antibiotics and died of bacterial pneumonia.

There's your pandemic. There is no other pandemic. And based on this lie, we were told that vaccines were coming our way and would be our savior. Two things, as I say. First, there's no pandemic, so you certainly don't need an experimental, rushed medical intervention. But secondly, even if you did, as someone who's worked in the industry for over 30 years, I am telling you it's absolutely impossible to invent, test, clinically, evaluate and manufacture and then launch on global scale a complex biomedical product. It's absolutely impossible. It's not as close, it's years wrong. The fastest record price of this was six years. And friends of mine who've worked all their lives in manufacturing of complex biological products tell me the methods development alone for the development of a reproducible manufacturing process itself takes a number of years. So whatever it is you think was done, I am telling you, there was not the development of a proper medical product.

What I think happened was the advancement of materials that are intentionally toxic. And then they were sketchily, advanced and jammed into people's arms, often coerced, sometimes even mandated, with the unsurprising effect that millions of people have died. I don't have time today to explain what I think they're going to do in the future, but suffice to say, more injections are coming if we don't stop this.

So, like I said, I'm skilled in the arts of rational drug discovery. So why am I saying these materials are intentionally toxic? Well, let me give you the first example. How do you think your body plays nice with itself, but when it's infected or detects a cancer, it goes to war. And the answer is, it distinguishes self things that are meant to be inside you from non self, from foreign things that are not meant to be inside you. And it is trained exquisitely to detect and attack non self foreign things. If you inject a person with a gene that encodes a foreign piece of protein, like a spike protein from a foreign organism, your body will detect that. And every single cell that takes up that material and expresses foreign protein will be attacked and killed by your immune system. Now, if you think that's advanced immunology, let me put you right. It's in the first chapter. Distinguishing self from non self is one of the foremost lessons of immunology. And every single person involved in the train of delivery of these materials to doctor's hands knew what I've just told you, they will inevitably cause injury. Then on top of that, it's not just bad enou

Sawyer was Nick Kendall and Melissa Pike’s miracle baby. After multiple attempts to conceive were unsuccessful due to Melissa’s endometriosis, they finally had a baby boy. “When he was born he was beautiful and he was perfect,” says Melissa. Everything about Sawyer was healthy until around two months of age.
He had a virus, which caused a rash and cold-like symptoms, but no fever. Melissa and Nick cared for Sawyer during this time, and then brought him in to the pediatrician for his two month vaccines. They asked if the vaccines would be safe to give Sawyer, due to him currently fighting off the virus. The pediatrician assured them it would be fine, as he didn’t have a fever.
Melissa said the next day her son was fussier than usual, and she put him down for a nap. Thirty-four hours after receiving his vaccinations, she found Sawyer dead in his bassinet. “I found him unresponsive and cold. I picked him up and told Nick that he was gone. So Nick called 9-1-1, and we immediately started giving him CPR…we couldn’t bring him back.”
This became even more devastating when the medical examiner determined that Sawyer’s cause of death was asphyxiation due to improper sleeping conditions, resting the blame on Nick and Melissa. Melissa pushed for more tests, and finally got the answer she was looking for. “The aluminum level in his blood was 95 mcg/L. Anything over 50 mcg/L in an adult is toxic.”


My Son Is In An Urn Not Our Arms

“I would like the American people to know that there was many of us, in the military, that stood up,” says Mike Gary, speaking of the rollout and mandate of EUA COVID shots, “We were coerced and forced into it.” In this jaw-dropping interview, Mike explains how he witnessed and fought the corruption from the frontlines. Listen to more military experiences on the CHD Bus Stories page.
Watch More CHD Bus Stories LIVE:

You thought the BBC paedophilic statue was bad? Wait till you see these monstrosities at the front of the Cleveland Clinic Building, London SW1X 7HY.

Unsuspecting people go there to get better....

Photo credit: Five Times August @FiveTimesAugust

Amazon doubled its profits thanks to Covid ... The global market, for the so-called “protective” masks alone, grew by more than 15,000%, from $1.4 billion in 2019 to $225 billion in 2020! Disposable gloves and hand sanitizers saw a huge increase in the market, thanks to government spending. Not to mention: However, much of that money was completely wasted as the shelf life of the products expired.
Read more:

The Big “Jackpot Winners” of the Covid Pandemic

Just another conspiracy theory that wasn't! .... and the polio detected in London's sewers last year was connected to the oral vaccine. Super-Engineered Polio Vaccines :

BBC: Super-Engineered Polio Vaccines! There are now more cases of "vaccine-derived polio" ...

Catherine Austin Fitts with Ilana Rachel Daniel reporting on transhumanism and the continued push for centralized control on ‘Good Morning CHD.’ She sits down with Catherine Austin Fitts to dive deeper into these topics and their implications on our lives. Watch the episode on CHD.TV!
Read more:
'Frankenstein Future': Israel's Bio-Convergence Program and the Merging of Biology and Engineering

The richest Prime Minister in history pocketing money from British children who need help... what could possibly go wrong?


Prof. Plimer is one of Australia’s most renowned and respected geologists and the author of 12 books, including his most recent, ‘Green Murder’.
He has worked in a variety of roles for multiple mineral exploration and mining companies here in Australia and around the world.

Prof. Plimer is certainly a scientist who rejects the ‘climate narrative’ and we were privileged to get an education on this episode. Prof. Plimer proves he is a wealth of knowledge as he discusses a wide variety of topics relating to the ‘climate science’.

We are also joined by our special guest host, Faye Aspiotis, a former hydrographer who studied chemical engineering, and former guest on episode 17 of the ExCandidates.

Follow Prof. Plimer at:

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Join the One Nation Hunter candidates and the Hon. Mark Latham MLC and the Hon. Rod Roberts MLC for the ‘Wear Something Orange’ fundraising dinner in Raymond Terrace on Saturday, February 4, 2023 at 5pm. Click the link below to purchase your tickets.

Hosted by:
• Adam Zahra - One Nation candidate for Campbelltown

• Steven Tripp – Former One Nation candidate for Warringah

• Faye Aspiotis – Former One Nation candidate for Cowper

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Original video:

Prof. Ian Plimer Interview – Debunking the Climate Narrative

Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) questioned witnesses at a House Transportation Committee about the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act late last month.

Hearing on "Reviewing the Implementation of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act" Mar 28, 2023 : House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee

What Percent Of Our Atmosphere Is CO2? #ClimateScam exposed. "Experts" have no idea. Doug LaMalfa

With Vanessa Feltz | 03-Apr-23 :

Sammy Woodhouse : Grooming Gangs. Child Sexual Abuse 3/4/2023

It has now become clear that Western leaders who are running this war through NATO are desperate for it to go nuclear. And I wouldn’t bet against these evil, insane people getting what they want.


Nuclear War is Coming. Dr Vernon Coleman


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