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Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update.
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Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Ellis with today's news update.
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Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.
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Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.
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Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Ellis and Alex Thomson with today's news update from the UK Column.
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"That's enough, put down the mic!" "You're a very rude person!" @realDonaldTrump clashes with a CNN reporter who asked him whether he "demonised immigrants" and whether he was concerned over the Russia investigation.

“The modern-day cage for political prisoners is no longer the Tower of London, it is the Ecuadorian Embassy,” she said, adding that her son has been detained for nearly eight years without charge, “cut off from all contact” and “tortured in the heart of London.”
Mrs. Christine Assange @AssangeMrs

⌛ Please help save the life of my son, journalist Julian Assange

1) Listen to my URGENT STATEMENT

2) Share widely

3) Send to

*Human/Refugee/Legal Rights Orgs
*Medical/Psych assoc

‘Slow assassination’: Julian Assange’s Mother’s Emotional Speech About Son’s Embassy Ordeal

With Patrick Henningsen
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Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.
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With Patrick Henningsen
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Lori Ciminelli is a retired nurse of 20 years. Four of those years were spent wearing a mask because Lori refused to take the flu shot.

On October 25, 2018, Lori gave testimony before the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

To say the least, her speech was explosive and intelligent.

She claims that the local hospital she worked as a nurse at was generally against the flu shot, something that prompted flu shot mandates. She focuses on low efficacy numbers of the flu shot.

Ciminelli tells the board, “for four years before I retired, I put on a mask, it wasn’t easy to breathe, but that’s how much I believe in your efficacy.”


With David Scott
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START – Philip Green: sexual abuse cover-up
Media subject to an injunction preventing publication of details
UK councils also introducing gagging clauses along with compensation – a cover-up
Lesson: those with enough money can keep their law breaking hidden…
Who has the most power and money to do this…? The British government
06:51 – Brexit (no exit): fisheries bill launched
Control of British waters will still have to be agreed with other EU states…
Icelandic model has given control of fishing back to fishermen
Veterans for Britain: Andrea Jenkins calls on Treason May to stop funds for EU army
Former Senior Military Officers lift the lid on EU grab of Britain’s nukes
Leave Means Leave campaign still refuse to discuss EU military unification
Manipulation of language now key to setting government policy
18:16 – UK Emergency Defence and Security Briefing event: 3 November, Totnes
18:51 – Jaguar Land Rover says 2000 UK staff will go to three-day week…
Meanwhile: Jaguar Land Rover launches Slovak plant amid Brexit job fears
21:27 – Jeremy Heywood retires: Treason May appoints Mark Sedwill in his place
No recruitment procedure for the position…? May: we don’t have time…
Fusion Doctrine in full view: building a culture of common purpose
This is a coup happening quietly behind closed doors
The British public are in the process of building their own prison…
The ‘whole-of-government’ approach is the same as the soviet system – a stasi state
Scottish cab drivers only employed by schools if they report what children talk about
29:31 – Tommy Robinson: dining in Parliament after court case…
Robinson invited to address US congress members in Washington
Who are Tommy Robinson funders the Middle East Forum…?
Robinson has cynically hijacked the Melanie Shaw campaign
Many questions remain about Tommy Robinson
37:46 – Alternative View 9.1 conference: Democracy in Chains – 2 December, London
Spotlight on HPV vaccines event: 11 November, London
38:43 – Scots Tory MP: people on benefits ‘cannot have as many children as they like’
41:43 – Scottish education: I am failing them – a guidance teacher’s world
43:02 – IICSA: Mickey Summers evidence being given
Intelligence analysis: Beechwood Suspect Collusion Report
Notts Council: no central records of abuse kept – more sexual abuse records go missing
IICSA – a total cover-up of child abuse to protect the powerful

With Vanessa Beeley
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With Patrick Henningsen
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IICSA refuse point blank to hear Melanie Shaw exposing child abuse and murder in Nottingham's Beechwood children's home.
UK Column with Mike Robinson Brian Gerrish and David Scott of

With David Scott
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Trump talks about China, Russia, EU, Avenatti, "horseface" and the 2020 election.

Update on Melanie Shaw's conviction
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Watch President Trump's Full '60 Minutes' Interview

With Dr. Graham Downing and Patrick Henningsen
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The Russian Ambassador makes light work of the questions put to him with a smile.

With Vanessa Beeley and David Scott
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Your car, your freedom of movement and your independence are at stake. An army of goodoers fight relentlessly to control the public. They use a falsehood to attack basic human rights and they get paid very well to do it!

Matthew Williams of Devizes, Wiltshire, remembers the life of one of the original circlemakers, hoaxer Doug Bower, aged 94.
Beginning in the late 1970s, simple crop circles began to appear regularly in the fields of Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, and Gloucestershire in southern England. They were made at night, and over the years they became more complex, growing into large patterns of geometric forms hundreds of feet across. Some people who studied crop circles were convinced that their intricacy and the fact that the plants seemed to be bent but not broken precluded a human creator, which meant that they were being produced either by some unknown natural phenomenon or by extraterrestrials.
In 1991 Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, of Southampton, England, confessed to having made more than 200 crop circles since the late 1970s with nothing more complex than ropes and boards. They had initially been inspired by a 1966 account of a UFO sighting near Tully, Queensland, Australia, in which a flying saucer supposedly landed in a lagoon and left behind a depressed area of reeds. As crop circles became more prominent in the media, Bower and Chorley�s patterns became more complex, and they delighted in confounding the expectations of those who studied the circles.
Original 1970s crop circle hoaxer Doug Bower dies aged 84 - ITV West (2018) HTV


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