Men Can Have Abortions
Can’t make this sh** up!
Rep. Dan Bishop: “Do you believe that men can become pregnant and have abortions?"
Democrat witness: "Yes."
woke mkultra bullshit


Winston Churchill - The Jewish Question Dr. William Pierce

Nicolae Elena Ceausescu executed

The Fall of the Azov by Jacob Dreizin

Trump is a Crime Victim --- of Obama!

Trump Accidentally Reveals Secret Plans to Take Down Netflix With His New Expansion
By The Next News Network

Kash at the Hitching Post Saloon in AZ yesterday: “You have to expose the Deep State… Today, we have Michael Sussmann, the epicenter of the Clinton Crime Syndicate, on trial in Durham’s prosecution… that is the epicenter that we have to focus our attention on right now because it unravels with Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, Fusion GPS and the Fake News Media - all collaborated with dirty cops at the FBI - Andy McCabe, James Comey, Peter Strzok.”


Democrats Using Ukraine, Abortion Rights as Distraction From Monumental Chaos They're Creating in America

"While the mainstream media is trying to focus on Ukraine and abortion rights, Democrats are hoping Americans won’t notice how destructive their policies have been on the nation. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more."

David Straight "Confirms it all! Lobstr QFS XRP RV Gesara Nesara, it's Here! We MUST Demand it!

Ukraine's AZOV NAZIS Surrender To Russia In Mariupol

Bill would require testing of an untold of rape kits from human trafficking victims in Ohio

-The kits are required to be tested and submitted for evidence in other crimes, like murders or general sexual assault, but not human trafficking

Bill would require testing of Ohio human trafficking rape kits

How Does The Birth Certificate and Strawman Function? Taking control of your Estate, Lawful Remedy

Martin Armstrong – If Russia Is Not An Enemy, Why Do We Need NATO?

Democrats Introduce Bill To Put Americans In Quarantine Camps

UN Admits Replacement Migration Is Real

Sean Stone Joins Infowars In Studio for Powerful New Interview Exposing the NWO
Has Alex Jones Flipped?

5/16/22 Nancy Drew Washington DC - Only 38 State Flags - COMS

Watch: Melania Trump Surprises First Recipient of Her College Scholarship Fund

U.S. Border Patrol agents encountered a record high of more than 234,000 migrants at the Southern Border in April. John Zadrozny explains just how bad the situation is for voter integrity.

BREAKING: Twitter Lead Client Partner Says Woke “Ideology” Responsible For Company’s Inability to “Profit”; Affirms Twitter Not Here “To Give People Free Speech”; Refuses Taking Elon Musk “Seriously” Due to “Asperger’s” Making Him “Special”

Diversity Is Our Strength

Candace Owens Drops New Trailer for ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Told: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM’

Democrats admit their plan is to bring in illegal aliens, turn them into voters, and destroy America.


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