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Ghost Stories



Yes, it's long... and full of stumbling - as video that is recorded with corresponding audio tends to be a bit more difficult to edit.

However, the stumbling might help... given that it slows down the delivery, and allows for a space to open up for the perspective to sink in.

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Negative Temperature

There was also a missed model in this piece that occurred to me after posting... on the topic of entropy and negative entropy.

Consider a rope. Tie the rope into a knot-wad and the rope gets used and committed to the limitations of the knot (as you run out of rope) - Entropy. However, if you instead pull the rope taught, to a straight line, you also reduce the rope's directionality, by confining it to a straight line - Negative Entropy (given that the tension can be loosened and knots can be formed, so as to change the bias or temperature to entropy).

Are we programmed? If so, by whom? And, if that turns out to be an irrelevant question, then how?

Produced using random number generation to make 'decisions', limit recognition, and loose cancellation procedures... combined with some human error and mix-programming experience.

It is quite possible that what I know and perceive myself to be is developing from the random interaction of replicated traumas, or even imaginary wounding. Thus, even that bit of humanity laced into this piece may very well be a product of randomness... nothing... non-organized energy.

Even trauma is a false contract - rendering even the personal body as a false contract interacting with false relations. The claim to being able to describe an eternally indescribable event as a source or thing is untenable to truth... a mere disposable calculation.

The hardware remains a unknowable.

All Memory 'is' Trauma... but what is being wounded?

"Since when does the Devil give out free samples?"

...heard as I walked into the kitchen for a bite to eat (wife watches lots of Netflix/Hulu Series; but I don't know what the show was, as I don't watch much TV).

I was reminded of this video, and then the thought occurred to me, "Since we all started shredding our contracts."

It later occurred to me that a wooden match would be more appropriate, and a lot less effort... light an edge on fire, and let the fire do the rest.

Con + Tract = Memory oppose, and thus simultaneously reinforce, story - the extracting of story from... so as to assert the presence of time.

Con... to oppose or walk away from, so as to reinforce a point of departure or reference point/structure.
Tract... Draw, Pull, Drag Out, a Course of Time.

To say that one is 'not' programmed is to con the programming, and thus reinforce it. Free will cannot be observed or experienced by denying that a program is influencing you, as it reinforces the point of reference. Going with (or coming with) programming, so as to have Free Will within the confines of 'selections' obviously reinforces the situation. But let 'Will' be without attachment to illusions that describe freedom, and....

Why Not?

And what is a Puppet Show?

A mockery, imitation, or partial representation of what already is... or always-already is, in Infinite context. The puppet show is scripted, edited (censored), and incomplete. Again, in Infinite Context, nothing can happen - as everything Always-Already happens at once... an absolute cancellation of 'happening'.

The puppet show can start with a desire for 'new' or 'other'; then, later turns into a sadistic craving for order, dominance, satisfaction, and control... which then leads to playing the part of the masochist - to provide reinforcement (as the 'other' party turns out to be the same party as the sadist - providing less than desired results).

There is the 'wait a minute' shift... the dispelling of memorized objective habits (the wounds and scars we call memory)... and then the 'calm'... the tranquility.

Counting 'is' the principle of exclusion, memory, banking, tool use, and the illusion that power actually controls energy. Its necessity cannot escape questionability... like entertainment... or a vehicle. It is as if counting where allowed so as to simply assert that it is not a limitation.

The transience of counting is always reminding awareness, in all its many identifications... that the ghost-of-transport is as good as it gets - which can be pretty realistic, in an eternity of infinite ghosts... but always yielding to never being realistic enough. It is the carrot that is chased, but that never gets bitten. The bottom of the rabbit hole is simply the ground where one started... and never left.

If there is a 'having to do' anything, then slavery is most definitely involved. What seems to be so easily missed is that, 'having to remember' is not an exception. Calling slavery voluntary servitude, or agreement, is simply a kind of clothing or language that holds subconscious awareness in a state of focused attention... in a state of mind.

If the language 'has' to be understood, then language is clearly the master. Each word is like a key on the keyboard - casting an image to become aware of. Randomize the meaning of the keys, and it stops making sense. The issue of control is a non-issue.


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Ghosts don't walk through walls... rather, the walls are turned on and off - like light switches, strobe lights. Thus, we only catch glimpses of one another.