I finally found a way to get a Grunt off the turret without sticking himself and without sacrificing the second plasma pistol grab. Someone just needs to work out a visual cue or maybe it's better to just get a feel for it like I did. As seen at the very beginning (and at 2:16), he can still throw a plasma, but at least that's dodgeable! Now the only problem is killing the second Grunt without his plasma pistol falling off the map. Remember to hold Y when jumping up! Melee the box closer to the rail to make more space for the nade toss.

This strat might prevent the aggroed red Elites from rushing your position at the start of the fight. *needs testing* As seen at the very end, you can still die to the second gunner; also, when an Elite climbs the box behind the turrets.

Run starts at 0:08, ends at 2:18. Bad movement, badly timed jumps, bad run. Showcases two new launches using Enemy Boxer (no idea if the second one saves time over wall climb/jumping). The invis barrier after the plane crash isn't as tall as I thought it'd be.

Another way to do a previously existing strat. Park at the third tile on the wall and do a wheelie.

0:07 By going around the box instead of over it, it minimizes the risk of turret Grunts throwing plasmas as they get off.
0:10 Hold Y immediately after killing the turret Grunt. You could also use this opportunity to throw a plasma at the enemies below but that risks the Grunt's plasma pistol falling off. This practically eliminates the risk of accidentally operating the turrets.
0:13 This is probably the best scenario for enemy grouping. Most of the time, they will be clustered around in the middle, but not like this.
0:14 Which sets up nicely for a EMP+frag combo. In hindsight, I should've taken this opportunity to retrieve both plasma pistols.

Timed from entering the hangar, the first wave spawned in 12 seconds.

Read description for detailed info: Some stuff I used to mess with when I was a kid (could be useful for speedruns), plus a few nifty tricks I recently picked up from watching speedruns. Some of it might already be uploaded to YouTube, I didn't bother to check as there was a lot of content to shift through.

Bazooka firing methods:
0:00 character toggle rapid fire bazooka is already known, free tag rapid fire isn't very practical
0:11 mobile rapid fire bazooka (cancel with B). Unfortunately, can't do fancy evasive maneuvers while firing, but don't really need it
0:18 this one's sort of inspired by seeing bazooka AI in action. Useful for positioning? Unfortunately, can't do fancy evasive maneuvers while firing
0:36 mobile rapid fire bazooka in action (blow stuff up without stopping)

Earlier/faster treasure retrieval:
0:42-0:57 self-explanatory. Second one skips building object, could save a bit of time

Hard jumps:
0:59 hard to land
1:10 skips building object, could save a bit of time
1:23 already known, but I didn't expect to land it in one go
1:25 redundant
1:34 already known
1:37 already known

Treasures/Parcels without Short Round (ShortRoundless% lol):
My old disc had trouble loading the Temple of Doom campaign so I had to compensate by figuring out ways to get these items without the character. You can get up to 59 treasures in Raiders campaign without Short Round/Thuggee!
1:44 hold right and slightly forward, mash jump
2:03 should be possible without being naded by enemy guard. Sets up nicely for jump over the gate
2:13 getting the plank onto the right spot is tricky
2:29 redundant if Thuggee is already unlocked
2:45 self-explanatory

(Free Play) Boxer Toss launch method:
2:55 main use is to get a player up on a high ledge, in this case for Raiders' second level treasure. Use free tag to replenish npc's hp, use toggle character to cancel pickup throw attack. Target doesn't have to be bazooka trooper, I think it should work with Indy?
3:14 in this case, for the post box on Raiders' fifth level
3:25 Main problem is getting Boxer to do this throw is rng dependent
Can also launch character so high that he gets deleted or something, but Raiders' first level is very generous for this glitch, allows you to reach the waterfall area:

Bosses (Raiders):
Enemy Boxer
3:57 Getting hit while picking up Anvil (using whip for convenience) avoids destroying it
4:08 if repeated fast enough, can get both reinforcements at once while having an anvil remaining for the last hit

I got nothing for Major Toht and Belloq...

Bosses (Crusade):
Make sure Indy has the shovel. Can pick it up again after using torch to help Elsa get across.
4:44 Beat up two initial henchmen and lead Kazim to the edge
4:52 Switch to Indy and damage him
4:56 Brief opportunity to land on the boat. Boat chasing becomes boat cruising
5:10-5:30 repeat. Boat cruising

Enemy Radio Operator
5:53 Setting up for a better boss fight. Knock on door and unlock bazookas. Go back to the burning room. When you reenter this area, boss will be interested in picking up a bazooka and opening the door will allow him to reach it.
7:09 The boss battle that should have been Kappa
7:27 This time, setting up for an instant finish. Jump over gate and unlock bazookas. Go back to the burning room. When you reenter this area, boss will be interested in picking up a bazooka but won't be able to proceed. Beat him up. Once his desired bazooka has been picked up, he'll go to where he's supposed to and be destroyed.
8:30 Bringing in second controller so his death can be seen up close
9:00 consequence of this is that there will be a lot of soldiers in one area. More can be summoned using the key
9:20 Stay in previous room for a bit and they'll forget their hostility if you're playing as an enemy

More Crusade boss-related glitches coming soon.

No idea if this is known in the speedrun community, I stumbled upon it when I was a child. The only practical application that I know of is getting an out of reach treasure chest in Free Play mode on the second level of Raiders without unlocking Short Round. There's also a similar situation on a Last Crusade level.

Rescuing a random firefighter, 19 variations.

0:47 In hindsight, I should have jumped on one of these last remaining guys to make it 20 variations, but I wanted to make the approach to the last guy feel natural.

Normal difficulty.

0:00 It would have been easy to just lure the militia brute over to the spot so I could smash his head into the generator, but I wanted the extra x17 combo points (x18 kos him) first. Annoyingly, there are two other environmental objects nearby which made this part account for about half of my resets. The object and enemy need to be highlighted.
0:14 These combat experts (or ninjas, as I like to call them), are frustratingly annoying to have around.
1:07 If memory serves me correctly, here I meant to do an environmental takedown, not the multi-ground takedown. Although it could also be said that I tried to take out the guy who the medic helped up.
1:22 Regrettably, I didn't get to take out a lot of guys with the multi-ground takedown. I'm still not used to this special combo ability...
1:49 I would have liked to have gone for a Perfect Freeflow bonus, but this fight is too obnoxiously grindy for my taste.

Too bad it's 10 sec slower than the non-yolo clear. Have to park Spectre around the back area to get a 5th Johnson to spawn.

Upon a closer look, it's actually just 3 Johnsons and an Elite, but the setup is more or less the same for 4 Johnsons.

0:00 Sniping one of the Brutes seem to make the other Brutes susceptible to a 1 hit kill, including melees.
0:07 When game gives low shotty ammo, it's a good opportunity to get some ammo back, but only worthwhile if you're going for Johnson cloning since there's usually enough time.
1:02 Still working on a way to get Tartarus to follow up the lift immediately
1:14 How to lure him up. Use this time to get Johnsons off the Spectre
1:21 Sometimes Johnson tries to drive away from the nade
1:25 Almost foolproof safety strat.

This particular clear was about as fast as a non-yolo clear (when it goes well).

Finally, something that could potentially be used for speedrunning (I've seen similar things on YouTube, I just wasn't expecting it to happen to me), although I'm not familiar with the route the speedrun takes. I'll be trying to replicate this. It might have had something to do with my computer lagging (as indicated by that black circle appearing at the bottom right). In hindsight, I should have explored deeper into the tunnel instead of pausing, which allowed the door to generate. Unfortunately, I wasn't recording with audio at the time.

Seems pressing RT+B and X at the same time causes a teleport to occur?

Defeating a tank infested island... the hard way, with frustrating efficiency and massive exp gain as compensation. Not shown in this vid was the prior destruction of about 5-6 tanks so the total would have been around 43-44 instead of 38. I lose a bit of time at the start by progressing the main mission with the scanner, which gives enough time for tanks to link up with each other. This was done in three segments, starting out by eliminating half of the tank army (it could have been 21 tanks if dumb rioters hadn't got in the way of my shot, although in hindsight I should have backed up a little bit before destroying the 18th tank). For the last two segments, I had to dodge like a madman until enough tanks came together. To do all this in a single segment would be a hellish feat!

Tank spawns were mostly rng, making this harder than it should have been. The combo meter on the top left of the screen can only be maintained by destroying tanks quickly, which was also annoying. The lack of autoaim/aim assist makes precision shots incredibly important, although there is actually an upgrade which enables more damage to the chassis. But I prefer the upgrade which emphasizes aiming for the turret.

Most people probably breeze through this fight like it doesn't matter. I wanted to maximize exp gain. The hardest part was landing the jump attack at the start, which is usually near impossible to do since the relentless robot deluge makes it all too easy for Bats to perform counter instead. Variation count could've been x15 if I had used Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown, but I've only gotten that to work once on Riddler bots, perhaps x16 if the whip counts as a variation. Unfortunately, I'm not yet used to playing as other characters.

Not only is he stuck in my head, but he won't let me leave his side!

Normal difficulty

0:30 Almost got the Batmobile on top of the gate. Maybe it'd have worked if I had switched to tank mode?

0:44 For some reason, contact with the gate's top ledge with the Batmobile knocks out all militia troops in the area without even touching them. Normally, driving the Batmobile into an enemy shocks them unconscious.

For some reason, the cutscene started early. I should have let the cutscene play out to see if the thugs appeared in it.

Normal difficulty

Normal difficulty

Use the Force, Bats!

Easily reproducible. Checked YouTube to see if a similar multi-takedown clip had been posted before, but those only seem to concern weird teleports.


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