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James Swagger interviews Gerald Clark
about life and death teachings from Egypt
The Kingdom Of God Is Within

message from the king
Prince Far I
reggae music magic
Jah Rastafari
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Insight into vaccines and the nuclear programs
& how they link to the Murder of JFK


From the 2008 album 'So, Who's Paranoid?' A tribute to Syd Barrett via Hawkwind.

The Damned Dark Asteroid (full version)

From the 2008 album 'So, Who's Paranoid?' A tribute to Syd Barrett via Hawkwind.

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from nemesis maturity


Method of reciting Shiv Chalisa
Reciting of the Shiv Chalisa must ideally be done after cleaning your body and your environment. Ideally, take a bath in the morning and then sit before an image of Lord Shiva to recite the Shiv Chalisa. Understand the meaning of each of the lines you are reading helps maximize the impact that the Shiv Chalisa has in your life.
Benefits of reciting Shiv Chalisa
Regular recital of the Shiv Chalisa helps you receive the blessings of the Mahadev – Lord Shiva. The benefits can be come in many forms and shapes. Shiv Chalisa will help you to –

Face your fears with the blessing of strength from Lord Shiva
Be relieved of all stresses and sorrows that plague you
Overcome evil thoughts and distracting temptations and find peace of mind
Defeat your enemies and do your best in competitions
Have your past sins erased and develop the ability to make righteous choices going forward in your

Jai Ganesh Girija suvan,
Mangal mool sujan.
Kahit Ayodhya das tum,
dehu abhay vardan.
Victory to Lord Ganesha – the song of Girija,
Who is the origin of all that is good,
Ayodhya das requests you for,
the boon of fearlessness.

Jai Girijapati deen dayala,
Sada karat santan pratipala.
Victory to the consort of Girika (Lord Shiva) who is always kind to the distressed,
And always bestows his blessings upon saints.
Bhaal chandrama sohat neeke,
Kanan kundal naag phani ke.
You wear the baby moon on your forehead,
And for ear-rings you wear the snake’s hood.
Ang gaur, shir gang bahaaye,
Mundamaal tan chhor lagaaye.
He has a fair complexion and the river Ganga flows from his forehead,
He wears a garland made of skulls and smears his body with ash.
Vastra khal baagambar sohe,
Chhavi ko dekh naag muni mohe.
For clothes, he wears the skin of a lion,
And the sight of his image enchants the Naga sages.
Maina maatu ki havae dulaari,
Bam ang sohat chhavi nyaari.
The dear daughter of Mother Maina,
Sits to your left adding beauty to your image.
Kar trishul sohat chhavi bhari,
Karat sadaa shatrun kshayakari.
Holding a trident in your hand and dressed in a lion’s skin,
You always defeat your enemies.
Nandi Ganesh sohain tahan kaise,
Sagar madhya kamal hai jaise.
You always accompany Nandi and Lord Ganesh,
And resemble a lotus growing in the middle of an ocean.
Kartik shyam aur ganarau,
Ya chhavi ko kahi jaat na kau.
As Kartik with his dark skin and Lord Ganesh accompany you,
Nobody can describe the immaculacy and divinity of this image.
Devani jabhi jaay pukara,
Tabahin dukh Prabhu aap nivara.
Whenever the Gods call for victory in your name,
On all such occasions you have cured them of their sorrows.
Kiya upadrav Tarak bhari,
Devan sab mili tumhin juhari.
When demon Tarakasura weighed down on the Gods causing them immense trouble,
All the Gods came together to seek your help.
Turant shadanan ap pathayau,
Lav nimesh mahan mari girayau.
Immediately, you sent them to seek the six-faced God,
Who, without delay, brought about the death and fall of Tarakasura.
Aap jalandhar asur sanhara,
Suyash tumhar vidit sansara.
You also killed the demon Jalandhar,
And your name and fame spread quickly across the entire world.
Tripurasur sang yudh machai,
Sabahin kripa kari linh bachai.
You also waged a war against the demon Tripurasura,
And showing mercy you saved all Gods.
Kiya tapahin Bhagirath bhari,
Purab pratigya taasu purari.
King Bhagirath undertook great penance,
And you helped him to fulfil his vows.
Daanin mahan tum sam kou nahin,
Sevak stuti karat sadai.
There is no one as charitable as you, oh Lord.
Your devotees have thoughts of you in their minds constantly.
Ved nam mahima tab gai,
Akath anadi bhed nahin pai
The great Vedas have tried to describe your glory,
But, oh Limiteless Lord, even they have failed to capture your entire essence.
Pragat udadhi manthan mein jwala,
Jare surasur bahe bihala.
The ocean churned and from it arose the flame
made of poison that equally frightened both the Gods (devas) & demons(asuras).
Dindayal tahan kari sahai,
Nilkanth tab nam kahai.
And then, as the one who shows mercy on all, you swallowed the poison turning your throat blue,
And from then on you were called Neelkanth – the one with the blue throat.
Pujan Ramchandra jab kinha,
Jit ke Lanka Vibhishan dinha.
When Lord Rama worshipped you,
He won the Lanka and handed it to Vibhishan – the brother of Ravana
Sahas kamal men ho rahe dhari,
Kinha pariksha tabahi purari
He wanted to dedicate a thousand lotuses to you in worship,
And that is when you decided to test his devotion.

2006 In India
Jageshwar jyothi ling puja
with pictures of amarkantak
the source of the Narmada River

Narmade har

Aum Mani Padmi Hum
from Ken Thorten
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Warning left by suicided ice agent

Spiritual teachings

Bob Marley classic recorded in 432hz

Muniraji interview
om namah shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya
Magical Mantra Can Transform Life
have no worry
have no fear
live with truth simplicity and love
every moment is precious and divine
chanting this mantra can make one feel fine
Om Namah Shivaya

Holy Mount Kailash

For Shivartri 2019
Om Namah Shivaya


presentation by Jay Parker about his life of abuse
and how he got free


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om namah shivaya