Just another of Trudeau's aggression toward Alberta - Economic warfare, that is what he is doing and it's time for Alberta to say enough!!

I can't even express how beautiful Kosice is. I tried, but....and the pictures just don't capture the glowing gold created by the reflection of the sun off of pieces of the buildings. I guess you just had to be here to see how incredible it really is!! Thank you to my friend Katarina who was the catalyst for my coming to Kosice in the first place!! Her admonition that it is the most beautiful place in Europe - point proven!! And thank you to Adam Daniel Mezei who directed me to follow Hlavna and check out the architecture...WOW!! I am left amazed!!

My first couple of days in Kosice, Slovakia and it's been socked in with fog. I hope it will clear soon and I can get out and really see some of the beautiful architecture I've heard so much about!!

Even if you are on the left you have to agree that this is a disgusting waste of tax payer dollars. Think of the social programs this money could be used for instead of propping up a failing government - and by failing I mean they are failing the people they said they were going to help...

There is something very odd in this video - can you spot it??

I was only going to share this on Facebook, but my phone didn't post so I figured - what the heck, ya'll might like to hear some church bells too!!

I actually wound up not going and judging by the size of the crowds (over 200,000), I'm kind of glad I didn't, but I did get some photos, thanks to a friend and a couple I took a few days before. Hope you enjoy. Oh, and by the way, as I upload this, I can hear the fireworks going off not far from here!! I have it on good authority, actual eye witnesses, that there was no violence when they were there.

Clown hair is back again - must be the Polish water? Anyway, I've finally made it to Krakow and what a trip it was just getting here!

I have had enough of the infighting and I asking, no begging you all to stop it and focus on the target. We want - NO, WE NEED, Trudeau to go or everything we hold dear WILL be lost. We can't afford to lose any more ground. We must come together, whether you will be voting PPC or CPC - we have to stop fighting against each other and get back to talking policies and issues and pointing out how bad things have gotten under a Trudeau Liberal government. Focus on what's important and stop arguing about the petty differences and the idea of vote splitting, you're wasting valuable energy that should be placed elsewhere - and you know it!!

It's Saturday and I figure we all deserve a little treat every once and awhile. I have recently come to a great appreciation of "street art" some of it is graffiti but some of it is advertising. It has a kind of beauty to it, a depth and character that you don't always see. There are a lot of symbolic messages in some of these pieces - others are just tags or ads, but still have a quality to them.....something unique. Have a great weekend!!

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Response to a Meme that read:
Banning guns because criminals have too many is like castrating yourself because your neighbour has too many kids. With a picture of Clint Eastwood.

Link to Max Max's Gun Control Policy:

The following is the response I posted on the facebook group page Conservative Discussions in Canada for 2019 -
The Church I was referring to was Sutherland Springs in Texas on November 5th, 2017.

If Chicago hasn't taught us we really have to play the same game in Toronto or can we do better? Might I direct your attention to the church shooting about a year ago in the southern U.S. where a church member went and got his gun out of his vehicle and stopped the shooter? Does anyone remember how most of the people were saying that if it hadn't been for this hero and his gun that the killings would have been far worse?
There is gun violence, and knife violence, and beatings - but disarming the citizenry while doing nothing about the crime or what is leading to the crime - makes one wonder what is really going on here. The U.S. Constitution, Second Amendment reads "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed" The reasoning behind having this amendment was so that the people could protect themselves, not just form others but also from a government that becomes out of control. When governments are trying desperately to disarm the people by sewing division and mistrust, focusing sympathy toward the perpetrators of violence instead of the victims, and having only one solution - gun control or bans- you must ask yourself why? What is the end game? Why is the crime not the focus? Why are excuses being made for the criminal act? Why do the innocent victims no longer matter? Why are law-abiding citizens being further victimi..

Derek Rants Request footage from the Grumpiest Old Man - Grumps!!

No more prison punditry, I've moved to a nicer location for the foreseeable future. Trans Mountain - big pile of doo-doo thanks to Trudeau and company and the empty threats by Rachel Notley does nothing - absolutely nothing to force any issues. Will this latest debacle cause another separation movement in Alberta?
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First, a big THANK YOU ALL for the love you showed my Dad - even those who disagree with his stance, we do love the feedback, so thank you for being here.
I waffle on a bit in this video, but I wanted to get something up today - I will try to do better in future and stop sounding like our annoying leaders - uh umm ah lol
NAFTA - it's Friday, August 31st, 2018 and we haven't heard that a deal has been reached - I don't expect one, at least not a good one.
Notley Withdraws From Climate Plan - SO WHAT!?! Alberta will still pay transfer payments, and the current level of Carbon Tax so what difference does it make. She is only trying to look like she's doing something when what she is really doing is hoping to pull the wool over the eyes of gullible Albertans. This means nothing, this does nothing, stick a fork in her she is DONE!! I will be doing more videos on Alberta politics in the near future - but this is the final nail in the Notley/NDP coffin as Albertans begin to realize that she has no teeth and the Feds will end Alberta into a marijuana grow op instead of an oil and gas economy - maybe in the hopes that wildfires will keep us all stoned while we're sold down the river!!
I may be a little upset by this latest week of incompetence - but who can blame me?!

Trudeau and his band of incompetence should be fired immediately for the mess they've made on the trade file. I have nothing but contempt for the failure of our government to do anything positive for our country. They are an embarrassment to all of us and are leading us down a very dark road where we will be isolated and probably in a deep depression by the time he's done. I don't know if this can be saved by the next government - it may already be too late for us.

Bernier has left the Conservatives. My initial reaction was, yeah!! Great news!! Just what we've been looking for!!
But cooler heads must prevail because if the vote splits....we get more Trudeau. Don't agree? Tell me what you think. I'm still torn, but I don't want to see another Trudeau government.
I think I'm in holding position - I just have to wait and see what happens next!!

This is the first draft of the outline for the MCGA handbook. Please copy and past whatever you can use, add and share and post your ideas back here or on the other sites the others have established.
Canadian Patriots Handbook
Prime Minister’s Office:
Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness:
Agriculture and Agri-Food:
Indigenous Affairs Indigenous Services:
Aboriginal law

Treasury Board and Digital Government:
Intergovernmental Affairs and Northern Affairs and Internal Trade
Innovation, Science and Economic Development
Justice Attorney General of Canada
Foreign Affairs
Families, Children and Social Development
International Development
International Trade Diversification
Tourism, Official Languages and La Francophonie
National Revenue
Environment and Climate Change
National Defence
Natural Resources
Status of Women
Public Services and Procurement, Accessibility
Science and Sport
Employment, Workforce Development and Labour
The leader of the Government in the House of Commons
Infrastructure and Communities
Democratic Institutions
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship
Veterans Affairs, National Defence
Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism
Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction
Small Business and Export Promotion
Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard
Areas of law
Administrative law
Contract law
Constitutional law
Copyright law
Criminal law
Evidence law
Family law
Human Rights Law
Immigration and refugee law
Indigenous Legal Traditions
Inheritance law
Insolvency law of Canada
Labour and employment law
Patent law
Procedural law
Property law
Tort law
Trademark law
Current Issues
Cross Provincial Trade/ Domestic Trade
Transfer Payments
Free Speech/ expression
Digital/ Internet
Higher Education
Education – sex ed. Curriculum
Elections/ Voting reform
Parliamentary Reform – Holding Politicians Accountable
Government Program Funding/Costing
Official Languages
Social Welfare Programs
Health Care
Religious Rights
Ethics and Conflict or Interest
Sexual Exploitation/ trade
Women’s Issues
Men’s Issues
Canadian Broadcasting Company/ CBC
Antifa, Black Lives Matters, Deplatforming
Foreign Policy
Taxation – personal, business, corporate
Foreign Aid


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